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The Golden Boot: The Missing Years

The Golden Boot

An exciting initiative to complete the roll call of Golden Boot winners.

Imagine if you were looking back over a list of Oscar winners and discovered a gap of several years in the middle of it. Could it be there were no decent movies made in those years, or that no actor gave an award-worthy performance? Unlikely, and so it is with the Golden Boot. For reasons finally explained in the 25th anniversary feature originally published in the January 2011 issue of Rugby League World (click here to read it), the Golden Boot was not awarded for a number of seasons in the 1990s, leaving a gaping hole in the roll of honour.

Great deeds were still being done on Rugby League fields around the world  during those ‘missing’ years, by some of the best players our game has ever seen and the time is right to acknowledge those achievements.

Beginning in 2011, Rugby League World ran a series of features looking back at those years, recalling the biggest matches and the players who starred in them, kickstarting a process to decide who should have won the Golden Boot in each of those years.

You can view each of these special features by clicking the links below.