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Marquee Players, NRL and Best of British

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#1 Webby1981

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 10:54 PM

Hello to the board, just signed up as a newbie and wishing you all well.


I know there are lots of debates and discussions going on about structures and systems but would one quick fix to try and stem the flow of the Best of British going to the NRL whilst attracting the best of talent from the NRL would be to allow each SL club two marquee players outside the salary cap with the idea that one would be a federation player and one would be a non federation player? If that means knocking the salary cap down to say £1.5 million for a clubs top 25 paid players for the time being until next round of tv money is due but allow clubs to nominate two of those players as marquee players, ensuring each club has similar size squads but giving each club the opportunity to secure their best British player and bring in a real star name if they can afford it.


From a top of the league perspective your teams like Wigan, Leeds, and Warrington could keep hold of their Charnley's, Watkins and Ratchfords in the next few years and maybe  attract at least 1 state of origin or interntational quality player each if they have the money due to their corporate success, after all we should be incentivising that.Clubs further down the table with backers can invest if they want to, with star names bringing more bums on seats to see quickers rewards and impact for their investment, maybe encourage more investors into the game and also maybe leading to a more even circulation of the best British talent around all clubs in the league. For clubs who are not able to spend the full cap, they have something to aspire to but know that other teams cannot completely monopolise as they are bringing in two star quality players not Queensland State of Origin team, all clubs need a squad that can last 30+ games.


We've been told for years we dont have the strength in depth that the Aussies have so let's turn that into an opportunity and say if we can suitably reward 12 (assuming a 12 team superleague) of the best players in superleague on par with any rugby competion in the world then we've got half a chance, superleage retains some cream and pulling power. Whereas at the moment, as confident as Ian Lanagan is about Wigan players wanting to come back and play in the cherry and white i fear we'll never see the likes of Tomkins, the Burgess brothers and James Graham again, why would they when they can double their wages in what is a very short career.


This would also maintain the quality of Exiles opposition going forward and the possibility of an extended world club challenge competition as in three years time our superleage squads will be lucky to compete if we can't keep our best players in the game.



#2 flyingking

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 07:28 AM

Welcome to the forum and top opening post.



#3 markleeds

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 08:50 AM

A marquee rule would be great, I would keep the salary cap as it is and let clubs have 2 players whose salary doesn't count. I agree with that 1 player must be federation and both must have represented their county at one level or another.