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    Owen Farrell to London? No, a New Zealand-born State of Origin Queenslander and Samoa international who played kick’n’clap for England after considering Ireland signs for Brisbane. Meh.
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    Thanks to all. Rugby League is my passion and proud to play a small part in its development in Germany & Europe.
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    Some teachers eh? "Teacher runs 18 miles to wave to all her pupils during lockdown | York Press" https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/18460147.teacher-runs-18-miles-wave-pupils-lockdown/
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    The Rebels are still going strong, just not competing at Open Age at the moment. We have some big news coming soon so please keep and eye on our Facebook page Hope your all keeping safe and well up in Oldham ??
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    Not having the internet capacity to watch the clubs match I decided to dip in my own collection for a evening of rugby, starting off with the Sky preview of the NR Final which gave me some ideas of matches to watch the matches being v Sheffield in the quarter final and the league match at Widnes when we smashed them in the sun.
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    Given Benji is credited with starring in the World Cup 9s, despite not playing, and has repeatedly maintained that he is not only on a small contract with the Tigers that won't cause salary cap grief, but is also not interested in Super League at all because it's too cold, I'm not sure how excited I'd get by this story.
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    You can't name something after every loyal servant that has ever played for us, however much deserved. But Carl Gibson was different, a Batley player, born in the town who became an international while still at the club. That alone makes him unique in the last 50+ years.
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    Hope he recovers soon
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    If he was a union player you would have thought he would be named as A N Other. The fact he is named and given a heritage number may indicate it's not the pontypool player. However the fact that he played in the first team twice and scored a try shows he must have had something about him. But then he disappears. I don't know of a Peter Lewis playing for another RL team. Apart from a new Zealander, who was way too young at that time.
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    He would be a good replacement for Evalds at FB next year and would be likely to fit in as SRD seem to be good with talented players who need a understanding coach who can get the best out of them.
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    Not that I have a definite answer but it does appear at that time Oldham were switching their team around a bit due to several matches within a few days. The two matches Peter Lewis played in were on Sunday 4 March (Huddersfield at home) and Sunday 11 March (Batley at home) while in between those they had a Wednesday night game away at Keighley in which he didn't play. Lewis had replaced Richard Irving in the two Sunday games yet Irving played in the midweek game at Keighley. Furthermore, Oldham's usual full-back Duncan Platt played centre in the away game at Keighley instead of John Henderson while regular hooker Richard Russell went to full-back. Usual centre Des Foy missed the Huddersfield and Keighley games, being replaced by Gary Hyde, who then went to full-back for the Batley match with Duncan Platt taking a rest. A fortnight later (24 March) Steve Robinson, who started only one other match for Oldham that season (back in October) played on the wing instead of Paul Lord and didn't begin another competitive match for the club until 27 January the following season. I know that Steve Robinson came from Saddleworth Rangers but, like yourself, I can't remember who Peter Lewis was. As there is no photo of him on the heritage site it could well be that he was just a trialist and - although again only a thought but without any proof - might be that RU player from Wales, especially as he didn't play in the midweek night match at Keighley.
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    Just dug the programme out from the match and Carl is not actually mentioned in it. Carl came in to replace Des Foy (Oldham) on the bench. Carl was brought on in the 50th min to replace Henderson Gill
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    Stick Bedford in that list Good post
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    off switch . take fishing up . dont watch tv or over use internet
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    The big Aussie prop that we got from Doncaster, Matt Groat, came with a great reputation and we all exected him to tear up this division. What a major letdown he proved to be - unfit, lazy and lackadaisical in equal measure. Charlie Martin - a legend in his own mind. And CF mentioned coaches - Lewis Jones was my biggest disappointment there.
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    And another leaving the 'Promised Land' even before he got there! Actually he was seen at the Leigh ground prior to - err, never going to Toronto - playing for Toronto a couple of times, he probably tossed a coin and it came down on the wrong side, but seemingly he has learned by his mistake. Quote "We are building for the future - Run with the Pack"?
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    The club that would benefit most from having Benji Marshall is Toronto Wolfpack. They need a quality half and two quality props if they are to be certain to keep their place in Super League.
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    My point is that he is a unique representative of our club over the last 50 years or so, possibly longer. I think that this perhaps deserves something more than a small area. We are a community club, yet have no obvious recognition of a player who reached the heights of our sport after starting his professional career at our club and is a product of the very community we represent!
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    As if by magic, I find this from 1954...
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    The launch of the bid is getting plenty of coverage in their respective markets: Vanuatu: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=121976386172380&id=101425058227513 https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=114084440294908&id=101425058227513 New Caledonia: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=118823506487668&id=101425058227513 https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=112458940457458&id=101425058227513 Solomon Islands:
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    Well, I assume that in last season's Grand Final he was hoping the Saints would beat the Devils ! ?
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    The Wigan vs Leeds game was great But also... Didn't it 'look' amazing? Graphics looked brilliant, crowd looked big, atmosphere and everything else just looked like a big event / sport.... Even Carney and Wells looked sharp in their suits and on field screen Have Sky reduced their budget for coverage these days as I don't think it has that same sheen these days God I miss Rugby.....
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    Fair enough - no offence intended!
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    That translates into sponsors as well. There's only so many that are inclined to sponsor a team and then competition for that creates natural limitations unless teams and competitions transcend their immediate supporter base.
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    Offer Gigot 80 quid a day to come and help you
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    Sun wolves are Japan’s Super RU team
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    25th May ..... Just 7 months to Christmas. But never mind that ...This is another for which Oldham have a 100% record of all the matches they have played on a particular date. Although it doesn't yet match the 6/6 on 29 February, a four out of four still isn't bad .... 1940 Halifax (h) 16-9 2003 Leigh (h) 12-10 2014 Gloucester (a) 30-22 2019 Keighley (a) 52-12
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    I want to make it clear I am not having a go at the club here. I just think that our last international player is conspicuous by his absence as part of our club. That might be how Carl wants it, I just don't know. I just think it is a shame that a successful local lad seems not to be recognised. I might also add that I made the original post to publicise the question and answer session with no ulterior motive.
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    Wasn’t Toronto’s cap full so they couldn’t pay him? Then Watkins rocks up????
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    Not quite so straightforward as that is it! Leeds, because they’re a bigger club in terms of profile & are seen as a glamour club, attract players from other areas. Leeds often get the first pick of the best talent from Wakefield, Cas, Featherstone, Oldham, Halifax & indeed Huddersfield. Those players are the ones identified as having the best chance of making it all the way through to the pinnacle of the game. It could be argued that Leeds should do better at producing players than they do. Huddersfield Giants Academy under Andy Kelly has been hugely improved over the last 5 or 6 years and is now rated as ‘Outstanding’ alongside Leeds, Wigan, St Helens & Hull JA.
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    A tune from the playbook of Dame Edna Everage relates very well to God`s forsaken county. She/he once said of her/his native land, "Australia is a wonderful place, don`t let the people put you off".
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    You are missing my point. I am not saying Bateman going to the Bulldogs or Dragons will turn them into a top 4 team (although he would make them better). The spine of the team is critical, but the Thurston and CHK examples show how teams can find very good players which help to turn them into Premiership contenders... again without particularly having to find big name signings. My overall point in this discussion is that none of us know how good the Raiders, Dragons or Bulldogs will be in three years time and the assumption that a move to one the latter two will damage Bateman's career is wide of the mark. I think the Raiders improvement from 10th place finishes to Grand Finalists in three years actually proves my point.
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    Sensational player, he’d be a great addition to Super League
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    I doubt the NRL would register him so it’s not really got any legs.
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    Qualification (State of Origin at least, I can’t remember what the criteria was the last time we tried a Roses game) is based upon your club at the time of your senior debut. So in Hanley’s case (Bradford), it would be Yorkshire.
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    Benji eyes up pension top up.
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    Not true, well partially. Yes Boyd was a thug, but to say that was all he had is as wrong as wrong can be. He was an excellent RL player, tough, quick for a prop with a great offload game. He was strong in defence as well. I'm a Wigan fan, and nobody hated Boyd more than me in the 80's, but to say he couldn't play is way off the mark.
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    In that case there will be some cracking tunes on the stereo in the changing room.
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    Would be great to see Ronan Micheal continuing the tradition started by Brian Carney moving from the Ireland amateur scene to Super League. Super League really should be searching a bit further afield in non traditional places in the UK & Europe where the amateur game is now played.
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    Derek Beaumont is not worth listening to. He speaks ######. He is not in touch with the real world. And let’s not forget on his watch Leigh got themselves unstuck. And he wants to advise Championship clubs and Championship 1 clubs to restart the season behind closed doors at neutral venues in both Yorkshire and my side of the hill to the West. The man is a complete clown and an ass when he is tanked up on ale,along with his cronies.
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    They can keep my sponsorship money as well, and I'll continue a fresh sponsorship in 2021 - as long as I haven't gone bust obviously. I appreciate everyone's finances are different at the moment and I certainly wouldn't judge anyone not doing so but if we can stick by the club and basically spend what we were going to spend with them anyway, York City Knights will come out of this in a much stronger position to move forward once normality resumes in that lovely new stadium that's sat waiting for us. Also I thought I'd do this publicly so you can all see what a great guy I am and then tell all your friends and acquaintances to use York's Premier Design & Print Company should the need arise, which will in turn help prevent me going bust. ?
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    I agree; Inside No.9 has been remarkable for variety as well as quality.
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    Just listened to the Chasing Kangaroos podcast with the Treize X111 media manager Laurent Garnier. Interesting guy, grew up in Perpignan before meeting an Australian girl and moving to Brisbane. Coached in the Queensland Cup and then took on the job of coaching Carcassonne. Seems that the plan is to follow the Silktails path and play in a lower league while they build a squad ready for 2023. They seem to have put a board of like minded people together although he didn't provide details of their financial strength. He was very keen to promote league throughout the region and thinks the opportunity to play high standard rugby whilst staying in their home country would appeal to the many union players.
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    Ok havent been to New Caledonia so dont know anything about the health system but I have been to French Polynesia, that was some time ago but prices are also expensive there. Regarding the standard of living from what i understand New Caledonia has the next highest standard of living in the pacific region aside from Australia & NZ. The New Caledonia union comp switched to league around 15 years ago but they switched back to Union a few years later. Former Cronulla, Canberra, Catalan Dragons and French Rugby League representative Dimitri Pelo was born in New Caledonia but his parents were originally from Wallis & Futuna. As for Standard of the Queensland Cup id say its currently probably the best semi pro comp in the world
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    Since 2017, I had put forward this idea of basing a French team in Nouméa and that the distance with Australia was less than that with Papua or Auckland. I had even sent a letter to this effect to the president of the federation and created topics on the forums to launch the idea. The new Caledonia is economically isolated and this team could be a link with the Australian continent nearby. Everyone could be a winner: rugby league, Australia, Caledonia, France, etc.
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    CORNISH PIRATES and to be fair played well for them Paul

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