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No sour grapes intended, we fully deserve our league position, but do you not think the bonus pt should have been scrapped this season with 5 going down?...Wouldn't have made a sh*** of a difference to us, but, there are 3 clubs below Town at present who have won 1 more game. One of which is in tge "no man's land" slot and the other, Whitehaven, in the drop zone.


People look at the bonus point from the aspect of being rewarded for failing to win a match but if you look at the league table at those clubs around Town they have all had the same opportunities as Town to pick up the same number of bonus points but failed.    Haven have lost 11 games but only in 4 of them losses have they been within 12 points of their opponents score whereas in 9 out of 11 losses by Town they have been less than 12 points behind.    That is the reward for going the full 80 minutes.    So, whilst it is easy to say the bonus points should be scrapped I think most teams need to look at it in a different light first.

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