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    I count 20 rows in each stand. 40 rows in total. 9,600/40 = 240. That means 240 people on each row which runs longer than the length of the pitch and that doesn’t include the many stood in the beer garden or hospitality areas. Add to the fact that 9,600 is the fire regulation capacity of the stadium, or probably could hold more. Why aren’t other teams crowds subject to the same level of scrutiny that Toronto are? Clearly it’s jealously, because most of the time it’s from fans of smaller clubs who are worried that Toronto will overtake them in rugby leagues pecking order. Or it’s fans who clearly have an agenda against expansion.
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    French coach Aurélien Cologni selecting a ten-player group from Elite 1 including two Dragons hopefuls Arthur Mourgue and Louis Carré to take part in an international 5' s Touch Tournament to be held in Barcelona on the eve of the Dragons-Wigan game. Appparently last Thursday alone 900 tickets sold on line! This is French rugby league we're talking about.....
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    I am of course referring to Judd Trump. I don't watch much snooker but some of this afternoon's play by both players was high level skill.
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    Very happy with 2 of my under 19s players chosen in the full french training squad, Thomas lacans and Dorien gouzy,
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    I live 8000 miles from friends and family. I have no social life. I think I've had one glass of beer since new year. I use pretty much the whole of my annual salary to visit the uk for 2/3 weeks once a year. I haven't seen a game of RL live for 2 years+. I even go to church every week. Sacrifice/compromise? As a wise old woman from Oban once told me, "always look for the gold". I live in a land with a perfect climate. I have a very simple, stress-free life. My work is interesting, varied and worthwhile. I can have a decent standard of living on £250 pcm. I appreciate small luxuries (marmite, Yorkshire tea and English mustard). Other than the flights, my carbon footprint is tiny. When I do visit friends and family they are pleased to see me (mostly) - less is more.
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    "Did you have a good bank holiday Geoff?" "Yes, lovely thanks. Got out in the Dales - beautiful. You?" "Brilliant. Spent it arguing over whether Young Jack Walker was better than Sam Tomkins when they were both 19 years and 274 days old." "Oh right. Wife and kids alright?" "Dunno really."
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    If that goal wins the title, then it was deserving of it. Clinical.
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    The City of Toronto on their website says Lamport stadium seating capacity is 9600. https://www.toronto.ca/data/parks/prd/facilities/complex/314/index.html That would not include people standing in the beer garden on the north or the VIP area in the south although I don't know if more than 9600 are permitted to enter, based on capacity and fire regulations. The website has not been updated since Toronto Wolfpack started using the field, as it does not mention rugby or rugby league as a stadium purpose. Hence the 9600 capacity was established before the Wolfpack were even around. These conspiracy theory nutjobs that claim it doesn't hold 9600 should take up their argument with the city. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.
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    I like this idea and a regular amount would help the club to budget but i’d extend it to one-off payments too; I’ve a few quid left at the end of the month, or we are particularly in the mire injury wise. That sort of thing. In fact, the occasion we find ourself in now. I’m happy to kick if off with £20 of my hard earned . Perhaps Gary H, Andy G or Gav could advise if there’s a quick way to donate to allow James to bring in much needed reinfircenents.
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    Exactly it was bait dangled for some of our SL bretheren, we all know who they are, the ones who see no use in the Championship (with the exception of DR) those who want to slam the door shut on P&R, keep all the funding for SL clubs alone and go back to a total sham of a selection system for SL inclusion that accepts clubs who cannot fulfil all the criteria that could be included, that may be ground and facility quality, crowd numbers and player development and without the funding of near £2M, 50% of them (and we could increase that percentage with the choice of the two most popular clubs they would include in a 14 team SL) would not fare any better than those below threshold of acceptance. NB apologies to our friends in York, they are doing a great job long may they keep on improving in all fields. Special mention to Wilsontown, If you keep going onwards and upwards the natives of York will comeout of the cupboards as you state the City has been deprived of a succesful team of any code to support for a long time, it's amazing what a bit of success on the field can do.
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    Are you Callum?
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    Are we sure there were 500 beers? Doesn't look that many on the photo, hope someone counted them properly...
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    2 more tickets just bought! The mrs gets a holiday to Barcelona and all it’s costing her is an afternoon of rugby. On a side note I’m still surprised by the amount of negativity around this game, I still think it will be a fantastic event. I went to both the cup final and the summer bash last year and had a great time at both even if the crowds were lower than we all hoped for.
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    Ha Ha cheers marra. In my early years defend was the last thing I had to do. As Rizzo would say " you do our running young man (in his school teacher manner) and if anything gets past you they wont get any further. Rizzo inside me ,Shemmy outside and Charlo behind me..No problems what so ever Three great defensive players and a privilage to have played with them.
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    BMO is never going to happen. Unless MLSE buys the team. MLSE owns the TFC, Argos and has a long term lease on BMO. TWP would always be the red-headed step-child. Since SL is a weekend sport we would have to play Sat/Sun for 13/16 weeks between Mar and Sept. The TFC will not allow the Argos to play at BMO less than 48hrs before their match. CFL games are Fri-Sun, June to Nov. BMO would never let TWP and Argos play the same weekend. Do the maths. Beer sales are owned by BMO/MLSE, they will never give up those rights. Best we stay at LS and make improvements if and when they become viable.
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    Fly less does not equal don't fly.
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    Lee saw him play pre-season against York. If you missed it, you can watch him too: Lee is a professional coach who watches him train three times a week and I trust him to know whether or not he's good enough. The loan is a great opportunity for Tom, but put me on a wing outside Jason Tali against West Wales Raiders and I'd fancy my chances of getting over for a few. I hope he returns a better player and continues to develop.
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    I've criticised them plenty over the last few weeks but they've done the right thing.
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    I would be happy to contribute money now if it means Fordy can get some new blood into the squad,but who do you send it to,but what i don't want to happen is the Knights spending money there haven't got.
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    Well maybe the players don't get invited onto shows like this because having seen interviews by them , they would just trot out the usual PC boring stuff we hear after every game , does anybody want to hear that for an hour , even retired players like Peacock look poor in those circumstances , on matters of the sport ' off field ' then it's the various administrators that we want to hear from
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    First one i can remember conceding this year. We got one a few weeks back. Was a edgy but cracking game looking forward to playing at your place in July (my birthday game that one)
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    Factual accuracy, maybe? I wouldn't expect a reference to a regional political party such as Sinn Fein, the DUP, SNP or Plaid Cymru to contain factual errors. Why should lower standards on the sports pages be acceptable?
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    A few weeks ago there was a fair bit of publicity given to the pot of gold tickets, effectively highlighting what a brilliant job the sellers do, and how much the proceeds from these make a huge difference to the amount KISS are able to donate to Squad builder. Since then ticket sales have grown and grown with record sales yesterday and a payout for the lucky winner of £230, which is absolutely fantastic. But just imagine if everyone attending yesterday’s game bought just one, we’d be looking at sales of nearly £2,000. That would generate one massive first prize, and what’s more, provide a huge financial boost for the club.
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    There’s a Facebook Group ‘KISS’ with over 400 members already signed up. Check it out. KISS support the Knights financially with its donations to Squad builder and recently donated to the commemorative plaque at Clarence Street. It might be worth adding a thread to this board to pick up those who don’t use FB. The more we raise, the stronger we become. Spread the word.
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    Maybe. I just noticed it when my 8 year old was asking me questions about rugby, and it sort of stirred up memories of all the other times we’ve had to put up with ignorance. If you think about it- if RL was a gender, or a race, or a sexual orientation we’d have a twitter campaign defending us and 120 years of backdated apologies and several journalists and politicians resigning over it by now. Not to mention the Nazi’s and The Vichy and Inverdale and all that. When is it our turn?* #RLtoo *before anyone gets offended I’m not comparing sport to years of persecution of a people, just trying to put some perspective on it.
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    Well I think the argument can be made that RL is an easier game to introduce to new fans - but lots of credit goes to the TWP marketing people too. They seem to know what they’re doing.
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    2 stands, 16 rows each is 32 rows between them. 9600 divided by 32 is 300 per row, or one person per metre of field, so yes 9600 would fit in that stadium not allowing for the 1000 or so in the beer garden, even if only just.
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    2 200 there today for first Arrows RU game... That won't be stretching the facilities. If only they'd thought of not making anyone pay, or cardboard cutouts... Maybe people, for once, prefer RL? Outside Oz, PNG and the M62?
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    the good thing about the results this weekend is how quiet its been from haven fans, haven directors and ex Town directors. Peace perfect peace
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    A few folk were asking how they could contribute to squad builder, either through one-off payments or via monthly standing order. Please find below details (in italics) from Andy Gomersall, which I have copied from the ‘Batley at home’ thread. Grateful if someone with the necessary access could please pin this topic. Thanks Dave Squad Builder can take any donations either as a one-off payment or a monthly standing order. I will provide the bank account details to anyone who asks by email. The Squad Builder email address is ycksquadbuilderfund@yahoo.co.uk. Andy Gomersall.
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    Swap Farage for Corbyn and imagine your reaction to a lefty saying that.
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    The quality of the kicking is better in the NRL, we all know that. But there are too many tries scored form chips to the sideline, which should be easy for a professional halfback, and up and under's should be caught every time by a fullback unless there is a challenger for the ball in the air, nowadays. Pre-1995, fine, there wasn't a guarantee that a fullback would catch the ball, and that the halves would put the ball on a dime, but, it's expected today.
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    No, we must demand perfection and when they fall short against a standard that we have entirely created in our own minds it means we can ignore what they say.
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    Just a thought but entrance on match day is £17, I would imagine like me most people don't worry too much about the 3 quid change, could you not pay £20 for a ticket and the 3 pounds extra goes to the pot of gold, but you get 5 tickets, so increasing your chances of winning and putting more money into the fund?
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    Pretty amazing how much change in this city in a few short years. There are now about 3000 condo units where all that dirt is on the north.
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    The lad is so enthusiastic bless him. A lot of people said some horrible things about him a few weeks back which prompted Wigan to invite him to their stadium to do a promo video for their game against Saints. I notice he did a video with one of the Rams’ players a fortnight ago, he was a very good interviewer - he should do more videos, especially as their head coach is very well spoken.
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    The whole point of bringing new players in is also to increase the player pool. So bringing 1 in while 1 goes out is a bit pointless when we're already low on players due to injury.
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    I think healthy debate about the potential issues and implications is necessary and positive, and I'm a little nervous that the RFL/SL haven't really thought it through financially, especially in regard to the Grand Final and Magic Weekend attendances being hit hard. But when Beaumont starts mouthing off about TWP being liars and inflating crowd figures I think we all know why he's saying it, and I very much doubt it's because of his desire to see TWP succeed and the sport grow off the back of it. The stadium looks really full, and far better than a lot of heartland clubs stadiums look on game day (including his small stadium that has 2 literally completely empty stands at every home game). This is why people get annoyed with him, and quite rightly so imo.
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    Looked as solid as some we have tried this year
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    Depends on what players we have available this week. Cant see us sticking with a centre/wing partnership of moimoi/maudling
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    I would have thought York are one of the recent success stories of the sport,assuming they are living within their means.Hopefully,off field revenue will increase once the new ground is completed.
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    Not anti-Toronto in any way by a long stretch but any rational intelligent human being who thinks that it is possible to fit 9600 into those 12 blocks of 320-500 maximum is not a rational intelligent human being...
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    I'd quite happily turn up with the cleaner at full back and a load of volunteers making up rest of the squad. Get out of it asap. And get back to the league
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    I suggest that free costumes be given to all attending fans - ones that make them look like empty seats. That way, everybody's happy. The fans get to watch their Rugby and the moaners get to gloat at the apparently empty stands.
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    I think you know exactly what I meant. On the Brexit thread people have been consistently claiming that while we are within the EU we don't have much power as we are just one of 28 countries and so it is up to the EU what kind of deal we will get. We have no cards to play. That has been a common theme for the last three years among remainers. On this thread, however, it is now claimed that while we are within the EU we have so much power that we could change the EU from within. Fairly obvious what I was saying in pointing out the hypocrisy of remain voters.

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