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    The number of RL fans who are obsessed with attendance figures is down 15% on last season.
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    https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/on-field/squad-announcement-west-wales-raiders-23rd-september/ In a week where the city launched its ambitious bid to host games in the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, Newcastle Thunder are giving a glimpse of how their team might look when the game’s biggest showcase might roll into town, with a large presence of North East players in this weekend’s 19-man squad. 10 of the players in contention to play this Sunday are products of Newcastle Thunder’s academy programme and North East community clubs, with Cramlington Rockets, Durham Demons, Gateshead Storm, Jarrow Vikings Peterlee Pumas and Wallsend Eagles all represented. Half of the 10 are current features of an ever-improving junior rank with Alex Clegg and Rory Nettleton in line to make the first team debuts, along with Adam Bielby, Ollie Gowing, and Jed Charlton who have already earned that progression. They join academy graduates Sam Luckley, Niall Sidney and David Weetman and are complemented by Ali Blair and Liam Scott who have come to Thunder via the Eagles. If including players who have come through North East structures via University rugby league, the figure rises to 12, with Lewis Young and Tom Shaw both learning their trade as part of Northumbria University’s structures before moving over to Kingston Park Stadium. It is a squad that continues to show the club’s commitment to establish itself as one that can develop local talent and progress that into a first team that is complimented with talented recruited from across the globe. Tickets to see Thunder’s Northern Powerhouse are available to purchase by clicking here calling 0871 2266060 or by visiting the Kingston Park Stadium box office. Advance prices are available until 23:59 on Saturday 22nd September, offering up to a £3 saving on match day ticket prices. Newcastle Thunder squad v West Wales Raiders – 23rd September 2018 – KO 3pm FROM Jack Aldous, Adam Bielby*, Ali Blair*, Jed Charlton*, Alex Clegg*, Tyler Craig, Ben Dent, Conor Fitzsimmons, Ollie Gowing*, Sam Luckley*, Remy Marginet, Rory Nettleton*, Liam Scott*, Tom Shaw, Vincent Rennie, Niall Sidney*, Evan Simons, David Weetman*, Lewis Young, * denotes North East player.
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    French have struggled generally regards to coach education and player development. Oliver Janzac's work for the Federation I gather a postive. Presume strong and aspiring clubs are active in this field. Benoit Albert is one of the Dragons assistant coaches with special responsibility for the their reserve team (St Esteve). This past week or so brought together at Brutus educators/coaches from 9 local feeder clubs involved at U14, U16 and U19 levels. Different aspects of the game to be explored - next meet-up is in November. This is one of the huge benfits of having a club like Catalans Dragons.
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    Is there any other sport where fans are more obsessed with attendances than Rugby League??? I find it really bizarre. Look at any sort of debate.... forums....social media etc. You'll always see crowds brought up. I seriously think that some fans would rather have a large attendance than win a game! I work with a fella who gets the League Express every Monday and reads out the attendances before the scores! Very, very weird mentality. Clubs make very little on the gate compared to the tv deal- lots of fans find this hard to fathom!
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    Bournemouth had ten thousand on Monday in the fabled Premier league and there was no mention of it in the press or TV, on here we would have over fifty pages on a thread.
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    The main objective of Toronto Wolfpack was to have a nice kit, get a sponsorship deal with an airline and have a hotdog gun. They have achieved all three. I will keep repeating the above until it is accepted as truth.
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    he will do you fellas proud,massive future as young iro and its been a pleasure seeing the lad come good game after game, still a bit ganngly but get some tripe down him and you have a match winner, propper bloke too so look after him.
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    It's the definition of insanity said to be repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting a different result?
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    i find the people who are fans of RL use crowd numbers more to beat the game
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    R Kelly approves of this post I dont see nuthin wrong wid it
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    Another great game to ponder over, done it, took all of 2 secs, it was a boring game, I am not singling out these two teams, sadly games of this standard are becoming more of the norm than the exception, games like the recent excellent Saints v Wigan game are easily remenbered, it stands out amongst all the dross that is being served up. Players, coaches, law makers and refferees, really need to do something to inject entertainment back into our game, it is becoming lifeless, dull and unimaginative. This site and others like it are the converted they do not need preaching to about how good the game can be, but there is an undertone of distaste in the pleasure and enjoyment people are getting from the game, some have already turned off, others are threatening to do so. Elstone's big vision is more bum's on seats and more subscribers, he has not got a chance of improving those numbers until the product on offer can somehow be improoved to keep some from leaving and entice the newbies he wants to come to the game.
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    Obviously got a good PR man at Fev. Doubt that those words came out of his mouth without a bit of encouragement or manipulation.
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    Hmm "stepping up" "Big crowds" it's like moving from a mid terrace to an end terrace and calling it a semi-detached lol Good luck James from one of your forum sponsors
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    SATURDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER London Skolars 18 v 36 Oldham Coventry Bears 24 v 16 Hunslet SUNDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER Newcastle Thunder 58 v 0 West Wales Raiders Doncaster 18 v 18 Workington Town Keighley Cougars 24 v 25 North Wales Crusaders York City Knights 40 v 14 Whitehaven Bradford Bulls 88 v 8 Hemel Stags Pretty sure everyone south of the South Leeds Stadium is looking forward to a Bears win tomorrow after seeing victory snatched away so cruelly at Whitehaven last Sunday. Was a great day out (and hope we get the chance to visit next year, sorry) but it was by far the hardest defeat to accept this season. Just because of the lateness of the deciding try. So i think we can beat Hunslet tomorrow and crown what has been an exciting and very encouraging campaign. The win would be a fitting send-off for club stalwart James Geurtjens and team manager Conor Kelly who will be missed when we go again next time.
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    Which is fair enough. My take is though the onus was on the Brexit side of the debate to formulate a plan that they could agree on, sell it to enough of the remain side that it had a reasonable backing of both the political classes and the electorate to be able to present it to Europe. At least then the EU would know they are negotiating with a country rather than an isolated leader of a fractured party trying to sell a vision nobody wants. As it is Tory party infighting continues to stop there being anything like an internal agreement, May's left holding the baby because none of the other career lightweights have the bottle to throw there hat in the ring and try and sort it out knowing failure would be career ending.
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    Dan Toal has signed a 2 year deal
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    The Longhurst stand will be open on Sunday, should add to the atmosphere.
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    Yes we would - remind us all which team dumped you into the second division - twice - not that long ago. Enjoy it whilst it lasts sunshine.
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    What is the point in touring as GB and not as England?
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    I love both my sons deeply and with a pssion you wouldn't think possible if you're not a parent but.... The day they moved out....one of the best days of my life ?
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    West Bank are to the North West what Upton are to Yorkshire - generational bullies. I'm not talking about a bit of niggle in the game, in fact I'm not even talking about a partisan crowd - I'm talking about out and out bullies who do everything they can to intimidate and threaten from the second you arrive to the moment you leave. I'm not making out we have been angels over the years but never anything like these 2 clubs. Thornhill are a prime example of sailing close to the wind but never (in my experience) crossing the line. RL is a hard enough sport as it is without having to worry about whether something unsavoury is going to happen to you or your friends/family after the game.
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    I think when Andy joined last season it really seemed to give the team some leadership and direction. Been a great player over the years, let's finish on a high!
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    Good luck for Sunday hope you win the title plus automatic promotion. We need both you and Bradford in the championship. As a Rams fan I know we haven’t got the biggest following but we need teams like you in the championship.
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    Its about time huddersfield were relegated for toronto or toulose or someone they bring nothing to the game last night was an embarrsment to the sport 4 almost empty stands raining all night and no noise except that awful tin can getting banged why havent the giants or the rugby league band it yet ? wigan could have won by a huge margin if they had all there players playing and actually tried harder they didnt need to against huddersfield who were never gonna get close to them but hey am sure the 500 or so who were there listening to the tin can getting smashed were delighted to see a close scoreline wish sky would stop showing hudds games tho its doing the game no good why cant they make them play somewhere smaller when the games are on tv
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    This is where my distaste for the modern feminist/SJW/left lies. There is a massive privilege which dominates many Western societies - being born rich - but modern "left" orthodoxy equates being rich with being a white male. Australia's richest person is a woman and her "lifetime of oppression" involved waiting for her father to die. I have seen people complain about the "clever to not-so-clever" divide. It's called Cognitive Privilege. This would be an absurd road to go down because decades of IQ tests show that the smartest humans are Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians. The entire world of SJWs victimhood rankings would die tomorrow if they ever tried to enforce population-proportionate quotas on Ashkenazi Jews. I think it's Harvard or Yale which has already been taken to court over their attempts to cut back on the numbers of Asians in their enrollment numbers. I also hate the conflation between Intersectionality and Leftism. I don't recall Marx or Engels ever saying, "Workers of the World, divide yourselves into smaller and smaller victimhood groups and ignore the central economic issues in favour of whining about quotas." Here's another one that gets up my nose: the perpetuation of non-existent problems. Here's a quote from The Guardian (where else?) review of the new Captain Marvel movie: Right, so the name Emma Peel doesn't ring any bells? Cagney and Lacey? Xena? Wonder Woman? Buffy? How about Ripley in Alien? or Sarah Connor? In order to accept the writer's point I would have to deny years of evidence to the contrary.
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    I don't think it really counts if it's the Jets you beat.
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    I’d prefer it linked to minimum standards, rather than one metric. I.e. each club needs a Work Plan signed off by the RFL at the start of the year and updated quarterly. This would include: - how many social media posts each week - key events per quarter - community engagement activities - collaboration activities It would be expected that through the above, the club would promote signups to the Our League app. At this stage the Our League app is not always updated. It took until week 2 for the Qualifiers table to be added. They are delayed with the highlights videos. I could go on. The streaming of League 1 is a reason to get it. But why did it take until the last month of footy to start this? The Our League app could have streamed the Bradford Bulls matches.
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    and if wigan had a couple of the 6 player playing that were out they would have got 50.
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    You've clearly never seen Parky talk about Toronto then!
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    I don't know him well at all but whenever I've met him over at Hornets he comes across as a really decent bloke. He's generous in defeat and he doesn't gloat over wins. I get the impression that when the surgeons cut him open they saw " Oldham RLFC " right through him. Get well soon matey, the game would be poorer without you.
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    Bit disrespectful on Harrison's part, it might be unwise for Diskin to pick him in last home game, there could be some backlash. In his time here, he's finished higher than Fev, beat them in a cup, played against Super League sides in the qualifiers just as many times as,Feb have, and learned the game. So he wants to play outside good halves? Disrespectful to Brambani as well, and what about playing outside Joufret and Yates, he'll never know. Ill-advised comments imo.
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    Nice to see Patrick back in the squad Sunday along with Karl... case closed
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    Cleared of something that none of us should have heard about in the first place. Whomever accused them of whatever, and then made it public, should have the book thrown at them.
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    Hoping for a lot of presentations and celebrations after the game on Sunday. Could well be a memorable afternoon.
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    Is there a rugby league chairman who has stated anywhere, ever in time, that crowds are unimportant to their club? Attendances matter in rugby league.
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    Beat me too it. Why not state, 50k of the funding you receive must be spent on an academy, if you don't run an academy you don't get the 50k. That will certainly get teams pushing in the right direction.
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    I would imagine by far the biggest investors in youth are the amateur clubs up and down the country along with all the volunteer coaches and parents who invest a lot of their time and effort. I would hazard a guess that every pound spent on youth development at amateur level goes a lot further than each pound spent at professional clubs, with this in mind a little bit more support for those clubs could reap far greater dividends after all virtually every professional in the game will have started at such a club
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    As if anyone says ‘ umbrellaing ‘ ever
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    Of course it should be part of the culture and it is a part that has been badly neglected. The youth of tomorrow are our next generation of players, referees and fans and need to be attracted to the game.
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    I think you're absolutely right on the fussy duddy snobbery point. Way back in the dim and distant path I worked in retail for what was then a major high street chain (now gone the way of the dodo in favour of t'internet. That's never going to catch on) Now, this was around the time of the mass popularisation of microwaves and I recall vividly being informed by a number of fairly well to do people that no proper cook would ever use a microwave and they wouldn't have one in the house. It's just a fad, they'll be gone in a year. you mark my words. The other domestic appliance to meet with disapproval was the dishwasher. Apparently it's the height of laziness to get a machine to wash your dishes, I did get a bollocking once for asking one particularly annoying woman if she bashed her clothes on a rock to get them clean. Turned out she had a twin tub bought in 1952, still working, no need for all these "systems" and "programs". It's just something else to go wrong.
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    I don't generally have a bad temper or suffer from anger, so I can usually shake my head and roll my eyes at the douchebags. But, I do always hope that when they walk round the corner they suffer a really horrible, horrific, gruesome, slow death. I find that helps. See, no anger at all.
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    "Oh I'm sorry Mr Referee, sir, you've made a mistake awarding me that try and you should strike it off forthwith: I cannot tell a lie ; I inadvertently lost control of the ball as I was diving over to score" ?
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    The mans a dick. I remain convinced he's scared of doing anything that would increase his chances of actually winning an election. Far easier to just stand on the sidelines and rant at rallies than it is to actually get into Number 10 and do something!
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    It’s a big reason I rarely watch football now tbh . Constant cheating , accentuating things , deceiving of all kinds . Even throwing your arm up when you know you’ve kicked the ball out . It’s anything to win . I do laugh when I see players coming on doing all these religious devotions ... then starting to cheat immediately . Winning is all and it’s totally ingrained , sadly often even barely mentioned , and it’s very annoying looking in . We need to beware going that way even further as in aspects there’s a direction of travel that way and it needs to be scrutinised
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    I am ok, I've never used the internet?
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    I note with interest that musicians are on the lookout for the world’s smallest violin to play at the news that Katie Hopkins is now insolvent.

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