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    A few months ago some of our most prominent black players such as Vinny Finigan, Ashton Golding, Michael Lawrence and Jordan Turner spoke out in the media about their experiences of racism in Rugby League. Since then, I have heard zero, squat, diddly from their clubs and their fellow players about how their treatment was outrageous and plans would be put into place to ensure that it would never happen again. Now, here is a little thought experiment for us all. The next time you watch a game of Rugby League just imagine that every white face you see in the playing, coaching, medical and back office staff were black and every black face you saw was white. Now imagine that the few white players you saw had recorded emotional videos describing the racism they had witnessed in the game. And then you see that nothing became of that and no-one was called out or punished for that behavior. As a young white man would you seek out your local Rugby League club and knock on their door and ask to join in?
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    The positive thing now is that it is looking likely that all of the clubs will get to the 15 game threshold. So far there hasn't been a disaster with a whole spate of cancellations, and whilst there is still a risk, we should be able to get to that 15 mark, certainly for the teams at the top. I agree with the couple of posts about the clubs, RFL and SLE doing a great job here, I've really enjoyed it, looking foward to the cup final on Saturday and I think as we saw with Wire v Wigan the other night, there is no shortage of effort and skill on show - I think it is disrespectful to everyone involved to belittle their efforts. Let's enjoy it at a time the world has gone crazy.
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    This is great news, good luck to them. I’m looking forward to seeing what negative spin some forum members can put on it too.
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    The renegotiated sky deal was reliant on the season being finished, do you think clubs can survive without this cash? I’m sick of the whinging surrounding this season, the clubs, players and RFL/SL are doing the best they can to get through it and it means we get to watch dome rugby, just enjoy it for what it is, this whole ‘lacks credibility’ is nonsense IMO, lacks credibility with who?
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    The SUPER LEAGUE/RFL get 10 out of 10 IMHO for getting as many games on as possible and 10 out of 10 to the clubs SKY/BBC too. WELL DONE I say what they have achieved has been nothing short of a miracle and overall the games have been enjoyable to watch:) Paul
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    A problem I see is that we have become experts at justifying everything and making ourselves feel smug and comfortable in our little bubble. We constantly excuse lack of diversity and geographical spread of our game as being due to people just not being interested. For me we have enough seemingly random segments of interested people to show this is BS.
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    Sally Nugent really has been fantastic throughout this and you can really see how emotionally involved she is.
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    No it doesn't. It's not his job to come up with a plan. It's RL's job.
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    There is a great danger that we rely on our great history too much and become complacent/oblivious. History isn't a get out of jail free card, that we can throw out when anything gets uncomfortable.
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    I saw the piece on Look North on Monday. From seeing that piece, I sat down and wrote this. Rob Burrow I'm writing this with enormous respect, for a man that played a game called Rugby League. You see that game is used to having big men play the game. But once in a while you get players that buck that trend. I'm going to tell you all about one man, who despite his size took on and beat the best. This mans name is Rob Burrow. What a player and heart like a lion he has. Since his retirement from the game, he's passing his knowledge on to young men starting out on a rugby career. Sadly this giant among men Rob has contracted MND a terrible disease. Just like when he played the game he's taking it all head on. What a beacon of light he is facing this terrible illness, in the public eye not showing any weakness. His only thoughts are for his wife and young children, and being at the forefront of helping others. One thing I've got to say is how brilliant, that not just the public have responded to Rob, but how the family of Rugby League have wrapped their arms around him and his family. All I can say to you Rob, is I don't know you personally, but through Rugby League I've admired your play, and now my friend that admiration has gone through the roof. Rob God Bless you and your family.
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    Interesting, for me ive ‘warmed’ to this season’s side more than any of the sides in the last 3 years, they seem to have a real genuine affinity for each other and a genuine sense of team spirit, we have some excellent youngsters coming through and we have played some great rugby. Agar has a lot of critics but the work he’s done in the last year he deserves a lot of praise.
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    We are lucky to have any games to watch at all. And as a game we are hugely indebted to the much maligned RFL for stepping up. In Oz, V’Landys is showing what a man of drive and vision can do with the greatest game. By the looks of it, we may have pretty much a full complement of teams playing next year, when, god willing, we can see them in the flesh. And that was by no means certain. Let’s not under estimate the level of stress that all the players have had to go through and the sacrifices they continue to make to keep safe and well (and I appreciate that many of us would swap places with them in an instant). As to the outcome, if Saints win, it will be a devalued, asterisked title, but if anyone else wins my god they will have earned it!
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    We are all busy with our new lock down hobbies Roger; knitting, macrame, writing lyric poetry, studying astrology or whatever.
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    It’s been far from a shambles. As others have posted it has been an excellent effort by all concerned The percentage calculation was only introduced once it was realised that numerous matches were likely to have to be cancelled due to the virus. When the season restarted it was generally expected that things would pick up across the country eg crowds back; offices fully opened etc but unfortunately that hasn’t happened so flexibility has been the order of the day
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    Looks as though they have/had moveable stands at this Stoke Gifford ground. Which would be absolutely fine for RL at League One level, should they get there.
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    Bristol Summer Bash perhaps?
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    I think cricket is (largely) doomed, certainly the five day version. Life is much more fast paced than previous. Everything is instant. And a game rooted in the slower, genteel Victorian era is incompatible with that. Those old fellas in the pavilion are from a different era. Baseball (a game as a kid I played as rounders) is also in trouble for the same reason. Slow paced, drawn out (though the version I played was very fast paced). The numbers are there as evidence, while there have also been books written on this subject. Cricket will have to evolve, which it’s trying to do with with 20-20, the bash, etc. That will very likely be it’s future. Not a cricket devotee by any means, but I do enjoy the Ashes (properly got hooked in 2005), so that may be the sole survivor of the long format. RL needn’t be in such trouble. At the minute it is and as I say it has correlated with the change in the way the game is played. A more attritional, defensive, grinding, wrestling Aussie style game. As well as society becoming more fast paced, putting slower sports in trouble, kids today are far less likely to accept being battered from pillar to post in sports. There’s a greater emphasis on health, safety and well-being. With RL (and RU) becoming more attritional, with an emphasis on players now bulking up to the heavens, spending hour upon hour in the gym and downing protein shakes as opposed to enjoying yourself with a ball, and with the greater focus on defensive strategies and stopping/stifling attacking play, it’s a much less attractive option/spectacle for kids. A Rangi Chase moment of eye catching skill sparked interest, went viral, but those moments are few and far between amongst today’s 80 minutes of play. Would Offiah/Hanley get the space to routinely make those eye catching runs today that sparked the interest of the like of a young Robinson? Absolutely no chance. “Moments of skill, amazing runs”, that should be written large on the chalk board of any RL committee that meets to discuss the future of RL. All those other changes (shot clock) are window dressing. It’s putting a bit of sticky plaster over a crack in the dam. The stupidity (and that’s what it is) of RL authorities not to see what is popular, and what is not, is mind boggling. Can’t just blame Robert Elstone (and he is hopeless), it’s all of them. RU is in the same boat. It hasn’t had a star in 15 years, again correlating with the change in how it’s played. Stars cannot be created because they can’t stand out like before. Without the stars (that Elstone and co. cluelessly taking about “needing to create”...while completely ignoring what creates them), there’s no-one for kids to want to emulate (like Robinson with Hanley), so less participation (44.9k in 2017, down 39% in 10 years), similarly small/less viewership, resulting in stagnation/fall. English RL could be more popular than ever by having Ellery Hanley type runs a common occurrence. As I said before, what works in Australia (biff, aggression, wrestling, scraps) does not work here, it’s a different culture. The result of the infiltration of the Aussie style in England has been very damaging. RL in England has a proud history when it comes to racial tolerance, so unless there’s been some hidden reversal of that (which I highly doubt) this subject is a red herring. It’s the fall in numbers across the board, with the decline in black participation being part of that.
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    Seen an intro for the show on BBC News at One, heartbreaking!
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    This all sounds great! The partnership with the college is a genius idea meaning instead of having to find facilties themselves or end up nomads they just use the excellent facilities on offer at the college and have access to a large group of potential players straight away. I like how they are emphasising youth development as well, expanding the sport into a new area by getting kids involved is definitely the way to go. Also encouraging how the college they've partnered with has previous success at developing teams in other sports. In terms of magic, venue is quite a bit smaller than others that have been used but I suppose it is further to travel than other venues and it would almost certainly be full which would create an incredible atmosphere. I'm certainly up for magic in Bristol if it happens. After the success of the World Cup game there it is a shame we didn't push on with more internationals there. Seen as we only get 5k for one off tests in the heartlands I don't see any problem with taking a mid-season game to Bristol. We're wanting a mid-season game next year so how about England v Wales at Memorial Stadium, maybe have it as a double header with England v Wales women or something. The opposition for that game will clearly be Wales or France so might as well pick the one closest to Bristol.
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    Absolutely 100% agree with this. I for one am very grateful we have games to watch and am thoroughly enjoying the rugby. The clubs and players are making a herculean effort to put games on and play them back to back in extraordinary circumstances, that effort is literally saving the clubs from financial oblivion. Not a single team is chucking the towel in on the pitch. The effort being made is truly remarkable and gives the season huge credibility in my eyes.
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    No, not remotely. The solution isn't to get a bunch of non-northern, non-white voices to speak - not least because we can probably between us list all the players that would cover. The solution is to do the hard work of development officers in schools, outside traditional communities, and by proactively going to places where we don't normally get participants and supporters of our game. *And then* we can put up some non-white, non-northern voices. Until then ... we are an unwelcoming and uninclusive sport. And, to go by how most of these threads go, most of the supporters don't have a problem with that.
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    Elite 2 First Round Pia 34-10 Lescure Carpentras 28-14 Lyon-Villeurbanne Entraigues 20-18 Baho Toulon 56-4 Salon Villegailhenc 38-20 Villefranche Elite 1 Opens 31 Oct - 1 Nov
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    In a way there is too much focus upon players and their recruitment. Where are the role models in management, refereeing, administrators and boardrooms? Please don't tell me that "they" aren't interested in these type of positions.
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    The idea that Rugby League isn't viable in Wales is bunk. If we look at the three years that Crusaders had under licensing in SL (one in the south, then 2 in the north) They pulled in an average of about 3,500 - 4 ,000 in the south. The year after in Wrexham they got over 4600 and the final year, the one with admin and the owners pulling out (people for whom owning Wrexham AFC and Crusaders was all about stripping the land for sale) they still pulled in 3000 playing at a stadium way to big for them in the Racecourse Ground. Outside of SL, NWC had a few 1000 plus attendances at the racecourse (remember, it is more difficult to get people to watch sport at these oversized arena as atmosphere is impossible) and now sadly play at an athletics track (again, being a mile away from the action makes watching sport immensely more unattractive). The problem for Crusaders (I can't speak to South Wales) is not that the Welsh won't watch rugby league but is the same problem for so many RL teams (Swinton, Oldham, Rochdale etc). They lack a real home that can generate revenue and is built to watch the sport. Were Crusaders to get a 6,000 capacity ground with 3G pitch (i,e an asset they can sweat) I have every confidence they could be a viable Championship team with 2000 regularly (more for big games) and be a real home for Welsh Rugby League and Wales Internationals. In short, the problem for Rugby League in North Wales is the problem for rugby league in a dozen places... a lack of infrastructure.
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    I think it's pretty terrible. I cant see many people paying that on top of what they currently pay for Sky, on which they often see their own team anyway.
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    With the Finals in the NRL coming up thought we might see more of this. As we know there is a continual `arms race` between the rule makers and the coaches. New rule comes in coaches find a way around it. Earlier in the year we saw `six-again` to get rid of the wrestle which had become truly a blight on the game. Worked a treat. However the Roosters then Penrith very quickly realised if you kept the player up off the ground the tackle wasn`t considered complete, if you dragged him back about 5 metres even better, plenty of time for your defensive line to reset just like the wrestle had achieved. However it does take three blokes initially in the tackle to keep the bloke up off the ground, a fourth will often come in to help drag him back. However I saw an interesting little play by Manly to counter this, Hasler had Marty Tapau run at the line one off the ruck, at about 2-3 metres from the defensive line, as the defenders converged on him, obviously to get in there and hold him up and drive him back , he turned his body sideways and swung a pass out to Fonua- Blake, because the defensive line was a bit thinner as the defenders were converging on Tapau, Blake burst straight through and scored . I saw the same move used between Tapau and Jake Trbojevic with the same result a couple weeks later. Even if they don1t break the defensive line, the `B` runner pokes his head through the line goes to ground and they get the fast play the ball. Great little tactic. Funny enough it was Hasler, who when at Canterbury, used a similar tactic using James Graham. Graham ran at the line one off the ruck and approaching the defensive line used to turn and throw a beautiful pass out the back thereby creating an extra player in the backline. The move was pretty soon being copied by everyone. But when the Dogs first started it, all the commentators were creaming their pants at this new move, unheard of , a front rower throwing this beautiful long pass out the back to the five eight. Just thought I would share this, because I love it when coaches bring in little innovations that show the game is not so simple after all.
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    Maybe waiting for the Challenge Cup final to be played before focusing on the Grand Final?
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    I think rl is the best game in the world and would love it to be global sadly others don’t think the same or it would be by now
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    Fantastic pictures-what a beautiful town it was.
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    Just read a new book on former Huddersfield great Douglas Clark and his life story. I didn't know too much about him to be honest but his story is truly remarkable when considering his rugby achievements, efforts in WW1 and his career as a pro wrestler. A good read for any Hudderfield fans or just general fans of RL history. https://www.amazon.com/Man-All-Talents-Extraordinary-Douglas/dp/1785316826
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    Shall we call that a 'ruck' or a 'maul'?
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    It’s like injuries too, then. It’s not fair that Wakefield have had so many injuries this year and others haven’t. But they have. That’s how it works.
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    It's also scheduled to be shown on BBC One on Saturday at 1.15pm ahead of the Challenge Cup Final. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/guide/bbcone/20201017
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    This is an area of the game where I have a view, but not strongly held. It becomes stronger when there is a spate of unduly premature "Held" calls, especially those where an offload is made roughly simultaneously and the recipient has to stop and hand the ball back. A call like that is proof positive of a referee failing to read the tackle. Some Aussie RL refs start out in Touch, where a play is instantly complete upon contact. This may influence their reluctance to let tackles develop. A ball-carrier can appear to be wrapped up, then through good technique get the hands free. If the ref jumps the gun, it snuffs out second-phase play. Thus, I would rather they erred on the side of waiting longer. A ref calling "Held" too early risks the game degenerating into - dart out of dummy-half, smack, "Held", tackle 1, play the ball - dart out of dummy-half, smack, "Held", tackle 2, play the ball., etc till we get to the kick. With a 10m offside line these tactics can gain ground as well as any contributions from forwards. If a smaller player charges directly into several forwards he deserves to be held up and driven a long way back. It`s up to his team to create space for smaller players, where even if they`re tackled by a forward, they can isolate them one-on-one and find the floor. And as I said before, if a player gets it wrong and is stood up, his teammates are entitled to "Lend weight" to stop backward/lateral momentum or bring the tackle to earth. Players of differing sizes have to work out their own method for their position. Watching them do so is part of the rich variety of the game. The core role of Dufty or Papenhuyzen is not to take on forwards in three-man tackles. If it were and a smaller player could routinely be as effective as a larger one in the middle, it would blur the distinctions between varying attributes and make the game more homogeneous across the park.
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    There is no such thing as an “unwritten rule” and there is certainly no gentleman’s agreement or anything similar that teams are not to push in the scrum.
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    Total agree at our level WE WANT KENT LOCAL DERBIES and also its a great day out (Just like Rugby League at lower level) We are what we are, nothing better than a day out at Whitstable Deal etc we were at Dear the other week in early September I took the train locally couple of changes nice restaurant near the beach watched the game (Great club house and bar) wonderful day out much better than wasting money on watching overpaid wallies in the premiership/championship:) Paul
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    I’m confused. What’s happened in the past five hours that’s dramatically changed this year? From what I can see, nothing. It’s not been ideal, it’s not been smooth at times but we’re doing what we can and that’s all that can be asked this year.
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    Agreed and a positive one can hook people ... One of the best moments of this very short Champ season was the Featherstone game in Ealing. There was a group of local primary kids-about 60. Almost all Asian and they looked they really enjoyed the game. I assume it was a Broncos initiative Confusingly the school was called 'Featherstone Primary'.... It was written on the side of their bus. Not sure who they cheered for but hopefully they had a great time and will come again! https://www.featherstoneprimary.co.uk/
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    Generally, I would say Leeds and Huddersfield have a larger black population which would derive black players of the game. Bradford, Halifax, Dewsbury and to a lesser extent Wakefield have a larger Asian population which should derive players from such backgrounds. Belle Vue itself is in the centre of a very multicultural area of the city but I suspect we have very little engagement with these communities. Whether it's a lack of effort from the club or lack of interest from the population or maybe a bit of both. Cas and Featherstone are youre typical ex mining towns which are very white.
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    No just get a test if you've symptoms, the amateur union and football have been back playing for over a month. All elite 1 players work and even more so the elite 2 players, I don't think their employers would be happy if they where in a bubble. Even the super league players in the UK aren't really in a bubble and are seen in pubs and restaurants.
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    I agree, this shouldn't be penalized more than a knock on. The defending player is making a split second decision, probably doesn't know himself if the the intercept is on or not. Simplify the rules, don't have referees try to interpret players intent.
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    You have to applaud them for trying. Nothing ventured and all that. At least they're trying to do something positive.
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    Wales are usually quite strong at u16 level. If West Wales can sign and develop any players that don't go to SL then add a few more experienced players then they could become a good side.
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    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-03/nrl-last-tackle-what-they-do-grubbers-adam-reynolds/12727844 Thought I`d stick this on here, they have a habit of disappearing pretty quickly otherwise.

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