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    I reckon this game has had more newspaper inches than any SL game since 1996. Pretty much every Catalan newspaper has had some kind of story every day this week. E.g. a competition for 3 pairs of tickets. https://www.larepublicaesportiva.cat/vols-anar-gratis-al-partit-de-rugbi-13-dels-dragons-catalans-al-camp-nou/ Amazing what can be done when the media is on your side.
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    It is a crowd thread. For a game that may see the Super League record broken. It absolutely has interest, and it is boring seeing you pop up whenever anybody discusses crowds saying people are obsessed. The title of the thread was really clear, read other threads if this offends you.
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    Just a word of advice for all the Wigan fans going to Spain for this game, Pie-ella is full of rice not meet n' prayta?
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    Looks like he's playing in the Roosters Reserves this weekend. Good to see him back after injury.
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    In the light of the Norwegian Government officially recognising Rugby League as a sport, here’s Rugby League World’s latest article, from the May edition, which tells of a connection between Scandinavia and Saddleworth Rangers. I’m sure, by now, we’re all quite familiar with the affectionate relationship between Rochdale Hornets and Fiji. It’s one of Rugby League’s better told tales of… The post Rugby League World – Scandi Rangers appeared first on Total Rugby League. View the full article
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    I get the feeling big yin knows his cousin really, really well.. If you know what I mean.
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    Are you sure some rogue RU fans didn't hide them behind some other magazines? They are well known for those kinds of underhand tricks.
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    Roosters didn’t have any touch judges at Hensingham and Gateshead, and I think there was only one (but not sure) at Millom. One of the home games only saw one TJ too. Perhaps the system should get a big shake up and TJs should be told that if they continually refuse to travel to any areas their advancement may be affected. Some of these TJs turn down Cumbria and then turn up in the NWML as a referee - where they get paid more. It really doesn’t sit well when you pay between £600-700 for a team to travel to some opponents, only to learn when you get there that the referee is on his own!
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    The Spanish have produced champions in basketball, tennis, cycling, handball, formula 1, motogp, water polo, golf, and probably something else I forget. They’re well aware of other sports, and do quite well in them.
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    Toronto leading the way and embarrassing clubs with little vision. Well played Toronto.
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    It's a shame CBD doesn't get you high because there's a few psychopaths in this thread who might benefit from it.
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    https://beteve.cat/esports/camp-nou-rugbi-13-dragons-catalans-wigan/ Barcelona president talking to the local media, in the company of Messrs Guasch & Lenagan. Seem like all the newspapers in Catalonia have at least one story on the game.
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    He's from Featherstone then?
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    Bit like you, you love it on here and won't leave ?
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    Now that I re-read it, there is also a problem with the article as well as the quiz - although I believe the quiz has been fixed. According to the OP, Souths will field " the three Burgess twins." Now that really is record-breaking, and not just for the NRL.
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    Why are they voting for him then? Is it because he offers simple soundbites that on closer inspection prove to be lies or at best unworkable? Is it because we have had 40 years of unchallenged lies from those opposed to our integration and membership of the EU? Is it because our press and social media is being manipulated by shadowy forces outside our own country? Or is it because the Public School Educated Neo Fascist Holocaust denying Hypocritcal hate monger is a true man of the people who only has the best interests of the British People at heart?
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    No issues with Haven fans on here being open and transparent mate, and while Jim might be over egging the pudding there is one or two that definitely fall into the bracket he is referring to
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    Looking back on all those defeats at Blackpool, the half-backs have always been second best on the day, even Finny in the NR Cup final! I think that was a mistake on Daryl's part to play Kainy as interchange hooker in Andy Ellis's absence, and Thacks and Tiger played out of their skins for Fax. It's been the same ever since:- Ridyard & Brierley, Barthau & Sammutt, and Murrell and whoever, although Holmes's injury played a massive part last year. I feel more confident about the halves this time, as long as nothing untoward happens to Holmes or Chizzy.
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    If there's one thing I've learned from watching this division over the years, it's that reverse fixtures often produce a reversal of the earlier result. The team that has won the first encounter can become a bit complacent, the team that lost the first meeting is well motivated, and especially when the teams are relatively well matched, that can make all the difference.
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    On the main point, I don't think we should be too worried if the NRL expands - that would be a sign of success for rugby league. And if it meant more UK players headed down under on big money contracts, that should be promoted as a good thing that can help drive up junior participation here. I've been involved in the UK American Football scene for many years, and I can tell you that one of the best recruiting and retention tools we've got for teens, is that new pathways are opening up for UK players to go to college in the states, and, maybe if things really went well, the possibility of a pro contract. We shouldn't think of NRL as a rival or a threat, it's the most powerful part of the global RL system and the better it does, the better we all will do in the long run.
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    Widnes put 40 odd past York. 2 weeks later they got beat by York. Funny old game innit?
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    Its like being infiltrated by the Russians on here. Only the Russians are ex board members, haven VP's and haven fans.
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    No, Farage himself crossed that line three years ago when he decided to lead his campaign with a poster that was a direct copy of a Nazi propaganda film. It's quite simple, if you don't want to be classed as a fascist, don't use fascist imagery to promote your cause.
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    Think Salford were looking at him a couple of years ago, at least it gives one of our players a rest this week, the last thing we want is a player playing on Saturday who is already injured and making it worse, or us turning up at Blackpool without a full squad, John and James are doing their best for the Knights and they are not doing a bad job, third in the table, thats from the top not the bottom which we would have been pleased with, up the Knights.
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    That's why they're successful they don't just set up a match and hope people will turn up!
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    Fair play to barca fc. I do not follow them on twitter but on many occasions this week I have seen their promotion of this game. Excellent stuff.
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    We've been hearing about Perth, Brisbane II, NZ II etc for a long, long time now. If NRL expansion does happen, we can worry about it then. At this stage it seems as remote as a new stadium in Cas or Wakey.
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    I share that concern. At this stage of the season quality recruits are like rocking horse sh*t. The default position is to assess who from the current squad are still on board and willing to put their shoulders to the wheel. Everything after that will be a bonus. I wasn't at Coventry so can't judge but the League Express gave Scott Rooke as m.o.m. I give maximum raps to Scottie coming back from an injury trauma that would have ended some guys involvement in the game. Hopefully with Buffer back and Ryan Fieldhouse easing himself back into the side we can do the business on Sunday. I'll be there to see if we can.
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    I watched a fair few games on TV this weekend and it becoming clear that the respect for the ref is going out of the window. We are seeing time and time again that players are arguing with the ref, surrounding them, showing disgust at decisions, basically making themselves look absolute tools. There were many instances in the NRL games, but two stood out where there was a Parramatta sin-binning and the player was shouting at the ref, barracking him, when the Parra player should have seen red rather than yellow. The ref was far too tolerant and the Parra skipper should have been binned at least. There was an argument about past incidents in other games which was pathetic, unnecessary, and for me, it brought the game into disrepute. There was another in the NRL where Canberra questioned a decision by bringing two captains over to the ref, the ref said he would speak to one (the one who attended the coin toss) and they kicked off and showed a complete lack of respect, being sarcastic, again bringing up past games. I would absolutely have binned him for lack of respect. We also saw it in the Wire game, where a penalty against Wire saw the Hughes question the decision (as skipper I think), yet two other Wire players gobbed off at him too. At the very least this should have seen Wire marched a further 10. This is all becoming the norm, and we are setting a dangerous precedent - we often pride ourselves on the respect our players show, and tbh IMHO it is misguided - our players act like complete tools. Rod Studd (in his usual provocative style) made the point about how the ref was barracked by Wigan fans for daring to refer something to the VR: We are setting ourselves up here not taking actions on players and fans.
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    If Forster gets your job at Haven you could come back and be Rooney's assistant??
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    I am sure, because in my disgust and disappointed, I felt it was my duty to hide the rugby union mags behind any others I could find
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    Much like Huddersfield. But without the waiting list. Or keeping back tickets. Or the population.
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    Mum series 3 starts tonight.
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    From everyone I've spoken to they all say the complete opposite of him and they are gutted we are meant to be getting him but say he is a great coach. Bit of fishing going on by the sound of it Big Yin? Given your obvious wealth of knowledge, who would you appoint as the next Town coach assuming Chris Thorman is leaving of course?
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    It's that time of year when the championship teams head to most probably the biggest sh.ithole on the planet,I once won a weekend away in Blackpool and traded the prize for the fourth prize because a could get more use out of a £50 Amazon voucher.. life's tough at the top??? Sunday doesn't need any motivation The embarrassing performance against the dogs at home should be the petrol in their bellys to put the dogs down,the home game against Batley wasn't just bad..it was shocking and would sit in the "Top 10 of Dewsbury Rams horror shows"that also contains such matches as Runcorn away, Rochdale home, Widnes away (80-0) wath brow,sharlston, Oldham home, Doncaster away. So the gauntlet is firmly slapped across the face of the dog's . The players need to step up and right that awful wrong,the performance is in their when you look at Featherstone away & Widnes away No excuses,nothing left in the changing room..100% full throttle,no quarter given, There is no coming off the field thinking "We could have done better" This is all or nowt,live or die,laugh or cry Everyone of our player's have the power to rock batley's world Sunday Self belief,mindset...we can be invincible Sunday just needs the right attitude applied...we can over come..let's get them and prove we can.
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    Two of the most racist became leading members of the Socialist Workers Party.
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    That's just it we never know and it's been like this for ages now under different helms. Batley at home was shocking, our worst Mr Hyde of the season so far, yet our Dr Jekyll side appeared (from the games I've seen) against Toronto and Sheffield, with Hyde showing his hand at Fax away in between. I thought Toulouse at home we showed spirit despite the one sided scoreline, against (for me) the best side in the league. This gave me some hope and encouragement to go on Friday night only for Mr Hyde to show up once more!
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    No, I don't mean Eric Pérez. His idea is to try blending these new, cashed-up teams with rich backers based in big North American cities with the traditional small-town teams and their small time ways which comprise the existing English pro game, which the past couple of years have shown is an unworkable mix of oil and water. When I say something new and revolutionary which would have the fundamentals needed to generate the higher income needed to attract players who'd otherwise be in the NRL or RU I mean exactly that: a franchised league with all franchises located in cities carefully chosen to maximize its appeal to audiences, broadcasters and sponsors, run and presented in a completely professional manner so as to demolish the stereotype of RL just being a small northern sport for northerners.
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    I received a brexit party flyer through the door this morning, going on about how the UK voted to leave in the biggest mandate in UK history. Funny how 52-48 for remain wasn't going to be a big enough mandate for him.
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    Aaaaanyway....... back on thread....... Spot on analysis once again from the OP. We are all aware of our rotten record at Blackpool, but in 2019 with a whole new bunch of players and a coach it's irrelevant. It's only us fans carrying around those negative memories**. York are whining loudly about injuries, so maybe we're playing them at the right time. From our perpective, I think we look solid now. Happy to see Render has really established himself in the 17 (FB or wing) Carey fully fit and looking ok, good halfbacks who can only get better with time, and a solid pack. We can pretty much say what our 19 for SB is now, which is a good position to be in. Early season there was a "Who??" moment just about every week. Two setbacks at the mo' are Teteh and Bussey. Both good players and it's unfortunate for them and us, but injuries are part of the game. They'll be back. I think the main thing is now we've got that whole DR thing under control. All our forwards are our own. One of the halfbacks is loaned but year long which is the same as a one year contract, plus he was here last year. So, for the last month & half we've been using a maximum of two DR, both in the outside backs. At the moment that's Golding & Sutcliffe (previously Newman & Briscoe) and so the continuity and spirit of the team is improving. You've got to give the coach a bit of credit for pulling that together. Lads like Maka and Chizzy are obviously 'his' players and it's working for him. We've got to back all that up with a win on Saturday. ** And Tom Holmes obviously, but he's over that now.
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    I don't think it looks like young Farage as I knew him either.
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    Couldn't agree more. I genuinely thought going into the season it be a long season scrapping for points but couldn't be more proud of the boys and achievements made at only halfway through. Can't wait to enjoy the 2nd half of the season
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    He will be the best forward you have, wish he'd signed for us.
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    It proves what I've said previously on other threads, the threat to Super League is not from expansion, its from the money men already in the NRL amd by extension RU. We have to grow and expand our comp"s commercial amd financial reach.
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    Brisbane has 2.3 million people in one of the most RL loving cities on earth. Many of those people do not support the Broncos and I think any new club would target these people. It would give Lang Park a game every week and create more SE Queensland derby matches with the Titans, Broncos + the new team.
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    Cyprus up first, setting the bar high by singing in tune at least half the time. Otherwise, forgettable. Montenegro: Hopkirk (deceased), Hopkirk (deceased), Hopkirk (deceased), Hopkirk (deceased), Hopkirk (deceased) & Hopkirk (deceased), and they sound like it too. Finland: The first sighting of interpretative dance. Sink one drink. Singer = Guy Fieri without the bleach. Poland: shrill, but different at least. Slovenia: like the staring contest from 'Big Train', only with more simpering. Definitely cult members. Czech Republic: needy. Three Andrew Ridgeleys. Hungary: man-bun alert! Sink another drink. And an image of Eamonn Holmes is projected onto the backdrop. Belarus: is this the Cyprus singer going for a sneaky double? Serbia: the first proper ballgown'n'angst entry. And here come the Belgians! Probably breaking the child labour laws with this infant entry, too. A song delivered with all the youthful energy and buzz of a Theresa May speech. Georgia: he looks like the bloke from the office downstairs from where I work, which I'll admit is a niche observation. But he really really does! The Convict entry: aka the Statue of taking serious Liberties with my ###### patience. He-he-he-he, ha-ha-ha-ha, cod-opera. Simeon Stylites meets Lesley bloody Garrett. Mum's gone to Iceland: Shouty Fat Goths ahoy! Blond mullet, gimp drummer, Hate will prevail, what's not to like? Estonia: first sighting of unshaven, ingratiating, singer-songwritery type. Sink another drink. Portugal: Jobriath's let himself go. And so has Tinkerbell. Beware of Greeks bearing Eurovision entries: singing from the back of her adenoids, and with edged weapons on stage, this could be a tragedy that even Cassandra would balk at predicting. San Marino: he'll never get past Des Walker. I want this guy to be the next Bond villain.
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    Just got back into watching Super League via new online service Kayo here in Oz. SL is providing good entertainment for me of the matches I've watched so far. Must say the catalyst for me getting this service was the Catalans game in Barcelona!!
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    Play less games overall, a sixth or seventh edition of Wigan v Warrington in less than twelve months, may actually feel like a big game instead of a “oh...again?!” feel about it, like it does now. No offence meant to those particular clubs but we see the same games over and over again and how are you supposed to sell that again and again and again in one year?

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