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Ben Hunt Moving or Manouvering?

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Lots of talk of Ben Hunt unrest as the season heads towards the finals.

He's really made an impression beyond his club this  year.

The  speculation is that he wants to test the market.

So does he really want to move or does he just want re-signing on a better contract while seeing that Broncos are committed to as a key player in the future?

Broncos were supposedly interested in DCE.

Ben is off contract at the end of the season 2015 from what I can tell.

Could be that he'll end up at one of the Sydney clubs who have been sniffing round.

The bloke has been well looked after by current coach Griffin.

So now he's going maybe Hunt wants away too.

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What a fascinating bloke Wayne Bennett is. Probably not the right thing for him to tread an old path at broncos.

All the same he's showing it's time he puts his family first. Good on him.

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