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NCL division 1 fixture history 9/8/14

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Milford Marlins .v. Normanton Knights (1995/96 26-12, 1996/97 24-20, 1999/2000 12-15, 2000/01 18-20, 2001/02 30-10, 2002/03 16-12, 2007/08 28-36, 2009/10 10-22, 2010/11 46-6) This is a tight one. 9 previous meetings with 5 going to Milford and 4 to Normanton. Milford appear to have improved lately while Normanton look out of sorts since beating Mayfield. A tough one to call but Milford need the points more and I think they will get them.


Millom .v. Ince Rose Bridge (2003/04 18-34, 2004/05 4-36, 2008/09 10-14, 2010/11 14-32, 2011 14-18) Ince have won on all 5 previous visits to Millom and it would be easy to tip them again but Millom are a proud club who don't like losing in front of their own fans. I tipped Millom's last win and I just have a feeling this will be their 3rd victory of the season, so, Millom to win - just!


Myton Warriors .v. Shaw Cross Sharks (First ever meeting between these two in the NCL in Hull and home advantage will make all the difference. Myton to win).


Saddleworth Rangers .v. Rochdale Mayfield (1990/91 34-10, 1991/92 20-16, 1994/95 26-16, 1995/96 22-2, 1996/97 20-10, 1997/98 13-14, 2009/10 30-12, 2011 44-20, 2013 12-58) I have seen a few of these games and it really means so much to both clubs to win. If my team were not playing, this is where I would be. Both are desperate for the points, albeit for different reasons. It won't be the walk over for Mayfield that league positions might suggest. Suspensions could be a problem for Mayfield and history is with Rangers having won 7 of the 9 previous meetings, but I think Mayfield will be just a little too strong and will take the points home this time - doing my own team a huge favour at the same time!


York Acorn .v. Oulton Raiders (2008/09 28-8, 2009/10 30-22) Acorn have won both previous meetings in the NCL in York and having lost last week at Oulton they will be going all out to spoil Oulton's title chances, but Oulton will have just too much fire power for them. Narrow away win.


ECCLES .v. DEWSBURY CELTIC – Previous Encounters.

2013 Season.                                                                                               NCL division 1.

ECCLES                                                     34 DEWSBURY CELTIC                             20

Tries:- Richard Openshaw 2, Payden Candland, Bradley Lonsdale, Will Rigby.

Goals:- Andrew Muscat 7.

Man of the match:- Richard Openshaw.


DEWSBURY CELTIC                            48 ECCLES                                                     28

Tries:- Christian Higgins 2,Bradley Lonsdale, Mike McGrath, Richard Openshaw,

             Chris Smith.

Goals:- Mike Mills 2.

Man of the match:- Richard Openshaw.


2014 Season.                                                                                               NCL division 1.

ECCLES                                                    26 DEWSBURY CELTIC                              18

Tries:- Martin Judge, Jayden Lund, Mike O’Boyle, Jordan Parker, Ben Robinson,

                                                                                                         Mark Thomas.

Goal:- Jordan Parker.

Man of the match:- Jayden Lund.

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