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    Tonight I went to watch my other half officiate at a SL fixture (I shan't say which one). From minute 1 to 80 he was called all the names under the sun, in front of our little boy and girl. Is this really the state of our game? I don't know the rules as well as he does but to me it looked like a really exciting game with drama right until the end. We were on our feet for the entire match, and so was everyone around us. But as soon as he got in the car I knew something was up. It's getting to him: homophobic language, paedophile allegations and being called a bent cheat. Why should he put up with it? Why should I? Why should our kids? The 'rugby league family' is something we like to talk about when Rob Burrow falls ill, but go to any top level game and you will witness something completely different. I hardly ever go now: I just get into arguments. The absolute state of our game.
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    Sincere apologies for the recent lengthy period of downtime on the TotalRL.com Fans Forums. Suffice to say, it's been a bit of a nightmare trying to rebuild the thing almost from scratch, but everything should be back online now. It's inevitable after a major database rebuild that there will be a few glitches. If you spot anything a bit strange going on, please either post the details here or send me a PM. I've been working round the clock on this for the past five days, and it is now midnight on Wednesday, so I'm off to bed, hoping when I wake up tomorrow it will all still be up and running!! Fingers crossed...
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    https://thunderrugby.co.uk/general/trio-of-teams-give-thunder-matchday-milestone/ With ambitions to win Betfred Super League by 2030, Sunday’s Betfred League 1 match-day against Workington Town marks a significant milestone in the development of Newcastle Thunder. For the first time in the club’s history three separate teams, U18s, Reserves and First Team will play fixtures at Kingston Park Stadium on the same day. In a huge boost to the game in the north east almost 70% of the players on show will be either local or academy produced. It is another impressive demonstration of the ambitions held by Thunder, who after being granted admission into the new-look Reserve grade competition now boast a complete player development pathway. Starting with monthly, open-access player development programmes for U12s and U14s, the club operates academy teams at U16 & U18 levels. Players can then progress into Reserves and First Team, giving players from the North East and beyond an outlet to fulfil their ambitions. With continued growth of the grassroots game in the region, where participation numbers have risen by 40% in the last five years and 16 community clubs now have over 1,400 players enjoying the game, the North East has solid foundations for sustainable, long term growth. Newcastle Thunder chairman Mick Hogan said: “There are some exciting times ahead for rugby league in our region and the teams named for Sunday show how it is growing. “Across three teams of 51 players, 35 of them are either from the local area or have come through Thunder’s academy and that is incredibly important for where we want to go as a club and take the sport to. “With new junior clubs forming in North Tyneside, the west end of Newcastle and the Tyne Valley, that next generation of players have something to aspire to in their home region. “Whilst we’re rightly proud of the club’s development, it is just the start of our next steps. With four full time members of staff in our community team and big events coming to the region in the next 18 months, we are well placed to ensure this growth and development of local talent continues.”
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    Impressive advertising by Dacia as this will have cost a few bob!
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    Welcome to our Canadian cousins. Marvellous to have you on board, and I'm looking forward to a Super League next year which seems just that little bit fresher and more interesting already. I know you'll get some serious moaning from those who think nobody should be allowed to play rugby league more than ten miles from the M62. I think a century of being a sport which was actively persecuted and discriminated against by the ruling establishment in both the UK and France generated an incredible bunker mentality. That "what we have, we hold" view has become a crushing insularity for some. But not all. Don't mistake volume of moaning for the breadth of discontent. There's an awful lot of SL supporters who are delighted about this, and are already planning their visit to Canada to watch their team. See you next year.
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    A simple reminder: this is a rugby league forum on a rugby league site. It is not a forum for posting ANYTHING about the union World Cup. Long-standing members should know this and will see their posts and threads simply deleted for a first offence. Repeated offences will see you forced to watch every Scotland v Argentina game in history on repeat until early November. Newer members (under 6 months and <100 posts) will be judged based entirely on how I feel on a day but run the risk of bans if they take the proverbial. Brand new members (from now until November) will probably be banned immediately as suspected trolls. Bear that in mind. We have a dark hole hidden away for established members to talk about this kind of deviancy, post there about union, not here.
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    What's more embarrassing is the standard of spelling and punctuation.
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    The negative crew might want to look away now.... Some great stats to come out of the North East from 2018 More to come in 2019!! The game is alive and kicking
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    Great stories. I was attracted to the game because of boredom and a sense of the absurdity, I witnessed on the rugby union field. I had played ten years of rugby union and during my first year of rugby league, I scored more points, kicked more goals, made more tackles and carried the ball more yards than in the previous ten years of Ra ra. In order to carry on playing after university, I had to start a team in my home town. With our nearest opposition, two hundred miles away, we created a fixture list of ''friendlies'' with visiting clubs from ''up north''. I remember, I'd booked a permit to play on the local authority park field and they telephoned me to say I couldn't have the field because a local RU club took priority! I asked ''on what basis''. The head of department was involved with the local first class union club. He told me that I shouldn't be doing it. I asked why and he said, ''its against the rules''. ''Whose rules?'' ''The WRU'' says he. I said, ''I know its against the rules, but why is it against the rules?'''. He didn't have an answer. I told him, I had the permit, it was a legal contract and that as a local authority employee, he worked for me and didn't ''own'' the field. We played on. They decried our ''professional'' players for being paid, but my father, had played for Aberavon RU club before the war and told me of a large crowd at one game, which prompted the ''amateur'' players to refuse to come out of the changing rooms until they were promised a bigger share of the gate-take, than normal! I organised a seven a side tournament (which was well attended) and we received a letter from the then secretary of the WRU, Denis Evans saying that if we went ahead, every player in the tournament would be ''professionalised'' and banned from Rugby Union! ''Why?'' Because we called the trophy the Jonathan Davies Cup. Ha ha ha. We created as much publicity as we could from that arrogant schoolboy error. BARLA advised us not to upset them. I said ''listen Maurice, (Oldroyd) their against us, no matter what they say to our faces, stop wasting time currying favour with them.'' They had succeeded in creating such a cultural bias, such an underlying fear of fraternising with us that I was once asked by a parent of a 10 year old boy if he would be banned by the RU if he played ''Little league'' with our school team. I replied, ''you'd have to take it up with them, but tell me, would you want to support an organisation that would do that to your child?'' His little lad played on. I loved playing rugby league, more than anything I've ever done, but I was also drawn into the moral and ethical fight against these sickening hypocritical tyrants, spreading their poison about our honest professional sportsmen and our great game. When I was a child, my father said ''Son, if you see a GOOD fight, be sure and get in it''. I'm still in it.
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    Thunder set to open magic weekend on the Saturday when they play Doncaster at St James Park. Great news for the club and the sport in the region!
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    You know...... looking through Twitter and reading this site I wonder why some so called RL fans even watch the sport. I'm actually disgusted by some of the things I read. We complain that the UK media and broadsheets misrepresent the sport and have an agenda to kill off RL but the most dismissive statements I see are from people that claim to be supporters. Back in the days it used to be London that were solely on the receiving end of the paranoia. Now I'm pleased to see that the negativity has shifted onto other clubs. As a London supporter I always used to hear: 1. London don't deserve to be in the top flight, Keighley were robbed 2. People in London only watch football 3. Yr moving the game away from the communities that care about it 4. We're just a bunch of Aussies and we have no kids Attention was then shifted onto the French clubs TO and Catalan 1. French RL is dead 2. Make them start from the bottom 3. The crowds won't come RU has taken over 4. Don't bring away fans Then the Wolfpack became the target 1. It's pie in the sky 2. I'll believe it when I see it 3. No one cares about RL in NA 4. Eric Perez has a hidden agenda 5. They don't bring away fans 6. We should concentrate on Cumbria Toronto fans will be pleased to know that before a ball has even been kicked, Liverpool RLFC are the new whipping boys. Some of the negativity I've read on them has already reached astronomical proportions. It's unbelievable, what the F is wrong with people? So far I've heard. 1. Better not have red or blue as the kit or club colours they'll alienate half the city. 2. Scousers only care about football. 3. I hate Koukash and that Backhouse fella I hope they fail. 4. All the other Liverpool rl clubs were unsuccessful so this one will be. 5. If Scousers don't watch Saints, Wire or Widnes games why would they go and watch these lot? 6. I asked my mates at work and they said they wouldn't go. 7. If the ground is based in (insert name of Liverpool suburb) no one will go, it's not really in Liverpool 8. What has Koukash done at Salford? 9. Their Twitter account is rubbish 10. Scousers don't watch rugby 11. If Koukash wants to throw his money down the drain it's up to him I mean, seriously come on people. Do you want this great sport to flourish? Do you want more sponsorship? Stop being negative, stop putting the sport down. Or here's a suggestion just watch another sport. Alot of RL fans just want to keep the sport in small towns and villages and will be the first to talk down anything that helps the sport be competitive on a national basis. We need to do better.
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    Terribly sad news. Jordan played for East Hull as a kid with my brother. We used to give him a lift home from training fairly often. One of my favourite memories was we had picked our kid up from East Park one winter after training (maybe u13s) and as we started to drive home we saw Coxy stood at the bus stop completely caked in mud, with that massive grin on his face. So we pull up and said, what are you doing, Coxy? Look at the state of you. He goes, I'm just getting the bus home. He didn't even have a bag for his boots he was just holding them in his hands. Well we just laughed and told him to jump in because there wasn't a bus driver on earth that would have let him on. He used to try and convince me that if it wasn't for Rugby League he'd be a Dolce & Gabanna model. He once had an operation after falling ill during a game and when he was well enough me and my mate (we all sponsored Jordan at the time as he had just broken through at Rovers) went round to see him. He had this little dog and he bloody loved it. At Rovers events I always ended up on the same table as him somehow and we used to laugh and joke about different stuff. Some of his team mates used to say he looked like a horse so it came as no surprise when Ben Fisher wandered up one time and put a bowl of sugar cubes in front of him haha. I don't generally use social media or forums to express my feelings when someone I know has passed away but I will make an exception here. He was a big daft lad with a smile wider than the Humber, and an infectious personality. He was a good kid. A really good kid. He never really changed from that lad we picked up at the bus stop all those years ago. Rest easy, old friend.
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    In many sports you’d be considered part of the problem.
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    GOT MY TICKETS! WOO HOO! I'm off to Old Trafford. I can't believe it! Had to book each leg separately. Set all of them up in separate windows then started booking as fast as possible, praying one of them didn't disappear. Got them all. Fri 11 Oct 22:30 Heraklion to Athens. Cost EUR 116 (£103 roughly) Sat 12 Oct 06:00 Athens to Amsterdam then 10:05 Amsterdam to Manchester. Arrive 10:25. Cost £166.11 Sun 13 Oct 00:15 Manchester to Athens then 9:55 Athens to Heraklion. Arrive 10:45. Cost £153.80 Total Cost £422 Two airport overnights, so no hotels needed. Need to book the match ticket now. OT! Here I come!
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    I don't know about that but what I do know is that the title of this thread is an embarrassment to our education system.
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    Please, add your own contributions. It will help new fans feel at home if they can quickly master the patois. WE are robust, physical and direct. THEY are a bunch of dirty thugs. WE have a defensive line that moves up fast. THEY are permanently offside. TRY FOR US WITH NO VR: About time the referee trusted his own judgement, just like the good old days. TRY FOR THEM WITH NO VR: For God's sake, the technology's there for a reason. This isn't the 1950s, you know! WE put players through with crisp, flat passes. THEY chuck it a mile forward. Every time! OUR 'experimental' kit is a bold and brave design choice. THEIR 'experimental' kit makes my eyes want to vomit. WE boo the opposition kicker because we are passionate and want our team to win. THEY boo the opposition kicker because they have no class or sportsmanship. OUR home-town referee is overcompensating in an attempt to appear impartial. THEIR home-town referee is their team's 14th man. WE SIGN A VETERAN AUSSIE: bags of experience, and a proven leader. THEY SIGN A VETERAN AUSSIE: never was any good, and now only fit for the knacker's yard. WE TACKLE round the chest or shoulders. THEY TACKLE like a bunch of Borneo head-hunters. PENALTY AGAINST US: Just have a word, ref. Common sense and all that. PENALTY AGAINST THEM: You will be taken from here to the place from whence you came and there be kept in close confinement until the day, and upon that day that you be taken to the place of execution and there hanged by the neck until you are dead. And may God have mercy upon your soul.
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    The Catalans are absolutely right. Delighted they are forcing the issue.
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    The North East Rugby League are pleased to welcome both the Edinburgh Eagles and the Stathmore Silverbacks into the NERL family!! They will both be entered into the NE cup, take par in the Dacia 9’s tournament and play a series of friendly/merit games against North East opposition In another positive more to help strengthen ties between the region and Scotland we will also be welcoming a Scotland u16’s side into the u16’s cup All Fixtures will be released next week
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    Dear Parksider, After reading your posts for a year or more, it's obvious you have RL knowledge and passion. It's also pretty obvious you don't want Toronto in RL. We get it. You also seem to have a lot of time on your hands, as most posts you make against TWP tend to be 1000 - 2000 word essays. But maybe it's time to take a rest on the topic. We TWP fans, are just that, fans. We also come to TotalRL to enjoy ourselves. In my case, also to further educate myself. We enjoy being in the UK Rugby league. We're paying our money, enjoying the matches, drinking a pint or two at the games, and generally having a great time. And our team has done a pretty darned good job in only 2 years. Yes, the Wolfpack haven't turned rugby league into a national sport in Canada. Other sports have about 150 year head start. But we are promoting the game, and done some promotion at a participation and grass roots level. I'd be surprised if any other club has had as much of an impact as the Wolfpack in terms of winning, attendance, worldwide TV promotion, creation of a highly professional back office and marketing organization, gameday experience, and general spreading the word, in the first 2 years of their existence in a brand new market, let alone a brand new country to the sport. In fact.. I'm 100% certain of that. In fact UK teams are asking the Wolfpack for advice. So maybe it's time to just let things go a bit. Every thread with the word Toronto in the title doesn't have to turn into a personal mission for you, We're doing our best. Do I expect this post to make a difference with you? No, not really. But one can hope.
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    When will the S.L. realise that fans are sick to the back teeth of playing the same team over and over again,and also scrap the ridiculous Thursday night game.Scrap the loop fixtures,if they want more games make S.L. 14 teams.
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    Just want to say that after supporting this lot for over 50 years, how wonderful it is to be a Salford fan. We have had our downs, we have almost disappeared completely, we have had to move home because of the RFL directive (not applicable to other clubs apparently) yet here we are within touching distance of something great. Happy days.
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    Fantastic stories ! Mine is long story but rewarding. I’m born and raised South East London, went to a brilliant rugby playing grammar school in New Cross and played county from U18s to U23s back in the day. Fast forward to getting married, moving to a small holding in Kent , having 3 kids. We are sports mad. My kids all had swim lessons, competed in karate (up and down the country), signed up to athletics club , pony club and the local rugby club. We were also Harlequins season ticket holders and had wonderful laughs , beers with my old rugby playing school and club chums, we all stayed in touch. My son and eldest daughter wanted to concentrate on rugby , my daughter captained Kent girls U16s my son played for Cranbrook u10s-u15s. He then moved to another club , huge rivals who seemed to have the best coaches and a fantastic team. Very brave on his part as there were already 2 county fly halves in that side. After his first season at U16 one of the lads he was playing union with mentioned that my son should be playing rugby league through the summer, he’d be fitter , stronger and his tackling would improve. I had no idea there was RL in the area. That lad was playing RL for Harlequins and Medway Dragons. I’d just bought my son a new cricket bat that cost over £140 and really enjoyed the afternoons at the local cricket club, but we all agreed that rugby was taking priority and he wanted to go as far as possible. We went up to a training night at Medway Dragons. We met Martin Coyd and he asked my son “can you play football ?” and was really friendly, made us feel welcome and explained his vision for the club. My son came away from that night , jumped in the car and said “ I really enjoyed that, it’s so friendly, a really good vibe “ I’d noticed the change on demographic, the parents were very much working class compared to the very different set of parents at the union gatherings. He played his first game within a fortnight and fed the ball into the scrum straight on his first feed!!! He was one of the youngest and scrawniest in his age group side. The physicality was immense. He got selected for the Origin series ( North vs South of M25) and was really hopeful of getting into the Quins RL set up. He went on to play union again after the league season. Was incredibly fit, fast, skilful and played his way into being invited to county training. He was flopped on at a ruck , doing a jackal , by the biggest lump of a kid, right at the end of training. Fractured his leg... county dream over at first session. I cried for him. He was on crutches , fed up. He couldn’t wait for the Medway Dragons pre season to start. I took him up there to watch the indoor S&C in the January. Martin Coyd pulled me over and said “ I’m glad Liam is here, I’ve got an announcement that involves him” At the end of training , Coydy called the whole club round and put my son in the middle and announced that Liam had been called into the newly renamed London Broncos U16 scholarship. He was totally made up. I was so happy for him. He started travelling from his school south of Maidstone to Feltham West London by trains and buses to get to training that he couldn’t even take part in two to three times a week. We used to make him a hot food flask of pasta, drinks , a protein shake etc. Sometimes he would get a lift back and dropped off near the M20 and we’d pick him up circa 10pm. School the next day. He started training, got game time... played at the Aldershot ground, Wilderspool and toured Catalan Dragons with Richard Harris , Alex Walker , Joe Keyes , Kain Dimech and others. He had already decided that he was going to Hartpury College in Gloucestershire to study his A levels and continue to play both codes throughout the seasons, but truly his favourite sport was RL. He played in the 2nd team at Hartpury, no mean feat when there are England players keeping you out the 1st xv. He went for a trial at the All Golds and was selected for SW England and Wales trials ( wife’s side). I recall a Wales trial where he and Regan Grace stood out but were not selected to go through. Other parents on the circuit were bemused. My involvement became that of the biggest dad cab. He eventually was selected for Wales Students, training in South and North Wales. When his uni mates didn’t get through to the squad he didn’t have a lift so I used to drive from Kent to Gloucester or Cheltenham, over night on the floor/setter and drive him to training camps then reverse the journey. He played in the Student Home Nations in Edinburgh, my wife and I spent our 25th wedding anniversary there for a week. Fantastic. The following year he made the Wales Student squad for the World Cup in Sydney. My family went over to support and had a fantastic time , what an eye opener seeing the Leagues clubs ! He also played in the Wales U23 sude in the Pre Commonwealth 9s on the Gold Coast. He hassince gone semi pro , played his first season last year at Coventry Bears. That was brilliant. At the end of that season he was called up to Wales senior squad for the Home Nations and World Cup qualifiers. He didn’t get game time but trained and traveled with the squad, what a privilege ! He left uni and didn’t have anywhere to live, Coventry couldn’t house him and at that stage he wasn’t driving. West Wales Raiders provided a player house and that’s where he is now, learning some life lessons. I reflect on the point of taking up summer RL to improve his union game. From that point footy has not been off our TV. The sky coverage enabled an apprenticeship to watch and learn, Premier Spirts for the NRL, the Footy Show and Matty Johns show, Origin matches , City Vs Country .... my wife and girls live RL, the speed, the skills... the pies ! We are experts in the Northern game even if we are shandy drinking southern based Welsh supporters... what a journey and it continues.
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    Just how good is this ?
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    Another day, another club chairman wants to be in the limelight and talk down the sport and a successful club. Here's what Derek Beaumont had to say about Toronto Wolfpacks record crowd on the weekend. "There's no way [Toronto] had 9500 people in there..... You can say what you want [about attendance figures], who's there monitoring it? They need to be a lot smarter when they're plucking out figures!" Perhaps he should focus on making sure his players get paid on time? Here's a suggestion, how bout club chairman including Chalmers, Beaumont keep quiet and let the players take the spotlight. How about that?
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    Speaking as a Swinton official/fan who was at the game , I’d say 9,562 was an accurate crowd. The Canadian supporters seemed to drift into the ground throughout the game, as well as hang around the beer tents and food kiosks etc. Locals told us they had never seen the place so packed. They also didn’t seem to care who they were playing, although our group of fans constantly tried to remind them! They had simply turned up for the event and were clearly enjoying themselves. We made a point of speaking to as many TW fans as possible, some being fairly knowledgeable, but the vast majority not so. But they all shared the same enthusiasm and were very welcoming & friendly. David Argyll was actually manning the gate when we arrived, so clearly willing to get out there and do his bit and be visible. During the game he personally delivered two crates of beer to the Swinton fans to thank them for coming! Very nice touch that he didn’t have to do. These were just my personal experiences, but which have only served to strengthen my club’s view that there is a wider picture, and we simply have to embrace it. Post 2021/Sky the implications are serious for Championship/League 1, and clubs have to be positioning themselves as of now for that potential cliff edge. Supporting the expansion clubs is in our view a no risk strategy compared with the alternative.
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    I was always a strong cheerleader of Manchester Rangers bid to join the league structure and I've been frustrated that they've been kept waiting for so long and not been given the green light. My overriding thoughts were always that, if the rfl cannot see the benefits of having a well run big city club on the doorstep of its heartlands there's a problem. My second thoughts were, well what if the bid just isn't strong enough, perhaps they don't have a good business case or the bid ownership team do not meet the fit and proper persons criteria. I've been really disappointed to hear over the past few weeks and days along the grapevine how strong the bid actually was and this is a huge opportunity missed. - The bid was endorsed by Andy Burnham the mayor of Manchester - Recommended by the RFLs own consultant Ken Jones following a due diligence exercise - A board full of successful businessmen with proven financial acumen - Five star facilities at the Etihad Regional arena http://www.totalrl.com/rfl-consultant-slams-opportunity-missed-in-manchester-decision/ The decision to decline their bid was not even voted on by clubs. This is living proof that Ralph Rimmer has no vision for this sport, there is no opportunity for a well to do and ambitious organisation that adds value to the sport to enter and get bums on seats. The people that run this sport are still stuck in the old world and unfortunately the sport has been overtaken by boxing, union and many other sports because of this. The sport just isn't adapting to a global world which communicates via social media. The only way the situation improves is if the leadership is replaced. The next tv deal is due soon and I don't think the future is too bright for the sport as a brand or tv sport. Let's not kid ourselves, a lot of change needs to take place if the sport is to capitalise on the opportunities it has now.
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    Thank God someone managed to prise open this silver lining and find a cloud.
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    If we're not careful, the whole of the forum will soon just be threads about Toronto, starting off on various different tangents but all ultimately ending up in the same handful of people arguing the same handful of points over and over with no one changing their minds on anything. It's hard enough moderating two or three such threads, but a dozen or more, no thank very much! Please, if you want to discuss anything relating to Toronto, please check existing threads to see if your point is already being discussed (I'm almost certain it will be) and post in the existing thread, rather than starting a new one, unless you genuinely have come up with an interesting angle that no one else has thought of. Thanks.
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    https://kirkleestogether.co.uk/2020/03/17/we-have-got-a-deal-to-buy-the-birthplace-of-rugby-league-over-the-line/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn Kirklees have bought the building to put it back into use, and ensure its continued existence as part of our history and heritage
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    I don’t get where this thread has come from, if I’m honest. Salford played Huddersfield on Friday night. It happened to be Valentines Day, the game was televised for Sky Sports and Storm Dennis was starting to take full swing. The crowd was 3,350. Rewind six months ago, almost to the day and Salford hosted Huddersfield at the AJ Bell. It was a 3pm kick-off on a Sunday, the weather was good and Salford were on a good run. They attendance was 2,750. Salford have shown a 22% increase on last year’s game against the same opposition. Rather than slag them off because they might not have a five figure crowd, let’s congratulate them as a club for such an increase in such a short time and long may it continue for them.
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    Sorry to interrupt the petty squabble, but, anyone investing in RL at any level is welcome. I don't really care what Argyle's motives are, if this helps Skolars to move on then great. If it helps TWP get over the early season problem great. If it means more money coming into the game at the lower levels, fantastic. If it puts a few noses out of joint, who cares.
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    Well... after 66 days in ICU my sister's fella who was described as being as near to death as can be without dying.... has made it. He's home. Half the fella he was.... and the virus has ravaged his lungs.. he needed dialysis, ventilation and a tracheotomy. His consultant is highly regarded and saw a possibility for him so persevered when others may not have. Nature did its bit and he is now at home in rehab. It will take a while but thankfully he didn't make the daily stats. I may well have a drink now. ?
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    The Cardboard Cut Out Crew are now in the UK...…..see below Care of Canis Lupus.
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    One of the problems with Robert is that he's extremely busy. We have invited him several times to appear on RLBackChat to discuss Super League in depth, but he's always too busy. He rarely returns phone calls, text messages or emails because he's too busy. I was at a hugely enjoyable media dinner at Warrington last night, and part of the attraction was that Robert was supposed to be coming along. It was actually the main reason for me going. But Robert ducked out of the event late in the day, because he was too busy, although great credit to the Wire for hosting a very enjoyable evening. Sitting next to and chatting with Steve Price was a great consolation for not being able to meet Robert. Fortunately Steve wasn't too busy to be there. So we can all be gratified to know that Robert is incredibly busy in organising and promoting Super League. I just hope we see the results of his endeavours before too long.
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    Nicked off Twitter, possibly from one of you lot. Makinson and Thompson ran a combined 326m today. Yesterday the entire England Union team ran 319m. They can keep their kicks #EngvNz
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    I have never heard you make these points before. Thanks for starting a new thread to rehash them.
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    Mick Gledhill you say? That should tell you all you need to know.
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    This tour has been a shambles from start to finish. They couldn't secure a game against the Aussies - the main matchup people wanted to see. The branding was weird - when were we ever the GB RL Lions? It's just so clunky and long. GB Lions, Great Britain or the Lions. We don't need to mention the sport in every team name! The coach - same as the England team coach, so shocked to see that he only picked players eligible for England, even when given better options. This led to a huge Domino effect of problems... The squad - suppose this is down to the coach too - was completely unbalanced, aging, same old in some areas, and very NRL favoured. 2 wingers in a squad? Only an idiot would do that. The tactics - they played like a team that had never trained or practised any set pieces; they didn't show any! Every game felt like a friendly or a trial. The marketing - non-existant. Stadiums were empty. This "iconic" GB brand brought less people in. It's like Wood thought this was all that was needed. Absolute delusions of grandeur. The results - an absolute disaster for GB. I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose next week too against PNG. This tour was everything that was wrong with international rugby league. It felt like the problems we had 20 years ago. Everything that we learnt from that stupid period of international organisation discarded because someone who was around at that time had a bit of a feeling for nostalgia then drew up his plans on the back of a cig packet. I'll be glad to see the back of GB Lions after this. Switch back to England and we can pretend this nonsense tour never happened...
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    Super League champions by 2030 is the headline target set by Newcastle Thunder on Friday afternoon, as the club unveiled an ambitious roadmap for the continued growth of the sport within the North East. Taking place two years out from the opening weekend of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, which will kick off with a spectacular opening ceremony, England’s opening game of the tournament and a further match at Kingston Park Stadium, Hosted at Newcastle Eagles impressive Community Arena, club chairman Mick Hogan addressed an audience of over 100 members of the region’s business, political and rugby league community to outline the strategy that will guide all efforts over the next decade. With the Dacia Magic Weekend returning to the city for two years from May 2020, and a total of five games in the men’s Rugby League World Cup taking place in the North East in 2021, the hosting of major events will form a talismanic cornerstone for the strategy. Bringing world-class action with the biggest names and prizes in the game on show, Newcastle’s hosting of games of this magnitude will allow rugby league to engage with an audience renowned for its appreciation of sport and create a whole new generation of fans. With rising gates at Kingston Park Stadium for Thunder home games, increased participation levels at grassroots clubs across the region and the Newcastle Rugby Foundation being named Championship and League 1 Foundation of the Year for a second time in three years, the continued development in these key areas will build on those high profile events. Announced at the event was an increased investment and commitment to develop the community game, the Thunder Community Project will shortly see a brand new member of staff join the team and work in developing the game in Teesside and the south of the region, home to one of the great success stories of recent years, Yarm Wolves. As well as this work, details of plans to establish women’s and wheelchair teams were also unveiled, with a showcase match of the latter taking place as part of the event. Bringing these two strands together is Newcastle Thunder itself, with the focus on establishing the team as a vibrant club that provides an outlet for the North East’s rugby league family to come together. After a hugely successful 2019 which saw the team make the end of season play-off final and finish the year with the most points scored across the campaign, the focus remains on gradual evolution and making positive steps in a sustainable and responsible way. With Simon Finnigan confirmed as head coach for 2020 key signings and retentions for the upcoming season will see the solid foundations of the last year built upon and maintain the upward trajectory that will enable Thunder to be crowned Super League champions by 2030. Following the event, Hogan said: “It is an exciting time for rugby league in the North East and with growing participation numbers, a new club in Newcastle Magpies and our wheelchair rugby league team. “With the sport continuing to grow in the region, we have developed taken the opportunity to give the Thunder and the legacy work around the 2021 World Cup a clear purpose and we will be providing more details on that in the near future.“ IMG_2005.mp4
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    Why do some people hate Toronto so much? I don’t get it, this could be a huge step in growing the game, isn’t that what we all want?
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    Was part of a 3 man coaching team taking a Midlands academy U16 team to Wigan St Pats today to play against Scotland U16s. At half time the score was 12-4 in favour of the Midlands boys, by full time the Scots had snuck over the line 24-20. A crowd of around 100/200 watched a fabulous game, full of skill and passion. The crowd certainly loved it. What a great day, there is so much talent in the Midlands - all 18 of the midlands squad are from the midlands itself and did not look out of place. I watched part of the second half behind the posts and had a chat with some locals, who said that 2/3 of the players on the pitch wouldn’t look out of place in the heartlands. Rugby is a skill, regardless of code, there is so much potential out there. Take it from a very proud coach. The future CAN be very bright.
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    Well, that was... extraordinary! Unexpected and thrilling. I hoped we'd get about 6k inside Odsal and not embarrass ourselves on national telly, and was wary of how carried away everyone seemed to be getting in advance of the game in case it didn't live up to the billing. But wow, as a Bulls fan, let me tell you, after a few godawful years it felt pretty special being inside Odsal Stadium today. Huge backslaps to all the players and thank you John Kear, you absolute wizard! I think I had something in my eye at the end...
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    This isn't a hate or love thread and hopefully doesn't turn into one. My question is actually sincere and I hope people answer it truthfully as we are separated by an ocean and don't have conversations face to face to find these things out. As I understand it fans weren't happy with the RFL, SL and the state of the game before TWP was announced so I'm wondering what impact has TWP had on you and your relation to RL? Has anyone made it out to games for their team or a teams nearby just to see us? Has all the chatter about us gotten people more interested in their clubs again, got them to go to more games? I'll start, Hi I'm Krzzystuff and before the Wolfpack I didn't know that rugby league existed! I just knew union from playing in high school and been to two games at BMO vs the 4th tier All Blacks. Since randomly stumbling across an article on BBC World news I got really intrigued in the concept of the team and started looking for more information on RL. It actually took a few days to realize it wasn't Union, my coworker is actually from Siddle and was the one who told me the differences when I passed the article along to him. I started listening to many podcasts and watched many YouTube show's (still listen on a weekly basis) and got involved in this RL online community. I dove deep into RL and brought many friends/co workers and acquaintances to games and tried to grow the fan base. Since I was the "expert" in the group I had to explain to the best of my knowledge the differences to everyone as they were confused by what they were seeing at the home opener in the rain. Jake Emmitt provided some fireworks that faithful day with a fight vs. the Oxford boys. I watched the MPG between Salford and Hull KR on YouTube to get a feel for the game at a higher level and watched many of the games in the last world cup and loved it. My favorite part was seeing JT lead the Mate'ma in their Sipi Tau vs NZ and just feeling the electricity in the stadium. I'm extremely excited for the coming season in the promise land of SL and can't wait for all the drama and excitement that it brings. One coming drama is that my oldest will be cheering for the dragons when they play us because ya know, dragons are cooler. RL was the first and is still the only sporting event that I've taken my boys to and I look forward to making it a tradition for us to go to a few games each year. Maybe the old trout, as Sims likes to say, will get me season tickets to take the kids so she can have days to herself...one can hope lol. I am very thankful that Mr. Perez pursued his crazy dream as it just came true.
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    Marwen saved Salford. At the point he joined the club was dead. He was badly advised at the start by people including a certain Mr Chambers. He is responsible for funding Jackson Hastings and Joey Lusick when they first came. I'd be happy if he left his money in the game but left the decisions to the experts.
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    Australian Rugby League worked this out over 30 years ago, although it has had plenty of road bumps along the way. It was realised that a competition based around suburban Sydney teams was not viable in the long term. Gone are Newtown & North Sydney, mergers between Wests and Balmain, Saints and Illawarra. In have come Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Cowboys (Townsville), Warriors (NZ) and Melbourne. The NRL has plenty of problems and nothing is perfect, but it has gradually evolved from where it was 30 years ago to a point where it now has a TV deal worth $2Billion. I'd suggest that apart from all the juggling around the competition structure nothing has really changed in the English game in the last 30 years, same teams and I'd say no extra money in the game. I dont think Brian was suggesting that they drop all the current teams now and move everyone to a major city, but rather having a team like Toronto in the comp is a move in the right direction. The competition would also benefit from having Toulouse as well as London, instead of sitting back and hoping they one day earn promotion the League should be actively working out how to not only place them in Super League but also how to support them and make them a long term sustainable club.
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    Just saw the following new item, here, on the TotalRL front page: We are still waiting for official statements from the RFL and the Super League, not to mention the obvious fact that this is all pending a Toronto Wolfpack Victory, in the Championship Grand Final, this Saturday, October 5. This is big news, though; and, as a season ticket holder since 2017, I couldn't be more excited! Official Statements: Super League Confirmation on Promotion https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/1094/super-league-confirmation-on-promotion News Reports: Rugby league officials say Wolfpack meet promotion criteria if they win Saturday (Neil Davidson | The Canadian Press | Multiple Publications | 2019-10-03) » https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/toronto-wolfpack-promotion-1.5307405 » https://www.tsn.ca/rugby-league-officials-say-toronto-wolfpack-meet-promotion-criteria-if-they-win-saturday-1.1375728 » https://www.thestar.com/sports/2019/10/03/officials-confirm-wolfpack-will-be-promoted-to-top-tier-super-league-with-win-in-million-pound-game.html » https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/article-toronto-wolfpack-approved-for-super-league-promotion-if-they-win/ Toronto and Featherstone both approved for promotion by Super League (James Gordon | Love Rugby League | 2019-10-03) https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/toronto-and-featherstone-both-approved-for-promotion-by-super-league/ How the Toronto Wolfpack Could Shape the Future of Rugby League on Two Continents (Morgan Campbell | Toronto Star | 2019-10-04) https://www.thestar.com/sports/2019/10/04/how-the-toronto-wolfpack-could-shape-the-future-of-rugby-league-on-two-continents.html Wolfpack Look to Win Promotion, Change Face of Rugby League (Neil Davidson | The Canadian Press | CBC Sports | 2019-10-04) https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/toronto-wolfpack-promotion-1.5307405 Toronto on Verge of Promised Land in Bid to Become Global Sports Brand and Change the Face of Super League (Ross Heppenstall | The Telegraph | 2019-10-04) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2019/10/04/toronto-verge-promised-land-bid-become-global-sports-brand-change/
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    You only have to read one,the other 11,873 are the same post.
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    I've counted those people and there's at best 1500. Had this bar been in the heartlands there would have been at least 10000 punters. Let's focus on the local bars that are actual drinkers rather than these here today gone tomorrow shandy merchants. You know it makes sense.
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    Rugby League as a sport - fans, owners, administrators, the lot - gets what it deserves. There was an opportunity here, an owner who's spent £10m, a growing fanbase and a very attractive market, for us to exploit. But no, the SL clubs would rather pocket an easy £200,000 and watch the opportunity sail on by. Anything else would have required some hard work and RL always takes the easy way out. You wanted a parochial sport, fine, that's what you've got. The future in England is abundantly clear; a second rate domestic competition, ignored by the rest of the country, played in front of crowds of old men hankering after yesterday's glory, that produces players for the NRL and union.

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