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Sheffield Sneak Past Clumsy Cru

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I'm surprised your reporter can state "clearly knocked on" he must have damned good eyesight!  Perhaps that's why your called Sheffield Eagles!


I'd agree with most of the report however, it was our errors that resulted in Sheffield scoring. If we had kept the ball tighter and used our scoring opportunities the result could have easily been reversed. A bonus point after you smashing us on a decent size pitch at the Racecourse is always welcome however.

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I try not to be biased in my reports and I say it how I see it, from what I saw, it was a clear knock on with the ball going forward, but the guy who is the most important didn't see it that way.

Bit too much ball going to ground and poor kicking in the first half is what cost you, different team in the second half and if the game lasted another ten minutes, you probably would have won. Good luck for rest of the season.

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