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    He’s got 150,000 people on his side guys. We know this is true because he said so. Fact.
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    The new stadium isn't just a home for town and reds it's an opportunity and inspiration for any sports mad youngster in cumbria to achieve in their chosen sports. Time and time again tax payers money is spent on projects that I don't need or want ,maybe it's time the sporting people of cumbria get something in return
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    Only 14 hours later. He’s still typing.
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    Full video and a big well done to the club
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    No matter if we like it or not, West Cumbria is a deprived area with very few opportunities for young sports stars and next to no focal points for the whole area. A new stadium would give the area a focal point ( rather than the last idea which was that clock thing in the town centre) - in all our life time when would we see a world event like a RL World Cup potentially coming back to the area? Without this stadium - never! Even if it doesn't it would be something to make the people proud. On a larger scale look at Cardif- the whole city revolves round and feeds off the city centre Rugny stadium. I would say that if additional funding can be found, put a running track around the new training pitch and use that for the Counties Athletics clubs - it really would be a multiuse facility. About time money was spent on things other than schools (and fixing their broken windows) - the whole area needs just more than Schools and a few charity shops.
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    You have zero credibility because everyone knows your axe to grind with the club. You’re totally conflicted. And by carrying on about evidence as if you care what it proves or not just makes you look even more pathetic. We all know why you hate Toronto and it has nothing to do with what they bring to the sport. If you can’t be honest about your motives you’re a pretty weak character. So while you’re telling completely objective fans with no conflict of interest to “grow up” how about you have a good hard look at yourself. Unless you can’t handle what you’ll see. PS: the stats not only prove a hell of a lot to contradict what haters like you spout about TWP but reasonable, unconflicted fans recognise it. See above at others’ responses.
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    Wayne was always saying as much . I have a contract you’ll have to sack me . He had done nothing wrong . He forced the clubs hand if they wanted to act , and the way they went about it was pretty rubbishy . This guy has given them everything they had
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    While losing the name "Rugby" might help with the people the game wants to attract in new territories, it would be a surrender to the people who banned the French from using the word for so long, and wouldn't lessen the grudge held by certain people in the other code one iota. And there will be RU people in those new territories who won't be fooled for a second by a disingenuous new name.
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    More and more new posters appearing on the forum lately. They seem to be anti new stadium or pro haven RL. Nice to see we are providing them with a platform.
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    Shame that the 1895 cup will now be a straight knock out for the League 1 clubs. Seems only 8 league 1 teams will enter giving 4 of them just 1 extra game. How they can expect teams to survive on what could only be 11 Home games Is beyond me. HW
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    I've had a go, and it was harder than I thought! Probably plenty that I've missed out. I've tried to keep it chronological (broadly). 1. Coventry hosting Leeds in a pre-season friendly. 2. Bradford's close victory over York in round 1 of League 1. 3. Ben Barba's performance in round 1 vs Castleford. 4. The first ever Super League game in Australia. 5. Leigh's poor start to the season and Neil Jukes' departure. 6. York vs Catalans in the Challenge Cup. 7. The start of the Women's Super League. 8. Catalans terrible start to the season and their signing of Josh Drinkwater. 9. Leeds' fightback against Castleford at Elland Road, where Castleford just hung on. 10. London's defeat of Toronto on Good Friday. 11. Castleford vs Warrington's modern-day watersplash on Easter Monday. 12. Leeds' losing run from April onwards, culminating in Brian McDermott's sacking. 13. West Wales Raiders' fiasco and various other teams not being able to field a 17. 14. Newcastle vs Bradford on the Friday before Magic and Newcastle's season generally with increasing crowds. 15. Magic Weekend - especially hosting a championship match for the first time. 16. Toronto vs Leigh at the Summer Bash. 17. Round 18 of Super League, which included one draw, two games where the sides were separated by a point, one game with a two point margin of victory and one with a four point margin of victory (settle by a last minute try). 18. Shaun Wane's departure from Wigan and appointment of Lam/Edwards. 19. Super League restructure (again). 20. Samoa vs Tonga in Sydney. 21. The Denver test. 22. NSW's origin win. 23. Hull FC's mid-season collapse. 24. The final few rounds of the Championship season with Halifax and London securing a place in the Super 8's. 25. The cup semi-final double header at Bolton, especially Catalans victory. 26. London's victory of Widnes to open the Super 8's. 27. The Challenge Cup Final. 28. The Women's Challenge Cup final between Castleford and Leeds. 29. St Helens winning the LLS. 30. Toulouse beating Widnes and Hull KR at home. 31. Toronto beating Toulouse in the middle 8's by a point. 32. Widnes' relegation. 33. Rochdale's miracle escape. 34. York securing the League 1 title. 35. Toronto beating Leeds at Headingley and then Hull KR beating Widnes to survive. 36. The Million Pound Game. 37. Bradford's promotion. 38. The farcical Swinton vs Workington play-off. 39. Sydney's magnificent play off series - Sydney vs Melbourne's preliminary semi-final, Sydney vs St George and Sydney vs Souths 40. The St Helens vs Warrington play-off semi final. 41. (through gritted teeth) Wigan's fairytale title win. 42. Cooper Cronk and Luke Keary's performance in the NRL Grand Final. 43. Tonga vs Australia. 44. The Anfield test. 45. The emergence of new talent in the England team, especially Tommy Makinson. 46. Jamaica's qualification for the World Cup. 47. Wayne Bennett/Anthony Seibold's job swap. 48. The emergence of PDRL/LDRL 49. Announcement of Catalans vs Wigan at Nou Camp next year. 50. Brian McDemott's appointment at Toronto for 2019.
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    Robert Elstone coup/Nigel Wood leaving RFL Restructure of SL (death of 8s, finals series back) Women’s Super League inaugurated Denver test leading to likely demise of WC25 in North America First Aus-Tonga test New Pacific comp agreed Emergence of PDRL Shaun Edwards Bradford bounce back to Championship The Hearns’ meetings with Ralph Rimmer
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    It's a very messed up and sad situation. I hope it can get resolved in a positive way. Access to play the sport of your choosing does start to come into human rights terriory and that another sport goes against this, its terrible. I don't know what to say as unfortunately this has happened alot.. Morocco I'm aware at one point had some RL going, and people who are more educated on all this than me will be able to speak of countless others. The RLIF need to find a voice on this as basic access to RL in every nation, particularly union strong holds should be a goal..... And it's more important than the WC or other things as ultimately we have to give people a opportunity to play and as we are a game of the people and if anything somewhat of a socialist game that has always been a driver of equality and progress, it's vital as a sport we are trying to do more.... Forgive me if I'm a bit emotional here, just I love RL as much for how accepting and progressive a sport it has generally been historically as well as for the on field play.....
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    My response in italics, I welcome your response.
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    He's using Donald Trump's tactics. If you repeat something often enough, then some people will come to believe it. If you quote something as fact often enough, people will come to believe that. Even if you are the original source of that fact. Most people, however, see if for the drivel it is and just ignore it.
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    I said more or less the same thing. Why didn't the stupid b*****d ask any one of us? We'd have all been there to help if we could. If I could, I'd kick his effing ######.
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    A good article. This is the type of journalism that should start to be given a more regular and greater airing. Starting to challenge the leadership of the game and question what they bring to it. More please!
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    On a smaller scale, a hairdresser in lezignan has given a small sponsorship to the club and a small discount for all players in the club from u 7 to the first team, as she's done this I'm now going to take my kids there as she's invested in our club. Im sure if fans had the choice between two certain brands of something they'd choose the one that sponsored their club or rugby league.
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    Jamaica qualifying for the World Cup Foxtel in Australia offering a sports only package for $25 per month. Rugby league is their biggest sport. If you enjoy rugby league you no longer have to pay for a full pay-tv package to watch all the games. The Sydney stadium drama. Finally Sydney is offered a few world class stadiums that suit rugby league and then the political party in opposition say they’ll withdraw funds if they are elected early next year. The NRL has said Sydney will lose the grand final if this happens. It’s looking like the opposition will win the next election. The Super League game in Wollongong. EDIT: I forgot to include the first season of the WNRL.
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    No1. The first rugby league club in the midlands to own their own ground. The ground then seeing junior school RL sessions, Midlands U16 training and game v Hull Academy, junior RL training, Trent Uni RL training and old boys games, mens YML premier games, womens RL games, 2nd team games in the midlands league, weekly touch RL sessions......and taking money from RU clubs to use the ground.....Nottingham Outlaws.
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    I completely agree Martyn and to be honest your article seems like a merging together of many posts and views on here. It is certainly the consensus view in Rugby League at the moment but the question is how do we get the change that the game so desperately needs?
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    Not often I agree with you Martyn, but I’m in full agreement on this. It’s rather concerning, there’s no vision or leadership
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    No he’s just coming up with something new and original that he hasn’t said yet.. ??? Only kidding.
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    The Toronto Arguments would have been more apt.
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    Alan - I don't know. Only got there just before the first teams KO. How are your lads doing at FCL? Peter - saw that Lyon have raised the bar a bit up the Rhone Valley 18% increase in licenses this past year or so (nearly 3,000 signed up). They seem to have four or five community clubs there supporting the Elite 2 set-up. Encouraging.
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    Somewhat surprised to read the criticism of an event being played in Sydney being played at a time to suit Australian audiences. If broadcasters or sponsors from this country were paying money towards it, I could understand the criticism but (i assume) they're not. And the conclusion of the tournament will be on the Saturday, anyway. And after all, next years WCC in Wigan will be on TV in Sydney at 6am on a Monday morning, and the last test between England and NZ was shown live on NZ TV at about 4am on a Monday morning. Hardly encouraging support from the other side of the world, but I doubt such matters are considered. Of course, unless the tournament could be staged mid season (which seems unlikely), it's unlikely a pre or end of season 9's could be staged in the UK because of the weather. Shame, as I'm looking forward to it.
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    Alex Brown!! .... a little underwhelming for me ... but who knows if he can regain true fitness and stay clear from injury!!! .... I suppose the one thing it says to me is that Dale Morton will be our full back in the coming season ...... I think I would have preferred Josh Barlow!! ?.... not as full back though!
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    Can we stop working with people involved in the game who are aiding this. The Rugby League press don't want to acknowledge this issue exists. People involved with the following should be called out for what they are doing. http://www.worldrugbyleague.org/news.html
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    https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-salford-v-batley-1901-1901-online What both clubs wouldn't give to see regular crowds like this nowadays!
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    He's ok. The police brought him home with his wife. I'll leave them for today and pop round tomorrow. The bank have some sort of department that warns the police apparently if they think something is amiss - seems a very responsible thing to do.
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    Almost there. Currently at $920.
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    Pentathlon as in 'olympic event' pentathlon? This is too crazy for words, definitely file under couldn't make it up.
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    RLIF should be talking to the International Modern Pentathlon Union to get this sorted.
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    St Albans Centurions have a nice little ground, very pleasant indeed
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    It was always going to happen. Bennett was obviously never going to willingly leave when he knew he could get a big payout by getting sacked.
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    My response in italics.
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    Based on what we've seen so far, you'd almost have to say England are looking like the favourites. But in saying that, I am sure the Aussies will lift a notch or two. We've seen glimpses of what they're capable of, but they haven't been able to sustain it throughout either of the last two games. Either way, we're in for a hell of a match next weekend, I cannot wait! I think it's capable of pulling a crowd too! I think on the last tour, they played at Leigh, or one of the amateur Wigan teams' grounds (Wigan St Pats?) and I think it got a pretty decent crowd too.
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    I suppose Saracens can't really use a bunch of middle eastern dudes wreaking havoc in their marketing, could get a bit... tricky. Wolf related marketing lends itself well to aggressive team sports though... A group of similar predators, who work together to devour their adversary, it's extremely unsurprising that it crops up a bit
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    Saying the sport's administrators should have a higher profile is just fundamentally wrong IMO - and totally goes against the Richard Lewis approach to running things when he specifically cited this as a peculiarity of Rugby League dating back to the Lindsay days. The sport needs higher profile clubs and higher profile players not higher profile administrators.
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    What ever people think of Hetherington he doesn't get much wrong
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    For some time as well. We appear most of the time to be like a rudderless ship
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    New member of the family...
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    Yes but years of poor leadership, bad decisions and mismanagement have lead to the situation we have now where the SL have decided it would be better if they govern themselves.
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    Anyone that buys a RL club must be crazy he’s obviously put hundreds of thousands in that he will never see again and then getd hounded out if town. He’s a marmite character but he does’nt deserve all the abuse he gets for giving it a go
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    It's a very strange and convoluted situation as usual. Basically it all goes back to this: http://www.totalrl.com/rlef-suspend-hellenic-federation-rugby-league/ and then this: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/rlef-expels-greek-rugby-league/ After which the RLEF actually stepped in and ran things for a bit until a new NGB could be properly established. What happened next is that the guy who was expelled took revenge by using a loophole to affiliate RL with the Modern Pentathlon body (which apparently is the done thing in Greece) and thus giving himself 'control' of the sport once again, with backing from Greek authorities. And since then he's apparently been using his influence to suppress the actual sanctioned RL body, forcing them to act under cover of darkness. The guy's name is Tasos Pantazidis, not sure of his background or motivation but he's also the guy behind the 'World Rugby League' thing which purports to be a rival RLIF and allegedly is preventing recognition from SportsAccord (and has been suggested is some sort of RU conspiracy, but I don't know anything about that). Not sure how he has seemingly been able to get both the Greek government and SportsAccord to back him over the RLIF, RLEF, Greek RLA and others but there you go. This thing has been through the courts though, this was last year allowing the GRLA to field a national team without obstruction and so participate in the RLWC qualifiers: http://rlif.com/article/8331/court-upholds-greek-rugby-league-association-position But who knows what's going on there now. I'm sure some of our European posters will know more about this than me.
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    How am i being a PR1CK as u call it i dont believe for 1 minute that clubs actively look on fans forums to find out who a club is talking too. All they have to do is contact available players im sure there quite forthcoming in saying what a club is offering them to try and get a better deal. It quite small minded of you to think other wise its been happening for years between all clubs not just in cumbria you idiot.
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    I think he makes some good points. More kids playing the game should be the priority and invested in. Any players coming out of an academy without a first team contract could be signed by Championship and League 1 clubs.

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