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Wot no referee for Sunday

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With no thread about a referee for Sunday, is there going to be one, or is Jamie Bloem going to turn up. Which got me thinking (dangerous I know) Is it about time we had women referees. They cant be any worse than some we have. It will tick some diversity box with the PC brigade. I think some are coming along in Australia.

So more women referees in the game please.





But we can do with out this sort of behaviour from the German league.

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Not  very good is an understatement. It was the worst refereeing that I have seen this year. He bottled sending Sarsfield off. He was continually waving trying to get players onside and nobody took any notice of him. Players were questioning his decisions or lack of them. It's a good job that Leigh were so much better than us so his antics didn't influence the result. He came across as a poser that was out of his depth.


Just seen League weekly and Leatherbarrow given 34/100. Lowest score for referee in a Championship match this week.

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