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Rhino Scent Detected!

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I have very bad news Leeds Rhinos might want to sit down for this.

In the recent Toronto Wolfpacks  run down and hamstringing  of a number of Barrow Raiders a faint Rhino scent was detected on a Barrow jersey...did they play you recently?  Are you fools????

Our understanding is that the Leeds Rhino is a large, slow and somewhat dim witted beast.  Perfect prey for the Pack! A short chase, hamstringing and quick finishing; easy meat for a minimal effort from the entire Pack!  Bailey even confirmed it was the stench of the brute.


We have your scent (although very faint) but we will be coming for you the next time we catch it.  You can run from the Pack but you cannot hide Leeds Rhinos!  We are stalking you...beware the Pack.

We'll be seeing you soon Little Red Riding Hood! (The Wolfpack is growing and needs meat!)

One day there will be a knock at your clubhouse door and you will open it: WELCOME TO THE WOLF!

We will be coming for you...but the entire pack will be on you before you know it.

"Chin, chin for now"


"Run With The Pack"



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Okay I warned Ya!

Understand:  I personally selected the live tree, felled myself, stripped it , then squared with an adz.

Had an Old Order Mennonite friend help me hand saw the boards,then put it all together...this art form, although two dimensional, should attempt to be envisioned in three dimensions.   There are stories within stories here accordingly done to the old techniques....all correct and proper to the old ways/rules.  This is a traditional ceremonial mortuary board according to the Haida technique.

Quick things to look for:

Title: The Final Cull Of The Great Leeds Rhino  By The Toronto Wolfpack! (White Cedar/Pounded Copper)

Panel 1:  'Wolf Meet Leeds Rhino'; notice in Panel One the TWP timberwolf meeting the Leeds Rhino for the first time; FINALLY CONTACT!; ears are back;muzzle closed (do you see it DP?)-that is only the first depth there are 4 more but finer to the trained eye.

Panel 2:  Wolf Attacks The Rhino!; Notice the ears in attack (up/back; lunge is being made;notice teeth) many other things if you know what the symbols mean and their sequencing.

That me between the Panels...can you see what I'm doing?  Above and below me is my personal tag.

It took many hours to make and the whole time I envisioned the game of the TWP beating the is important that this is done since it puts 'power and spirit' into the piece..I'm happy with it..

What do you think: 

Gotcha DP...Gotcha didn't I?


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I look forward to tasting the Rhino flesh...why does the dumb beast keep hiding?...........I smell you Rhino!

"You can run but you cannot hide.!"


The Wolfpack

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THE RUGBY GODS HAVE SENT THE SIGN!...YOU CONTINUE TO RUN FROM THE PACK BUT WE WILL TRACK YOU DOWN!...not only do we have the scent, now we have your talisman, your destiny is ties to ours..we got the MOJO!


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