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Warning categories/points system:

Minor Rule Break = 0 points, verbal warning only
Inappropriate Language = 1 point (expires after 90 days)
Abusive Behaviour = 1 point (expires after 90 days)
Spamming = 1 point (expires after 90 days)
Signature Violation = 1 point (expires after 90 days)
Avatar Violation = 1 point (expires after 90 days)
Topic Bumping = 1 point (expires after 90 days)

Depending on how many warning points a member has accumulated at any given time, the following restrictions are applied:

1 warning point: Warned member's posts require moderator approval for 24 hours.
2 warning points: Warned member is automatically suspended from posting for 7 days.
3 warning points: Warned member is automatically suspended from posting for 30 days.
4 warning points: Warned member is automatically banned from the forum.