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Six Nations Envy

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#101 JohnM

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:41 AM

The domestic game is as strong as ever - better marketing, better media coverage, higher crowds, increased viewing figures- , with even the weakest of clubs finally resolving their financial issues despite the tough economic climate and period of great change in the global sporting environment. Yes there are ripples on the surface but overall, we are on the up. Licencing is really starting to work , though a few more periods will be necessary for the full benefits to be achieved Clubs are at last learning to live with the brave new world of more or less universal personal transport, motorways, out-of-town shopping centres, fully functioning toilets at decent stadiums, and the Internet. The Championship clubs are getting their houses in order, too and dual registration is sure to increase the intensity and competitiveness of forward looking clubs. Fev, Fax, Leigh etc are seizing that opportunity and buiding towards a sustainable future that could include promotion to SuperLeague.

The International game remains the biggest challenge, though. Though there was a sort of Indian summer back in the late 1980s early 1990s where we seemed to have a real chance of series victory ( until Mal Meniniga and Steve Renouf shattered that dream) our sport has been much more of a club game than an international game. Crowd analysis has been aired on this site time and time again and has shown that over the long term, fans in the UK have not been wild supporters of Internationals since the very first tours.

However, these days, the international dimension is crucial to moving the game forward in my opinion. I have been consistently critical of the game's approach to internationals and in particular the half hearted way the the GB or England team has been run. Clearly, it is not easy, or else we'd have done it by now. I do think, though that things are improving and that the World Cup presents us with a superb opportunity to prove to everyone that the internationals programme is worth it. Its almost as if it is last chance saloon....a successful World Cup can lead to a more solid, secure and worthwhile future for the international game. A poor world cup and we might as well forget internationals.

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#102 Mumby Magic

Mumby Magic
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Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:53 AM

So you want persistence, yet you also want to chop one of the few games England has straight away?

Haven't said that. Six Nations or two games against the Barbarians?

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#103 keighley

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 04:44 PM

Totally agree, there are exceptions to this but this is the most significant factor. You only have to look at the members on this forum and the vast majority come from traditional rugby league areas or grew up in such areas. The same is going to be true for RU, GAA, Cricket followers.

I grew up in Keighley and played RU for Keighley Grammar School and RL for Keighley Albion. My job then took me overseas and I played RU for 17 years, as there was no alternative, and enjoyed it but I know which game I prefer and it dosn't have lineouts or pig piles or more penalty offences than can be counted.

The thing is persons from RU backgrounds in the South never got the opportunity to play RL. There was a social stigma attached to the game not to mention the ever present gestapo tactics of the RU. Anyone preferring RL was swiftly disabused of that notion.

I, myself, was quizzed and interrogated about my RL playing history before I was allowed to grace the RU fields in the country where I have settled.

So yes people grew up with the game prevelant in their area but it was a gerrymandered, almost forced adherence to RU rather than a natural inclination towards the game in many instances.

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#104 dhw

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 05:13 PM

It was my early life as a blonde, Norwegian woman in tight shorts that inspired my interest in handball.

Very interesting. So at which point did you change your hair colour and have a change of gender ? Or more to the point, do you still like handball ?