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    Not necessarily. I think its a myth that PTB's in SL are slower in NRL. The difference is that rucks in the NRL are fast but controlled. The best word I can come up with to describe SL is frantic. I dont want to see quicker rucks per se. I want to see less hands in, I want to see players getting to their feet to play it (and actually using their foot), and I want to see players moving off the mark getting pulled up for it.
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    When Matt came to the Breakfast Club Tuesday he was saying that the club are looking/talking to a number of potential signings and is confident that we will sign the right players to finish his squad. Matt has a lot of faith in Everett making a difference after pre season training/fitness programme so let us give the lad a chance to prove himself. The signings we have made so far look better than most of the players that have left (I said most) but on the whole I personally think overall we will have a stronger squad which we will need to be a competitive team in the Championship
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    Absolutely isn’t and I even put one of the reasons why in the second part of my post.
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    Well they shouldn't step off the mark then... sick of penaltys for not being square when in fact the PTB player has stepped of the mark
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    A couple of points: 1. We have about six full-time referees at present. 2. Do we have enough referees of a sufficient quality to make this work?
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    She is obviously taken by Judah's physique!
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    Probably when he opted for Tonga.
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    The newly appointed head coach,Kim Williams,managed an interview without showing any signs of any jet lag,and seems to have made an impressive analysis from many,many miles away. https://www.facebook.com/100022969636655/posts/314444692664516/ As Bob Dylan may once have sung - The Times They Are A-Changin'
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    The LRL website. “Two referees in Super League in 2019 Super League are set to follow in the steps of the NRL and have two referees on-field next from 2019 and beyond. The main referee will control the play from within the 10-metre zone and the other will monitor the play-the-ball, with the aim of introducing another referee to speed up the ruck and make the game more exciting. It is expected that it will be trialled for next season and then a decision will be made to see whether it stays at the end of 2019.”
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    No they will be too strong for your lads.
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    Is he still alive, he was moaning 10 years ago.
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    When I was 16 I to have a NSU Quickly moped. The tank held one shillings worth of petrol and the two stroke oil was added separately. That lasted me a month. Rosemary in the local garage fancied me so I got my petrol for nowt ( well, I used to be kind to her guide dog), I have paid less for a car than I have paid half a tank of petrol.
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    Even before they had two Refs the game was cleaner at the PTB. One ref would be sufficient if he applied the rules. No hands in, roll away when the tackle is completed, stand up and touch the ball with the foot. IF the referees were to CONSISTENTLY apply penalties it would take the players less than 40 minutes to get the message. That would fix the problem.
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    Who is pining for a return to this because I am yet to meet these people? There are now 16 year-old RL fans who have no recollection of GB. We are selling out stadiums as England - GB sounds like those bring back the 80s concerts. It really wasn't that great back then but at least it had genuine born and bred stars from Wales. It is just laughable to think it has legs.
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    Findings to be presented / discussed at a meeting on 11.10.18 .
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    Fwiw it would be the single market (just as with Norway).
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    I think tidying up the ruck is more important than speed . We’re obsessed with speed at the PTB which has made it a total farce and mess . The NRL has shown one can lead to the other .
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    Danny morrow signs a one year deal
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    Interesting post. Depends on the deal being offered. ??
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    Wowsers. I’m really on the ball tonight ???
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    Good stuff. All we need now is to ensure the ball is played with the foot and we’ll have a PTB, not a rollball
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    I think these signings show the benefit of a good duel reg agreement, i think The partnership between Leeds and Featherstone goes beyond just Leeds using fev to get players some game time. I mentioned in a thread on here a few month ago that while getting a Leeds lad on duel reg for an odd game might seem pointless at the time, the long term benefit is that these lads get to see what a good club fev is, get familiar with people at the club, and if the time comes where they dont get kept on by Leeds, Fev is the place they want to go. Whylie touched on this when he joined full time and Darley and Hartley have both mentioned the posotive feedback theyv had off whylie in there interviews on the official club site. If these lads turn into good quality championship players that maybe arnt quite superleague players, they could be good solid players for fev for years, good result for fev. If they light it up in the championship then you get maybe 2 to 3 years of them, bit like Briscoe, and Leeds come calling again, good result for both clubs.
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    It's a very good question. You've said we should focus on are that care about it. Do those areas care about it? You also say "we" should be focusing. But who is the we? Nobody is choosing to go into those places and invest. They are in London, in Toulouse, in Toronto. If someone comes to one of the big cities up north that have no presence and offers to invest, great. Let's focus on the areas that people actually are willing to invest in.
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    Maybe a backhander in return for their vote
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    The excitement should be when teams are aiming to win the SL not scrapping at the bottom of a 12 team league, that’s why thankfully its been binned off Rugby League is not strong enough for the 9th and 10th placed teams to potentially get relegated from a 12 team league.
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    I'd also say it's a tough market out there for people's time and money. £25 for a game (more or less), throw in some food and drink maybe and it's not a cheap event Make it a family affair and things get very expensive - compared to the options of cinema, tv, Netflix, pub... Watching live sport isn't necessarily cheap or convenient to do, and if it's about the game I can watch it on catchup later or stream some NRL. So we have to add value
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    Nah, Joule doesn't have the energy for 80 mins, Pascal crumbles under pressure and Coulomb has been charged by disciplinary.
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    Don’t count your chickens. There’s still time for the rfl to move the goalposts again
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    Just in general the period around 2000 seemed grim to me and its about the only time I have genuinely been fearful for the future of the game. We were losing players to RU and RU was on the rise, the 2000 World Cup was a disaster compared to a great 1995 World Cup, the Sky deal was hugely reduced in 1999 compared to what we had got in 1996 and we'd gone from playing Test matches at Wembley and Old Trafford to Blackburn and Watford plus we got flogged a couple of times against Australia. People talk about issues in the game now but for me the game is in a much better place than it was then and there is now a lot of cause for optimism with a record TV deal, the likes of Catalans, Toronto and Toulouse, new modern stadiums, talk of matches at the Nou Camp etc...
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    There are a few knights fans coming to the game, to cheer Oldham on. Hoping to make it over myself, work commitments permitting.
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    The new series of The Good Place is on Netflix on Friday.
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    No team are theoretically back in SL though Leeds and Salford are in the strongest positions by definition of points in the table and pts difference. If Toronto win by 32 (or more) then Toronto jump above Leeds, if HKR win by 44 (based on TWP winning by exactly 32) or more they also would jump above Leeds, Salford would only need to win to go above Leeds in that scenario and thus Leeds would be at home in the MPG. It's as likely to happen as Nigel woods passing up a free lunch at Twikkers but it would be giving Leeds fans the twitchiest of twitchy bottoms knowing they have a do or die game to win against London or Toulouse or be relegated. That would be fun from a neutral's POV. If Toronto win then HKR need to win by 13 more than TWP winning margin to jump above them (but not necessarily guaranteeing 3rd place.*) if Toronto lose then HKR can still lose and be above if Toronto lose by 12 or more than HKR do, even if equal on pts diff HKR would grab third by having scored more pts. *HOWEVER, if TWP & HKR both lose by only a solitary point each AND London AND/OR TO win by 27 and 17 points respectively then Toulouse would go third and be promoted with London at home to TWP with HKR relegated. In the latter scenario Leeds and Salford would be also back in SL. This is very likely to be the most exciting sporting competition on the planet currently in terms of possibilities and twitchy bum for fans at the back end of a season, that even the teams at the bottom with no chance of promotion can and will have a huge say in the outcome makes me shake my head that the powers that be are binning this off. it's the most exciting thing to happen to RL in a very long time. Seeing Leeds in a fight to the death would be bloody marvellous but extremely extremely unlikely, would love to see London go up in 3rd spot and it's not really that much of a stretch. They win by say 20, HKR lose, TWP lose by 8 and TO lose that would happen.
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    I think most sports will only go so far when they trade simply on the sport. People like different things and football has captured the mainstream in the UK and much of the world. Sports like ours have niches they can capture, but we should be doing much better. I think we have focused too much on the game rather than the package, I don't hear much bad stuff about RL from people I know who are non-fans, but they have no affinity, RL as a sport does not speak to them and in general we do nowt to try and get them involved. Why would people in Birmingham care about Wigan and Castleford? How can they build an affinity with the England team when they hardly play, and when they do it is the North (it's our game) or London the odd time? There are all sorts of complicated reasons, class, culture etc. Why do people in the North not see Union as a top level spectator sport whereas in Wigan and St Helens they love RL, but not so much in Gloucester? It is encouraging to hear Elstone talk about telling a different story to a different audience. Sure, focus on improving the game as well, but imho focusing solely on the pitch may give is a 10 to 20% increase, the real wins are through increasing our footprint. I'm an expansionist, but I'm not just referring to wild expansion, I'm talking about getting into the parts of Warrington and Cheshire that aren't currently engaged, the parts of North Yorkshire who don't care for RL, there is growth there as well as the likes of Coventry, Newcastle etc.
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    Well done. Much deserved. It's been a right rollercoaster for London this year. They started off on fire, slumped for the middle then suddenly shot back to life at the end. Now they've knocked off 2 SL clubs and are on the verge of a shot at SL. It's a shame that all three of the expansion sides can't come to the table. The Qualifiers have been fantastic.
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    No it’s not . I think when I pay that price here I’m paying to help my team and club improve . I want to watch good players , I’m helping get them
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    What is wrong with people mate? U want success then u need to pay for it. Is this a problem endemic with Doncaster as a town? You make it cheap you devalue the product
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    People are seriously moaning about that? What the hell do they want? It's a semi final ffs
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    Even I’d consider going to watch this game. Need to use my Catalans for a day t-shirt again ?
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    I think it just shows how bad we are at commercialising our product. I'm ok with having games set up for rugby reasons I.e. to warm up for the series, but other sports make a decent commercial fist of them too. The idea of staging an England game and not having it live on tv just wouldn't be an option for other major sports.
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    I guess we wont strengthen our squad then when we go up? You do know our aim is to win SL not just survive right? Our apologies for having the ambition AND the funds to do that. i know there are only a few teams actually trying to win SL but we would definitely be one more and likely cause folks like you endless pleasure at watching a great team based in a great city supported by great fans and sponsors do great things on and off the pitch.
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    Jordan Roberts has fitted in very well, he is here next season and looks a very exciting prospect. I missed Edwards out, he wasn't bad.Actually he was quite good. In all honesty we had a great set of forwards available the last few weeks, I'm not certain Johnson would have got in the matchday 17.
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    For me, Moss and JBF, could play at a higher level now. Johnson and Walne (who are now at Leigh on loan) gave 100%, when they were involved. Will Oakes ended up going back to KR given all their injury problems, and that surprised me a little bit considering Moss and Dagger, (who Sheens thinks could make the full back position his own next season) are technically Rovers players. Dagger was ok, but Matty Marsh has been outstanding.. If KR don't want him next season I'd have him like a flash. More importantly Fordy rotated his players to accommodate them when the were available, but they were not automatic choices, and I think this has been a tremendous boost to the rest of the squad.
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    I forgot to add the link to the FoxSports poll earlier in the week: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/you-voted-fox-sports-fans-predicted-dally-m-team-of-the-year/news-story/27ff384060ac551df9f242a75eb5ba33 One of Latrell's problems is the voting system. If you have a 3,2,1 system and you are in a weak team you will get a lot of 3s but if you played in a strong team you might play 8/10 with 2 or 3 players who had a 9/10 game that day. Latrell, Tedesco and Ferguson can't all get 3 points every week whereas players like Klemmer didn't have much competition from their own teammates.
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    Really? God forbid Donny win and they have to travel for the final AND pay at the gate.
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    I like Jackson and he’s been central in a poor side but I wouldn’t say this season has been his best by any means . Tariq Sims , Frizell , Kaufusi , Crichton all been performing at a high level in successful teams . No doubt Mitchell has been the best performing centre
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