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Travelling to the AJ Bell, Salford Rugby League Club Stadium.

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I can recommend this route if you use public transport. It will be mainly for next seson when Manchester city centre Metrolink works are finished.

If you live in the City Centre, North Manchester, East Manchester, Stockport, Tameside ect you travel to the AJBell by public transport. I can recommend the train to Irlam from either Oxford Road or Deansgate station which is the direct route and takes 11 minutes.

Deansgate is the preferred station because it has Deansgate/Castlefield Metrolink

station there, which gives many options to get there from all over the conurbation. Also there are many bars and restaurants in Castlefield you could enjoy before or

after the game.

I bought an all day bus, tram and train ticket which cost £8.50 for unlimted all day

travel on these modes of transport within Greater Manchester. You can get a group

saver for two adults and three children for £11.00.


For example, if you catch the quarter to the hour 13.45 train it gets you into Irlam at 13.58 then outside Irlam train station there is a 67/100 bus stop. The 67 stops

there at 14.05 and then at 14.35 and the 100 14.40 the bus takes about 15 minutes to get to the AJBell. If you go an hour earlier there is a CafeBar on the

station and a pub across the road and a few more on the route through Irlam you could enjoy. It's also about £6.00 in a taxi from Irlam station to the @AJBell

This route is ideal for visiting Rugby League fans who are using public transport

and those who make the tedious 67 bus from Manchester to the AJBell. I found this route from Deansgate to Irlam to be very stress free and because I caught the 12.45 train gave me time to relax and have a coupe of pints on route. The return

journey is just as simple. Plus on those days when the bus gets blocked in Eccles due to congestion you aviod this.

Now I know it's not perfect getting to the AJBell, But we have to make the best of

what we've got until hopefully the new Trafford Centre Metrolink line opens sometime in 2018.


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£6 in a taxi from Irlam? You're better off travelling to Eccles & getting a Taxi.


Or better still, if you are determined to go to Irlam, spend your money on getting a bus to Lord St, Cadishead to watch the mighty Irlam Hornets

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