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    That's what I love about Workington and Whitehaven,two communities that have fond feelings for each other.Just like us and Rochdale.?
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    Would have given my right arm to have been over there with Town . Fair dos to them they acquited themselves well particularly first half , the difference in full and part time showing second half .
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    People talk about the old days with rose tinted glasses. I have never seen a game pre the mid 80's that wasnt a frantic mess. Yes this is an iconic game and a big part of our history. But its not a good game by any stretch. Knock the modern game all you like but if you could transport one of those sides through time to play a current team, 144-0 would be beaten with 20 minutes to spare. I know you can only be the best of your era and lots of things have changed since those days. But for the flaws the modern game has, its still a much better sport to watch now.
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    Against Wakefield, but not Leeds, no siree, not Leeds.
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    A quick view on Percival and his 'obstructions'. I think he is very clever. He sees the kick go up and then checks his fb's position. He knows where the attacking winger is and puts himself in a direct line early. He then stays there. The winger is focused on the ball to judge his tackle on the fb and runs into Percival. He doesn't step into the fb's line at the last second, so it's not obstruction, but the fb is blocked either way. Very clever. Or very well judged. IMO.
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    Automatic translate SNAFU.
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    Bears had a poor start then played really well against York for the rest of the 1st half. Really good to see them have York on the ropes, and actually could have been better off because also had 2 tries disallowed. Unfortunately chances of an upset was relatively shortlived because York came out firing 2nd half. Bears just didn't get the ball and couldnt keep up with them. Still, despite the scoreline, a bit of pride restored after last week. Also great to see ex Bears player Joe Batchelor and good luck to him for the future ?
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    If you've ever been to Amsterdam, you'll have seen more than a few hoe downs
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    Where were town , sorry forgot knocked out a while ago.
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    I saw France during the World Cup. I thought their skill level was good but without any real size they can not compete in the modern game. There is a natural flair in their DNA but what they lack is size and punch up front.
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    Morris dancers? As a substitute for the haka
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    It's a difficult one for me, I hate the DR system but I like the loan system. I also feel for the lads Coming in, especially Nzoungou as he has played for more clubs than most do in a career
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    I think what is even more encouraging is the fact that there is beginning to be real competition for places. Escare/Miloudi at full back without even mentioning the guy who played for them in the WC.
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    Amber and black hoops , like the heritage kit that sold out PDQ for the Cat's cup game.
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    Just watched it and thought it was brilliant. Now I know I'm a RL and Rhinos fan but my Mrs is neither and she enjoyed it too. I think it's close to being as good as ESPN's 30 for 30 series. Well done to all involved in the making of it! Hope they make some more.
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    4000 fans for two teams less than ten miles apart.
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    Sky IMO are really out-dated I thought todays Cas v Saints game was far, far more postively presented without the constant focus on refs. IMO its what Sky want to do in their 'take' on the game.....and its far from a good watch Won't ever be resuming my Sky subscription in their present format and negative attitude to the game. They have an influence on the way the game is reffed and played and its a turn off
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    Blimey! Mind you, l am sure NK will sort something out to get you on the up again.
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    Now for some traditional Dutch country n western...
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    THAT is a Eurovision song. That and the milkmaids song from a few years ago are the book-ends of perfect Eurovision songs
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    If it has more cheese than a Wallace & Gromit movie then it gets bonus points.
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    As I've said earlier it was two very poor teams last week. Rochdale are the worst team we've played this year that's how poor we are.
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    Despite the result was pleased with Skolars. This is a good squad.
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    Cumbria Lakers Origin Team kit
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    Catarina Furtado (the presenter with half a dress) seems like a nice lady
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    Right...must have made it up in his wages then!
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    Sounds like a fair analysis of the British diet. ☺
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    The difference between the two was that Minikin seemed to move towards Percival rather than towards the ball - it could of been him trying to position himself in front of Grace rather than taking him on directly, where as when Cas were penalised for sheparding Morgan he was running straight towards where the ball would land. It’s small but why I think one resulted in a penalty and one didnt (rightly or wrongly).
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    Could have been worse, could have been their first team Sorry Nero
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    Bears had Knights on the ropes for a while fought back to 18 apiece and were unlucky to get a couple of efforts wiped off by the officials that would have pushed the visitors even further
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    Cumbria has not been one of our happiest hunting grounds and I can't see tomorrow being any different. The fans will travel more in hope than expectation but let's trust that the players can have a more positive outlook: Barrow 28 - 16 Rams Att: 880 FTS: Glover
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    Milner was decent today. Been giving too many penalties away prior to today to the point of becoming frustrating, needs to tidy that up if he does give the NRL a crack. He'd be a loss tof Cas but I would like him to back himself and give it a go.
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    In both cases the attacking player played for the penalty, pretending you have been shot seems to be the way to go as that gets the result.
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    decent result for both teams imo. Think skolars have actually scored more than anyone at Odsal this season as well. Plus they had 10 players injured at the moment
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    You just can't help yourselves can you!
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    You’re probably seeing that way because your club has deteriorated since the 888 system came in. look at it the other way the Championship has benefited from the system and take a look at the teams at the top of that league, Toronto wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have a chance for SL promotion and it has raised the level if the 2nd tier competition no end.
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    You have to feel for all the players involved in that game, it was their big day, there was some real class players on that field and then to have to play in those conditions, which lets be honest totally ruined the game as a spectacle, it must have been disappointing to say the least. Most of all though sympathy has to go to Don.
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    That's it, does it warrant its own thread.
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    After today's resounding win here are the up to date Player Stats.
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    It may have a classic ending and one of the most enduring moments in the history of our sport... but it's not a classic match and is pretty hard to watch. The main thing that strikes me is just how much tougher the modern game is, most of the tackles in this game are either legs tackles or grabs, very little in the way of significant contact.
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    Oh, I agree. Consistency is key, but that wasn't my point.
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    A modern-day referee would have given about 20 more knock-ons in the first half.
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    Nope. As mentioned above this applies even more so to Superleague. The reason for the decline of the Challenge Cup is the same as the reason for everything else that happens - money. The vast majority of the money clubs make is through Superleague and the Sky deal. Anything that distracts from the task of surviving in Superleague, or getting promoted to Superleague, is too big a financial risk to take seriously. This is the logical attitude that clubs take and it is filtered down to the fans.
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    Annoyingly we have been pretty good at kick for repeat sets until the last couple of games. Don't understand the kicking strategy today at all. Agree though poor recruitment, possibly unavoidable and a bit of bad luck has left us very vulnerable. Annoying because I think our pack is quality! Hopefully though keep the pack together recruit some backs and we could be a force again next year.
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    Er, he has been injured. In total, he's missed three games this season. We won all three of them.
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    Comfortable afternoon for the Catalans today. Looks like their kicker forgot his boots as well.
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    Brilliant documentary watched it with tears streaming down my face. RIP Don Fox Up the Trin

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