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lineup at Sheffield

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#61 Gus Tyson

Gus Tyson
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Posted 21 May 2013 - 09:11 AM

I'll but it more simply for you then.

I think the difference between a team full of Championship standard players and a team full of SL players is 50 points. I came up with that estimate due to previous games between SL sides and Championship teams in the challenge cup. Workington got beat by less than 50 due to having a few SL quality players in their side. That's where that came from. I didn't change the story.


only 3 championship sides this year have been beaten by over 50 by SL opposition in CC this year, leigh at Wigan, York at cataln and keighley home to warrington.

You didn't say no Championship player is good enough for SL, but you think that none of Sheffields best players are good enough for SL. Sheffield are one of the best sides in the competition so if you think none of their players are good enough I assumed that you believed no one was. Especially when you questioned that any SL clubs would be interested in Featherstone players.


if i dont believe the 5 individuals you named from sheffield are good enough doesnt mean i dont think other players arent, liam harrison, kurt hag as examples play for the us, the bottom side in Championship and i think they could do a job in SL.

You can choose to believe whatever source you want but it came from the small section which has a story about every Championship club. When writing about Barrow they have rarely got it wrong.

At least dont resort to name calling thats just not needed.
I was only trying to make the point that Holty shouldnt be
sacked on the back of a defeat to a quality Championship
side in a game we didnt need to win.

no name calling going on either, stop acting the victim

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#62 raiders96

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 09:56 AM

At least somet good came out of the game, no injuries from what we know

#63 Gus Tyson

Gus Tyson
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Posted 21 May 2013 - 11:47 AM

At least somet good came out of the game, no injuries from what we know


and its one less game for us to have to play, a few of the lesser sides in ths championship have a game in the 1/4 finals so we get a rest that weekend, chances are, one of the sides might play a game on the sunday in northern rail then have a league game on the thursday.

#64 Eagleraider

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 08:50 PM

I know it is not a pretty sight but if you go to http://www.eaglestv.co.uk/ you can see our tries (and Raiders) but essentially the tackling done by Raiders. In many cases it is good, but when confronted with a fast approaching attack the players do tend to either fall off tackles or not even attempt them. They appear (to me) to be afraid of the contact. In other instances the lads go in strong and make strong tackles. Defensive tackles near to the try line are the worrying type, considering this was allegedly what had been worked on prior to the game. The two tries were well taken, only shame they were not under the posts like 10 of the Eagles tries!



Penalties: Sheffield Eagles (3) 8 Barrow Raiders (2) 4

Scrums: Sheffield Eagles (4) 5 Barrow Raiders (5) 8

Drop Outs : Sheffield Eagles (0) 2 Barrow Raiders (0) 2

Penalties given away by Raiders were for ball stripping, holding down, interference at play of the ball, high tackles, "spear" tackle, off-side.


Interchanges: Raiders(By squad no)

18 min: 18 off - 13 on; 16 off - 15 on

25 min: 9 off – 19 on

30 min: 25 off – 16 on

41 min: 11 off – 18 on

49 min: 15 off – 25 on

64 min: Mossop off – Marwood on

76 min: 9 off – 19 on


As I said to morty,  Raiders woke up after 18 mins and being 24 - 0 down started playing some decent rugby. Unfortunately after giving Eagles a penalty or a "spear" tackle on 44 mins Raiders started losing shape and Eagles regrouped and Yere went in for an easy try after some woe-ful attempts at tackling. The same pattern appeared after 53 mins when Raiders were penalised and Eagles went in for try no. 6.  2 mins later, another penalty to Eagles and another try. Raiders heads went down until the 65th min when Raiders were awarded a penalty for a sloppy ankle hold by Eagles. A minute later after a good kick and catch Raiders Lowe had scored. 3 mins later one of the few scrums awarded, for a knok on and Raiders made ground and scored again. Silly play by Raiders gave Eagles another penalty for a high tackle  and the momentum swung away from raiders and eagles went in for 2 more tries. It was a good job the hooter sounded shortly after this as another penalty had been awarded against Raiders for ball stealing and that was the end of the embarrassment for Raiders.


Some of the players really need to take a good look at themselves and ask themselves why were they not doing what the coaches had asked of them. Some of the lads, and this is very subjective, did do and worked hard and did double the work of others.

Semper In Facaebus Summus Sole Profundum Veriat

#65 Griff

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 07:33 AM

because hes the coach??
surely he has to have an idea of the level of player he can sign?

No - how would he know what Barrow was paying ?
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