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    Great stories. I was attracted to the game because of boredom and a sense of the absurdity, I witnessed on the rugby union field. I had played ten years of rugby union and during my first year of rugby league, I scored more points, kicked more goals, made more tackles and carried the ball more yards than in the previous ten years of Ra ra. In order to carry on playing after university, I had to start a team in my home town. With our nearest opposition, two hundred miles away, we created a fixture list of ''friendlies'' with visiting clubs from ''up north''. I remember, I'd booked a permit to play on the local authority park field and they telephoned me to say I couldn't have the field because a local RU club took priority! I asked ''on what basis''. The head of department was involved with the local first class union club. He told me that I shouldn't be doing it. I asked why and he said, ''its against the rules''. ''Whose rules?'' ''The WRU'' says he. I said, ''I know its against the rules, but why is it against the rules?'''. He didn't have an answer. I told him, I had the permit, it was a legal contract and that as a local authority employee, he worked for me and didn't ''own'' the field. We played on. They decried our ''professional'' players for being paid, but my father, had played for Aberavon RU club before the war and told me of a large crowd at one game, which prompted the ''amateur'' players to refuse to come out of the changing rooms until they were promised a bigger share of the gate-take, than normal! I organised a seven a side tournament (which was well attended) and we received a letter from the then secretary of the WRU, Denis Evans saying that if we went ahead, every player in the tournament would be ''professionalised'' and banned from Rugby Union! ''Why?'' Because we called the trophy the Jonathan Davies Cup. Ha ha ha. We created as much publicity as we could from that arrogant schoolboy error. BARLA advised us not to upset them. I said ''listen Maurice, (Oldroyd) their against us, no matter what they say to our faces, stop wasting time currying favour with them.'' They had succeeded in creating such a cultural bias, such an underlying fear of fraternising with us that I was once asked by a parent of a 10 year old boy if he would be banned by the RU if he played ''Little league'' with our school team. I replied, ''you'd have to take it up with them, but tell me, would you want to support an organisation that would do that to your child?'' His little lad played on. I loved playing rugby league, more than anything I've ever done, but I was also drawn into the moral and ethical fight against these sickening hypocritical tyrants, spreading their poison about our honest professional sportsmen and our great game. When I was a child, my father said ''Son, if you see a GOOD fight, be sure and get in it''. I'm still in it.
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    Fantastic stories ! Mine is long story but rewarding. I’m born and raised South East London, went to a brilliant rugby playing grammar school in New Cross and played county from U18s to U23s back in the day. Fast forward to getting married, moving to a small holding in Kent , having 3 kids. We are sports mad. My kids all had swim lessons, competed in karate (up and down the country), signed up to athletics club , pony club and the local rugby club. We were also Harlequins season ticket holders and had wonderful laughs , beers with my old rugby playing school and club chums, we all stayed in touch. My son and eldest daughter wanted to concentrate on rugby , my daughter captained Kent girls U16s my son played for Cranbrook u10s-u15s. He then moved to another club , huge rivals who seemed to have the best coaches and a fantastic team. Very brave on his part as there were already 2 county fly halves in that side. After his first season at U16 one of the lads he was playing union with mentioned that my son should be playing rugby league through the summer, he’d be fitter , stronger and his tackling would improve. I had no idea there was RL in the area. That lad was playing RL for Harlequins and Medway Dragons. I’d just bought my son a new cricket bat that cost over £140 and really enjoyed the afternoons at the local cricket club, but we all agreed that rugby was taking priority and he wanted to go as far as possible. We went up to a training night at Medway Dragons. We met Martin Coyd and he asked my son “can you play football ?” and was really friendly, made us feel welcome and explained his vision for the club. My son came away from that night , jumped in the car and said “ I really enjoyed that, it’s so friendly, a really good vibe “ I’d noticed the change on demographic, the parents were very much working class compared to the very different set of parents at the union gatherings. He played his first game within a fortnight and fed the ball into the scrum straight on his first feed!!! He was one of the youngest and scrawniest in his age group side. The physicality was immense. He got selected for the Origin series ( North vs South of M25) and was really hopeful of getting into the Quins RL set up. He went on to play union again after the league season. Was incredibly fit, fast, skilful and played his way into being invited to county training. He was flopped on at a ruck , doing a jackal , by the biggest lump of a kid, right at the end of training. Fractured his leg... county dream over at first session. I cried for him. He was on crutches , fed up. He couldn’t wait for the Medway Dragons pre season to start. I took him up there to watch the indoor S&C in the January. Martin Coyd pulled me over and said “ I’m glad Liam is here, I’ve got an announcement that involves him” At the end of training , Coydy called the whole club round and put my son in the middle and announced that Liam had been called into the newly renamed London Broncos U16 scholarship. He was totally made up. I was so happy for him. He started travelling from his school south of Maidstone to Feltham West London by trains and buses to get to training that he couldn’t even take part in two to three times a week. We used to make him a hot food flask of pasta, drinks , a protein shake etc. Sometimes he would get a lift back and dropped off near the M20 and we’d pick him up circa 10pm. School the next day. He started training, got game time... played at the Aldershot ground, Wilderspool and toured Catalan Dragons with Richard Harris , Alex Walker , Joe Keyes , Kain Dimech and others. He had already decided that he was going to Hartpury College in Gloucestershire to study his A levels and continue to play both codes throughout the seasons, but truly his favourite sport was RL. He played in the 2nd team at Hartpury, no mean feat when there are England players keeping you out the 1st xv. He went for a trial at the All Golds and was selected for SW England and Wales trials ( wife’s side). I recall a Wales trial where he and Regan Grace stood out but were not selected to go through. Other parents on the circuit were bemused. My involvement became that of the biggest dad cab. He eventually was selected for Wales Students, training in South and North Wales. When his uni mates didn’t get through to the squad he didn’t have a lift so I used to drive from Kent to Gloucester or Cheltenham, over night on the floor/setter and drive him to training camps then reverse the journey. He played in the Student Home Nations in Edinburgh, my wife and I spent our 25th wedding anniversary there for a week. Fantastic. The following year he made the Wales Student squad for the World Cup in Sydney. My family went over to support and had a fantastic time , what an eye opener seeing the Leagues clubs ! He also played in the Wales U23 sude in the Pre Commonwealth 9s on the Gold Coast. He hassince gone semi pro , played his first season last year at Coventry Bears. That was brilliant. At the end of that season he was called up to Wales senior squad for the Home Nations and World Cup qualifiers. He didn’t get game time but trained and traveled with the squad, what a privilege ! He left uni and didn’t have anywhere to live, Coventry couldn’t house him and at that stage he wasn’t driving. West Wales Raiders provided a player house and that’s where he is now, learning some life lessons. I reflect on the point of taking up summer RL to improve his union game. From that point footy has not been off our TV. The sky coverage enabled an apprenticeship to watch and learn, Premier Spirts for the NRL, the Footy Show and Matty Johns show, Origin matches , City Vs Country .... my wife and girls live RL, the speed, the skills... the pies ! We are experts in the Northern game even if we are shandy drinking southern based Welsh supporters... what a journey and it continues.
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    Sky would probably offer enough to win the contract and then ignore us by putting it on the red button. We might not get as much money but free to air would get more eyeballs and other commercial opportunities. Let us hope the powers that be take the long view and not go for the quick fix.
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    Is it double sided for those leaving early?
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    Good to see. Four matches in New Zealand from 27 September. 24 players to travel from below group.of thirty-five. Great opportunity for lads like Brochon, Cozza, Carré and Salabio who have played regularly for Baby Dracs in Elite 1 this past season. Also Lima from TO who has played in the Championship as well Lacans and Gouzy from FCL. Add on back rower Goffin from Villeneuve/Lot who has also stood out in Elite 1.
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    I'm pretty new to Rugby League after being drawn in to it by my eldest son. Coming from North Tyneside and in particular Whitley Bay, football and Ice Hockey have always been my main sports but I've always watched sport in general. I got a season ticket for Newcastle United for my 8th birthday and was hooked until Ice Hockey took the number one spot in the late eighties early nineties, this was when games where on Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon and the Whitley Warriors vs Durham Wasps derby matches were just amazing with 3,500 packed in to the corrugated iron shed that is the Ice Rink . I then played Ice-Hockey through until my eldest son was born in 2005. Over my life I had watched the odd rugby league game on the beeb and Sky and had enjoyed them but never really got in to it enough to watch other than in passing as time was taken up with other things. That was until a year past September when my eldest started high school and started to play. Through his first term at high school they had a Newcastle Thunder community coach coming in each week and he loved it and was soon playing in school festivals at Kingston Park. By January last year he wanted to start playing for a team outside of school and started to watch Super League games on Sky and this is when I got pulled in. Come May last year we had tickets for Magic Weekend for our first live games and he was playing in a schools festival at St James in the day leading up to it. Both now well and truly hooked. Since then we've started to attend Thunder games when we can and his younger brother has joined in the fun, playing and watching as well. My dyed in the wool football fan father in law has even been drawn in to watching as well. My Son is definitely a poster boy for the benefits of community coaching and the Sky Try programmes, he was up for NE u12 player of the year after less than a year of playing the game and the coaching he received has resulted in 2 new players and 4 new watchers (5 if you include forcing it upon the wife) of rugby league just in our family.
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    16 primary schools from the Perpignan area took part recently in a tournament. This was the culmination of earlier weekly introduction sessions held at Brutus attracting 1,200 youngsters.
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    On the bit in red, we've tolerated your increasing arrogance, bitterness and abuse over anything outside of your narrow interpretation of what's good for rugby league. No more. Post civilly or go to another forum that'll put up with it.
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    London or Salford attendance? Nope. Cas women this afternoon. And playing some great stuff.
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    Long term readers will know that Little Ginger has not had the easiest life. Born far too early, he's had development issues all his life and was diagnosed autistic with multiple associated issues a few years ago. He now goes to a special school. Five years ago, he was so worried about sports day that his anxiety caused his muscles to contract to such an extreme that he had to spend the day in A&E. Today, after years of progress, he not only participated in sports day but voluntarily put himself forward for the biggest challenge they have: the 800m. This is open to anyone in the school. Little Ginger is 13 and has physical problems with running; some of the others are 18 and don't. He ran it. He didn't stop. It didn't matter what position he finished in. He was cheered over the line and then, because of his commitment and determination, he was given the house award for resilience. I'm not sure I've ever been prouder.
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    If I can add a bit of clarity to this topic. The broadcasts were not cancelled by Sky. Sky had slots including red button when required for publication. Toronto Wolfpack, who fund the coverage under agreement with the rights holders Sky Sports took the pragmatic decision to cancel, after exhausting all their options to avoid the clash. Later kick offs were not an option due to the flights back to UK for the away teams. Neville Smith, Executive Producer, In Touch Productions
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    Well if they both did reach Wembley I would be delighted to see my team come out at the National Stadium, and wouldn't give a toss about what others thought.
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    I was transferred from Canada to Sydney, Aus for a couple years back in 1990. I'd never seen Rugby League before that. I played a bit of RU in high school. Just a bit. In Aus, they has a game of the week on TV that I became hooked on, and then started attended some North Sydney Bears matches in person. They were the closest team to where we lived. I generally found RL more entertaining than RU, but back then Australia had massively strong RU national team. I saw them play a couple times live. After I came back, I lost track of RL again until I started getting Sportsnet World / Sentanta about 5 years ago. And then a few years ago, the moment I heard about the Toronto Wolfpack, I picked season tickets.
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    How would the United Kingdom leaving the European Union affect immigration laws on Australian and New Zealand players?
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    Why? If teams want to go for two instead of four/six it’s up to them. Lower risk but lower reward.
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    I don’t care who wins the Grand Final or whatever happens between now and the end of the season, Danny Ward IS coach of the year.
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    This topic has revealed that a lot of posters don't like The Sun and don't buy it, which makes me wonder who does buy it to make it the biggest selling newspaper in the country. It's worth pointing out that Liverpool FC have a perfect right to ban The Sun or any other media organisation from Anfield if they wish to do so. They can ban The Sun just for their games, or they can extend the ban to other events taking place at Anfield. But if they do the latter, you would imagine that they would inform the organisation booking the stadium at the time the booking is formalised, so that the organisation, in this case Super League, can decide whether it wants to proceed on this basis. What isn't satisfactory is not telling Super League this beforehand and then unilaterally overruling Super League's accreditation of Gary Carter for the Magic Weekend. It's also worth pointing out that Super League announced a few weeks ago that it had agreed a new sponsorship deal with Betfred on enhanced terms. In pitching for that agreement, Super League and Betfred will have based their agreement on how much media coverage Super League was likely to achieve. Although I obviously wasn't party to the agreement, it's likely that the coverage in national newspapers, including The Sun, will have been part of the thinking of both parties that will have determined the amount act Betfred will have agreed to pay. As has been pointed out on here, the demographic that buys The Sun isn't a million miles from the demographic that watches Rugby League. And for those who don't read The Sun, it's worth pointing out that Gary Carter is a fine journalist who has broken many stories in that newspaper. So if it is withdrawing its coverage it will be a loss for Super League, whether we like it or not. Before this row blew up I wouldn't have taken the Magic Weekend to Anfield simply because there appears to be very little interest in Rugby League in Liverpool. The city is obsessed by football and few alternative sports have much of a chance there. But, regardless of whether we think The Sun is acting petulantly or not, Super League can't allow other organisations to dictate its media accreditation policy. It has to decide for itself who it will accredit and if it wishes to ban The Sun it has to be its own decision, not Liverpool FC's. That is the issue, and it seems a pretty fundamental one to me.
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    League is everything in Hull despite what the football fans will try to tell you. When you're walking through the centre league shirts dominate football 10-1 and not necessarily just fc or kr shirts. Amazing the amount of NRL shirts you will see as well. To be fair, with the crisis the football team are in at the mo you see more Liverpool and Man U tops than you do a Hull City ones. Rugby fans always seem to have a smile on their faces, the football fans always look like they've seen their own ######. There has always been a lot of animosity from the football fans towards us. The amount of times I have had Hull City fans try to rip apart league to me through what is clearly jealousy is hilarious. They always say the same ignorant, misinformed arguments which they treat as if they are the first person to present this revelation to you while you just stand there yawning and checking your watch occasionally. Add in a few half-hearted nods and "mm-hmm"s and you've got a conversation about rugby league with a Hull City fan! Of course the whole time you're sarcastically thinking,"yep, not heard that one before, oh wait yes I have", "you've made a point there, an ignorant, retarded one but a point nonetheless", and so on and so on. I had a football fan not long ago having a go at league for having a grand final and basically shouting in my face, "the team that tops the table are the best team and should win the league!" of course I tried pointing out that football is pretty much the only sport in the world that doesn't have a playoff system but because said individual was a football fan it was like talking to a brick wall. Anyway point is that in Hull rugby league is dominant and football fans really don't like that. One thing I really do notice is how as soon as two randomers get talking almost always the first topic is league. More often than not the people will have some sort of affiliation and then that's it, off they go on an hour long convo in the street about the latest happenings in rugby league land. These people are now best friends despite having only met minutes before. Of course their friendship is over an hour later when they part ways. This happens to me quite often. I will randomly get stopped by someone who will proclaim something like, "how do you think Houghton did at weekend?" I will look at this person whom I don't know for a moment while a think, "oh, they must have seen me at the game", and with that I initiate the in depth discussion that I have had laid out in front of me. There is no need to question how this random individual knows me, it is just assumed. Names are never exchanged because all you need to know is this is a fellow league fan. You'd never get two football fans just coming together like that and that is one of the things I love about league in general. All fans of any club stick together and are the best of friends when our mutual interest is raised because we are in a minority. Rugby league has such a fantastic community. I always bring up an example of when we beat Wigan at Wembley. After, I was stood outside the coach waiting for everyone to return and there was a Wigan coach next to ours. I got talking with a couple of Wigan fans who congratulated me and we had a laugh and a natter about the upcoming weekends games and what have you and we parted ways. If that was football I'd have been getting back on that coach with a few teeth missing, a massive gash down my face and the loss of sight in one eye. League brings people together like nothing else does.
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    28 of us ex Punch Bowl lads set off from York about 11am. Age range 42 to 75. Got to Hanging Heaton WMC for a couple of hours drinking before going onto the match. Enjoyed the beer garden with Bulldog Bitter getting some hammer. Good setup at Batley. Tight game with Jack Teanby the standout player for me. A draw was a fair result. Had to laugh when their long-haired forward came off the pitch and walked by us. Our Nik sez "Ey mate, you wanna get yer hair cut" he replies "im gonna, straight after the game for charity" Nik says "so will i then! Sure enough he stuck to his word and we all had quick whipround and got about £200 to add to the fund. Great laugh watching the batley lad shaving Nikkis head. Set off back to York just after 6 and of course finished up in the tavern. What a great day had by all .
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    This was the hottest it ever was at Watersheddings ....
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    From Boston, Massachusetts Somewhere in the mid-00s I became aware of the NRL from the then-Spike Network airing the NRL playoffs. Being a big soccer fan since USA '94, that meant until very recently spending a lot of time in Irish or British bars to watch games. I caught wind of rugby union in the late 90s, but I don't think I saw the NRL coverage I knew I there were 2 forms. Then I caught some local games (Boston 13s, Oneida FC) basically randomly. My friend lived in a house with 2 Aussies who told us about the local teams. My big "OK now I'm in" moment was the USA Tomahawks run in the 2013 RLWC, which got some coverage on SportsCenter in the highlights roundups. Having the Wolfpack around, and potentially more expansion here (SOMEONE COME TO BOSTON, FFS) solidified my interest and now I read about or watch RL as much as I possibly can from this end.
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    Apologies if this has been shared before, don't think I have seen it here, but the RFL have shared its updated and refreshed strategy doc. http://secure.rugby-league.com/ign_docs/RFL STRATEGY EXTERNAL.pdf Section 7 has some interesting aims for 2019: 1 - Sale of Red Hall and Odsal 2 - Growing customer email base to 200k (from 127k) 3 - 75k+ at Wembley Section 8 also shows that they have removed most of the Super League KPI's and added a few new ones. Seems pretty sensible. I like it when they publish specific aims, it is easier to judge the success or failure this way.
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    Strange to think that one day she’s observing Zak Hardaker on the training field, and the next day she’s following him with a night vision camera...
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    Your constant negativity is quite outstanding. Why you bother to come on here is beyond me.
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    I quite like the concept. 3 game series, so each side gets a home game and then 1 at a neutral venue.
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    It's people like you that get my goat. Haven't you heard that you are not wanted? Coming on here and telling us you like OUR game. I see you have been watching the game for 5 years, all and good but in that 5 years how many players of SOO quality have you actually developed?. Where will it all end? Please, Please Please stop telling your mates about this or else the game could be popular. That's the last thing we need. (Fabulous thread and COYWP)
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    This is very cool...not just as a touch judge but actually in the middle. Good on her! https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/07/15/belinda-sharpe-breaks-new-ground-as-first-female-nrl-referee/?utm_source=NRLFBContent&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NetworkContent&fbclid=IwAR3F0_xotrfoR147UpzEE-fXOEOw51mEAh6tSvvPPQUDN0afCwQ3dePUhw4
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    So here goes me. Grew up in SW London/Surrey from a (very) Welsh family, my Great Granddad having played Union for Wales. Naturally I was given a rugby ball around the time I could walk and played union from minis to U16s. Fell out of playing when I went to a 6th form college where to play for the college you had to join their ‘Academy’ and give up an A Level. I didn’t want to do this so fell into playing Hockey for fun instead. Went to Uni in Hull and a friend who was a Rovers fan took me along one Sunday. Added to being in St John Ambulance which meant I’d regularly be On Duty at either Hull club, often being on the stretcher team at the KC. It was great for my education in the game to be at such close quarters. Moved back south, kept following KR from afar (including a few trips to Magic Weekend including a freezing Murryfield) and got involved at the Sussex Merlins when I lived in Brighton. A friend who was an RFL development officer at the time knew I’d done a bit of radio presenting and asked if I could do some games for them. A couple of years later I saw the news about Oxford RL being formed and became their PA announcer for all of their existence, including going to Toronto's first ever home game. I’ve also played a bit (badly) and ran the London and South East rep squad for 2 seasons. I also had a London Broncos season ticket while they were at the Stoop however it became too hard once they moved up to Barnet and it would have taken around 2.5hrs door to door from where I was at the time. Now I’m happily at the Coventry Bears as the announcer there, so if you’ve ever seen us you’ll know me as Mr ‘Come on Bears’. I’m also a regular co-host on fans podcast the super league pod which is great fun and has put me in touch with all manner of fans from pretty much every club. I live in Swindon for work so an average matchday sees me travel a 120 mile round trip. With rail replacement works a journey of 3hrs+ each way isn't uncommon. It’s often frustrating following RL in the South, I’ve introduced a few friends to internationals in particular over the years and they’ve often asked ‘When’s the next game’ as soon as we’ve walked out. 9/10 I’ve not been able to tell them. The games administrators definitely need to think more of the wider picture and get out of Leeds more if they ever truly want a national game. A lot of the time I'm not really convinced they do.
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    Hmmm funny how there’s only you and your fellow Toronto hater from South Leeds who call them the games saviours.
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    Sean Long has no role in Rugby League. He has left the sport and is employed in a direct competitor. It is a bad look to have someone who thinks the grass is greener elsewhere in the Sky presentation.
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    The players union and RFL really need to look in to this. At the end of last season Leigh or Derek Beaumont was pleading poverty and refusing to fulfil their player contracts. Most of the squad was dispanded on this basis. Now they reformed the team and are back on the player market trying to sign players. I understand they were trying to sign Junior Vaivai from KR and other players. In my view it's simple, if you are unable to fulfil player contracts then it should be treated in the same way as a club going into administration and points should be deducted. This is just not fair on players like Larroyer, Rhys Evans and other players who have mortgages and bills to pay. Are we seriously going to allow our players to be treated like this? Our players are our biggest asset and we must not allow them to be mistreated. Do the RFL have grounds to investigate?
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    I think we have to be pragmatic on these things. Of course we would all love Super League to be as strong as the NRL and allow our teams to compete on a financial level playing field with the NRL clubs. But ultimately the shift of financial power to the NRL seems difficult to reverse in at least the medium term. I would offer the following points. If we are to lose elite players to a rival competition, it is much much better to lose them to the NRL than a rival code Having English players in the NRL will improve our national team. Not all of them need to come from the NRL and I think there is a danger of some players being picked just because they are in the NRL but ultimately it is a stronger competition and our players playing and winning in the NRL will erase the mental superiority that the Australians have had for decades I would suggest that England winning the World Cup in 2021 would do more for the sport in this country than having all the NRL based players back in Super League for the next 5 years. Current fans would love to see the likes of Burgess and Bateman playing for their teams but an England World Cup win will reach far more people
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    Brazil will take part in the next women’s WC and their team will include many Olympic union 7s players. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/07/18/brazil-tipped-to-cause-shock-at-womens-world-cup/ Brazil will join France and the six countries which contested the 2017 World Cup at the expanded eight-team tournament in England, which also features Australia, Canada, Cook Islands, England, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The South American nation was a surprise choice but earned their place after thrashing a more established Argentina team 48-0 in San Paulo last November with a side that featured six members of Brazil's Rugby 7s team from the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
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    I run the Knights social media mate. It's my job to big up our home games. It is a big game. You're absolutely right that it's just another 2 points, but IF the Knights win then they're 8 points clear of 6th place with 10 points to play for. York City Knights have never finished this high in the league so yeah, I think it should be talked up.
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    Imagine how David Lammy felt being on the receiving end of it. If any forum member posted such comments, they'd be gone from here without any warning, but this material has been published online by an MP, to serve as clear and unequivocal evidence of the existence of a poisonous form of racism, not as an endorsement of it. It has clearly been shared on here for exactly the same reason. People should get offended by this stuff. And get angry at the morons who write it. Not at the people who receive it or share it to highlight the repulsive behaviour of such morons. Shoving heads in the sand and pretending it doesn't exist isn't an option.
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    Kim Darroch - council estate and grammar school = pompous establishment figure. Donald Trump - privately educated inheritor of $400million = hard working man of the people
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    The reason they can go to new Zealand is that the debt the French fédération was in has been paid off and for the first time in a long long time the fédération actually has a little money,
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    Here we go again - the Championship / RFL making decisions part-way through a season.....AGAIN And making themselves look small-time and amateurish..... AGAIN Literally, the minute that TW failed to beat London, it must have been blindingly obvious to everyone that there was a very high probability that Toronto would be in pole position again this season? So, why are we even discussing this in JULY??? Oh yes, because the Championship / L1 / RFL are acting like a bunch of incompetents.... AGAIN
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    Half of SL aren't ready for it either, so no problems.
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    American here. I did not know anything about rugby. In 2016, I was looking for a rugby game on Steam because 6 Nations just started. I bought Rugby League Live 3. I had no idea that union and league were different. I thought rugby was just union & there were just different leagues. I was confused why South Africa was so bad in the game. I looked up Rugby on Wikipedia & found out the difference. I have been following the NRL & Super League ever since. I like League a lot better, but I do still follow Super Rugby & International games for Union.
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    But a World Cup is the opportunity to attract new spectators to the sport, and the armchair viewer doesn't mind watching England spanking somebody in the group stages. Take England's 2018 soccer World Cup game against Panama for example. Nobody moaned that Panama were rubbish and that it was a waste of time - instead everyone revelled in England thumping 6 goals past them, and started getting carried away that we were going to win the tournament. The problem in rugby league is that we do the Gerald Ratner shoot ourselves in the foot thing by telling people that our product is rubbish unless it's England v Aus/NZ/Tonga (delete as appropriate). Disagree. I live in a non-RL area, and I had mates from work who went to Coventry to watch the 4 Nations double header a few years back. They thoroughly enjoyed England v Scotland, and got cold and gave up watching Aus v NZ. They were blissfully unaware that Scotland were supposed to be rubbish and made up of 'plastic' Scots - instead they just thoroughly enjoyed the occasion for what it was. They would never have gone to watch a game if it wasn't England playing. As a kid growing up I distinctly remember eagerly awaiting Great Britain against Papua New Guinea on Grandstand in the early 90s. It didn't matter a toss that PNG got stuffed - I was just excited to be watching the national team playing on TV. It's the international game that is going to grow the sport, and also stop it withering on the vine and becoming a regional oddity. The national team is the most likely thing to get armchair viewers engaged with the sport - that was what got me hooked. More internationals is the way to go, and England stuffing some weaker teams every so often is no bad thing!
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    A number have come via the Southern and Welsh Amateur Systems. The Broncos are no longer the team full of Aussies and Northerners with nobody from outside the heartlands in it. Rob Butler and Kieron Dixon are Londoners/South Eastern England. Walker is from Hertfordshire, Elliott Kear is from Cardiff and Rhys Williams from North Wales. We need the game to further invest in London & South East as well as Wales for me. There is so much potential with Rugby League in them 2 areas for me.
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    This nonsense you speak of has resulted in a very real, tangible stable club that has successfully built a strong supporter base, increased rl media coverage more so than any northern hemisphere club has in living memory all in a new continent within 3 years. You tell me why rugby league fans wouldn't think this is great and great for the game. I believe this view would be quite common. You keep saying uk fans have to stand aside and close clubs down yet the evidence says otherwise. Leigh for example, the club many feel are negatively effected by Toronto, are pretty much still in the same on and off field position as they were in twp's inception. Fighting for a finals position and none of their fans have disappeared because of twp. Look at their attendances historically for proof. As for Widnes' drop, it has nothing to do with twp's existence at all. That is solely on their poor form on and off the field and completely independent from twp's existence yet your arguments would insenuate it's because of twp. Over to you
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    the music wasnt played to calm people down it was played because its still no 1 in the charts in fev
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    A word of advice from the Site Admin... This is a Rugby League forum. Everyone who enjoys Rugby League is welcome here, no matter where they are from of who they support. Please try and avoid going off on a tangent about how great other sports are in comparison to Rugby League, or, as I'm sure would be the case if Rugby League fans started rubbishing Ice Hockey on a forum dedicated to that sport, you are going to end up annoying a lot of otherwise friendly people and will not be made very welcome. Nor will people listen to any of the points you're making if they think you're just here to slag off their favorite sport, which, if I am being honest with you, is how it looks right now. Most if not all the members on here are aware of the problems Rugby League has in many aspects of its existence, and if you look at many of the other threads on here, are happy to debate those issues in great detail with people who they believe also have the best interests of the sport at heart. Please adjust your posting style accordingly, and I'm sure we can all learn a lot from each other. Thanks.
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    I was born in East London and moved out to Essex in the late 70s. The sporting curriculum at my comp was basically rugby union and football. My experience of that was that most kids in my school would do a PE lesson but we struggled to raise a team to play at weekends, we could barely field a team. I remember coming home from playing Saturday morning football matches and flicking on grandstand and the earliest memory I have is of Lee Crooks trucking it up for Hull. I found it a novelty to see a forward kicking as well because all i’d seen in union was backs kicking. It piqued my interest because the game was tough and attritional. I loved the collisions and watching games with low scores played in sometimes terrible conditions. There seemed to be an honest integrity about the players and the way they committed their bodies to the collision. It was an honest, authentic sport. I have an early memory of my grandad at some point in the 80s referencing football and it must have been around the time of the infamous Luton Millwall game in 1985 and the massive problem of football hooliganism in the mid 80s. My granddad simply said something along the lines of ‘you’d never get that in Rugby League, the players wouldn’t put up with it.’ Quite a comment and a long time ago but it stuck with me and reinforced my positive view of the game and the players. I went to university in the early 90s and got in with some RL fans. I remember going up to watch Leigh v London at Barnet Copthall in around 93-94 in a challenge cup game. I remember playing a game of RL for University of London, might have been vs Middlesex Uni. I was pretty fit at the time. Within about 10 minutes I was gassed. At that point at a basic low level I got an insight into what you need to have to be an RL player. I left the game thinking just how unbelievably fit and tough athletes RL players are, to run, support, get back and make the collisions seemed to me pretty Herculean. I’ve missed perhaps 1-2 home games a season since 1996 in the great early days for Broncos then but spend a lot of watching Broncos, the rest of SuperLeague and the NRL.
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    Settle down lads. The golden age of Rugby League in Wales is now. The players who represent Wales today are Rugby League players. The recent signings to the pro. game, of young players (I think the report said 24 in all) have all come from the WRL, in Wales. That is an amazing achievement. The fact that we can't match England at international level, or produce a Super League club (yet) doesn't matter a hoot! We are growing. At a time when a lot of heartland areas report declining numbers of participants. The fact that you ignore these achievements, about Wales, London and Newcastle (Coventry perhaps) is at the heart of Rugby League's problems. You seem to place no value whatsoever on participation and the lifelong efforts of volunteer organisers and officials. Grass roots development is what feeds everything else. You bu ggers think its possible to create a Super League club in an area where there are no participants, no fans, no history, no culture. In the recent 5 live podcast, the studio guests made it quite plain, you can't sell something in an area where there is no market (demand). The demand (and the feeder systems required) for pro-football comes from hundreds of thousands of participants, their families and friends. We should celebrate Welsh Rugby League, as it is. Like they do in Belgrade.
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    Leigh Sports Village is fully booked with weddings over the summer, so Internationals are not an option. We also don't have any England kits to play in, as they are having a GB lion sewn on over the current England badge.
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    Sorry for going back to this threads topic.

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