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    I really do find it more than a bit embarrassing.... Ok it's nice to be appreciated, and I don't want to come across as a bit of an ar se, but all this does feel OTT ....for me at least. Give me the kit to do my job safely and I'll be ok. When I signed up to nursing I signed up to providing emergency response. Like a young army recruit signing on.... does so knowing he or she may have to earn their pay dodging bullets one day. I'm no different to logistics employees, bin men, supermarket workers, police etc, all of whom are doing their bit sometimes in really sh itty conditions. I dont consider myself an hero... an angel or superman. I'm a nurse doing my job. I'd sooner folk just respect current advice given to them and that my government gets me the bloody kit.... Yours Mardy ar se Rovrum.
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    Here's a link we'll worth a watch, it's mainly in English, be careful there's a few swear words in there, not cut out as it's for the French audience
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    £10m is more than the turnover of all but one of the SL clubs so hard to believe it's right. On the other hand, without reading the article, seven figures is £1m not £10m so perhaps someone in Brighouse has forgotten to carry the one somewhere.
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    Sister no worse and sounds to be breathing a little easier on the phone. She's got the humour back today too. Her fella still ventilated. His kidneys aren't working but his sats have improved overnight which is encouraging. Niece remains in ICU in Perth WA. Weirdly the c-19 virus is only located in her chest cavity. Nowhere else. She is now of interests to the medics.... like how, why etc?
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    My son started showing symptoms last weekend. He had a pretty rough couple of days and by Monday he had lost all sense of taste and smell. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he was feeling fine now. I asked him if his sense of taste and smell had returned. The conversation went something like this: "Can you taste anything yet?" "I can taste beer and spicy food." "Anything else?" "I haven't tried anything else."
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    Not another bluddy topic on this subject, I hear you say. No. Most threads about the future seem to have a narrow focus: Toronto, the amateur game, expansion, the USA, TV deals, four quarters, things were better in the past so let’s go back. Of course, the motivation remains the same for most posters: how can our game survive, never mind thrive in this the 3rd decade of the 21st century, 125 years after the game's birth. I think we now have an opportunity to look at the future with a much wider focus, a higher-level view, leaving the RFL and clubs with the short-term issues of restarting the game before it is forgotten. It goes without saying that as fans, we have no influence on the top-level pro game really. We turn up at the turnstile (except for internationals where we don't seem to do that), we pay our TV licences, Sky subscriptions etc but really that is about it. At grass roots level and up to sub-league 1 level, we may have more influence - not really my area. I'm not talking about changing the rules of play, though that might be part of it. I'm talking about making the game appealing to the many millions who are not currently fans, maybe those who see RL as just another branch of rugby, or those who don't even know it exists. Unless there are major changes in the way that the game works and is presented to the public, then we will never see crowds growing, never see TV contracts increasing, never see decent media coverage. Doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different outcomes might be an indicator of madness, but it is also an indicator of experience in that we can see what does not work. My first suggestion is to look at other sports and see what they have done to survive and grow. I'd start with baseball to see if there are any lessons. It is unique, not like any other top-level sport. Forget rounders, forget softball. just watch some baseball. It is fast, it is physical, a game is an event and after a long fight, it is now truly inclusive. The death of baseball has been foretold by miserable fans ever since its birth. Ring a bell? Despite that, Alex Rodriguez is still MLB's career leader in earnings with over $450 million and Mike Trout is already guaranteed to make at least $507 million in his career thanks to his latest contract. Many leading players can expect to earn $150 million each in their careers. There's real money in them there bases! Enough for kids to really want to play the game. And that's in a dying game, remember. I was trying to understand how baseball had started to die. See, I’d heard that baseball was dying. I’d heard this for my entire life. This is true for my father and his entire life, and his father and his entire life, and his father and his entire life—because it’s forever been true for baseball. It’s been declared at risk of death since it was born. Of course, the precise causes of death vary by decade and person and context. (Lately, you’ve probably heard about problems with attendance, with home runs, with pace of play, and, obviously, with millennials.) Some are far more credible than others. But the core is the same. There’s someone who believes baseball is dying. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/08/29/baseball-is-dying-history I'd start by unifying the game under the banner of NRL, so the game is the same worldwide and gives us a de facto name that does not mention rugby up front, ( yes I know what the R in NRL stands for, but fronting up with the word rugby invites immediate comparison and confusion in potential new fans, whereas hiding it avoids that. Then I'd make it more TV friendly and that where three thirds or four quarters and other possible innovations come in. For those of you with the stamina to have read this far, remember here that I'm not talking about winning old fans back. I think that opportunity has in any meaningful way - thousands not hundreds - long passed us by, though if the game were to advance in the way I'm suggesting, I think there could be thousands of new fans through the turnstiles.
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    There's folk out there saying that we should abandon the lockdown on Monday coming as that'll be "when promised". Are they f***ing insane?
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    South Yorkshire's density of top Football clubs (5 in 4 cities/towns) is akin to RLs density in West Yorkshire. Indeed soccer was brought to the West by what were effectively missionaries from the south and even then has resulted in only 3 consistently present Football League sides (I don't know enough about the history of Halifax town Bradford PA or Guiseley) Generally I get the sense that the majority of towns can only support 1 team and then slightly larger places can support more. Wakefield, Bath, Warrington, St Helens and Gloucester are classic examples of places that really should have football league teams but the prevalence of Rugby (either code) has played a huge factor in limiting that. Even Leeds and Leicester are examples of relatively large cities where there are 2 football teams, 1 just plays rugby football rather than association. I'd even include Bristol in that example if you take Rovers to be more of a Somerset County side rather than the city. A 5 Live podcast recently suggested that in the UK its very hard to be a 3rd team in a city and there is some truth to that (although our North American cousins can rightly point out that is not universal). There are of course exceptions to the generalisations, Hull and Wigan spring to mind, but even then its largely the soccer club that has grown from relatively small on the back of footballs immense general popularity. In Lancashire I'd imagine the strength of the foundations of the football League (which in part drove the formation of the Northern Union) meant that the RL towns we do have are each small miracles by comparison with a relatively similar area such as the West Midlands and its dearth of top RU clubs nowadays. Just my tuppence.
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    I sincerely hope he’s fine and he’s on the mild end of intensive care admissions
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    It’s a bit early to have her lumberjacking just yet.
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    Please, please please news correspondents and presenters, just report the facts. I had to shout at the telly yesterday when the a representative of the Royal College of Nursing was asked "Do you think any more nurses will die of this virus" After a fairly neutral answer she was then asked "So how many do you think will die before this is all over" For the love of God, I know you have 24 hours to fill with news, but think before you speak. Rant over.....for now.
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    I'll stand out like a sore thumb. But we've moved so that my son in law, who is her main carer, can get some respite from looking after a 6(nearly 7 ) year old who can't walk, can't talk, can only see a little and is incontinent. Having said all that she is a delightful little girl, and we love her madly.
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    As long as the OP isn't breeding it's all good
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    Sorry to come across as a cynical grumpy so and so But doing this every week is rather daft IMO, support the NHS by sticking to the guidelines and doing your bit to try stop the spread of the virus, I get that you can do both and they aren't mutually exclusive but still... My wife has the same attitude as Robin above, she has always said she is just doing her job, give her the right tools and she is happy to continue doing what she gets paid to do, she in no way thinks she is a hero, I also think there's a lot of people who don't work for the NHS who are doing just as an important job in all of this
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    The only thing I read into 'review' was that we stay as we are or tighten the screw. I never for a second thought, 'oh they may relax this in three weeks'.
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    Obviously Argyle is a keen league man but there is a limit to what the guy will put up with. The WP have been treated badly from the start.Depriving them from of their share of the Sky money was petty to say the least and I can't imagine any other sport acting that way. SL is worried about the money coming in from Sky,surely their comm on sense should tell them their product is not as good as it should be. Bring in a couple of teams from France and Canada and you have a comp with more appeal to tv networks.
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    But no games are being shown, games which are part of the deal. They could have easily withheld payment if they desired.
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    These news channels are generally built on people's thirst for information, sensationalism, ultra-reality etc. In this instance, I think the general public may actually be turning against those principles and trying to avoid it. Some of the questions are simply designed to shock, discredit or score points. I am now watching only one news programme a day as I think it is seriously damaging to my mental health to watch any more than that. I am not interested in any blame game and won't be interested in evaluating our country's response to the situation, until well after all of this has gone; That could be some time. Why journalists think the average Joe Blogs has the time and inclination to do anything other than look after themselves and their family is currently beyond me. I guess, for some others, it is entertainment of some sort?
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    Don't let facts get in the way of fake news that backs up a point that Facebook sharers want to make.
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    There are no supplies. Literally none. Private suppliers are not answering calls/emails and we’re buying stuff directly from China and other countries. We do status reports daily across our patch from GP practices and we have no practices that have more than 1 day of full kit, most have complete outages of some items, especially eye protection. Clinicians are having to make the ethical nightmare decision of using short personal protection or patients doing without appointments, being clinicians they’re overwhelmingly treating patients. 1. There was a rapid clinical assessment of PPE by PHE over last weekend and released yesterday. I linked to it yesterday, let me know and I’ll link it again if you prefer. It is fine for use but we don’t have it all AND clinicians are still dying even if they are using it properly. I have some sympathy with PHE as there would NEVER be enough of the higher FFP3 standard masks, full-sleeved aprons/boiler suits, etc this side of June/July at the expected use, even if assuming we could repurpose all companies possible today. So, what do they do? The best they can. We know it’s the best they can do but clinicians are still dying with it. 2. That’s one for the political threads and directly links that vile old thwaite Lansbury and his butchery of the NHS into bits & pieces. To smooth feathers, Hunt and now Hancock have genuinely reversed that but would be years away in fair weather of making it back to 2011 standards. Hancock especially has been tough in pushing through reversals of the idiot 2012 “reforms”. Also, see the 2nd paragraph of point 1, no point asking for perfect when we know “good” will be hard enough to source. “Live within your means” has no monetary meaning with this, it’s all entirely logistics and supply. 3. Some. They do work very closely with the NHS and are a respected body. See the second paragraphs of both 1 and 2. —— The new “e-commerce” platform comes live next week where NHS organisations can buy kit from NHS supplies and it’ll be delivered using a commercial courier company that’s lost all its normal trade. Should be fast as long as it can keep supplies up (see above!). Some weird folk are still putting prices against these things rather than just sending places what we need.
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    I miss Parky. At least he put some effort in
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    Reference to "the richer clubs" is interesting - which are they? Most RL clubs, like other sports organisations , survive on cash and cashflow. Take away the latter and there are suddenly no richer clubs, simply a host of poor ones. Any suggestions of wealthy owners bailing them out should also be tempered with an undestanding of where these individuals generate their own wealth; they might not be doing so well themselves at the moment either. This isn't an attempt to score points but to demonstrate that there are no simple or simplistic solutions to a problem that none of us understand sufficiently well, and nor really does anybody else.
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    A day chilling out. Don't care one jot. The memsahib and myself have had a rotten year ... to just spend some time without being mythered or hassled by family has been fabulous. Time just for us two. Ok, I miss kids and grandkids, a walk around manvers Lake and a pint at the lad's pub.... but the upside to this isolation malarkey is fairly significant for me. Every cloud etc
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    If you hear anyone ever saying ‘ lexit ‘ or ‘loxit’ then there should be emergency powers to keep them in permanent isolation from society
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    Almost forgot it was Easter this weekend amid the crisis. Sky are showing the 2003 Good Friday Derby in full at 1pm among six hours of derby viewing from 12pm on Arena https://www.skysports.com/watch/tv-guide/10-04-2020 On Saturday, a rerun of the Rob Burrow game amid six hours of Leeds Rhinos highlights, also on Arena from noon https://www.skysports.com/watch/tv-guide/11-04-2020
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    It’s always good to see some good news these days on this subject.
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    Come on Boris, pull through, we're all praying for you!
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    I’ve just been checking our just giving page and have to say that I’m delighted to report that we’ve topped £2,000 already. We continue to receive some fantastic amounts which prove the affection that many people have for our great club. I’ve said before that whilst these donations are fantastic, the smaller amounts from those with lesser means are every bit as generous and equally well received, particularly when many people have seen their income severely reduced. May I take this opportunity to thank all who have donated so generously, on behalf of all of us at The Travellers Rest Supporters Club; and also to thank all who have donated via the other groups and fundraising initiatives. We are undoubtedly in the middle of the greatest global crisis of most of our lives and at times like these we need something to look forward to, a sign that normality has returned. Hopefully for many Town fans that will be a Sunday afternoon at Derwent Park cheering the lads on and, to quote her majesty “we’ll meet again”
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    A glimmer of hope?
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    Did you know that once you put a mask on that you should leave it on? If you take off the mask with anything other than spotless hands then you’re running a very high risk of contaminating it and making it worse than actually wearing nothing. Nice to see your casual racism showing you’re off down the wrong sneering track again.
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    So your neighbours petition worked then....
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    When I feel a little down I just think how much worse it would be self isolating with little know it all for company
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    I've been doing some background work on supporting the Harrogate site over the last few days. It will interesting to see how quickly it can be up and running, as well as being good to be contributing to supporting the front line in my own way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-52141224
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    So where in the 1895 rules did it mention extra time or golden point, substitutes, 13 man teams, 4 or 6 tackles, video referees, 10mt defensive lines, 40/20s. You adapt to the times, thats been the games strength.
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    As I type a crane outside Wigan Hospital is lifting in an emergency ward onto the car park for coronavirus patients. My son in law after self isolation returns to the NHS front line and has been booked into a local hotel by NHS , separated from family, for 12 weeks. Along with 1 million NHS workers he has not been tested and not much chance of that either at 25k tests per week. Not sure if they even have protective kit yet. This burden will be with the NHS for months. Forget talk about ' peaks '. Chaired a school Governors Finance meeting on Zoom this morning. We expect to be closed until Autumn term at least. The RFL have various contingency plans but no point in sharing them on a ' what if ' basis. Some form of normality will eventually return. Gary Hetherington is as entitled as anyone else to air his views. Taking advantage when other sports are closed would not be mine , but those who previously craved for a May return for the CC Final with full houses up until then may now have force of argument behind them. This current summer season seems finished.
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    Worst case? Thousands and thousands of people die. Rugby League, as any sport is, is completely secondary. Rugby League will survive.
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    Though I live 30+ miles from Barrow, as a Concessionary ST holder I was contacted today to check if all was well with me or did I need help in these difficult times. What an amazing gesture. Stay safe everyone.
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    things have got to a point where CKN is trying to get round his own swearing filter, this really is serious stuff!
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    Hearing the news that football clubs like Tottenham are using the furlough scheme to pay staff whilst footballers get their wages as normal seems like abuse of the scheme to me and doesn't sit well. Surely this scheme should only be for those that genuinely need to use it?
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    Make sure to check the sports pages and see when wakey and cas are getting new grounds.
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    Thank you. I do think she is ok. I think yesterday may have been a false alarm. This morning the cough is gone and there is still no sign of fever and so I think yesterday may have been the consequences of being 80 years old but I'm staying today just to make sure. As you say, anxiety is a big thing at present and that in itself is wearying. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night!
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    That Watersplash docu is a great film. Saw it last time round but I was still fighting back a tear in my eye earlier. Terribly sad how it affected Don Fox so badly.
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    Just off the phone to mate in Vichy. French police levying 130 euro fine if you don't have a properly completed attestation or are lying on it about your reason for being out. In addition, this weekend checkpoints on entry to key 2nd home areas where they were catching and fining tens of thousands trying to get to 2nd homes.
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    It's not a picture from World War 2, it is a picture taken in Algeria in 1958 during the Algerian war. The donkey was found starving and abandoned by troops from the French foreign legion so they rescued it and named it Bambi and it became their mascot. http://foreignlegion.info/history/13dble/
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    A supporting lower structure without which the top division - SL - would struggle, a reservoir of players with the capability of adding to SL when needed, an additional opportunity to play for fringe SL players, or ones later in their career, and so making it more worthwhile for players to take up a professional career at the expense of a career in a different field. A history and tradition which still encourages local amateur teams and school teams and kids in those areas to take up the game and persist with it. Fans who are not only interested in their own division, but will involve themselves in the top division, and so spend money on Sky contracts and on the big games, and so enrich the sport financially. Coaches, potential coaches, and other ancillary staff, ready to move “up” when opportunities and necessities occur. A part in the profile of Rugby League which extends and enriches it, and without which the sport would have the profile of, say, British ice hockey. A structure in which new teams, such as those in Canada and France and other parts of Great Britain can begin the process of challenging the half a dozen SL clubs who bump along the bottom, or languish in mid-table, of their division year after year. Someone to blame as the game as a whole shrinks in profile year on year, particularly the horrifying fall in the number of amateur teams and kids interested in taking up the sport. Make no mistake: without the semi-professional divisions, the sport would fade out of existence much faster than it is now doing so.The only question is: how long would it last before achieving the level of knurr and spell. What Super League ( the division with the profile and the money and the exposure and the influence and the control) has to do is find a way to keep the game alive in as many of its facets as possible, rather than hope someone else will do it.
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    The same could be said for a few folk on here...

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