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#41 sbull

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 11:34 AM

I agree with you the youth should go back to winter, I have always said the summer will be more suited to some  clubs than others and no I don't hate winter rugby I played in it for 30 years. with regards to your question on the Reserve Teams of the NCL they are part of the NCl clubs so yes they are part of the NCL family but our reserves play in the YML which so far this season does not appear to have had as many call offs as last season with the teams been encouraged to find a alternative date for fixtures if they have had a problem raising a team. Prior to the switch to summer we played in the Yorkshire League were many games were called off mainly by A teams not been able to raise teams and that included my own club. Just a question to you now if we switched back to winter do you think that the player drop off would stop my feeling is no it would not. Back to my post the main thing I was trying to say was that people like yourself turn every post into a summer winter debate and yes I agree it does need debate but I think everybody on here is fully aware that the switch does not suit everybody but we do not need every tread turned into a summer winter debate.   



the reason threads generally turn into Winter Summer, is its a pretty big deal, we are loosing players  and administrator at an alarming rate, how many people on here said it is the worse   its ever been the last couple of years,


can you deny that the main reason for the switch was money?


if we are only bothered about turning first team out, well no doubt this will happen (for now)


and you asked if we went back to winter would players stop dropping out, a lot of damage has already been done and it may take a while, but from my own experience  our club  would  have a larger playing pool in the winter than summer, and judging from how many other clubs have had to call reserve games off, we wouldn't be on our own.

#42 Sandspine

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 04:37 PM

It is a debate that needs having but not on every single thread on here, there should be a thread just for that where everything. Untill that happens this is my last post on the topic. Personally I loved winter rugby but I am willing to give summer the benefit of the doubt. Also in my own opinion playing numbers were in quick decline during winter as well but certain people do not realise that. Yes your clubs may "never" had a problem in winter (which I highly doubt) but this doesn't mean that was the same across the board. Also some clubs are thriving in summer but yet again that is not the case for everyone.

#43 deluded pom?

deluded pom?
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Posted 17 July 2013 - 05:20 PM

Ironically the moderators want us to put all international RL news into the relevant pigeonholes depending on which country the thread is about and have merged threads to tidy the forum up. Can we please do the same on the NCL forum and dump all summer v winter threads, or threads that get side tracked onto the debate, into a single thread?