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'We played dumb, we self destructed, we couldn't have played much worse'

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4 hours ago, Wolves News said:

THE feelings of a Challenge Cup Final defeat at Wembley were all too familiar for Daryl Clark.

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Yes, the attached article includes the quote by Daryl Clark shown as the headline of this thread, but he is also gracious to his opponents with other quotes he makes ....

"Fair play to Catalans, I don’t really remember them making many errors.

“They punched their sets out and did what they needed to do in a final and it paid off for them.

It's not always that a losing team play bad, it's just that often the opponents played a bit better or didn't give the other team the chance to perform to their best ability. As much as Warrington don't think they played their best then the same could probably be said about Catalan when looking at the overall game. Yes Catalan were on top form in the opening minutes and towards the end of the first half but Warrington dominated the middle of that period and certainly looked the more likely team for long periods after the break. Both teams threw away possession at times but maybe Warrington did it more when in good positions. The hard-working Catalan defence, however, was a major factor when Warrington often looked like scoring on several occasions.

If I was a Warington supporter, yes I'd be disappointed with the result but generally I thought the match was an even contest.

The quotes by Daryl Clark are also refreshing in that he appreciates the performance of his opponents - as most RL players do when interviewed after a game - and doesn't try to look for excuses as some from another certain sport do whenever they lose.



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