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    Has anyone seen Wire's tweet to us, and our reply? Class reply Widnes! https://twitter.com/wolvesrl
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    They will be giving more opportunities to be full time professional RL players not part timers or NCL? For our national team that's fantastic - its no surprise that the countries that are strongest in any sport are those with the largest number of full time professionals driving up competition and standards. That point equally wasn't about expansion, it was about the RFL introducing quota restrictions on English players. The comp expanding its footprint is expansion. Crowds turning up in places outside the M62 is expansion. Interest growing outside of the traditional boundaries of the sport is expansion. There were several posts on the new Wakefield sponsor thread suggesting that whilst our game is relatively cheap to advertise in, its lack of geographic spread is a major detrimental factor. for companies not choosing to do so. Your definition of expansion seems to be player production, which whilst vitally important is simultaneously the longest and hardest to achieve. Judging the first ever team of its kind after 2 and a half years seems a bit premature don't you think?
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    It’s taken London almost 40 years to field a side with barely a handful of elite homegrown players. Seven years for Canada to be tier one seems wildly optimistic.
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    Well this is fantastic news to secure 'the big bopper' for three years. However it also shows we have people running the club who are a credit to the game. Here's hoping the club is returning to being a true force in the game once more ,because I have been waiting well over 50 years for it to happen.
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    Great news for Wakefield. Let's face it, he would strengthen any team and in the past players like that would have been tempted by a bigger club. This is another sign that Wakefield are heading towards being a serious club.
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    Parky, It appears you are doubting Mr Perez while hanging on to the words of those 'elite' club owners in England. Mr Perez did not own Toronto Wolfpack,and the responsibility for developing the North American athletes from other sports to rugby league seemed to fall under the responsibilities of Brian Noble.I don't think Brian Noble endeared himself to another rich individual,Dr Koukash,in his previous job at Salford. Do you dismiss Mr Perez but believe the owner of the 'elite' club,Mr Pearson,who is going to have our sport match,and surpass,the other code? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/jan/07/super-league-clubs-transformed-adam-pearson-hull There also appears to have been both disinformation and misinformation emanate from another 'elite' club over salary cap breaches and the position of head coach at that club. Meanwhile,Mr Perez has been going above and beyond getting the sport publicity in virgin territory,being the most positive of rugby league supporters,even after giving the sport more money,and time,than many,and it seems many players from the M62 heartlands,and the NRL,don't seem to be complaining. Better to try,and fail,than never to try at all.
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    Do you have any evidence Parky? That's quite a damning statement! My assessment is slightly different I feel they're prone to staying at home to cover matches and stories and relying on old data to inform their writing. They also tend to be fans writing about their sport and that makes their judgement questionable at best. Are you saying that such opportunities are now unavailable in the US or just unavailable for RL? So you're maintaining that despite all the evidence that long term targets, commitments and a lot of hard work are the key issues in global marketing and recognition that no jam today means it's failed? I would like to point out that at no time and at no point in the history of our sport has expansion had those three elements in place and has left everything to die on the vine after about five minutes. Which seems to coincidentally be the time span of your limits now, funny that! On what sort of evidence are you basing this idea? Which championship chairman have intimated in any way that they voted this way so SL can derail it all?
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    England & GB is the same team...by bringing back GB it's created a utterly nonsensical situation of confusion that damages the England brand and a decade worth of development in the home nations... But..ya know...it's not like I've been saying this for 10years...
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    One of my biggest passions is architecture. My greatest passion is history and the two go hand in hand and it is perhaps that reason I am most heartbroken today. The destruction of a truly iconic and historical building like this is like the death of the history that goes with it. Great buildings are the embodiment of history, of all the millions of people that have been a part of them. I feel their memory lives on within these places. When I walk round a great place in history I am able to imagine the people that were there, what happened there and feel so close to it, almost a part of that history. I went to the nazi rally grounds in nuremberg a couple of years ago. There is a huge concrete podium and banking around a massive square. This is where Hitler addressed thousands of his troops with those powerful speeches he gave. I sat looking at that podium and saw Hitler standing there shouting to his troops, waving his arm around as he did. It took courage for me to walk over to the podium and stand on it and place my hands on the railing. I was stood in the exact spot, the exact spot, where Adolf Hitler had once stood. My feet were touching the exact bit of concrete his had done, my hands the exact railing his had done. I saw those troops out there in front of me. At that moment I was so overcome with emotion and I am man enough to admit I cried. If that building wasn't there anymore I wouldn't have had that experience. I would have shrugged my shoulders and walked past without a second thought. That is just one example of many many similar experiences I have had at these places. My favourite city is berlin. I have walked through the brandenburg gate and down unten den linden like all those great world leaders. I have stood in alexanderplatz and marvelled at that great soviet TV tower. I have touched the last remaining segments of the berlin wall and felt the pain of those imprisoned behind it and visited hohenshonhausen prison where the stasi tortured so many people and in fact met former inmates, listened to their stories and felt a part of that history. I went to devin Castle in Slovakia and stood on the battlements watching napoleon's armies blasting it to pieces. I've been to cologne cathedral and watched the city burn around it as the allies relentlessly bombed it. And you know what other piece of history I've lived? I've been there when napoleon I was crowned at notre dame cathedral. History that people like me might not be able to experience, might not be able to be a part of in quite the same way now as the physical embodiment of that truly mind-blowing piece of human history disappears, "like tears in the rain"...
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    I get what youre saying but bit harsh on the PIs, for me they are every bit as important and you can't underestimate the amount of people that love to watch and cheer them on. At the end of the day the last world cup would have been a disataster without the heroics of Tonga and Fiji I got into rugby league by watching them play test rugby, not by watching Ireland.
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    TOXIII Broncos 30- 32 Avignon St Gaudens 24-42 Palau Albi 54-24 Villeneuve/Lot Lezignan 18-14 Limoux Carcassonne XIII 30-22 St Esteve Played this last weekend in Carcassonne. Worth 4 competition points instead of 3. Format was 1 v 2, 3 v 4 et al. Carcassonne xiii were doubtful starters this year and now stand top of the pile. They're playing really well at the moment inspired by their three overseas lads the Papou Lo, Australian Anderson and Kiwi Tumusa.
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    There’s a lot to like about Trinity right now. Michael Carter deserves all the credit in the world for the good work, some might say God’s work, he’s doing at Wakey.
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    The best is the better players in the highest standard available. That can be playing for Wigan, London, halifax, or places like Toronto. Toronto are a very good championship team, in 5 years they could be a very good sl team. I believe most supporters will see Toronto like they see London. Another team playing in the league.
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    Domestic Canadian rugby league will not develop any players of international class until there are enough pro clubs there to fund a sustainable academy style league for 16-20 year olds to play in. That means academy style contracts for 200 or so players, full time coaches and facilities. That is an investment way beyond anything that one or two clubs can fund. If we could get to that point, then the best graduates of those programs can then stay at a NA pro club or cross the Atlantic. But to be an elite RL player you need to be in an elite RL environment from 16 at the latest - possible in the UK, even for players from London/Newcastle etc, but not in North America. Entry level community leagues won't be enough unless the next step on the ladder is there. (And the American football conversion story is a dream and always will be for producing elite RL players.) Now, in my view none of the above is any reason for not allowing the teams in - we need money more than anything else and more money will attract more players into the game. And potentially these teams can generate revenues that British RL can't. So it's worth the risk to me. But we shouldn't kid ourselves about what is possible on the player development front.
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    Its no loss, never liked Edwards as an individual - arrogant and aloof and has never shown any grattitude towards the game that made him - ditto Farrell.
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    I visited Harlech castle last week. I spent a while learning about its history in the interactive visitor centre, then stood looking out from the castle walls envisaging what it must have been like in the times of Edward I, Owain Glyndwr, the Wars of the Roses, The Civil War etc. You can really feel 800 years of history under your feet. You just can't get that feeling from a text book or a website.
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    He hit him in the head , that is all that matters
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    Am I the only one who isn't particularly interested in Warrington v Wigan? They are already playing each other 3 times this year in the league, and on current form it will be one sided. Bradford v Leeds is a much more interesting tie imo.
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    I'm going for the same reason I went to Sydney last year and three years ago with Wigan, big events...............you can remember these occasions for the rest of your life............
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    And he's ours for 3 more years. https://mobile.twitter.com/hullfcofficial/status/1118197394615808000
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    Williams a Dragon, would that be enough to qualify him to play for Wales at the 2021 World Cup?
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    Whats all this obsession with having Canadian players in Toronto's side, nobody questions Melbourne about the amount of local players in their side.
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    1 city 2 teams, only reason Saints Wigan is seen as the biggest is because they have both always been challenging for top honours. In reality does it matter
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    It takes 10 years to develop an elite athlete. You'll see very few coming through for at least a decade, and they won't be the top of the elite. They'll be lucky to be on the level of Scotland and Ireland without the expats in such a short time. France, with more players in SL, could have a good chance.
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    Not a chance could they be number 1 in 7 years. Best case scenario is as good as Wales or France and even that is a huge stretch.
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    A number of clubs (including Swinton and York) have also posted on their websites to say why they voted yes - mostly along the lines of what a good opportunity this is and it would be unwise to turn it down. The York chairman is on record as saying that "It's more of a risk to say no than to say yes."
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    It certainly is one of those big events and for me the stage is probably the biggest of them all. Never did I think I would see Rugby League at the Nou Camp.
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    Good grief, what a buffoon! Stick to paddling on the park lake and stop trying to wind up the Raiders fans, by the way which player or coach has become Canadian?
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    After Bob8. Ahem, my dissertation was on medieval Paris, perhaps I can help. The fire last night is very, very sad. The devastation of such an iconic, beautiful and historic building is very emotive and it must have been very hard to see for local people and the people (firefighters, but not only firefighters) who were working to save the building and its priceless contents. And yet, we do need to be careful about hyperbole. A thousand years of history was not lost last night. The part of the building that I think of when I think of Notre-Dame, the stunning facade, appears to have survived. More importantly still, the entire history of buildings like that is that they are rased, burned down, bombed out, eroded by time. Many of the great buildings we love in Western Europe have burned, been saved, been improved. If it didn't happen now, it would happen in fifty years' time, or in a hundred. Whether Notre-Dame is lost will depend on the reaction of the people who love it (a vast number, some of them very wealthy) and the City of Paris. The reaction we have seen overnight suggests that significant resources will be put towards the rebuild: perhaps it will end up stronger than would have been the case under the renovation that was already ongoing. So yes it is very sad. But the fire and reaction (even Trump's) is a helpful reminder of our common humanity and Notre-Dame will live on.
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    It´s interesting you dismiss Lenegan´s comment as PR, but don´t consider that Pearson may not be giving his honest view to the media. It would be prudent for him and Super League in general to be cautious in their statements initially, as they try to negotiate the best possible deal with these new teams to allow them to enter SL in the future. Also, you keep describing TWP as making huge losses, but this likely isn´t true. We know they gave out a lot of free tickets in the first year, but these have decreased significantly since then. They pay minimal costs on the stadium, so much better off than most clubs there. Further, they have some of the best commercial deals in the sport, merchandise appears to be selling very well and must make a lot on the beer sales at the stadium (not sure if the latter is sold by them, or it´s franchised out but either way it´s a good income stream).
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    The irony of this is that I'm not from a heartland. More the case, I have an idea of how expansion actually works. You can't do pie in the sky. If you mess it up from the start, you're unlikely to get another chance at it. If North American expansion fails, the sport will be deemed a failure. So the idea that you try, even if it's a half-baked idea, is not just wrong but dangerous. Here, it has been called "the truth"! I want this to work but it can't work if it's not done properly. To sustain or improve the standard of the league, there needs to be widespread development in Toronto and, over the next however many years, the Quebec-Windsor Corridor (which is bigger than Britain and has a third of the people, most of whom want to play other sports). Toronto don't have a development plan, which means we're collectively holding out for some sort of "Carter Effect", where a star will crossover and make kids turn up demanding to play. That's not a plan, that's a fantasy.
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    Why would they do that? From an English perspective they're giving more English players the ability to play professionally - surely if the RFL were being selfish and 'English first' minded, that is exactly what you would want. Equally, that's not the only point of expansion is it?
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    Great news for Menzie and his family. http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/52611/update-menzie-yere
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    They would give your Batphone a ring AB but the footy season will be over by then , plenty of time to get the weathermen in to check it is OK for their own staff to do it. ?️
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    Batley v Dewsbury of course!! No contest.
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    Well, that would make you one of the very few on here that doesn't. Anyway, let's at least hope that the GB squad has some non-English players in it. Otherwise it really will have been a pointless exercise.
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    Never a truer word said. Some seem perfectly happy with the game not trying at all and at best stagnating as a small game in its existing small pockets.
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    The expansion into North America will massively help the sport long term even if it means a bit of short term pain for whilst they are in the Championships. If we have 3 bank rolled well supported clubs from North America in Super League the sponsorship and TV deal conversations will be in a completely different league to what they are now.
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    From tragedy to Carry On Notre Dame in under 24 hours. I salute you sir.
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    'The cup can be rescued, it just needs selfishness putting to one side and everyone pulling in the same direction.' Not much chance of that unfortnately. As a kid, the cup was magical. 30 league clubs plus the 2amateur sides who had won their own county cup. York were always number 30 no matter how far they got, and you would arrive at a ground to see sellers with rosettes, scarves etc. No seedings, just 3 rounds, semi final and final. If my memory is correct, I remember seeing Imperial Athletic give Bramley one hell of a fright at Clarence Street in the 60's.
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    As someone who reads League Express and RLW etc I don't think its a stretch to say these aren't reaching huge numbers of people, though still a decent chunk of supporters. Clubs have the benefit of social media now. They can speak directly to the fans. If I was involved in the backroom at say Batley or Halifax or Newcastle, I'd be wanting a press release out asap after the vote so that we could set our stall out to our fans. The fact that of the 4 dissenting clubs only Hunslet actually spoke to 1 of the papers is a pretty damning indictment of the cloak and daggers running this. As for the rest, I listened to the 5 Live podcast in which Ricky Wilby, New York's frontman, appeared. A key thing I took away from that is that both NYC and Ottawa have learned from Toronto yet also want to do things differently by learning from their mistakes.
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    This was really encouraging to see especially on the barca FC website. I hope the word is out around that region. I do think tickets was made available a little late but I'd love to see this become a success.
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    Amen to that and hopefully that is what we will see for the next TV deal. We certainly now have the two additional well funded and well backed clubs needed.
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    I personally despise the seeding of the cup. It robs most lower clubs of the chance to play top teams. A major reason why crowds are down for the final. if they want to seed it, do it the reverse way of making SL clubs play first so only 4 SL clubs can get through to play the others in the last 16. That would be far more interesting
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    Sounding a bit Parky there bbfz and that's not an insult though I'm sure some will interpret it that way. He did deliver a Canadian Side which was the crucial and primary idea. There were a few other things which were well reported and well documented too. The point being that it would be easy to dismiss Eric Perez if you don't value what he actually did do and concentrate on the negatives. Our whole sport is crying out for people like Perez, people who really do believe it's wonderful, marketable and the best thing since sliced white. I listen to our chairmen, read our pundits and look at forums and I see and hear little sign of that real positivity and conviction about how good TGG is and what a great future it has. All I come across in this heartland is excuses about what we can't do, pretexts for what we shoudn't do, weak vindication about what we let go and lost and rationale for what we never did. A sport that spends all its time wallowing it was is impossible has no future just a nice set of sepia memories. It is as marketable as a hanky with four knots pretending to be a hat.
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    As someone who played RU (man..many..many years ago!) and who still enjoys both codes I consider the faster RL game more to the viewing taste of North Americans used to hockey and BB. As for the game day experience I don't think the Arrows will be able to replicate the WP show for some time yet certainly until they get to Lamport. Whether they have a similar effort planned remains to be seen.
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    A thousand years of civilisation has not been destroyed. A thousand year old building and some of it's contents have been destroyed but it's just stuff and can and will be rebuilt. Some of the artifacts are irreplaceable I agree but to suggest a thousand years of civilisation have been destroyed seems a bit OTT.

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