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    https://thunderrugby.co.uk/general/trio-of-teams-give-thunder-matchday-milestone/ With ambitions to win Betfred Super League by 2030, Sunday’s Betfred League 1 match-day against Workington Town marks a significant milestone in the development of Newcastle Thunder. For the first time in the club’s history three separate teams, U18s, Reserves and First Team will play fixtures at Kingston Park Stadium on the same day. In a huge boost to the game in the north east almost 70% of the players on show will be either local or academy produced. It is another impressive demonstration of the ambitions held by Thunder, who after being granted admission into the new-look Reserve grade competition now boast a complete player development pathway. Starting with monthly, open-access player development programmes for U12s and U14s, the club operates academy teams at U16 & U18 levels. Players can then progress into Reserves and First Team, giving players from the North East and beyond an outlet to fulfil their ambitions. With continued growth of the grassroots game in the region, where participation numbers have risen by 40% in the last five years and 16 community clubs now have over 1,400 players enjoying the game, the North East has solid foundations for sustainable, long term growth. Newcastle Thunder chairman Mick Hogan said: “There are some exciting times ahead for rugby league in our region and the teams named for Sunday show how it is growing. “Across three teams of 51 players, 35 of them are either from the local area or have come through Thunder’s academy and that is incredibly important for where we want to go as a club and take the sport to. “With new junior clubs forming in North Tyneside, the west end of Newcastle and the Tyne Valley, that next generation of players have something to aspire to in their home region. “Whilst we’re rightly proud of the club’s development, it is just the start of our next steps. With four full time members of staff in our community team and big events coming to the region in the next 18 months, we are well placed to ensure this growth and development of local talent continues.”
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    https://kirkleestogether.co.uk/2020/03/17/we-have-got-a-deal-to-buy-the-birthplace-of-rugby-league-over-the-line/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn Kirklees have bought the building to put it back into use, and ensure its continued existence as part of our history and heritage
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    Toronto are already reportedly lining up Man of Kent to count their crowds in, and are cautiously optimistic that they will just sneak under the 1000 mark should the same thing apply in Canada.
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    This is no doubt great news and a positive for our game. Some people are moaning about it but I do not see a reason why. This is what we want for our sport. For rl to be played in new cities and locations. We want more people to become fans. We want more people to invest their money. We want more sponsors who haven't previously invested in the sport to do so. We want our teams playing out of first class facilities and stadiums. We want our clubs to be financially stable. This is what has been delivered today with the announcement of the Ottawa Aces. Let's celebrate it and the positives they bring.
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    Both Hector and David Hughes should get an MBE for services to Rugby League in London I have only ever been to the LS once around 3 years ago when they played Toronto Wolfpack. Nice club Nice people Hope it all works out Paul
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    As of today, following the government lockdown announcement on Monday evening, League Publications Ltd staff are all now safely working from home. We have put a plan in place that will enable us to continue publishing League Express every Monday in both print and digital formats. It will be on sale in the usual outlets (those that remain open) and we will continue to fulfill subscriptions as normal via Royal Mail delivery. If you would like to take out a new print subscription or renew and existing one, please use our online shop to order as we are unable to answer telephone calls or process mail sent to our office for the time being. If you would like to try the digital edition instead, you can download the League Express app for your smartphone or tablet from your app store, or go to the Pocketmags website. If you have any subscription enquiries, you can send me a PM via the forum, post it below, or you can use the contact form on our website. Thanks for your support!
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    New government advice specifically for Wiganers who don't understand the metric system.
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    No ones playing any games for months, people really need to understand what is happening.
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    Thank you for your contribution, Mr President.
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    Over the years I have not always been able to watch as many Super League games as I would have liked. Last year and this year I have subscribed to a pay for view service and have been watching at least a couple of matches a week and then looking at game highlights on Youtube and other formats. With a couple of exceptions most of the games have been great viewing with some close scores that have gone down to the wire. There have been great tries scored all over the Park and not only by the usual strong teams. It has been entertaining and a breathe of fresh air for the start of the season, I hope it keeps going for the rest of the year.
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    It's a virus, not dry rot.
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    I remember picking up Hector outside a north London tube station to take him to one of our London Amateur League games on a Sunday. What he achieved in elevating the Skolars to the Rugby League pro/semi pro levels is nothing more than outstanding. He deserves some recognition from the game. An incredible proponent of the sport.
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    On lighter note. My Grandson has been sent home from Uni as his Halls are closed. He started work at Asda yesterday. To quote my daughter " He has gone from being a useless tawt to essential key worker overnight" Made me laugh
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    Less than 10 mins into this and it's equally horrifying and engrossing. The quality of interview and the rawness of this is incredible. Fair play to Brian opening up this much, wouldn't think less of him for keeping this to himself. Deserves a massive audience.
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    That's a pretty daft statement IMO given the RFL so far have followed the guidance of scientific and health experts to the letter. If public gatherings are banned next week and they continue then you may have a point, but to claim they're showing no consideration for the health of players and supporters by following the advice of experts is an odd conclusion to come to
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    Hemel are in the new Southern Conferance. A club that has been around 40yrs, and own's it's own ground, a very strong junior section all the way to open age are not going out of existence.
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    With plenty of free time ahead of us, let's start a thread of some of the best hidden RL gems on YouTube. I'll start with a few of my favourites: Short news report on the proposed Calder merger of Fev, Cas and Wakey... Featherstone 12-7 Hull KR, from a 1992 episode of Scrumdown... Featherstone 12-6 Castleford, from an 89-90 episode of Scrumdown...
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    I really do find it more than a bit embarrassing.... Ok it's nice to be appreciated, and I don't want to come across as a bit of an ar se, but all this does feel OTT ....for me at least. Give me the kit to do my job safely and I'll be ok. When I signed up to nursing I signed up to providing emergency response. Like a young army recruit signing on.... does so knowing he or she may have to earn their pay dodging bullets one day. I'm no different to logistics employees, bin men, supermarket workers, police etc, all of whom are doing their bit sometimes in really sh itty conditions. I dont consider myself an hero... an angel or superman. I'm a nurse doing my job. I'd sooner folk just respect current advice given to them and that my government gets me the bloody kit.... Yours Mardy ar se Rovrum.
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    You need doctors and an ambulance at games, so that rules it out straight away. Wait till we get past the peak then see what happens
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    I stood my lads down yesterday and have given notice that due to the coronavirus I will not be starting three new contracts next week, I will be making my lads up to their full basic wage for up to six months, I'll then revise this and depending on money owned to me getting paid I will carry on as long as I can.
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    I would like to apologise to those people who I offended recently, I was not mentally correct when I posted certain comments. I thought they were amusing, but only to a sad area of my brain. This League community is a family to me, especially in my harder times, and I did not mean to alienate anybody, or myself from this welcoming family, that I have been a part of for 16 years. I wish all of the Rugby League community good health, including many of the clubs I have been unfaithfully scathing about. We are a family, and sometimes families fall out. we need each other as a wall need each others bricks. Thank you to Admin who allowed me back, I will behave. We are stronger as a family.
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    I realise that you are really just posting this sort of stuff for some sort of braggadocio and that it does not represent your real view. Fewer than 5 people a day lose their lives on our roads and about 82 are seriously injured. This represents a relatively unform load on the NHS, and one that can largely be planned for. A goodly proportion of these deaths and injuries are self-inflicted and involve the younger end of the population. Coronavirus, it seems, is relatively mild in the young. However, for people over 70 with underlying health issues , it is clearly proving fatal in a high proportion of cases. These people will have protected themselves from flu but cannot yet do so against this new virus. You have to bear in mind that many many prople over 70 have such underlying health issues -heart conditions, lung conditions, conditions involving immunosuppressive medication etc.etc. there are people on here more qualified to say what these conditions are. So you, as an immature adolescent, may well contract Covid 19 and experience mild symptoms. However, you might then pass it on to an adult who may die from it. The load on the NHS cannot be predicted and as a new illness on top of other "winter" illnesses, can easily overload the system. So, in summary don't be a d1ckhead.
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    Sky Sports Arena are having a full day of RL programmes this Sunday, including the previously broadcast documentaries about Eddie Hemmings, Stevo and Jamie Peacock as well as Warriors Down Under and We Play League. The highlight is 'Super league Rewind' on Sunday night at 7pm, which is showing the first game of Super League from March 1996 between Paris St Germain and Sheffield Eagles. It's a 2 and a half hour show, so I'm assuming its a re-broadcast of Sky's full coverage as was shown on the night. Hopefully Sky can dig out a few more classic games while there's no live action on. The full day of programmes is on Sky Sports Arena from 6am Sunday morning, and from 10.30am everything is also showing on SS Mix. However, the Warriors Down Under and We Play League re runs after 10.30pm are only on SS Arena. The PSG v Sheffield match is also being shown on SS Main Event.
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    In case anyone has forgotten. Remember to wash your hands.
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    Had a phone call yesterday from Danny Washbrook asking how I was and had a little chat, proud to be part of a fantastic club, thank you it makes a difference when you live alone in these uncertain times, thank you.
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    100% No. That’s not why they’re doing it. There are reasons for both of them, which are fair enough but I can assure you you’re wrong to suggest either of them would share your view (why on earth do you follow the club if you dislike it so much?) A passing understanding of the clubs history would show you that neither of their investments have been based on thinking Skolars would be a top table club. There have been many seasons when we’ve struggled over the last 25 year. In fact the last 5-6 seasons have been the highlights. Off the pitch as many on here say Skolars are doing a good job in very tough circumstances- we have a healthy number of sponsors including for players, events like Capital Challenge and a strong community presence.
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    Hector has been a true pioneer of the game in London, it's sad to see him step down but it's an all encompassing role and often thankless...........hopefully the Skolars won't suffer from his departure
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    Sometimes putting people on ignore is the best option. For everyone’s mental health.
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    Well, you, sir, are a backside and one of the main reasons why the virus will continue to kill people, putting my friends and colleagues in the NHS at mortal peril just because you're such a rebel that you have to prove how tough you are by going out. You're not tough, you're a grade A imbecile. I sincerely regret clearing my ignore list to see what's going on otherwise I'd have missed this. Back on again and this time permanently.
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    I agree to an extent, but I'm OK with us aggressively putting our hand up for help. I'm cool with the RFL not sitting back and knowing it's place. I think we are small enough to avoid much criticism on this.
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    If our first 4 fixtures had been Whitehaven, Oldham, Batley & Sheffield, we might have had 8 points and be right up there, then this thread would have had the title "York for Super League?".
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    I don't think anyone has suggested us as an immediate candidate for Super League. Maybe in a few years hopefully, if we continue our development. We will continue trying to be the best version of a rugby league club we can be. The new stadium is in the suburb of Huntington. It is 2 miles from the station, and 1.5 miles from the Minster. Hardly the dark side of the Moon.
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    I find it fascinating that people are more bothered about a club with a history ranging back barely five years but don’t bat an eyelid at clubs with 100+ years not having an Academy.
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    It should be an annual thing. Alternating between being in England and France and given more stature and standing than a Wednesday night in Leigh.
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    Worst case? Thousands and thousands of people die. Rugby League, as any sport is, is completely secondary. Rugby League will survive.
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    There's 1000,s dieing, most people being told to stop in, everyone told to keep two metres apart etc and he's more bothered about sport, it is what it is and sport isn't ensential enough to think about yet.
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    None of them. No team deserves being culled, moved or expunged.
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    Fair enough if you don't want to buy it. Each to their own. But just to clarify, this week's League Express has 24 pages, not 7. Best not to spread misconceptions y'know, it's hard enough for us to keep going as it is without folk spreading incorrect info about how many pages we're publishing. People's jobs are on the line here, guys. It's serious.
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    At this time shouldn't we be more concerned about getting as many people through this alive.Sports clubs can be restarted, people can't. I love the game just as much as any rugby league fan but this situation is becoming worrying to say the least. With people not adhereing to government advice with social distancing. Some individuals in society need to get a grip. But that's just my take on it.
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    it could be a mad dash for fines but equally it may have been because you were speeding and therefore should be fined... how come after the first few you didnt just stick to the speed limit? i'll happily blame the french for a lot of things but enforcing the law seems harsh..
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    As not flush, but I would happily do a tenner a week for duration of the closure if something could be sorted, I think it’s cheap for something I love it’s our team and we need to keep it alive utt
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    Well done. You dived in and called it 'pure fantasy' before anyone even had a chance to post any fantasy. I mean we all know it's coming on this thread, but you got your reply in early
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    I think some people will still be saying "it's all a hoax" or "it's blown out of proportion" until someone very close to them ends up in intensive care or dies. Nothing else will get through their skulls.
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    Take a look at how they've increased growth in attendances over the last 4 - 5 years. People aren't "desperate" for them to be in Super League, but people realise they have really grown as a club - and should be applauded for that.
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    Hi all.I've been a long time follower of this forum,but never felt the need to join,until now. The initial post by costa really saddened me and made me think about my own behaviour when attending games. As a long suffering Hunslet supporter,I've had plenty to grumble about over the years. When a mate and I started attending we were barely into double figures,age wise. We only had a rudimentary idea of the rules. If,or more likely when,we lost,we would travel home kidding ourselves that we had been robbed by the ref.The conversation went along the lines of "ruddy ref,how could he miss those 6 forward passes and 5 blatant knock ons,otherwise we would only have lost by 20". I'm ashamed to say that I yelled at the referee as much as the next person. However,as I got older I started to have a more objective outlook,now I realise that things will always even out in the long run. The old adage,no ref no game,more valid than ever nowadays owing to the shortage of referees. I made a special point of observing crowd reaction to refereeing decisions at the game yesterday. In truth,there was not that much,probably because we were winning. As an aside,I think NWC played well,better than the score suggests,and their supporters were great. In response to the initial post,I have had a couple of thoughts. Firstly,along the lines of union's "respect the kicker",(which I think is going too far,no harm in good natured whistling etc)maybe we could initiate "respect the ref" with announcements before the game.We already have warnings about racist or homophobic abuse as it is.The sport would then be seen in a better light,I feel. Secondly,print out the post by costa and hand a copy to everyone as they pass through the turnstiles.Let's have a real go at sorting the problem,it would improve the experience for everyone. I imagine this thread will quieten down now with the news about Ottawa today. Anyhow,that's my two penn'orth,sorry for rambling on at length.
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    From today's League Express: RFL advises clubs on coronavirus concerns https://www.totalrl.com/rfl-advises-clubs-on-coronavirus-concerns/ Please don't turn this into a wild speculation/mad panic thread - we've locked two of those already and this will go the same way too if necessary. Stiff upper lips, everyone. Keep calm, carry on. Thanks.
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    Interestingly while i was doing that strenuous technical research i also noted that Wakefield have won 7/10 games in which Gareth Hewer has been the referee, so can we all assume Mr Hewer has a thing for Wakefield?

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