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    I apologize for posting this in the General Rugby League Forum, given the Toronto Wolfpack specific nature of the content; but, with so much of the discussion to date revolving around what level of media coverage and other exposure the team is getting locally/nationally, and what potential fan base it may foster in the long run, this will hopefully add to the discussion. The ~3000 word piece is a great read, and interesting in and of itself. The photography is excellent as well. The fact this this type of positive, detailed, original reporting is beginning to reach one of the two national sports specialty networks, either of which are at least as ubiquitous as Sky Sports is in the U.K., is potentially a big deal. In addition: there have been many other media outlets picking up the Canadian Press wire service's frequent coverage; and the country's highest circulation newspaper (Toronto Star) has begun publishing the Kingstone Press League 1 table (alongside those for the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, CFL etc.), both of which should give us some confidence that things are trending in the right direction. Stumbling upon a fairly respectable city centre sports bar playing the Challenge Cup Final, live, and then again on repeat, while I was out for lunch with some friends, kind of feels like the icing on the cake.
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    And what use is this to our heartland teams? No doubt funds were stolen from them in order to facilitate this farce. Tell that journo to write a dour piece on why a random club is struggling by on gates of a few hundred instead, that'll tell them how it really is. It wasn't even 3000 words - more number fiddling. (Carries on for several weeks)
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    Of course, they should really have got laughing fella Chris Irvine to write it. He could have said how it wasn't as good as darts.
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    "You don't sweat much for a fat lass, do you?"
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    I have been attempting to follow Barrow as close I can given I am thousands of miles away. According to the Barrow fans, although the club has been doing everything by the numbers they have been taking a hit this year due to just a really bad draw on the schedule. Hence my comment that for Barrow, promotion might even be more impt then it is for Toronto. Should they get promoted, their audience knows they would be playing in a higher tier with 100% professional competition. For any sporting audience, this should be a more attractive draw versus the part time league. From what I also understand, playing in Championship results in some additional financial support (which TWP has agreed to give up as a condition of membership into the RL). Its never an easy decision, and I agree don't throw the game, but in my mind given the importance of the playoffs for Barrow post the TWP match, coaches have to have a long term strategy. We frequently see teams use certain games to work on strategic matters, whether giving other players experience, working out new formations, etc. I have been a player in such circumstances in fact. We see it happen all the time in the NHL, NFL, Baseball and Lacrosse. So to hear the coach is sitting down key talent is understandable to me. Our home crowd will be attending not just because its Barrow, but because they simply want to support TWP, and they know its quite possibly the promotion decider, and will want to partake of the celebrations post game.
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    And there's the problem. Manchester Rangers are 'pushing things forward' - and apparently being told there no room for them. No point in anyone trying to start something in Birmingham if the same restriction is going to apply Now, what should happen is that the RFL - assuming that Birmingham gets the 2022 Games - sets in place a five year plan with development officers in schools, working with existing amateur clubs in the Midlands, developing commercial partners, schools work, women and wheelchair rugby development and so on - all with the aim of building towards a sustainable League 1 club by 2022 to try and take advantage of the games legacy after 2022. But this is the RFL we are talking about here...
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    The proof in the pudding will be how many of this years team we manage to retain for next year. Its okay having a 3/5 year plan provided that plan includes a nucleus of players who are staying at the club and not a merry-go wheel of loans/DR. Otherwise it will be a 3/5 year plan which starts again each year as the local talent waits in the wings , getting older and not gaining any experience. Its a difficult position to be in granted but I would like to hear what the BOD feel about this season positive or negative ? Surely with the signings of Howarth & Joesph , the retention of Tee and the partnership with Wigan they would have expected more ?
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    Is it just me that thinks Canadians discussing a Canadian RL team on this forum is....sureal? Will wake up soon and think, 'what a strange dream I've just had'.
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    I do not understand the comments such as an "underwhelming season " or the season ending with "a whimper than a bang " . did anyone really expect much more than scraping into the playoffs ? yes barring some unlucky injuries town would have probably made 5th at a push . lets go back to last december , how many players were on the books , was it 5 ? with no head coach and only a few on the BOD and not forgetting no cash at all left in the pot . a part time coach was found , new BOD members joined and obectives were made , sign locals who are "potential prospects" and a mix of loaness and have a 3 to 5 year rebuilding plan but above all keep to the limited budget and stay in the black . the first season was always going to be experimental and started off badly with long term injuries to tee then joseph then davies then midway in , scholey , anyone who thinks persisting with all of the newly signed local "prospects" (which is what they are , prospects ) would have seen a better position in the league are mistaken and in my opinion clark made the right call over gabe fell being brought in in order to reach the minimum of his and the BOD obectives of a first season top 8 qualifying birth . This closed season ahead will need a lot more hard work and more difficult planning , Judgement can surely wait another season . Which targets have been missed ?
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    I agree with you completely on this and think the conversation is totally valid, its also been an interesting insight into the habits of the North American Sports fan..
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    A cynic might suggest that the mitigating circumstance is a possible appearance of Catalan in the MPG in 4 weeks time.........
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    See you've secured Jordan Crowther on a one year loan deal from Wakefield. Really good player there with a great attitude. Also has a fair few SL games under his belt. Been unlucky has Crowther. Had it not been for the arrival late last year of wonder boy James Barchelor and the ultra succesful loan of Dean Hadley from Hull he would almost certainly have played regular first team this year. You have a genuinly SL class player for a season IMHO.
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    This is where commas help. I actually read ignoring Griff as being historically significant.
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    It is a good read, but it does make the fatal error of mentioning good attendances, so expect this thread to be turned into a replica of the 'TWP tonight' one before long.
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    My mate just sent me a text saying "I've got a better barber than Saints".
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    Seems like the eerie politeness rubs your neighbours up the wrong way...
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    Halifax (Nova Scotia) vs. Halifax (West Yorkshire) would be the ideal Canada-U.K. naming conflict with existing RFL teams; and it's not quite as far-fetched as the others, given the 300k+ population, the provincial capital status, the lack of any other major sports team, and given that the Atlantic Schooners (CFL) were almost a thing. I doubt it will ever happen, but it would be pretty sweet.
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    Hold on a minute. first and foremost Scotchy/Scotchy1 has been applying the same approach to his/her post for quite some time. Essentially disassembling others arguments but then refusing to provide evidence to back his/her own opinion as fact. You can see that throughout this thread. Secondly, as Parky has only posted once on this subject I can conclude that he is not banned but the fact that he/she has only posted once is just not like him/her because he/she is like a dog with a bone. So here we have Scotchy1 who's post are very, very similar posting instead. So let me make this absolutely clear this is not bullying, I am trying to distinguish whether I should enter into a debate with someone I don't really understand and who I believe is an alias. Whose modus when challenging opposing opinion, is to provide grand soundbites but can provide no proof or evidence, almost like there's some secret chairman's meeting that only they attend. Once that is exhausted we then get thinly veiled insults and indignation. So Just to be clear (another past alias I believe) If I am incorrect I will apologise because I am a genuine poster, I have had the same username since the old days. I have not been banned or warned and have no need to dance around the mods like some I could mention. For that reason the false indignation I highlight above is beyond irony. So let's see what happens. Maybe Parky and Scotchy/Sotchy1 will get into a debate on the matter and I have to eat my words.
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    There's Birmingham Bulldogs in Midlands Division 1 but that is it. 0 hope for a League One club and rightly so - focus on getting more of an established amateur scene first IMO.
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    Saluzzo NWR are preparing for the new season. After playing in the Italian Championship this summer, they will be playing against in the French system from October to Spring. Here is an article I wrote about them, in Italian. Feel free to Google Translate it in English. http://www.mondosportivo.it/2017/09/07/rugby-league-saluzzo-north-west-roosters-prossimi-alla-nuova-stagione/
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    can someone tell me who this hard working and hard trainer who is being overlooked is or are ? and again point out where the new coach has failed so badly in club objectives and why he should be sacked ? I'm still confused as to valid reasons for such a break up of a 3 to 5 yr rebuilding plan after only 6 or 7 months on the seemingly premise that a local prospect cannot convince the coaching staff that he/they are ready to be regulars in the current team .
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    Nice article that, and yes corvusxiii, it is rather strange but equally fantastic to see.
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    As a fan of TWP, I'd love to see Barrow's best side over here but I don't see how that makes any sense. Even if they could win at Lamport, they would still likely finish second. I'm sure whatever side they field will give 100% but I agree that this match is about staying healthy and preparing for more important games ahead. I don't think anyone could blame them for being pragmatic when winning their last two games would mean promotion.
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    Absolutely 100% agree with all of that, the players dont need to like the coach, but they damn well should respect him. If we are in a cycle of the players controlling the coaching staff then its the players we need to get rid of, not another bloody coach otherwise whats the point. Do they just want a mate who will go out on the ###### with them?
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    I earnestly, desperately, imploringly, and sincerely HOPE NOT. I am soooooooooooooo sick of the numb-skulls on that thread. I stopped reading it early today.
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    Lol I love how people tell us how many people we have in the stands when they aren't here to see it. We do have 6,000 + attendance and if it really concerns someone that our league 1 team has more fans in the ground buying more beers and most definitely catching the most ballistic hot dogs then come on over and count the people yourselves and brace yourself for the evolution Rugby League in the coming decade with North America coming to the party baby!!! We are totally cool with you guys shooting pie or pasties out of guns at your grounds. Aawwoooooooooo!!
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    Barrow are part time and have a squad consisting of many home town lads , the club have worked very hard to clear debts over the past 3 to 4 years and have slowly built a squad of good local talent and some ex Championship lads and this rebuild of part timers on a thin shoe string is finally bearing fruit , the last 3 games are crucial for Barrow this season and they will focus entirely on those games I'm sure . Just remember Toulouse prevented Barrow from going up last season , a team much like yourselves , full time and able to buy the best available pro's who will join you and easily win this league , but where did they finish this season ? lower half of the championship ! so be warned , the Championship top clubs have been top clubs in that league for many years and are littered with super league sandard players and ex super league ageing players who all cannot find a higher club due to there being a limited amount of players who can fit into only 12 SL clubs , you are in for a big reality check if you think everything will go your way next season and I look forward to coming on your "Woolpack " forum and reading posts discussing your defeats from time to time and your frustrations of games that didnt go your way , because believe me there will be several of them . Good luck .
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    Singleton , Maudling , Curwen all new local Cumbrian amateurs who have nailed down a place in the starting line up , as has Lister lately and then there is the new semi pro signing Hambley , young Dowsett was a regular and would be today if not for work , other Cumbrian and locals who are now senior 1st teamers are Jason , Kris , Callum , Brett , Tee , Stevie and Jamie . I dont see too much cause for complaint over locals not playing for Town , the ones seen able and have impressed have always managed to grab a place .
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    Hardly PC these days but: "Can I smell your f@nny?" "WHAT?! NO!" "It must be your feet."
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    Gordon Mauldling is doing ok Sandy, a young local forward who Town seen potential in and signed and who has trained hard and listened to his coaches and who is developing into a very good player , is he not ?
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    Re: the RU point. *we* might well be arguing that it was the RU calculator at work but you can bet your bottom dollar that *they* wouldn't be downplaying it. Yet again, RL people cannot wait to 'tell it as it is'. I'd love to hear their chat up lines!!
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    Jamie Doran for me. Stevie most improved Gordon Mauldling rookie
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    It does seem more difficult to contact the club than it should. Has Angela's position not been replaced since she left? I've supported the club for a number of years and whilst I already contribute purchasing season tickets, Raffles's, half time draw, buying 2 or 3 pints a game, etc. I thought it time to join the squad builder. With the recent passing away of two stalwart older supporters it's time for the younger supporters to step up and do what they can and contribute otherwise we won't have a club to support in a few years. All that said the club needs to market itself better and it's pleasing to see the reinvention of the club logo. Hopefully this will coincide with a longer term marketing effort to raise the club's profile and gain more supporters and users of the new facilities.
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    I'm not sure what there was to appeal , was a shocker . Was lucky it wasn't raised to 5 . These tackles can cause serious damage
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    A decent starting point for the next referendum!
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    30 years and 15 years? Are you sure? I know they have both dipped into lower divisions, but I distictly remember United winning the first division in 1967 and the European Cup in 1968 as well as City winning the first division in 1968, the FA Cup in 1969 and both the old League Cup and European Cup Winners Cup in 1970. That's 50 years ago. There were also several first division titles and FA Cup wins between them both before then. The reality is that soccer has ruled in Manchester for over 100 years. Rugby has never even registered as a blip on a seismograph.
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    And if that was in centre field and the ref give ripped out penalty he'd probably say ref spot on there
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    I hope Maguire doesn't come to Super League. Horribly boring tactics.
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    Cant get my head round it, bring a coach in to play exciting rugby, then want to break the bank for scott murrell. Dont get me wrong hes a clever player, good kicking game and plenty of experiance, but hes 32 year old and about as mobile as my granny, would get a decent 12 months tops out of him.
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    i think Tom has learned his lesson and we all should move on, end of the day he is a good kid just easily led astray me thinks
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    I agree. Clubs like Toronto will not want to risk hanging about in the lower divisions for too long. Same applies to a potential NYC team and probably Toulouse and Catalan as well.
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    I always find this an odd sort of argument to make. I would say: judge him on how many games is he is playing, not how many games he might have played in a host of unlikely scenarios. As it is, he has played 21 games this season: a fair crack of the whip by any standards. He has also been very good in a poor side, and his place in the line-up relative to the other three you mention will have changed quite a bit as he has impressed. I would always like to see the best French players at Catalans or Toulouse so, if he goes, it will be with my best wishes.
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    Decent solid player, if we get a fit pack he would be a bench or quad player, but a very very useful one at that. If he wanted to return to France I would wish him all the best, seems a good lad.

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