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5 drives 4 a drive

Whose joining us then

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Looking at the league table it looks very much like Rochdale, Swinton and North Wales will be joining us in Championship 1, the 5th relegation spot is far from cut and dried with up to 5 teams still in trouble.

Below are the remaining fixtures with the current points in brackets.

TOWN (38)

Haven (h)

Donny (a)

Barrow (h)

Leigh (a)

D'bury (h)


Leigh (h)

Haven (a)

D'bury (h)

Swindon (h)

Donny (a)


Donny (a)

Swindon (h)

Haven ( h)

Feb (a)

Rochdale (a)

Rochdale (h)


Swinton (a)

Barrow (a)

N Wales (h)

D'bury (a)

Fev (h)

HAVEN (34)

Town (a)

Batley (h)

Sheff (a)

R'dale (h)

Swindon (a)

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