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why no RED devils at st helens?

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I have just been watching the super league show and it made me chuckle that for a team that includes the word 'red' in it's title the colour red was strikingly absent from the away kit.  I cannot see the branding logic of calling yourself red and then turning out in predominantly black and blue.  I know the opposition were in red and white but more red on the socks or shorts would work and reinforce the brand name rather than detracting from it.   What colours will Salford wear away when the home team does not wear red?  Black and blue?

Whilst I am on, I quite like the new logo as an artwork but where is the 'devil' from the club name?  And why show a willow tree when the club gave up playing at The Willows back in 2011?  Heritage is all well and good but a willow tree as the main component seems overkill and lacks marketing punch.  Come to think of it were there actually any willow trees at The Willows?  I can recall seeing Bernard Manning there but no willow trees!

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Seriously bud? Were you watching on 405 lines or something? There is a red chevron across the chest of the Salford alternate kit. The RFL's operational rules require that each club's alternate kit should have a different base colour to its main kit, which, in Salford's case, effectively means little or no red. It wouldn't be fulfilling the basic requirements of an alternate kit otherwise now would it?

It's also worth bearing in mind that the ersatz Red Devils - Manchester United, an Association Football club, and the second biggest in Greater Manchester, no less - have this as their alternate kit. Notice anything missing? I mean completely missing? It's red. Not a trace of it. It doesn't appear to have adversely affected their marketing, as there seems to be no end of people willing to be fleeced by them.

The Willow tree on the club badge is etymological, not sentimental. The Willow is of the genus Salix  which forms the basis of the name Salford ("the Willow ford" or "the Willow by the ford"). The old stadium was named after the city's etymological origin.

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