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    There is enough available evidence to establish beyond all reasonable doubt that the bloke was a thoroughly horrible individual.... that shouldn't cost him his life. There is evidence to suggest he was involved in serious top end violent criminal activity.... that shouldn't cost him.his life either. Facts of his death have yet to be fully established. But if he is stopped by the police and goes for his firearm, it's tough sh it baby..... these blokes don't miss and will have seconds to judge the risk to the life of others. It's right such incidents are referred to the IPCC.... but I do not feel the need to protest that the police have stopped and reacted by firing at a known violent armed criminal under the reported circumstances. Unless other facts reveal poor judgements/unlawful killing, I'm quite comfortable with this, which is polarised to my usual opinions of the uk police force
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    I'm conscious that we seem to have folk who come on here, who for some strange reason can't be arrised with reading the previous 73 pages of this thread. And so have to waste valuable time composing from scratch their scathing post attacking the RFL and the Bulls for the clear favouritism that is being shown. Therefore, in a generous gesture for saving such future posters time, I thought I would cobble together a standard template for them to use. It is based on the 2,376 previous posts saying almost exactly the same thing: This is a [insert expletive] disgrace! Yet again the RFL are showing blatant favouritism to their pet [insert name of animal] club Bradford. Anyone suggesting that the RFL plan is probably the worst option for Bradford, saying they face a horrid season and almost certain relegation at the end of it, is clearly talking [insert suitable word meaning male gonads] and is [insert term suggesting either mental health issues or self-pleasuring] and can go [insert action that is anatomically impossible] and then stick their argument up their [insert orifice]. No one supported [name of club] when they were in difficulty in [insert year and century]. No-one offered to buy [name of ground]. No one from the RFL offered to help anyone else that was in the poop, least of all [insert name of club, area, region, county or planet]. Instead, we/they [delete as applicable] had to cut their cloth/live within their means/sack the tealady/run naked down the town hall steps [delete as applicable] and if that meant sleeping in a cardboard box in t'middle o'road, so be it. Bradford must be punished/relegated/wound up/shot [delete as applicable] and made to start again in Championship 1/Pennine League/Mongolia/Hell/Wakefield [delete as applicable]. That is what happened to every other club when this happened, and anyone who proves it was otherwise is a [insert abusive term], especially that Adeybull [inset seriously bad abusive term] who seems obsessed with spotting straw men (each to his own I guess...). The RFL rules state quite clearly that, in this situation, a club should be relegated/have all their points removed/have all their bits removed [delete as applicable], and again anyone who proves it was otherwise is a [insert term already used to describe Adeybull, with additional naughty adjective]. [Insert name of club, provided it is not your own] should be immediately promoted to the Championship to replace Bradford, regardless of whether they can afford it/they want it/they are prepared for it/their chairman has got a clue what league they are in anyway [delete as applicable]. Whatever income is lost to other clubs because of removing Bradford should be paid to the clubs by [insert name of anyone but yourself] and recovered by [insert description of medieval punishment, not involving removal of more that four parts of the anatomy and preferably not involving lingering death] inflicted on the Bradford fans. They were clearly all complicit and anyway, and are all moaning how [insert whinging term] their club has been treated and how Bradford should anyway be back in SL/allowed never have to pay any creditors/given extra points/given a new stadium/allowed to pee on everyone else/survive [delete as applicable]. Even if it is proven to me that none of them ever said any such thing. And most of those fans were stolen from Halifax/Batley/Keighley/Dewsbury/Brighouse/Tunbridge Wells/Mars [delete as applicable] so it serves them right anyway. The RFL is a [insert libelous desription that could get the forum sued] and should be shut down because of the corruption that goes on/blatant favouritism/excessive pie bills for the CEO/responsibility for global warming, world poverty, Trump and Brexit [delete as applicable]. It is a scandal, and I'm so angry I have just thrown my teddy out/kicked the dog/trashed my car/hacked the Pentagon and started WW3 [delete as applicable, including yourself for the last option] . I hope this helps, and saves some time?
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    Should be showing names now, same as the old system. Also, I've changed it so you can 'like' as many posts as you want now, not limited to 10 per day, to try to encourage people to be nicer to each other on here. Spread the joy.
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    might i recommend eating raw jelly cubes as a fingernail strengthener? cos if this season is going to be owt like last, your nails are going to be whittled away to stubs.....what an amazing adrenaline filled way to prove youre alive! better than extreme sports for that rush any day of the week!
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    The PC brigade are milking this for all they can. Also they are ignoring all the evidence that this scumbag deserved what he got! This Scumbag was a violent dangerous drug pusher, who has a history of violent drug related crimes and is a well known criminal. But rather ignore this and call him a local hero and blame the police for it all. The Police have a very tough job to do and are often victims of shootings themselves like the PC that was murdered in Bradford. Why should the Police not shoot a known violent Criminal, that has a gun in in his possession, in a pre planned Police Operation? Its very possible that we could have been talking about the death of another policeman. But the PC Brigade would rather have that than see the death of somebody who was a plague on the local community. As usual, the racist card is pulled to try and defend somebody, who is completely different to the one shot dead. Its a shame and a disgrace that people think its OK for the Police to be shooting targets and not to defend themselves from these scumbags. But the death of a Policeman/woman is not that important compared to the death of a well known violent criminal is it.
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    The people running the game are not fit for purpose Tandle imho, the whole of the RFL governing body needs a massive shake up. It needs people with vision and more input given to member clubs. I don't know how much say member clubs have in the present structure,but clearly as demonstrated in recent times it doesn't seem a lot.They also need to keep tighter checks on finances at clubs before we end up with another "Bradfordgate". To go forward and improve the game it must start from grass roots level and form proper structures and pathways from there instead of trying to manufacture "expansion" clubs. The idea of having a truly national league is not beyond the realms of possibility in time but the present RFL board don't really give chance for the expansion clubs such as Oxford.Hemel et al to succeed,because they have limited or no "leagues" to develop players from and sustain the clubs. This is the biggest problem I have with the game at the moment, its too contrived Toronto being the latest expansion scheme. There is nothing wrong with expansion and spreading RL to whoever may fancy it, but to go about it the way they do is garbage. At the risk of sounding anti expansionist (which I'm not) the RFL must surely be duty bound to help and honour the clubs that have been around over the last 100+ years. Yes they are mainly Northern,but the history of the game from its inception in 1895 dictated that. The RFL seem to have forgotten the "traditional" clubs to further the cause of expansion. That isn't right in my opinion. The clubs who sustained the game MUST come first and have the help and support of the Governing body.When that house is in order and in good health then we look to expand the game from a stable base. The worst thing to happen to RL was the Super League, too much money pumped in in a very short space of time which created a boom or bust environment (don't we know it), the be all and end all of the game is perceived to be SL but I don't think that is the case The game is struggling to attract sponsorship etc, not because the product is rubbish,but because the RFL/SL change the rules to suit their agenda and unfortunately in the Champ/Champ1 there is little media coverage and zero TV exposure to warrant "Big" sponsors to pay large amounts to be seen by a limited audience.The RFL need to get a TV deal together for the Champ/Champ1 but they have no interest really with us "smaller" clubs,the SL is the flagship for them (and SKY) and most people outside the game see "Rugby League" as "Super League. There is no easy solution to solve the problems within the game at present, My personal fix would be to split from SL altogether make it a closed shop like in Australia, get the Championships in three divisions with the third being mainly top amateur clubs and 2 up 2 down promotion between them. Get a tv deal with Premier/ITV/BBC whoever and show a couple of games a week. Lets be honest the so called "Holy Grail" of trying to secure a place in the SL will cripple more clubs before they get near that promised land. The Championships competition would be just as exciting with no real need to try to stretch resources to breaking point achieving a dream that would most likely be unsustainable for many clubs. The RFL need to remember, that there was/is life beyond SL.
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    But its OK to go after the Police and blame them for killing him based on no evidence? Why is it OK not to judge a known violent Criminal, but OK to Judge the police in a dangerous situation, where they are risking the life of themselves and others? It seems some people are just happy to blame the Police and ignore the fact this guy was a lowlife scumbag that has a history of violence and using firearms as well as being a major drug dealer. The Police make mistakes and there are bad cops. But to paint all Police as corrupt is in my experience very much wide of the mark. Most of them are top people that put themselves at risk for the benefit of us to have a safer society. Hopefully the bad cops are weeded out. But I so far see no evidence of corruption in this case except those that have an agenda.
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    In November 2010 Crusaders enterd administration to protect themselves from being wound up by a petition from HMRC and possible action from Leighton Samuels. They faced a 6 points penalty for the next season following their failure. However Owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts, after talks with administrators, agreed to take on some of the debt which the RFL saw in a favourable light so gave them a 4 point penalty In July 2011 Crusaders withdrew their application for a Super League license for the 2012 to 2015 season. At the end of the 2011 season the club resigned from the RFL after the owners wound up the business. A new club was formed for season 2012 and the club was offered a place in tier 3 but they requested that they enter at the second tier, the RFL turned them down and they entered in tier 3. As the original club had been folded and resigned from the RFL there was no justification for a points sanction and a place in tier 2, though under RFL rules they could have done that and maybe that was an option offered , we just don't know. Wakefield entered administration in Feb. 2011, HMRC were owed £300,000 the move was to avoid a winding up petition over their unpaid tax. At the time the automatic penalty for this type of discretion was set at 6 points. As with the Crusaders Wakefields dealings with administration saw that they only received a 4 point and not the 6 point deduction. In November 2013 London Broncos announced that it would have to enter administration if an new owner was not found in the next 10 days. In December 2013, London Broncos announced, a further notice of intention to appoint administrators but owner David Hughes later decided to carry on pumping money into the club. This all came about because Hughes was unhappy at having the gaurenteed SL status via licensing removed. They did not enter administration. SL clubs do not have to be members of the RFL, this means that the RFL removing membership from an SL club does not stop them being allowed to compete in SL. There is a cavaet that members of SL must agree to abide by the RFL operational rules, be they members of the RFL or not. So for those trying to compare club with club and punishment with punishment, I put it that Bradford have probably been treated the harshest. They have been thrown out of the RFL, they will be deducted 12 points, 3 times previous punishments and the owners of the new club are going to be taking the punishment though they had nothing at all to do with the previous failings. Yep that's being let off lightly.
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    Re No 2, I'm struggling with 10 worse......
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    London Broncos remained in the same division Mr know-it-all. Be careful what you wish for,NO club is immune 'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.
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    No, it has our code as having more people trying it than if we turn our nose up at rugby union clubs playing over their off-season. Given time, they may decide they actually prefer league, but that isn't going to happen if they don't try it in the first place.
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    North Wales Crusaders had a 'difficult' year financially last year and has ongoing financial management to deal with in 2017. We have geared up for a tough year in League 1 but are in the process of becoming our own stakeholders by setting up a Supporters Trust. 2017 would be far too early for us for promotion to the Championship.
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    that's just not true. This article from April 8th details the proposal: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/the-revolution-starts-here-1614896.html 14 club SL starting in March 1996 Proposed line-up of: Wigan St Helens Leeds Calder (merged Cas, Wakefield and Fev) London Cumbria (4 merged clubs) Toulouse Paris Manchester (Salford and Oldham) Cheshire (Warrington and Widnes) Humberside (Hull FC and KR) South Yorkshire (Sheffield and Doncaster) Halifax (maybe merge with Hudds or Bradford) Bradford So mergers very much were part of the plan. As part of the original plan, Wigan, Saints, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, London and Paris made the start line in their proposed form. You could probably suggest that 3 of those clubs are at least as strong 20 years later (Wigan, Saints and Leeds), we all know about Bradford's plight, but Halifax and Paris were flops and London are not where we want them to be. Out of the proposed new clubs: Calder, 2 of the clubs are now in SL, with average crowds in poor grounds - probably not what we would class as 'Super' clubs, although Cas are performing well in relation to some competitors. Manchester - Oldham were in there and flunked. Cheshire - Warrington are now much stronger than they were in 1995, so should be classed as a success - whether they are stronger than a merged team - I'd suggest yes. Humberside - Hull FC are strong and between them and KR they have been delivering 17-18k fans regularly. Would they have become a real force together - who knows? South Yorkshire - Sheffield were in and it's never taken off. Doncaster struggle. So my view is that the original plan wasn't that good tbh - it as too much of a mish-mash rather than a proper clear strategy. The unknown is around the likes of creating a Manchester club, or a Cumbria SL team - but ultimately this was still a league that would face the criticism of being an M62 comp in the main (10 of the 14 clubs being in that region). We have tried placing new clubs in South and North Wales, Gateshead and Paris - and they just didn't work - I have seen literally nothing to suggest mergers work. I also think it is wrong to suggest that it was a wasted opportunity. The initial proposal wasn't that radical.
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    If your engaged in criminal activity (which it appears he almost certainly was) and are prepared to carry an illegal, loaded firearm in public then you should firmly expect to find yourself on the wrong end of a police marksman's gun and have your life taken. Yes the police have made mistakes in the past and shot unarmed people, and quite rightly those officers and forces had action taken against them. But when they shoot dead an armed drug dealer then all I can say is good on em, you've done the public a favour. The #### bag wont be missed by anyone except maybe his family.
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    I agree with your last sentence; other than that.... I'm not sure you'd find many people who would agree that regional franchises have "saved" RU in Wales and Scotland. Scotland's ended up with 2 clubs, neither of which are in its RU heartlands. They get decent gates, but from memory overall spectators and participation in RU up there are through the floor. Scotland were the last to go professional/honest - and then it was mainly driven by an aspiration not to lose all their players to clubs paying more in England. As it is, with only 2 clubs, they could arguably not have bothered and just called players back from "abroad" for internationals - it's basically what they do with many of them now anyway. Regionalisation in Wales has been a disaster. Scarlets has worked because, alone among the franchises, it basically is Llanelli anyway. Ospreys still struggle with gates because of the number of people in Neath and Swansea who won't follow them (and the youth may well not remember the time before the Ospreys but they've been hoovered up by the meteoric rise of Swansea City anyway. Dragons are from the playing heartlands, and have small gates because everyone is either still playing, or spectating in penny packets across the large number of Principality Premiership clubs. Wales in particular is used by English RU fans as a reason *not* to go down that route. Ireland did work, after a fashion, but some of that was down to the fact that they were doing expansion anyway, so grafting in an "all in Ireland must be near top flight RU approach." If the RFL was going to (quietly) take lessons from RU, then look at Ireland and for god's sake don't pray Wales/Scotland in aid. Incidentally, before we all beat ourselves up too much, it might be instructive to note that there is a groundswell of opinion in RU looking over the fence and quite liking the 8s as a concept, and way to hold something out to championship clubs who can't aspire to actually get promoted to the Aviva. The grass appears to be greener on both sides of the fence depending on which side you're looking from.
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    The RFL gives you a framework in order for you to hit as many of their criteria as you possibly can - that's why there's some flexibility in their decision-making criteria. In a competitive 'tender' situation with multiple parties interested, it enables parties to approach criteria in different ways and for the RFL to choose the most suitable candidate. I'd imagine a lot of the elements at this stage would be proposal-based/aspirational - but if a bidding party can show a business/operational case for a proposed meeting of a criterium, it shows it's been considered. The RFL wants a side in Bradford, so they will be doing everything in their power to get a new club established asap, but they will want the bidders to jump through lots of hoops to prove their intentions are both serious and pragmatic. They won't want 'instantly perfect' - they're looking for credibly workable now, with a long-term sustainable plan.
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    When clicking to go to next page in a topic, it gets stuck and I have to refresh the page to get the posts to show. This happens in both Chrome and IE.
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    Annual Capital Challenge - London Skolars v Wigan Warriors Jan 20th 2 p.m KO - Venue HAC The Annual Capital Challenge is now in its 10th year. London Skolars are again playing reigning Super League Champions Wigan Warriors for the Annual Capital Challenge Trophy. This game has grown hugely in popularity and is seen as a superb day out for all those interested in Rugby League traditions and the spread of the games appeal. It is generally accepted as the official opening of the Rugby League season in London where the game has seen huge strides forward at the professional, amateur and junior ranks over the years. Skolars are a model of what can be achieved in sport in a relatively short period of time including top 8 in League 1 last year with notable wins over Keighley Cougars, Barrow Raiders, Doncaster & North Wales Crusaders. Also the club has dramatically grown its junior ranks from minis to juniors with the U17s team going unbeaten in the regular league season in 2016. The club has also established London’s only Tier 3 academy based at the nationally respected Barnet & Southgate College. Skolars have also seen massive improvements off the field with a brand new club house, gym & state of the art artificial grass pitch. New River Stadium, the clubs base, has had a £5m redevelopment across the 45 acres site. Rugby League is not played on a more iconic, or valuable sporting venue than the Honourable Artillery Company. The HAC is 5 minutes walk from Moorgate so is the heart of the financial district. The crowd is limited by the continued army usage and as a result the game is usually sold out or close to it. Invariably up to 300 hospitality guests sit down for a great pre-match meal with rugby legends as guests of honour. Prior to the match 6 outer London schools will visit the Bank of England on a financial education trip. Afterwards they will make their way to the HAC and play in the Pcubed Tag Festival. All the kids will then provide the guard of honour for the Skolars and Wigan teams as they enter the field for the main game. The event attracts a host of globally renowned sponsors and this year is no different with the following on board: · Nasdaq Global Index · Lyxor ETFs · WisdomTree ETFs · IG Index · Irish Stock Exchange · Capita Asset Services · Pcubed · CISI The calibre of our commercial partners reflects the status that the event has achieved in recent years and also the fact that taking Rugby League into the City of London has proved highly successful in attracting a high quality spectator. Skolars also organise an Annual City Touch competition in August where 18 teams fight it out to be crowned City Touch kings. Skolars also want to organise a Schools festival allied to a financial education day where City based firms sponsor 2 outer London schools each with an aim to educate what opportunities are available in the City in particular in their part of the industry. Again the festival will be played at the HAC. Tickets for the match are selling fast but you can still purchase them for £15 for a match ticket & £115 (ex vat) & £1100 (ex vat) for a hospitality place or table of 10 respectively. For more information call 0208 888 8488 or info@skolarsrl.com or buy directly at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/capital-challenge-2017-london-skolars-vs-wigan-warriors-tickets-30072522725?aff=efbevent
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    Jill Saward, 51. A brave woman. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-38522714
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    The RFL seem damned if they do and damned if they don't........... For what it's worth, I think they've taken the most positive steps they could to try and keep a Bradford club as a potentially attractive proposition, by keeping them in the Championship, but at the same time have imposed sanctions which will make it very difficult, but not impossible, for next season. A fighting chance at least -- Which Bradford, in their hey-day, gave us by playing regular well-attended friendlies at the season's start. They are trying to look after the players and staff left stranded through no fault of their own by making 'exceptions' which will hopefully help them to find employment elsewhere, whilst at the same time placing the onus on clubs to 'spend within their means'. The only team possibly equipped to compete in the Championship is Toronto but imagine the outcry if they were given an immediate place in the Championship. Yes, it's a nonsense that Bradford are in this mess (of their own making) but can the game really afford to lose a big city club and the potential spectators that offers ? Despite the obnoxious idiot at last year's Challenge Cup game ("Come on Bulls, put this lot in their place") I hope that the Bradford club can be rescued and go on from strength to strength in a sustainable, sensible manner............The game, IMO, needs them !
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    Ready for the season now. Cmon you Roughyeds
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    Must be old news. Sam is going nowhere.
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    Just as a little follow on to the Running and Promoting thread- does the game have the administrators it deserves? With friends like these, can we complain about our rival sports? Is the DNA of the game such that it's destined to under achieve?
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    Infrastructure spending for ports access has already been increased in recent years. Heysham has just had the new link road built to link it directly with the M6 and bypass Lancaster, funding for the new lorry park to get rid of 'operation stack' has been approved to ease Dover, and the next phase of upgrading the road network into Liverpool docks has received funding with designs due to start shortly.
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    I have done as you asked and realise that I have taken you out of context, reading previous posts on here suggesting that the police may have stepped outside of their lawful remit then seeing you mention capital punishment lead me to decide to look up actual facts rather than opinions, for misrepresenting your post I apologise unreservedly. I have seen the documentary on Mark Duggan and I am aware of problems that arise, of course that police, like anyone else, make mistakes, but I think the figure I quote shows how often they get it right in extremely difficult circumstances. I also hope it never becomes like the USA As an aside, after seeing the BBC documentary on Sellafield, much of which I know to have given a totally inaccurate picture, I am much less likely to believe 'facts' presented by BBC documentaries, which is a real shame but I guess that is for another thread.
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    No disrespect but until Kevin or the club says so anybody can say owt they want.
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    I reckoned the captain would come from one of the players who spend most time on the field of play. So I was thinking about the half-backs and maybe one of the forwards who put in long shifts. I'd dismissed the hookers due to the in-game rotation but since Scott is happy for his captain to spend time off the field during the game, Gaz is an ideal choice. An Oldhamer leading out an Oldham side. That'll do for me
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    Don't worry, Toppy's fallacious arguments (as well as a platoon of straw men in support) have already been comprehensively flattened on this thread.
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    Yes, indeed. One thing I could never understand was why the administrator turned down a bid, for what was presumably the going concern, to instead opt for liquidation. I cannot recall a situation where a going concern sale ever realised less than liquidation. But I guess we do not know any of the terms of the RFL-accepted offer, so it is very hard indeed to form a view. If the rejected offer included, for example, playing at Odsal, and /or paying 100% of the £50k rugby creditors (we must assume it offered to honour season tickets) and guarantees on other things like personal guarantees, bonds, commitment to academy, working with the RFL to sort the Odsal problem once and for all - who knows? - then it might just be this was a much better deal fpr the RFL and the game, but the no better than liquidation for the creditors? Creditors in this context meaning Green, since it seems probable he could control a creditors' meeting quite apart from being first in line anyway. But we must now wonder whether the administrator was aware of (one hesitates to suggest complicit in) this apparent new bid, at the time? And hence knew he was on safe ground - and safe from legal challenge - within his remit, in rejecting the other bid? Bearing in mind the administrator does not necessarily have to LIKE the propspective purchaser or agree with his/their objectives and intentions. He has a job to do, as laid down in the legislation. And has to apply a process that, whilst IMO is totally unsuitable for rescuing an ailing sports club, is currently the only process there is. Seeing that company registered yesterday, my first thought was that the administrator must have agreed to it, because of the use of the name. And that, therefore, he was clearly working with someone. Some other pointers towards that, as well. What happens next must presumably depend on the extent (if at all) the RFL have been involved in any of this process? And, if they were not involved, whether whatever terms the new bidder wil propose are ones the RFL can live with? Maybe the lack of an announcement that the administrator has accepted a bid reflects giving the RFL opportunity to state its position? And, should it reject the bid, then wait for the huge outpouring of "RFL condemns Bulls by rejecting lovely new offer" headlines? If the RFL effectively threw the administrator a hospital pass before Christmas, in that case he will have thrown an even bigger one back? nd of course, in any stadium negotiations, any threat to play in Coventry not Bradford would doubtless concentrate minds...? And we may never know for sure, whatever any final announcements say! I had been hoping, in all of this, that any deal would get the Bulls out of Odsal, the RFL off the Odsal/conflict of interest hook, and allow a process to begin that would lead to a new stadium for the Bulls and a solution for the Council to a raft of issues. The win-win-win I keep harping on about. I had hoped a bid agreed by the RFL might just involve this. If this seeming new bid does not, then unless some other deal is cut for getting out of Odsal (I really doubt a stadium development would ever happen on the site) I struggle to see the long-term. I will leave it to others to speculate about the role of Green in all this, and what the reaction of fans, and the game, and Sports England, would be if he was to re-appear? EDIT: what I forgot to add: another possibility is that the administrator was playing an even more clever game? That it was a genuine bluff, rejecting that bid, to try and either force the bidder to improve the offer, or to flush out one of the other interested parties to come back with a new offer? It remians a possibility that the "new" bidder is the same as the one rejected? Or that it was part of a wider scheme to effect the leaving of high-earning (unaffordable?) players without anyone having to assume any liabilities for that? (I have seen someone suggest that somewhere, and the more I think about it the more I see his point...) Whatever the truth, and whatever the outcome, someone has been very clever in engineering all this.
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    As a Barrow fan no its too late
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    Their websites were very rugby union how? I don't think teams starting as rugby union clubs keeping fit in the off-season is a massive issue, as long as they have the opportunity to progress from that if they wish.
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    Nope. Nobody said disaster apart from the squawkers yelling PROJECT FEAR over everything. But, knock yourself out with it if it helps you. What people said, and is still true, is lower investment, weaker pound, less growth, greater uncertainty, bigger risk ... which given that we now have a looming credit bubble, growing inflation, higher deficit and a need to raise interest rates ... means that even without A50 being trigged plan-less inside three months that 2017 is looking like being quite rocky for the UK.
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    I think he will do fine, and if he does end up playing in the pack he'll still be an excellent cover guy for Ulugia/Misi and it will be a more natural switch than those involving Hardman/Tagg/Snitch/Cording that we've seen over the last couple of years.
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    I've also signed in (obviously) but going back to the forum page boots me out.
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    A very Happy New Year to you all I shall be at my usual place on Sunday, steps to the cottage end terracing, for the sole purpose of collecting jars. should there about 30 mins before kick off. Regards Ricardo
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    Hi. Lots going on behind the scenes. 2/3 amateur lads and 3/4 pros hopefully over the line shortly. The world of signings has had a good shuffle in the last week or two due to the Bradford situation.
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    That there it is a significant deal when the police shoot someone is right and important (certainly in contrast to the USA). However, it should not be seen as a requirement to eulogise that person. The implication is that if he was a significant drugs dealer, then the shooting would be OK.
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    But it did save the game overall in those countries. And they now have fans who have only ever known the Ospreys or Scarlets, rather than Neath, Swansea or Llanelli. Even taking into account Union bias and all that, these clubs show how the smaller nations with smaller resources took on the issue of long term club and national competitiveness with England and France and sacrificed for a wider gain. It wasn't perfect at the start but after those problems were dealt with a strong competition emerged and Wales Ireland and Scotland remain (largely) competitive internationally, as per the original plan. It is sad that the now second tier clubs have declined, but the rise in the other clubs is astronomical. The problem with SL was that ostensibly international performance was not at the heart of it; it was all about clubs.
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    It is likely that the actions of the man now dead precluded a trial.... that sometimes happens when violent men carry firearms. We will know more when the facts are reported....
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    Leigh miners v st pats and west hull v hull dockers look like the ties of the round.
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    We had a wander round the city centre toneet, absolutely belting atmosphere and the displays were fantastic. We were drawn in by the projections on the buildings around Queen Victoria Square, mesmerising stuff, although I did wonder if the trawler tragedies were portrayed a little too near the knuckle, as it were. As you say though, the "Amuse Agents" shop front kept me entertained for about 25 minutes, absolutely superb. My fave advert being for the... "Doll's house window cleaner, can also install doll's house burglar alarms and cctv, you don't want other kids messing with your stuff. Doll's house painting and decorating also undertaken along with any doll's house diy jobs and cleaning. No job too small." Fantastic.
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    I'm struggling a bit with navigation (on mobile version). I used to be able to click on a topic and it'd jump to the latest unread note on that thread. Now I'm having to remember what page I was on and search accordingly? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Well that ain't gonna happen, however hard you wish. Clearly a number of people in Bradford prefer drug pushers to the police and treat them as freedom fighters. For all their faults (and I've been roughed up by the cops in the past) I'm with the cops here.
  46. 1 point
    Great stuff mate.It was a great 2016 wasn't it?.Peddle to the metal stuff,right down to the wire for sure.Hopefully this season we'll have a squad able to finish a little higher so we suffer less palpitations this time round.:-)
  47. 1 point
    Out of deference to your hard work and long hours I'm going to wait until at least this afternoon before I attempt to get anything past the sweary filter.
  48. 1 point
    Should I tender my resignation as a RL supporter as the honourable thing to do?
  49. 1 point
    Why did they have ..... Probably cos its too close to the start of the season to alter fixtures. Championship chairman want the Bradford travelling support.
  50. 1 point
    It does say they do Catalans , and will be adding Toulouse in the new year

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