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Marwan Koukash wants the salary cap raised, and to be honest I agree with him

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#41 DeadShotKeen

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 12:59 PM

His idea is right in principle but of course a higher cap means the ability to pay it and this brings up the whole "too many teams in the same area" (ie merger) debate again. However, he did say something I liked in a recent interview on BBC Radio Manchester, namely a riff on the old "If you build it they will come" schtick. His point being he has no illusions of making a profit out of Salford but rather wanted the legacy of a newly established force in the game and the kudos that comes with that. His plaything that also "gives back" to an area etc. It's only a stone's throw from that idea to that of a similarly-minded individual or individuals starting up new SL franchises in big towns like Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol etc. and in that case we would have our bigger, more powerful SL with a higher cap and - I would assume - bigger TV deal and commercial sponsorship to help pay for it. If we wanted to then avoid the merger issue we could realistically be honest in earmarking teams like Cas, Wakey, Hull KR & Widnes for a larger chunk of the TV money in order to allow them to pay the cap. Call it a "small market dividend" or whatever and make no apologies for paying it. In this climate London would be taken out of that equation as you'd hopefully have no shortage of Dr Ks (ie with a bit more clout than Hughes) looking to take the reins there and create their own legacy.

This (or something similar) is what SL should be aiming towards and hopefully Dr K acts as a catalyst for this kind of benign visionary investor. His comments on this issue are obviously very welcome but what we can't have is just a knee-jerk raising of the cap without forethought allowing the likes of his club and Leeds to just race off into the distance.

#42 RidingPie

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 01:00 PM

I think one of the things we need to decide as a sport is exactly what the aim of the salary cap is for, as from many angles it seems to have failed.

Is it:-
  • to stop clubs overspending (failed, I think it was better when it had the addition of the 50% rule)
  • spread out the talent from clubs who have good junior systems (possibly succeeded but is this an own goal with some clubs now not seeming to invest in youth)
  • to stop only a few clubs winning everything (a list of teams winning any of the three competitions in the last 6 years only has 4 names on it - 18 titles between 4 clubs)
  • to level the Super League competition (failed, might not have done had we only had 12 teams though)

I'm struggling to think of more reasons for the cap, as on the above scale it doesn't work.

What other reasons are there for a salary cap, because there might be better ways of achieving the goals once we decide what they are (and if we can stop the drain of top talent to RU then that would help quality as well)?