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What's happening in Salford

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Well any news of what is going on in Salford?

I am an outsider but wish Salford well.

Other than the news /topics with Swinton is anything happening?

Gareth has left the fold so who is Dr M getting to fill his boots?

Lets say it together Come On Salford!!!


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Still no takers other than me.


Speaking to a few people at the match on Saturday, the general consensus over Gareth was one of being glad to see him go. A real shame, because he can be a devastating forward, but, equally, he can be devastatingly stupid. I heard part of the press conference held at Leigh to announce his signing, and he said words to the effect that he hates losing, gets frustrated when it happens and this leads to his behavioural problems. He might genuinely believe that, and it might be comforting for the Leigh fans to believe it too, since they're not likely to lose too often this season, but it's a load of pony. The match where he decided to run into the referee was a match Salford won (fairly convincingly), and he wasn't losing too often at Wigan either.


Away from Gareth, Marwan has said he'll be sitting down with Iestyn to discuss squad options, particularly in light of a bit of space appearing under the cap. He's also posted a cryptic tweet on the day Gareth joined Leigh saying "It's not if he'll join us but when. Stay tuned." No names mentioned, but the fact that Gareth had just joined Leigh led to the predictable speculation that Salford would sign Ryan Brierley from Leigh. He's a Salford fan, so his name always gets brought up as a transfer target, irrespective of whether the club needs another half-back or not (it doesn't). So, who knows who Marwan was referring to? Sam Burgess? We can dream.

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Sweet dreams are made of Sam.

But hey Salford have the internet explosion Rangi so just maybe others will want to come and play off him.

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