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  1. West Bank are to the North West what Upton are to Yorkshire - generational bullies. I'm not talking about a bit of niggle in the game, in fact I'm not even talking about a partisan crowd - I'm talking about out and out bullies who do everything they can to intimidate and threaten from the second you arrive to the moment you leave. I'm not making out we have been angels over the years but never anything like these 2 clubs. Thornhill are a prime example of sailing close to the wind but never (in my experience) crossing the line. RL is a hard enough sport as it is without having to worry about whether something unsavoury is going to happen to you or your friends/family after the game.
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  2. I note with interest that musicians are on the lookout for the world’s smallest violin to play at the news that Katie Hopkins is now insolvent.
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  3. Is it actually your birthday or are you looking at the wrong day Assuming the former, happy birthday!
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  4. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/09/21/south-sydney-rabbitohs-players-cleared-by-investigation/ This appears to have been consensual. Apologies to the Rabbitohs, I may not like them, but that's nothing about how I feel about people being falsely accused.
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  5. AC/DC covered in a way many people haven’t heard
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