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    TOXIII Broncos 30- 32 Avignon St Gaudens 24-42 Palau Albi 54-24 Villeneuve/Lot Lezignan 18-14 Limoux Carcassonne XIII 30-22 St Esteve Played this last weekend in Carcassonne. Worth 4 competition points instead of 3. Format was 1 v 2, 3 v 4 et al. Carcassonne xiii were doubtful starters this year and now stand top of the pile. They're playing really well at the moment inspired by their three overseas lads the Papou Lo, Australian Anderson and Kiwi Tumusa.
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    I'm going for the same reason I went to Sydney last year and three years ago with Wigan, big events...............you can remember these occasions for the rest of your life............
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    Great news for Menzie and his family. http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/52611/update-menzie-yere
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    Exactly. That’s why I’m going. It’s an event - well tobe precise it’s an event in the Nu Camp in Barcelona.
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    Wolfpack vs Lions - if the weather cooperates we should have a healthy crowd to welcome the boys back to Lamport. as it stands now think I have 21 going but I'm expecting a few more... any guesses on the crowd?..with the above weather proviso..I'm gonna say..7000 ...
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    Given a one match penalty notice for his off the ball shoulder charge to the head of Jake Connor. One match? At the time I thought it was a sickening challenge, deserving of a straight red card, that could easily have caused concussion and a lengthy spell on the sidelines for Connor. Think Williame can consider himself rather fortunate.
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    I have argued this but part of the problem like throughout the UK is that the nay sayers have been determining the agenda for the discussion so it's always been about losing players, losing teams from the heartland and it's just Leigh in a suit! They're British for the most part and TGG fans so they've spent their lives losing, feeling they've lost and assuming they've been cheated in some way. So their attitudes are not surprising in the least. So many years of losing to the Kangaroos have simply confirmed their outlook and made them feel that's how the cosmos works. I think we're a collective version of Stockholme Syndrome!
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    Very lucky chap . Looked a bit of a dog act tbh
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    I would have thought three games would have been the absolute minimum he would be looking at especially when you consider the kind of transgression that usually attracts a one game ban. It was a dreadful challenge.
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    Flower beds and hanging baskets was it !!!
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    They decided tgat the games would be chosen at the halfway point of the season, so after 9 rounds. But some games where called off in the first phase, the postponed games where only played last week, if not the fixtures would have been known over 6 weeks ago
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    Widnes and Leigh as they know these clubs will eventually rival them for a promotion place?
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    Spot on, seedings killing the cup n an obsession with whats best for the three or four clubs at the top o super league at the xpense of everyone else is doin nobody any good. ( Inc those precious few) Get rid o the seeding b4 we hav no cup left, and lets see wigan away to millom in the 1st round next year. If we dont we might as well pack up with what was once our most valuable asset.
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    So if widness go up and Leeds go down would it also be ridiculous to watch Leeds in a widness shirt? That seems to be your argument except with a NA team instead of widness. Even your own argument states they would need 4 North American teams to get a good tv deal, well adding Ottawa and new York make 3. Just need one more, what will it be? Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Montreal. Super league chairmen would be showing how small time they are by blocking Toronto. Toronto has people talking about rugby league in a positive light, including rugby union fans. I know of non rl fans who haven't heard of Wakefield and Castleford but know of Toronto. The real question is does the super league want to remain small time, slowly losing players and fans, shrinking to 10 teams then 8 then 6 and finally only 4 pro teams. Or does it take a risk and support the new expansions. If Toronto fail then I can't see that they'll do any more damage than the current leadership is doing to the sport.
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    The Wigan kit doesn't immediately look like a Wigan kit, but it is the nicest one they have made in recent memory. Wire's is nice too, but the Wigan one is a belter.
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    Just looking at the results in League Express and seems it was an excellent weekend for York’s two leading amateur sides; York Acorn beat Oulton Raiders 44-10 in NCL1 and now sit pretty in second place on the table. Heworth went one better beating promotion hopefuls Waterhead Warriors 72-6 and now sit mid-table in NCL3.
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    It's not just the BARLA National Cup that has seen its former prestige be diminished, it's happened to several amateur competitions and, in my opinion, is mainly due to having too many games to play during the season, which can include national, county, regional and local league matches. Therefore something has got to give and clubs have to make sacrifices to satisfy their own priorities. For example, at local league level; just a few years ago the Oldham Amateur League's Standard Cup Final, which was always played at Watersheddings (thats another story !) at 11am on Good Friday morning, regularly attracted attendances of at least 4,000 - and, just like Wembley, people used to go to the game irrespective of who was involved. Thesedays, however, due to other commitments, the Standard Cup is no longer a priority for many of the local clubs and, like the BARLA National Cup, a club's first-choice team does not always make an appearance. Indeed, of this year's finalists, one won their semi-final against their opposition's reserve team and the other went through when their opponents withdrew The final itself is now played on the Oldham Rugby Union ground and attracts a fraction of its former crowds. Although still at Easter time, the date and time of the final are not always the same and therefore spectators have got out of the habit of just turning up for the game. This year's final, Mayfield v Saddleworth, is actually on Good Friday morning (11.45am).
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    It's a beauty. No Ant Man to be seen.
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    Until you get the existing events right, you cannot add more events to the calendar and hope they work. It’s simply GCSE business, supply and demand.
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    Please note, personal abuse aimed at other forum members has always been against the Terms & Conditions of Use on our forums. In recent months, it has been getting worse and worse particularly in the various political themed threads in AOB. These threads are difficult enough to moderate already and requests to cut out such personal abuse are often just ignored. Please take this as a general warning: from now on, if you engage in personal abuse of another forum member that ends up being reported to the moderators, the offending post(s) will be removed and your posting rights in this section of the forum will be restricted for a minimum period of 30 days, regardless of which side of the political divide you happen to sit. No further warnings will be given and no further polite requests will be made. Cut it out!
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    They are derbies to you, you couldn't classify any of the English, French, aussies or Kiwi's as derbies. I have already started saving up for our away trips over there, I love the idea of it all.
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    according to the FEV website we did FEATHERSTONE ROVERS officials have expressed their excitement for the sport’s future, following yesterday’s meeting of Championship and League 1 clubs, which found overall support for proposed overseas clubs. Rovers Chairman Mark Campbell said: “I’m delighted that the majority of Championship and League One clubs share everyone’s ambition for our competition. “As the clock ticks on the current TV deal with Sky, this opportunity has come at a great time and can’t be missed. He added: “Both presentations were well received and there's genuine excitement for what this can do to enhance the exposure of our great product, throughout the world.” Featherstone Rovers CEO Davide Longo said: “We think it’s hugely important that ambitious clubs work together to grow the sport. “Whether that’s traditional clubs like Featherstone, or new clubs like those in North America, cooperation is the key,
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    I'm surprised by how many people around my area who are not real rl fans are going to this game,
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    No RL club anywhere in the world has a bigger backer than David Argylle at Toronto yet three years on he has done nothing for the game. As Eamon McManus says they are an English & Aussie team owned by an Australian who can't play at home for a large part of the season so can't play in Superleague, plus they can't produce quality players, and can't get a big TV deal to share. Adam Pearson isn't impressed either which is probably the reason why the Championship clubs are being asked if they want these phoney baloney clubs. So it's "fantastic news"" that a "significant majority" of Championship clubs are in favour of them? So what was the vote? Was it 14-10 in favour, and if it was which 10 clubs voted not to have these invented clubs who won't add more quality players or a big TV deal to share to the game, which is actually what they are being asked to "do for the game" Did the bigger ambitious Championship clubs like Widnes, Bradford, Halifax, Featherstone, York and Leigh vote for these North American clubs to come in and outspend them for the top three places in the championship? Or were the clubs who gave them a majority vote amongst clubs who have no power to deliver their Superleague dreams, all the minnows like Rochdale, Coventry, Hunslet, Batley etc etc etc who think they will get a tidy crowd for the visits of these clubs to keep "the wolf from the door" so to speak?? So come on then let's have some facts here, let me know just how many and which clubs back the North American dream because it appears Superleague aren't interested in them and a "significant minority" of Championship clubs aren't interested in them either, so just how many of the 34 clubs here in England actually really back them?? and what exactly do you mean by "what they can do for the game" because I can't see what they can do?? Enlighten me for once?? Have a debate? It's Leigh in a different shirt so far, and I wonder where Ottawa or New York will get their players from? Which Championship clubs will they raid for their best players? Will it be the top Championship clubs supplying the 60 players these clubs will want to drag out of the game here and send to North America?? If they are "Well backed" such that they can pay the best players at Bradford, Widnes, Halifax, Leigh, Featherstone and York a lot more to leave those clubs for North America then I can't see how those clubs will have voted for them?? If you read McManus's article on Toronto Wolfpack, backed by Adam Pearson, you may want to revise the idea "they will hopefully go up" into Superleague. They see no advantage to having these clubs in SL as "they do not contribute to TV revenue nor produce players" The reality appears to be completely different to the spin that somehow the game here wants them. A "majority" of the championship clubs who voted for them is in no way a majority of the clubs who have full voting rights here. Apparently Hull don't want them, St.Helens don't want them, but maybe London Skolars and Coventry do. Do Leigh want to be pushed two more places down the pecking order, or be raided further for their players??
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    I plan on attending a number of the games in Ottawa. I live 10 minute walk from Billy Bishop airport - 50 minute flight in and out same day..RL is gonna take over my life!!
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    Want to have near death experiences? Simply walk across the road without looking at the oncoming traffic because you are too busy looking at your ######**g phone
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    Yesterday a press conference at Brutus. Bernard Guasch and the President of the Occitanie Region Carole Delga. An entente between the two which will see an aid package exceptional to support the mobilisation of fans for the Camp Nou event. The club want to see especially the schools of rugby in attendance in great numbers on the 18th May. Additionally the club have appointed Philippe Pidemunt as 'oganisations coordinator' for the historic event with around forty helpers involved. The club are pushing the boat out for this one like never before.
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    York Community Stadium April 19...
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    No problem with New York or Ottawa coming in , but my main gripe is our funding keeps going down , so how the hell are we supposed to be able to compete . It seems the lower League is just the stepping stone to these sort of Teams and we are the stones .How about the League getting their hands in their pockets and giving the lower League more money rather than less , and let the Super League Teams suffer for once .
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    the clubs likely to be overtaken by them
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    Great stuff, makes sense for them to start researching early.
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    Streamed The Highwaymen on Netflix last night. It knows exactly what film archetypes it's going to use and which movies its paying homage too - if you're going to nod to The Searchers, why not have a character framed by the doorway looking out? - but Costner and Harrelson are superb, and even though it runs past two hours it doesn't flag. It plays loose with the truth, as you'd expect (in odd ways sometimes, Hamer earned $180 a month for chasing Bonnie and Clyde, the film says $130), but not too badly and there are times it looks like they ran a bit short of cash (a couple of scenes are so obviously studio based they jar massively with the genuine external scenes) but, overall, it's really good.
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    Should have been a super league player in his prime. Super League clubs should be looking to the PNG Hunters now trying to sign players in his mould.
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    Great article by Juan Jose Jasso. Thats a character.
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    Chairman Jon Flatman has revealed (this week, to a fans forum) York City Knights plan to play their first game at the new Community Stadium "at Christmas, in pre-season". The stadium is scheduled for completion by autumn. Flatman announced also York will "in the next few months" unveil a blue heritage plaque at the site - now flats - of the original club's former Clarence Street ground, which staged its last game in 1989.
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    The 'return' for Rugby League in supporting the women's game and the wheelchair game and all the other variations of the game is that it becomes a sport accessible to everyone, not just able-bodied blokes who like arguing on the internet.
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    Good job that’s where it’ll be, then.
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    Up the teams to 15 a side, bring back lines-out and brown envelopes, and call it onanism.
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    The head logo is just something the club are using for merchandise purposes, some fans don't like the official crest or badge, so they came up with something simpler which still reflects the Giants' logo. Huddersfield Town have something similar, i presume both clubs have used the same designer/ marketeer etc. The magic weekend shirt hasn't gone down very well at all!
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    Brexit is only a negative image in the eye of some beholders. In many it is a positive. Back to the point in question and sadly it doesn’t surprise me as it sums up the Australian view of rugby outside Australia. They are narrow minded
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    Summed it up perfectly. Paid "pundits" ridiculing the unpaid people, working tirelessly, to build the very podium these idiots are standing on.
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    Don't think for one second that anyone thought otherwise. The objection by York was to ensure a proper investigation took place and that it couldnt just be shrugged off by the RFL and the Hornets.
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    It’s wonderful. I sit there surrounded by nature, book in hand, some soft jazz or classical music playing and just chill out. Also, being a keen environmentalist, I get to catch and kill large European carp and Redfin perch (aka European/English perch) that are pest fish in our waterways.
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    My first boss used to go fishing every Saturday afternoon, took himself off to a nice lake, packed lunch, flask, radio to listen to the football on, only difference between him and the rest of the people there fishing, was he never used any hooks! He only went for the peace and quiet, time alone, chance to enjoy listening to the football without his wife finding endless jobs for him to do round the house, catching anything would have got in the way. I used to think he was a right fruit loop, then I got married and had kids, now I understand more!
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    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/wedding/outraged-bride-calls-off-wedding-as-snake-friends-refuse-to-pay-£1200-to-attend/ar-BBMs3N5?ocid=spartanntp Bride calls off Wedding and relationship after her demands for all guests to pay $1500 per guest towards he "Kardashian Style" wedding, when enough people didn't pledge to attend, she upped the cost per guest to $5000, at which point the guests suddenly decided watching repeats of NCIS Miami was more important.

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