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dark times ahead

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#41 Gruff

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Posted 12 April 2013 - 08:47 AM

The game is in a mess and not just at the Pro level. People can dream that things are not too bad. But they are especially with the fighting between pro and amateur clubs and leagues over youth players. I think its sad,the way the RFL and clubs paper over the cracks and ignore the problems is a disgrace. I think the game not just the RFL needs a major rethink and a plan put in place that will benefit all not just a select few. The amateur game needs help and support for example. The fighting over players is destroying the game at times. See here http://www.nwc13-15a...hp?f=20&t=30156
I can never understand why you would ask players or coaches on what is wrong with the game. How many of them have an idea on finances or business management? How many have been or are on a board or committee of a club or League? Whilst its good to hear what players or coaches would like to see happen, to ask them how we can improve the state of the game is wrong for me. I think we need a whole new set of people running the game and taking some of the power away from clubs. We need to have a reviewat how we can improve things at SL, Championship, Academy, Open Age amateur, youth rugby and try and get people working more together. Forget trying to copy Australia. The game in the UK needs something to fit what it wants to achieve. The game is a fantastic product no matter what level its played at. We have some fantastic people often giving their time and money. But we need a much better admistration of things. I feel thats what really annoys people and what needs sorting before the game can look to go forward


The bits in bold highlight this "negative feeling"


The game is not in a mess - tell that to Leeds, Warrington, Saints, Wigan etc...  Sure, like every business we need to maintain a continuous improvement model to improve year on year.  Last I heard we had just signed a record £135m deal with Sky, much more than the previous deal for less content. The Student game is thriving, the summer conference is thriving, we have just had 3 new semi-professional teams join the league, we now have 2 semi-professional teams in Wales.  I can't see that being a mess.  But once again, as RL fans we don't focus on the positives.


When Northampton pulled out of Champ 1 the RFL were called a joke, farce, game is dying, is a mess etc... but seemed to forget that 3 other teams were included.  Instead of focussing on the positivity that 3 out of 4 teams joined the league (75% positivity), people focussed on the 1 team that didn't (25%).  Why oh Why do we always focus and shout about the negative minority when actually more good than bad is done in RL???


Destroying the game??? Really?  So if clubs don't stop fighting about players RL will be destroyed in the Uk?  How long have we got?  Sure, its a minor inconvenience, but destroying????


A whole new set of people?  When a company is profitable, expanding, reaching new areas, is constantly nominated and winning awards for administration, inclusion, etc...the last thing you do is sack everyone!  Unless you really want to see a game destroyed.


Once again, with so many good things happening, the fact we argue about the few bad things - most of which are subjective anyway - is what really hurts RL.  Not everything is rosy, and the only way to combat that is to solve one problem at a time, without hitting the panic button.


RL in Europe is in the best place it has ever been, but would be even better if fans got behind it, rather than ridicule/deride it at every opportunity.


Some people really need to get a grip on reality