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    Obviously got a good PR man at Fev. Doubt that those words came out of his mouth without a bit of encouragement or manipulation.
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    Hmm "stepping up" "Big crowds" it's like moving from a mid terrace to an end terrace and calling it a semi-detached lol Good luck James from one of your forum sponsors
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    SATURDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER London Skolars 18 v 36 Oldham Coventry Bears 24 v 16 Hunslet SUNDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER Newcastle Thunder 58 v 0 West Wales Raiders Doncaster 18 v 18 Workington Town Keighley Cougars 24 v 25 North Wales Crusaders York City Knights 40 v 14 Whitehaven Bradford Bulls 88 v 8 Hemel Stags Pretty sure everyone south of the South Leeds Stadium is looking forward to a Bears win tomorrow after seeing victory snatched away so cruelly at Whitehaven last Sunday. Was a great day out (and hope we get the chance to visit next year, sorry) but it was by far the hardest defeat to accept this season. Just because of the lateness of the deciding try. So i think we can beat Hunslet tomorrow and crown what has been an exciting and very encouraging campaign. The win would be a fitting send-off for club stalwart James Geurtjens and team manager Conor Kelly who will be missed when we go again next time.
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    Which is fair enough. My take is though the onus was on the Brexit side of the debate to formulate a plan that they could agree on, sell it to enough of the remain side that it had a reasonable backing of both the political classes and the electorate to be able to present it to Europe. At least then the EU would know they are negotiating with a country rather than an isolated leader of a fractured party trying to sell a vision nobody wants. As it is Tory party infighting continues to stop there being anything like an internal agreement, May's left holding the baby because none of the other career lightweights have the bottle to throw there hat in the ring and try and sort it out knowing failure would be career ending.
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    Bit disrespectful on Harrison's part, it might be unwise for Diskin to pick him in last home game, there could be some backlash. In his time here, he's finished higher than Fev, beat them in a cup, played against Super League sides in the qualifiers just as many times as,Feb have, and learned the game. So he wants to play outside good halves? Disrespectful to Brambani as well, and what about playing outside Joufret and Yates, he'll never know. Ill-advised comments imo.
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    On the other hand, it is impossible for him to do any worse... Levels of improvement can be relatively quick when you start from such a low base. A single win and putting 17 players out each week would be counted a big success.
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    68%, majority, but can we have A People's Vote on the final proposals, as we didn't vote for the SL plan? (Sound familiar?).
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    Nice to see Patrick back in the squad Sunday along with Karl... case closed
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    Rugby league was arguably founded on gates and gate receipts so maybe that is something to do with it. It does matter if they are tens of thousands of empty seats in front of the TV cameras - hello Huddersfield! - because it gives the impression that no one gives a sh!t. Not good for potential sponsors, TV rights deals etc
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    Knights (probable): Marsh, Chilton, Hey, Batchelor, Robson, Cockayne, C Robinson, Ronan Dixon, Ellis, Horne, Jordan-Roberts, Scott, Spears. Subs: Carter, Edwards, Ormondroyd, Porter. Stand-by: Mazive, A Robinson. One or two unlucky lads, but Fordy's choice will do for me.
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    Couldn’t give a toss about the pa. let’s just win
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    I suspect that is because Brexit is not going well. Regardless of who's fault that is, it became very divisive. If a Saints Wigan match is 50-0, the losing fans tend to be quiet. That does not mean they are inherently wrong, but in terms of banter it would be one-sided. lf it actually had been the easist deal ever, I suspect Mick Gledhill, Wolford and Saintslass would be very keen to discuss it. It is to Saintslass credit that she does appear. Again, there is still time. If Brexit comes good, things wil change.
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    johnMs got a point , not much if any debate .
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    when will they ever learn!!! ... Boom and Bust!!! .... Why can't the league just be a sustainable entity .. instead of train sets for rich kids!! ...... it nearly always ends in tears!!
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    I have been involved in an Amateur NCL club with most youth age groups for over 15 years we have had no investment from either the Pro clubs or the RFL apart from the odd player coming to an organised training night or presentation evening. Trust me the amateur clubs mostly fund themselves, the Pro clubs take players at 15/16 and then make a big thing about youth development and how they are doing great things
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    With the team we had out and injuries we picked up during the match it could have been worse. Up the Trin
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    Castleford 42-10 Wakefield FT. Wakey well beaten but they had some starch. Cas far too good in every department, really.
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    yep that can be a bit confusing..and tense as it was at the Toulouse game!
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    -me too. Wife doesn't like me drinking the stuff.
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    .....and it seems a bit off for him to have nipped over for a strip photo. Guys we have signed haven't been seen in our strip whilst still on their current club's books.
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    I didn't suggest anything else. We don't need excuses, were just ######. Up the Trin.
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    I do understand why some Rugby League are a little obsessive about attendances and it's reflection on the popularity of the sport. I also understand the viewpoint that the game is what matters and obsessing about the attendance is unhealthy. What I don't understand is why some Rugby League fans laugh when a Rugby League team posts a low attendance. With friends like this etc.
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    Whoa Sheffield will be going full time next with their 75 season ticket holders. Oh hang on
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    Got to admit, I would have picked Judah for his pace, but given the weather forecast it might not be a game for the speedsters so maybe not a bad choice. I trust Fordy.
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    Just seen the team, it’s our turn for the injury list excuse. Shame really as full strength it would be a cracking contest. Up the Trin
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    Sneaky tricks ! We’ve rested Doran and Wilkes , and I’d be holding back Penky and Miller who is nursing a groin . Pity we can’t shake on it and call it a point each ...
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    News on the fev forum you'v signed keal Carlile from us for next season too
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    Keal Carlisle has signed for Newcastle Thunder for next season..May take a while for the Club to confirm it but just letting you know.
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    That looks like a champion team.
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    They know the attendance or they were the attendance?
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    Be careful, Honor. The Forums Remain rent-a-mob will be along any moment to remind us that anyone against remaining is stupid, unintelligent, unqualified, unworthy. Thats why there is zero debate on here any more.
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    The Huddersfield stadium however is far too big the Giants needs. It will always look empty. Pretty much all SL teams would be quite suitable with a 15k stadium, tops (10-12 really), with the odd one needing 18. 6 to 10 for a well fun championship side. Of course every now and again some capacity constraints apply, but overwhelmingly there is not a need for larger numbers. Look again in 20 years (if say building now) and consider any stands, but not now. The great millstone on most if not all rugby league clubs is the grounds.
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    At the start of the video ref being used I was all for it but I think these days due to it being commonplace that certainty has transferred onto the referees themselves and their human side, their frailties largely forgotten; they are just the faulty piece in an ‘absolutes’ machine. It’s created a false expectation in my opinion, an expectation that a referee doing their job in real time could seldom satisfy. You’re right, players and coaches make many mistakes but get nowhere near the level of scrutiny the refs do. Behind closed doors in the analysis perhaps, but not all across the public media. Imagine a player throwing four forward passes in a half, it would barely get a mention. If a ref missed only two of those forward passes he’d be on the chopping block. Don’t use the video ref and they’re not taking advantage of technology if they make a mistake, use the video ref too often they have no bottle and are affecting the flow of the game. There was a report on the NRL refs last year I think which said that refs on average make 250-300 calls a match all whilst running about 8 kms, generally in the high cardio 160 bpm heartrate range and more than 99% of the time make the correct call. Anywhere else with those stats you’d be getting medals, instead they get death threats. Sometimes when the inner Luddite comes out I think it would be better not having reviews at all and just go back to the person in the middle reffing it how they see it. Doesn’t support the modern need for seemingly endless TV controversy though I suppose.
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    I came on expecting to read summat about a dewsbury signing... or are you packing in as a club?

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