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    I guess we'll not be hearing from Wiltshire for a while as he's been taken away for debriefing and re-education by the YIA for revealing state secrets. This information will shortly be deleted from everyone's memory. The EU have said there is no example of a secure border where there are no physical checks, but they didn't consider the highly successful "alternative arrangements" of the Yorkshire boundaries. The whole concept of the "North" is created by the YIA to enable a buffer zone where undesirables can be filtered out. This is usually carried out in 'service stations' in the outlying areas. There are a number of layers of protection against unwanted visitors. Some will fall for the simple "it's grim up North" line, but others require a more complex approach. Some people claim that they've been "up north", but have they really? Occasionally, we need to abduct affluent 'foreigners' and implant fake memories of visiting or even living in god's own county (whilst simultaneously extracting funds from their overweight bank accounts). This is to give the impression that it is actually possible to go there and also to give a boost to the economy. A true world map: (unimportant places not shown). This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds...
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    You've won four games all season. To suggest the coach's position is in jeopardy because of a referee is quite the deflection.
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    As a Fax fan I thought the ref had a good game, no problems with most of the calls, he certainly didn’t influence the match at all
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    It was a pity that Fax didn't get over for a try or two but they tried manfully. Congratulations to Saints.
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    Good to see expansion into err, other parts of Brisbane
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    Why was this game even played? It was clear from minute one that Kendall was going to give everything to Saints. The second Saints try, where Saints got a penalty for throwing the ball away after Halifax should have had a repeat set, climaxing with Peyroux knocking on over the line, really brought the game into disrepute.
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    Cut out the petty personal insults. Thank you.
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    Congrats to St.Helens but they didnt impress at all! Take Roby out and I am not sure they would have won. Attack was awful from and lacked little imagination despite all that possession. I thought St.Helens before the game would clear all silverware. I feel they dont look so unbeatable now. However I think the way Fax played showed St.Helens have some weaknesses and rely alot on Roby, Coote and Thompson. Today they looked disorganized and struggled to be creative for me. Fax surprised me as we have been very poor often this season including last week at Dewsbury. But they played as a team and gave a lesson to St.Helens in playing for each other and having enthuiasm. The unusual tactics of short kick offs and kicking early etc alongside a great aggressive defence had St.Helens looking clueless for long periods. Great to see the fans enjoying the day out and singing even when losing. The big question is now can Fax build on this both on and off the field in future?
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    Agree. I also hope everyone who moans about crowds on here buy a ticket.
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    Hope the final is a good game by two good teams and a good Wembley crowd
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    Nice to see your as classless in victory as you are in defeat.
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    I knew i wasnt being unnecessarily negative! Pleased for Fax. As an RL fan im glad it was a contest
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    Thought the Halifax fans were great to be honest and stayed behind the team even when the game was effectively lost.
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    Gripping tussle in the first half. All credit to Halifax for attitude and effort. Great final in prospect between Saints and Warrington.
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    Tweet from the Challenge Cup feed puts the attendance specifically for that game at 4,000. I'll criticise putting it on the undercard of the men's semi finals but that's a superb foundation we can build from however the final is presented next year.
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    They're going to clean the Gents for the first time since 1936.
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    Excellent match to watch on BBC. Close and committed until the hooter. Both good teams in tricky conditions and crowd came over well.
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    Nick Beach used to leave him for dust
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    Should have left him on the bench, without his errors, you win that game. Trouble with being arrogant, you have to be able to back it up. Did nothing in attack and is a liability in every other aspect. Thought the rest of team gave everything and did the fans proud. Hard lines Hull but Well played Warrington. Excellent game.
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    We tried hard and im happy with that. Wire better overall. No gripes from me. Well done Wire. Enjoy the final.
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    I see just below Sheffield as the North. I went to Uni in Sheffield and it felt 100% the north to me. Go down towards Chesterfield and that is where it becomes inching towards the Midlands.
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    Great game that - only realised half way through 2nd half (was watching with sound off) that is was raining, until they all tired the handling was real good and the tackling better
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    This topic comes up every so often and some people argue that we must ensure struggling, traditional clubs are thriving before expansion should take place. But what does ‘thriving’ mean? If ‘thriving’ means waiting for all the clubs in the Championship and C1 to be financially sound, have a strong off-field operation, attract over 3,000 spectators etc. before we look at expansion then IMHO the game will slowly shrink as we are not offering anything different to those that invest money into our sport. Conversely, we cannot put all our energy into focussing solely on expansion as the saviour to our game. Expansion - either inside or outside of the UK - done correctly should be beneficial to the game in the long term but not at the expense of ‘traditional’ areas. Expansion may not work, but if it does then it may be a catalyst to improve the visibility and profile of the game to people in traditional and new areas. Therefore the game needs to have a strategic plan that embraces planned expansion and if this brings an increase in profile, it may also bring in additional income and some of that income should be ring fenced to promoting the game in both heartland and newly identified areas.
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    I'm currently playing my first ever season at 33 for my local club. I've always worked nights and weekends my whole adult life so never had time. It's been very ...... interesting.
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    Good work agent "Bearman"
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    That is an interesting map. It just shows that there is nothing there. No mountains to speak of, no lakes that are not just puddles. Dales? Even Derbyshire has them. Wolds? Oxfordshire has them. Moors? Somerset has one. Even Devon ( which is as far as South you can get) has one of them. Seaside resorts? Please! They are all on the East coast and even God is trying to undo his mistake as fast as he can with erosion. Save yourself the bother of going there, there are much nicer places to go to and the locals will be much friendlier.
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    It’s tough game! I feel your pain. I’m also suffering from a lot of old injuries. Truth be told I wouldn’t have ever played if I knew the damage
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    Yeah, the rugby union British Lions works because they have strong England, Scotland and Wales teams so can pick the best and put them in one team, which makes it an attractive prospect. Our Great Britain team would be more or less England in a different shirt, so what’s the point? It’s one team playing under two different brands which, IMO, dilutes both brands. Just pick one - probably England - and concentrate on selling that brand
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    Ten year at the highest level (Back in the old days 77-87) Suffering for it now. Back to local amatuer as an ex pro . suffering for it now. Back to basic's ......setting up a team in North Wales (Coaster anybody remember them) suffering for it now Resurected the game in Holland suffering for it now Just about to see how Masters RL goes in the Netherlands will suffer for it later Turn 60 in November and have many memories . You young bucks aint suffered yet All in the name of the game
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    Lower divisions of the Pennine league, I was ###### but I loved the game and the camaraderie, plus I was fit as a lop
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    Jason Bass signs for 2020, great news.
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    A few years ago, a couple of late drop outs meant we were hauled along to a clearing in Sherwood Forest (that's Nottinghamshire, kids) to see a show by inexplicably popular singist Pamela Faith. Now, I'm sure she's very talented, but I'm afraid I find her stuff so instantly forgettable that I swear that if she was singing one of her most famous songs directly into my ear, I still wouldn't be able to hum it back, so my abiding (and pretty much only) memory of the show was her telling the audience how much she liked playing "in the north". So, Nottinghamshire is in the north.
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    Have we forgotten James Nixon, lightening fast.
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    I mean it is tongue in cheek but I do know exactly what you mean. Its a shame really because I think us northerners are actually very similar to our Welsh, Scottish, Irish and South westerly cousins in that we all don't like London and the home Counties types but by virtue of being English we get lumped in with them. For the 2013 WC opener in Cardiff me and my family were drinking in a pub in the city and the very Welsh landlord then said he preferred when the English League boys came to town rather than union as they tended to stay and socialise whereas he got the impression many of the union lot couldn't wait to leave in their range rovers! I think that demonstrates that divide quite well. There's a great map on the internet also showing a north south divide by locations of Greggs (much more in the north) vs numbers of Waitrose's (much more dense in the south).
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    Any bloke who runs 5 marathons in 5 days, to raise money for a club in dire straights is ok with me. In my experience Royce is an absolute top bloke.
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    Date Shadow Matt Santos Bedford Roughyed Bob8 Saint 1 Canabull Niels Riding Pie Bedfordshire Bronco 17-5 91 114 146.6 92.53 72.57 99 23-May 90.5 113 145.4 91.63 71.24 98.4 31-May 89.7 113 145 78.9 91.2 71.69 99 06-Jun 90.1 TBA Week Off 77 78 90.76 72.57 99 13-Jun 89 114 144.2 90.35 72.1 21-Jun 89 113 143.8 85.57 70.84 98.1 28-Jun 89.4 113 143.4 78.9 88.9 71.67 TBA 120 18-Jul 89.2 113 141.4 86.36 72.1 99.5 120 26-Jul 88.8 113 141.4 77.4 79 85.09 TBA 99.5 loss/gain -0.4 0 0 -1.5 1 -1.27 TBA 0 -120 Miller's Planet 115.44 146.90 183.82 100.62 102.70 110.62 TBA 129.35 0.00 Overall Change -4.7 -3 -15.1 -1.5 -3 -13.79 -0.47 -0.7 0 The week's figures are in, this week we have alien planet weights courtesy of Interstellar, I may head back to the Orville next week. I have added in an overall change figure to the matrix, this shows total change from the first date recorded, fortunately none of us have increased Congratulations to Bedford and Canabull, that is a spectacular effort of which you should rightly be proud.
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    I really like All For The Life Of The City.
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    I argued for that very thing 20+ years ago after their US expansion effort ended in failure, I had an op-ed called A New Vision for Canadian Football published by both the Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazette. Instead they went cap in hand to the NFL for help.
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    Why? Are coaches and players usually involved in organisational funding discussions?
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    incoming coach Shaun Edwards should be well pleased with the shape of his squad for 2020
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    Err... Or how about you not make nothing out of something? They have a home support? They have a huge home support in comparison to many SL clubs already. They have a collection of sponsors, not just one that pays for travel (which is a significant sponsorship by the way and allows the whole project to work for them and the others). Let's not pretend they've not achieved much.
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    Not fast enough for the Kneets.
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    I'm not convinced Rimmer could lead a Greyhound to the starting gate of a dog race.
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    Very definitely. RL now has a foothold in North America courtesy of the Toronto Wolfpack, this bridgehead will be consolidated in 2021 with the arrival of Ottawa and New York. The sheer skill and athleticism on display and the speed and excitement of the game will increasingly captivate both onsite and TV spectators in NA so within 5 years or so more local kids will be playing RL than RU and within a decade the game we love will overtake RU as the premier code of rugby for the aforementioned reasons. The naysayers and doubters who seem to have so little confidence in their product that they cannot accept that is has been successfully exported will either embrace the new reality of an international SuperLeague and an international Championship (+L1!!) or continue their moaning in increasingly shrinking numbers. Come to Toronto, come to Ottawa and come to New York - you will be welcomed with open arms!
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    John Kear is going to be the club's new doctor\time keeper next season?
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    I'm being realistic dewsbury no push overs and the way we ended the game against york sound like we did against swinton doing everything to throw it away . Were is the leadership.this year the cool head to take control and calm everyone down . It's not.louie that's for sure great talent but no.leader. if dom fit he as to.play every game now or we look like headless chickens when pressure on .
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    I thought it was a poor game. Wire reverted to the RL version of kick and clap and it worked for them, largely because Hull weren't good enough to play them at football. Although they scored the best try. This was one of the precious few occasions when our game gets national coverage on free to air TV, and we serve up this garbage. That's what I admire about Saints, they keep this sort of thing to a minimum. That, though it pains me to say it was what I admired about Cas two seasons ago, they did the same. But for me it was, like the weather, dull, dull, dull.

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