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    I don't think you can expect Yorkshire folk to lower themselves to only playing the rest of Britain. I think it should be Yorkshire vs The Rest of the World, or perhaps even Yorkshire vs The Rest of the known Universe.
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    Just because they and the media drop the word union doesn't mean it should ever be accepted by League fans.
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    I’m so split on the guy. He gets these massive compliments in Australia and Canberra’s playing style suits him, some great stuff on the highlight reel. For England/GB I’d say his style is ineffective and even operates to the team’s detriment.
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    Got bored so fired off an email to Euro XIIIs expressing an interest in joining this, to see what it was all about and how serious they are as an organisation. I made up a team in a capital city that (the team) had never played a game of Rugby League, knocking up a quick badge in the process. Got an email back asking for a number to contact me on, give them one and received a call from a person high up in this (I won’t name him). A 15-20 minute conversation ensued and it was largely a sales pitch from Euro XIII with very few questions about my club, nothing to do with how we’d finance it at all or where players would come from. Basically, all I have to do now is fill in a form and wait. I thought it was bad but it’s comically bad.
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    There has been numerous surveys and studies which have shown that there is more than enough support in Brisbane for a second NRL team, conducted by relevant bids, the NRL and independent groups. The ARL Commission has also done no less than 2x studies into adding additional teams looking into the likes of Brisbane, Perth, PNG, Central Queensland, etc. This isn't just someone's hunch, a new team, provided it knows how to position itself, will do very well in Brisbane, and from an NRL perspective, it suddenly gives the Broncos two more big games a year, and two more opportunities to get 40K+ outside of the Cowboys and Storm games at Suncorp. Now I know people like to point to the Crushers as reason enough to not add a second Brisbane team, but poor South Queensland had a lot going against them. Firstly, the Broncos and News were out to kill them off from the start... with no real newspaper alternative than the Courier Mail (News owned) and the influence that newspapers had in the 90's, it doesn't give them a great start. Secondly, they had no money, the club recycled their jerseys from the 95 to 96 seasons because of their lack of cash and had an unprofitable leagues club...ironically they actually started turning things around in 97. Finally, it was part of the Super League agreement that there would only be one Brisbane team, they weren't even given a chance to try and fight for a franchise spot. Yes their crowds did fall apart, but they still averaged over 21K in 1995 (League average of 13,918) and over 13K in 1996 (League average of 11,458) so were still one of the better drawers.
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    No it won't Plenty of people in Brisbane cannot stand the Broncos and it would allow there to be a game every weekend in a City that loves Rugby League more than just about anywhere else. There are lots of people from the southern states living in Qld and Brisbane that would go to the games as the away teams fans. Adelaide would need propping up for decades before they made any money.
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    Pitshanger Panthers and will based at Trailfinders. I see Broncos have assisted with sorting a kit for the U13 and U14 teams. Good move and clear that London are keen to plant further roots in the Ealing area
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    Reputational damage, even at a small scale, is not ideal, especially when it could be minimised by the League simply waiting a bit longer to make announcements. Considering Euro XIII is announcing what teams will take part, it would be fair to assume that they have the first 16 spots finalised, meaning they could start determining costs or at least ranges of costs depending on sponsorships, etc. The fact they haven't given clubs any guidance yet is just asking for drop outs, which may prevent Euro XIII from even kicking off if a large group of the first 16 drop out and then other bids get scared off. This maybe something they don't care about, however it doesn't do the concept any good and is likely to extinguish any interest from sponsors or broadcasters (if there is any).
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    Its not prankng, more good old fashioned journalism. .
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    How do you know I’m not serious? If it’s good enough for others?
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    Found this from Dean Buchan on the internet . “The European Super League will not work at the moment and you’d probably be aware of the reasons why. In lots of European countries, rugby league doesn’t feature on the map. Look at the attendance, look at the participation. “If you suddenly jump up with 10, 20 clubs, you’re not suddenly going to be able to support a massive competition with huge infrastructure and costs that the working group is talking about.” “Do they actually have signed contracts, do they have investment in place, do they have a broadcast deal? And if they do, why does no-one in Europe know anything about it?” He is talking here about the proposed RLEF Super League. Erm hang on !!!!! "rugby league doesnt feature on the map" "attendances,participation" "Jump in with 10,20 clubs" "Huge infrastructure and costs" " why does no one in Europe know anything about it" I honestly thought he was talking about Euro XIII because in my eyes that is exactly what seems to be happening with his project . Strange very strange .
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    There’s no logic where Ben Te’o is concerned!
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    There was another well-known Fulham supporting family back in those heady days at Craven Cottage, anyone who attended in the first couple of seasons must remember them. They were from Catford and were fanatical Rugby League fans. The father was a big rotund white haired bloke called Doug, and his missus was a garrulous big busty gypsy looking woman with massive red hair and she wore tons of make up. They had two daughters, one in her teens who looked tough as old boots and an older sister in her twenties who looked stunning but had an IQ in single figures. She was a platinum blonde who wore cocktail dresses for games and a fur coat.I think the mother (who also used to turn up in a fur coat too) was trying to marry her off to anyone with prospects....they were always in the players lounge under the Riverside stand after games and the pretty daughter would glam up, get her cleavage out and mingle with the players, but she was as dim as a Toc-H lamp and so the effort was always wasted. Doug had a thing about black players too....he was always going on about Fulham playing an "All Blacks" team made up of all black players...I think he wasn't interested in the game , just wanted to see black men in shorts running around. Anyone remember these characters? ?
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    Hemel Stags(Red shirts) v Fulham Travellers (Blue shirts) in the summer of 1981 at Pennine Way. Both teams were yet to play a competitive fixture. The shirts were loaned to the clubs by the London Amateur Rugby League to help both clubs get started
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    I would have thought exactly that would be a key part of this club's application TBH - not whether they don't like the Broncos, but that they don't support them but would support another team.
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    The Championship TV rights are worthless. We know this. Yet people continue to deny it. A brief history lesson: In the early days of the SL/SKY TV deal, the 2nd tier clubs got money but no coverage. The Northern Ford Premiership (as it was called) demanded the right to make their own deals so negotiated a pay out from the RFL to leave the SKY contract and go their own way. This included a Christmas start to the season. They immediately discovered that no-one was interested in buying the rights from them and they had no coverage for years. Then SKY came back into the picture and took the TV rights - for zero money! - but did pay the production costs. This lasted a few years, until SKY decided it wasn't worth their time or money to cover the competition. The RFL then gave the rights - again, free of charge - to Premier Sports. This lasted a few seasons. When Nigel Wood negotiated the last TV rights deal, as part of his ludicrous 3x8s competition format, he bundled the SL and Championship rights into one package and set aside some of the money generated for the Championship clubs. If anyone genuinely believes that any money was paid for the Championship then they've got rocks in their head. SKY want SL, they're not interested in the Championship, they essentially got those rights for free as part of the package. Wood then siphoned off some of the money to the lower league clubs to secure their votes and keep him in a job. The SL clubs accepted the deal because they were given 24 hours to decide and most of them needed the £300K up front payment. Championship TV rights, on their own, are worth nothing.
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    Or Yorkshire vs The Civilised World.
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    So clubs are committing without knowing the costs. That is not good business. Dublin for example have to know if they can afford trips to Austria, Portugal or Spain then get lumped to go to Moldova, Norway and Hungary.. They also accept two or three draft players then are told they have to cover flights from Brisbane and pay for these draft players visas, accommodation and lodgings without knowing if they will get 1000 or 10,000 reimbursed. Woooo massive undertaking without any contracts or paper work signed do you not think. Would you commit without knowing the finer details???
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    You should have run your idea by scotchy and Eddie first. No doubt it would have passed their viability test with flying colours!
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    Well I have done a bit of phone calling /messaging to guys who have a bit of knowledge about this, looking for more details. Good to have contacts in Europe ? I will not disclose the sources but the feed back is similar from them all. It seems details of final structure, draft system, costs to clubs, media, including the talked about TV contract, have yet to be confirmed to them. They are no wiser, despite committing themselves, than we are. Some surprises coming regarding the teams that have signed up.
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    This thread is comedy gold
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    Weren’t you advocating contacting them earlier?
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    England v France, a proper test match. X v Rest of the World games are just gimmicks and not to be taken seriously by players or fans. The strongest French team with all players available would be decent.
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    I think so but I watch it on Sport TV (Portuguese channel) Sporting CP are "my" team as I saw them play them play at the José Alvalade Stadium. I was travelling to Ericeira and the stadium is right by the Campo Grande bus station. I put my stuff in a left luggage place, went to watch Sporting beat Rio Ave and then caught a later bus to the "surf capital" of Europe. ?
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    What are they when there at home! Looks like the Mice have been at them!
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    No it won't I'm from Brisbane and there are clearly thousands of people who love Rugby League but don't support the Broncos. They will find their own base and many fans will support both because they love the game too. It's the second biggest RL city in the world. It is madness not to have more than one club.
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    I think this is my favourite NY song. I bought his Zuma album when it was released in 1975 and played this track to death?
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    Yes I remember that one, it was an eye opener. I caught a glimpse of my late dad and me in the crowd in RL Raw episode. He and my uncle took me to my first game v Castleford in January 1974. My mum wanted us out if the house so we went and I remember the result 14-12 win and Jeff Grayshon scored two tries. Might not be true but that's how I remember it. We went to matches together for nearly 30 years and it was always a time we were guaranteed to see each other despite work, family and other commitments. He passed away 17 years ago but at least he got to see the 2000 Grand Slam. My son comes with me now, strange how times move on without you really appreciating it. So many thanks to Keep The Faith for posting that, brought back some happy memories.
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    Just wrong on so many counts. In Machester a barm cake, muffin, teacake and currant teacake are all distinctive and different. When I was a lad you could buy each of them from the same bread shops.
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    I must confess that I wasn't expressing my true feelings about Lancashire. I was just trying to unite the Lancashire 'clans' and drum up a desire to prove themselves against Yorkshire, in the hope that an Origin series might be viable.
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    People really need to stop comparing some of the teams in this competition to Toronto... Firstly Toronto didn't suddenly appear in 2017, it is well documented that Eric Perez started conversations with the RFL in 2014 before being admitted in 2016 for the 2017 competition. Secondly, Toronto had at least one significant backer lined up, who paid a significant fee just to get the Franchise into League One, most likely more than what this entire League will have as budget. Thirdly, Perez had been involved in the Canada Rugby League for at least four years prior to even approaching the RFL, and in that time had already built a significant network of partners, had a Canada RL TV show on Sportsnet, and was drawing solid crowds for the Wolverines. Now of the teams so far admitted or being talked about being admitted, in fairness Budapest Rugby League is not new, and played games against teams from the Czech Republic (Mad Squirrels being one of them), and hosted the West Warriors from London in 2018. Dublin Blues and Brussels have existed in the past as well, however they all have one common thing, none have played a game in either 2019 or 2020, which is concerning heading into a new competition. This doesn't mean they can't be successful or the competition can't work, but when you throw in Valencia (who have only played one match due to COVID-19), the new Italian team being formed for this competition, and new clubs from Moldova, Austria and Portugal, that's half your competition with only one game between them for the 24 months leading in. Now if this was a Professional competition, I'd have less concerns, as there would be money floating about and you'd know the clubs would be investing in structures, building players, sorting out venues, etc, but considering it is going to be a bunch amateur organisations, who haven't run for a couple of years, and without any 'heartland' to hold it together, it is a real uphill battle to make this work. The concern, and as @yanto has rightfully pointed out, is this failing could undo a lot of good work and burn a lot of volunteers, and unfortunately there is more going against it being a success than for... I sincerely hope it is a success, as we need a competition for continental Europe, but not sure this will be the one that delivers that...
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    No, there's a distinction between a tea cake, what mancs call a barm cake and pie eaters call a flour cake, and a muffin. A muffin is flatter and has a ring around it. The best muffins ever, seem local to oldham only, are declerq muffins.
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    I've followed parramatta since childhood because my heros of Kenny and sterling played for them
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    I don't really get this debate that because Greater Manchester now exists that somehow diminishes the tie of being from Lancashire? Pretty much half of the people I'm friends with are from over that way and we've had this discussion many times and it's pretty clear the only ones who are overly happy that it's now GM are...the ones from Manchester, which makes sense. Most from outside don't mind it being GM and understand why it was changed but certainly still class themselves as being from Lancashire. It'll very likely happen in the next 10-20 years that Leeds will completely swallow up everything around it (Bradford, Wakefield etc) as Manchester did and become a version of 'Greater Leeds' - I can't imagine a time where those people will stop identifying with Yorkshire?
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    That was Fulham Travellers set up by as you say the Snares who used to travel to Fulham's away games hence the name, Fulham Amateurs were a bunch of guys who were rumoured to be in and out of jail, the women with them were scarier than the blokes and opposition wingers often would get tripped by someone on the touch line, they used to turn up in a London bus. Nobody liked to play them and before one London AGM all the other clubs agreed to vote them out. One guy proposed this but when it was asked for a seconder everyone looked at their feet, the motion failed and the proposer got 'mugged' on his way home.
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    Craig Bellamy says calls Josh Hodgson has passed Cameron Smith as NRL’s best No.9 are premature
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    Just to add some reality to the debate. *"The Government at that time stated that the "new counties" were administrative areas only, and that the boundaries of traditional counties such as Lancashire had not been changed. Unfortunately, the media refer to these administrative areas all too frequently and ignore the fact that places such as Barrow-in-Furness, Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, etc. are still in Lancashire. If administrative areas had not been called counties much of this confusion would have been avoided. The Royal Mail has at last dropped the use of administrative county names in postal addresses, and names such as Cumbria and Merseyside do not appear in the current Royal Mail Postal Address Book" *http://www.forl.co.uk Poor old Yorkshire, they cannot get over the fact that they lost the war
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    That is exactly the same in Oldham, which is in Lancashire. Yes I know 52% of the borough is in t'other county, but the town itself, AKA God's Acre , is in the county Palatine. Once worked in Huddersfield and was surprised that they knew the difference between a tea cake(plain) and a current Tea cake. Think it might be a pennine thing rather than strict Lancs/York's thing.
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    There are no professional RL clubs in Lancashire. Just saying.
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    You never know the way some people go about it on the forums etc
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    He’s an outstanding attacking centre but has been fairly mixed defensively in Super League. I’d hope his defence would improve dramatically in the more intensive training environment of the NRL, and if it does I think he’ll be a success. The NRL prepares players so much better than Super League and Bateman’s bulking up is just the latest example of that. It could be the longer off season, more intense competition within clubs, better coaching, better supplements, or most likely all of the above.
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    As genuine and indigenous as a firehawk may be, it just sounds like the marketing manager has 8 of 12 credits in an Introduction To Marketing PT TAFE course. Which is more than I can say for those responsible for thinking Brisbane Bombers is a good name.
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    Why are the moderators allowing all this Lancastrophobic hate speech. Shocking! The most recent county fixture was the third women`s origin back in March. Final score - Lancashire 23 Yorkshire 0. Nice one, girls.
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    Bring it on,who we playing first. and have never heard of a flour cake, Its a T cake in our local bakery,and if its got currants in its a fruit T CAKE. its not a bun/bread roll.a balm cake/or even a flatbread or ovan bottom cake. and if its got a fishcake in its a fishcake buttie,fish chips n peas and a T cake please.
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    It would be pointless. Lancashire is a joke county nowadays. What is it anyway - Bolton and Blackburn or something? The big cities of Liverpool and Manchester don't want anything to do with them. At least Yorkshire is a proper county with some proper big cities. That's why a Roses match won't work - Lancashire is too small to compete. Yorkshire would crush them. Might as well play Yorkshire vs Norfolk, for all the good that Lancashire are. Queensland vs NSW is a proper rivalry.
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    Yorkshire are always against the Rest of Britain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
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    Maybe some people, and the game in Europe, will lose something that has taken thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of euros to get to were we are today if this plan fails. As a rugby league fan even you wouldn't wish that? Its nothing to do with personal gain, anyone involved over the past twenty years is well out of pocket. Its about whats best for the game. Learning from past experiences and other groups trying to build something without the full support of the whole of the RLEF membership, it usually doesn't end well and the fall out can take a long long time to repair. The guy behind this has already failed to deliver on one of his projects yet is now proposing to bring in 56 draft players and set up clubs in places such as Moldova, Portugal and Austria to enter a Euro wide competition that has finance in place and TV contract signed. Even Catalans or Toronto couldn't achieve TV contracts yet an amateur competition with clubs not yet in place has done this!!! It is an amazing achievement and as I said if they pull it off its the greatest thing ever to happen to the sport. As for my "concern" not "really achieving a lot" I think I have achieved enough in 40 years service to be able to voice my concerns on a rugby league forum.
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    .......Again..... I played for Ealing ARLFC back in the early 90's
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    That name sounds stupid

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