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Adam O'Brien

Possible loan or Dual Reg

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#21 grumpyoldram

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 09:10 AM

GOR - No i'm not trying to say that at all. As you know, all the 'WOW' players are in short supply and will always migrate to the clubs who
battle with each other in the financial stakes. As MS has said, the Rams will not and are not able to do this and the club will work within a Budget
agreed and approved. The squad is not complete yet but you may not approve of the remaining members - whoever they are!

Why are you disappointed with the squad so far?

Fair points WR. Maybe disappointed is a little bit strong with regards to my feelings about the squad - maybe puzzled would be more appropriate. When Glenn was presented as the new coach and gave his vision for the coming season, SL contacts already offering him good players and all that, I came away feeling happy as larry and excited that we had a new coach who would surely want to stamp his mark on the team. It seems though, that he has taken on board eleven of the players who were to variable degrees, part of the last three miserable seasons - and that baffles me, I mean surely not all of our shortcomings were down to WJ . Sure I would have kept some of them but not that many. The young kids who have signed will hopefully turn out to be diamonds, and Aizue and Gallagher might turn back the clock, so I'm not suggesting the squad is a disaster, but I would have liked one or two more proven championship players - even if we can't afford "wow".
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#22 Blind side johnny

Blind side johnny
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Posted 18 October 2012 - 06:48 PM

If Cummins is going to influence who GM wishes to take on loan it IS a problem. We don't need any more hookers, however good they are. If players are given the impression that they could lose their place whenever Cummins fancies trying out one of his rookies in the championship it is hardly conducive to team spirit. Now if GM lets it be known in the press that we're still short of a few quality backs, and we are thinking of taking Crookes or Platt off them (doubt they'll figure much for the bulls), that would be different.

"IF" - didn't someone once write a poem about that?

I could give you chapter and verse on my fears if.........................................but I'm prepared to see how this all pans out. I am confident that we won't have any players foist upon us and that GM will be his own man, unless someone knows different.

Like me GOR you have had far too many seasons of disappointment to avoid the first instinct being a flinch. ;)
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