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Rams and Bulls announce link-up (merged threads)

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#281 Blind side johnny

Blind side johnny
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Posted 02 February 2013 - 07:43 PM

Well forgive me here Keith, but is this not the exact thing you were classing as "fairy tales and what if's" in my earlier post? I believe I posted the exact same thing. Signing players for peanuts from the parent club until the end of the season leaving DR spaces available for other players.

You're nearly as bad as Gav, so far all your assurances have proven to be nothing but tosh, come back when you have some facts!

Please explain why these players would sign for peanuts?
Believe what you see, don't see what you believe.

John Ray (1627 - 1705)

#282 Pride & Heritage

Pride & Heritage
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Posted 02 February 2013 - 08:37 PM

Forgive me but I feel that this is giving you great pleasure.

Sadly not BSJ, none what so ever, I find it absolutely sickening, and sadder than you can imagine, especially when people like you, fellow supporters, are either burying your head in the sand, or are either too blind or stupid to see it? Maybe you should just lose the word "side" from your name and stick to the more apt name of "Blind Johnny"?

Yes it sound just as crazy as it did when you were saying it ages ago, long before DR became an issue. You just want a breakaway, admit it.

I'm more than happy to listen to what you have to offer by way of ideas to save the championship? I don't profess to have all the answers; I simply don't see any other way for clubs in the CH to survive.

Maybe you will be happy watching Dewsbury getting thrashed by Warrington's 2nd team laced with 2 or 3 of the wire first team lads? Personally I wouldn't. It makes a mockery of the competition,having a team fielding a strong team one week beating all before them, then putting out a team that wouldn't be fit to play on the same field as a CH1 team the week after, simply because an injury crisis hits Warrington's first team?

How long before the majority of CH fans stop watching when they realise our competition has no credibility and walk away altogether, or decide to watch SL and clubs like ours are gone forever?

Dead in the water within 3 years. No gates to speak of leaving the simple costs of ground upkeep to be unaffordable.

How long have we got at the moment? 3 years seems optimistic looking at the game as it stands. £90k a year isn't that much money, how many of players would it buy for a season, 3 maybe 4? Why would losing 3 or 4 lads make such a difference to gates, would you walk away simply because you lose say Karl Pryce and a couple of other lads?

Check out the state of club RU in Wales for an example of what will happen to the quality, and more.

Is it better to have a club that is struggling to survive, or have no club to support? I know which I would choose.

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