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Are There ANY Fax fans out there able to Read , as there are no replies ?

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Looking around Total RL Forum and I see that there are very few replies indeed to FAX News postings?? Is this because there are no fans of Fax out there ????? They seem to be one of the best supported in the League , so where is everybody ???? In fact i just checked and since beginning of FEB 2016 there have been only 2 replies to ANY of Fax News postings ........thats 2 replies in 11 weeks ????? Oh Dear .... Even Oxford, Skolars, All Golds, Newcastle and ROCHDALE have more postsings. Ha ha ha ha ha To be serious though they have lowest number of replies ( just 15 ) in the whole of the Championship. Why Is this ??? Or have I hit the nail on the head ;)

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Like Leigh, most Fax fans post on RLfans rather than here.


Is Fax News wasting hie time on here then ???? Or is he The Moderator or paid employee of Total RL

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