Brave Tom Holmes opens up on mental health challenges

Huddersfield Giants player Tom Holmes has encouraged people to seek help after opening up on his own mental health issues.

The playmaker took to Instagram to give his story and how he has being receiving therapy to overcome his troubles.

In a courageous post, he said: “After suffering for possibly 2 years I felt weak to speak out, especially in a strong sporting environment, but decided I had to before it was too late.

“Asking for help has changed my life.

“Thanks to Sporting Chance I am currently in therapy, on to my 18th session. Before speaking to a therapist I didn’t realise why I felt this way and you may not too it might be recent or it may go back to your childhood. It may or may not be obvious why.

“After reaching out (to) Sporting Chance they have been incredible they have been able to help me identify reasons why I’ve felt and fell this way and help me through a process to help me. My reasons why shocked me but all made sense and no wonder I have felt this way without realising.”

He continued: “My message to anyone out there is to speak out. You’re not weak by speaking out. You’re stronger than you know. Not only that but check up on your friends, your loved ones or anyone else you feel is in need.”