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    What's more embarrassing is the standard of spelling and punctuation.
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    You know...... looking through Twitter and reading this site I wonder why some so called RL fans even watch the sport. I'm actually disgusted by some of the things I read. We complain that the UK media and broadsheets misrepresent the sport and have an agenda to kill off RL but the most dismissive statements I see are from people that claim to be supporters. Back in the days it used to be London that were solely on the receiving end of the paranoia. Now I'm pleased to see that the negativity has shifted onto other clubs. As a London supporter I always used to hear: 1. London don't deserve to be in the top flight, Keighley were robbed 2. People in London only watch football 3. Yr moving the game away from the communities that care about it 4. We're just a bunch of Aussies and we have no kids Attention was then shifted onto the French clubs TO and Catalan 1. French RL is dead 2. Make them start from the bottom 3. The crowds won't come RU has taken over 4. Don't bring away fans Then the Wolfpack became the target 1. It's pie in the sky 2. I'll believe it when I see it 3. No one cares about RL in NA 4. Eric Perez has a hidden agenda 5. They don't bring away fans 6. We should concentrate on Cumbria Toronto fans will be pleased to know that before a ball has even been kicked, Liverpool RLFC are the new whipping boys. Some of the negativity I've read on them has already reached astronomical proportions. It's unbelievable, what the F is wrong with people? So far I've heard. 1. Better not have red or blue as the kit or club colours they'll alienate half the city. 2. Scousers only care about football. 3. I hate Koukash and that Backhouse fella I hope they fail. 4. All the other Liverpool rl clubs were unsuccessful so this one will be. 5. If Scousers don't watch Saints, Wire or Widnes games why would they go and watch these lot? 6. I asked my mates at work and they said they wouldn't go. 7. If the ground is based in (insert name of Liverpool suburb) no one will go, it's not really in Liverpool 8. What has Koukash done at Salford? 9. Their Twitter account is rubbish 10. Scousers don't watch rugby 11. If Koukash wants to throw his money down the drain it's up to him I mean, seriously come on people. Do you want this great sport to flourish? Do you want more sponsorship? Stop being negative, stop putting the sport down. Or here's a suggestion just watch another sport. Alot of RL fans just want to keep the sport in small towns and villages and will be the first to talk down anything that helps the sport be competitive on a national basis. We need to do better.
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    I don't know about that but what I do know is that the title of this thread is an embarrassment to our education system.
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    I was always a strong cheerleader of Manchester Rangers bid to join the league structure and I've been frustrated that they've been kept waiting for so long and not been given the green light. My overriding thoughts were always that, if the rfl cannot see the benefits of having a well run big city club on the doorstep of its heartlands there's a problem. My second thoughts were, well what if the bid just isn't strong enough, perhaps they don't have a good business case or the bid ownership team do not meet the fit and proper persons criteria. I've been really disappointed to hear over the past few weeks and days along the grapevine how strong the bid actually was and this is a huge opportunity missed. - The bid was endorsed by Andy Burnham the mayor of Manchester - Recommended by the RFLs own consultant Ken Jones following a due diligence exercise - A board full of successful businessmen with proven financial acumen - Five star facilities at the Etihad Regional arena http://www.totalrl.com/rfl-consultant-slams-opportunity-missed-in-manchester-decision/ The decision to decline their bid was not even voted on by clubs. This is living proof that Ralph Rimmer has no vision for this sport, there is no opportunity for a well to do and ambitious organisation that adds value to the sport to enter and get bums on seats. The people that run this sport are still stuck in the old world and unfortunately the sport has been overtaken by boxing, union and many other sports because of this. The sport just isn't adapting to a global world which communicates via social media. The only way the situation improves is if the leadership is replaced. The next tv deal is due soon and I don't think the future is too bright for the sport as a brand or tv sport. Let's not kid ourselves, a lot of change needs to take place if the sport is to capitalise on the opportunities it has now.
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    I've started writing this post a few times without success. I just don't know what to say. It is absolutely disgusting and idiotic that people that run a sport seem to care so little about the stability, organisation and public perception of its premier competitions. This is literally the only sport, ONLY SPORT, where the governing body would treat some of their most important clubs so badly. The 3 overseas teams are supposed to be the teams we are nurturing and giving as much help as possible to grow. By demanding money we might as well be threatening them with a knife and mugging them. It's almost like people in charge don't want the game to grow. Instead of demanding money if anything the RFL should be giving them money, subsidising their travel and fans away tickets or something along those lines or instead of moaning about low final attendances they could have done discounts for fans of other teams, put on free or discounted travel to get people to go instead of sitting round whinging. They should be giving them as much aid as possible to ensure they grow. Catalans and toulouse could be major teams in French sport in general but it isn't gonna happen with the idiots at the RFL in charge. Catalans are gonna parade the trophy at Barcelona. There is a reason football is as massive as it is. There is stability, there is a plan, the competitions do not get messed around every year and structures do not change constantly. People know what is going on. It is a joke that the RFL could potentially have created a situation where the defending champions of their most famous competition will not compete and any potential new fans in Barcelona, football fans, will just see us as a laughing stock, as will the general public (who already do) when the media catch hold of it. The challenge Cup is the one thing in our game that the governing bodies around the world haven't basically ripped apart but I guess it was only a matter of time. There is nothing wrong with the actual sport, nothing wrong with the actual game, it is the greatest sport in the world but the people that run it are, quite frankly, morons, and I hope to God they read this forum because I'm really reaching the end of my tether with them. They go on about attendances dropping but they don't realise that so many fans are walking away because they are fed up with this sort of thing. It is so frustrating how badly they treat our sport! The 3 overseas teams are absolutely right in not paying any money to those greedy ####s! I think that's everything I wanted to say.
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    Played at Stade Ernest Wallon,. Toulouse behind at half time 16-6 before scoring 40 unanswered points in second half. Great result allround for the French club. Whets the appetite for how a competitive Toulouse club playing at the same venue would go in Super League. Close Previous Next
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    Surely this is merely an administrative error that can be dealt with pragmatically?
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    Toulouse squad is 28 players. 20 are french and most of them come from the Academy. The reserve Team playing french elite compétition is a squad of 38 players including 14 academy players aged 17 TO 20 years old.
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    Catalans have the cup, don't they? They should ask for 500k to give it back ?
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    If he was a proper Wire fan he'd have lost in the final.
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    Well, the point is that now the local council have bid for and won the right to host games based on there being a new stadium they are pretty much compelled to go ahead and build it now. The RLWC isn't just about attendance numbers, its also meant to be about building a legacy. What better legacy from this RLWC than Cumbrian RL having a new modern stadium which may revitalise the game in this area ?
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    But on this rare occasion they use a league reference when they mean union. Heads will roll!!! ???
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    I would like to thank him for everything he has achieved while in the role. Just remind me again.
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    Am I the only person what just doesn't see why George Williams is apparently such a hot property?
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    Giants have signed a lad from Longhorns for their Academy for this year, he came over for a trial, paid all the fares etc himself and was taken in by members of the HGSA, did enough to earn himself a contract for this year, played in a semi final, represented Ireland in the U19's tournament in Serbia and also earned a call up to the Full international side, playing in the European championship and WC qualifying games. His Story is a good one, he only started playing RL 2 years ago, there is a lot of untapped talent over there, it just needs clubs to take a chance on them. And he's a cracking young lad! Good interview with him here
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    Oh I see we're revisiting the 'free tickets' square of the Wolfpack bingo card. Here's how it works, for the benefit of Parky and all the other nay-sayers who don't understand how marketing works: As a season ticket holder, I get two 'bring a friend' free tickets each season. Last year, I gave those to friends who had never seen a rugby league game in their lives but who appreciated the invitation to a good afternoon out. Shock horror, these two people got in free (although they both bought beer, so contributed to profit). One of those friends bought tickets to several other games last season, and brought family along on paid tickets, and the other got hooked and bought season tickets for this year. The two friends I go with regularly had similar experiences. Our three sets of season tickets in 2018 is now six sets of season tickets for 2019. In short, six free tickets (aargh! horrible! cheats!) turned into many subsequent ticket sales and three new sets of season tickets (great! wow! amazing!). Despite Parky's concerns about my welfare, I don't care if I sit next to someone who got in free. Quite the opposite: I am delighted. Because chances are, they'll be back, with cash in their pockets.
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    Did you use a cowbell to type that?
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    Well they have improved, and will get better. They have excellent facilities and directors who appear in it for the long haul. They draw bigger crowds that All Golds, Hemel or Oxford ever got and they have Juniors and U16s teams as well as links with local Unis. They seem to be doing alot right, and while on the pitch they have found it difficult they will get better in time. How about not being so negative for once, not everything is black and white.
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    Our forum colleague Bearman (aka Ron Banks) has been taken ill and is currently recovering in hospital in Coventry. I've known him for a long time now and his contribution to getting the Bears to where they are today cannot be underestimated. Let's wish him all the best for a quick and full recovery.
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    Rugby league is back in Goole after 80 years Saturday 9th March 14:00 KO vs Dewsbury Moor ENTRY IS FREE Victoria Pleasure Grounds, Carter Street, Goole Cafe and Bar will be open from 12:00 Come down and support our very own expansion within the heartlands!!
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    Lost 16-12. Poor first half cost us. This was with a squad made up of 60% local lads, many who have only ever played a handful of league games before. great day all around with an initial attendance well over the 300 mark. Not bad for the first game of league in the town for 80 years. Up the Vikings
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    Toulouse are mainly French with a sprinkling of Antipodeans (and English). If that is deemed unacceptable for Super League in some quarters then the same should apply to St Helens, Leeds, Warrington and so on and so forth. Should they be barred entry?!
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    Last time I checked the team relegated will be the one with the lowest number of points, not the smallest fan base.
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    Perez added: "I don't really know how far I am along right now. There's been so many other things going on in the game. I'm just ticking boxes and working away. "I've done it before so I can do it again. I've dedicated my life to rugby league. My goal in life is to make rugby league the most popular sport in the world." Eric Perez is God's gift to rugby league, and the gift that just keeps on giving.
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    New club formed in Montpelllier aiming for immediate inclusion in Elite 1. https://www.facebook.com/Sharks.MRLXIII
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    Sky are losing interest in Rugby League, the next TV deal will be a massive drop if there is a TV deal at all. Sky have no interest in these overseas teams. Come 2021 and SL don't get their TV deal certain clubs who offer nothing to SL will soon collapse. Between the start of the season on the 31st of Jan and the 2nd of March they will only show 17 RL games over 5 weekends and only 8 of those will feature a club from overseas. And that includes one week when they only show 2 games because of the pointless WCC that nobody would ever care about. This weekend i can only watch RL on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, its like they arent even bothered. Forgotten once again. The end is nigh and it looks like the SL clubs have killed us, on the eve of the season woe, woe and thrice woe.
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    He's taken us through some great highs and shattering lows over the decades. So I'd just like to say thanks for the memories, Ray!
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    Some rich pickings in the pre match comments on this thread.
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    As a Wigan fan myself, I'm obviously disappointed we didn't get a game. However, by the very nature of the venue bidding process (40 bids for 17 slots) there was always going to be someone disappointed. There was never ever going to be a selection of venues that suited everyone. By its very nature, the bidding process means that no slot was 'reserved' for one particular town/city. I don't know what the criteria for a successful bid entailed, but I'm presuming it wasn't based on just making the stadium available, providing a few stewards, and putting a bar on - but involved the council & clubs plans for promoting the event, details of how they are to maximise the impact of the RLWC on the local community etc.... So it could be that our (Wigans) bid just wasn't very good compared to the successful bids. To other Pies, have a moan if you must. When that's done & out of your system - leave it, crack on and get behind the tournament. The world of RL doesn't revolve round us. The game & this tournament is far far more important than one club or individual gripes.
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    The RFL is funded by the profits it makes from the challenge cup and internationals. That is how it works. Their complete failure to arrange any meaningful international regular program sits on their doorstep, the clubs have no say in it. The challenge cup is the RFL's competition, they are responsible for it, they are responsible for selling it and take 33% of all gates. If they want more money from it then they are the ones that need to promote it. What they singularly failed to do is to promote it as a national institution that anyone in the whole country should come along and enjoy. Instead they have tried to flog it to people who go anyway and to waverers by offering cheap seats. This is a large hole they have dug for themselves. A great example is the fact that a lot of French people really enjoyed going to Wembley last year, some of those may have been added to the neutrals that attend if Catalan don't (now won't) make it this year. The competition then starts to get an international dimension. Catalan have arranged possibly the biggest game outside of the UK in Europe ever in Barcelona, introducing the concept of the challenge cup to a lot more people, what do the RFL do tell them to FOff, well brilliant, the cost of everything and the value of nothing spring to mind. No wonder the SL clubs wanted out and to take control of their own destiny, Rimmer and co. couldn't organise a walk down the side of the canal without falling in.
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    I'm not a fan and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a draw. In the majority of Golden Point matches the game turns into a procession of drop goals and becomes a game that is refereed and played completely differently than the 80 mins before.
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    Link? You're a condescending #####. Are you still referring to that article where somebody was miffed because someone else didn't say hi in a crowd? What's a non playing "membership" worth? Is a hundred bucks going to make a difference to anyone? How f*cking hard is it to spell Argyle? Their business, not anyone else's. By what measure? Prove it. I think most people with a vague interest in sports in Ontario know the exist, as well as some with no interest. I live two hours away from Toronto and people ask me about TWP. Beyond the borders of the province, and really the GTA, is pretty irrelevant in terms of "local market". Doesn't matter, fans should show up to watch their home team. TWP are not selling tickets in the UK are they? Their business, not yours. Guy comes in for free, buy two hot dogs and and two beers = profit. Up to TWP to decide how to get people in the door and how much to make off them the first time vs the hundredth time. Fans keep coming back = all that matters. There's a field, there's stands to watch. There's a place to buy beer and place to ###### it out. What more do you want? You're bitching about them losing money, isn't using an economically priced stadium a way to not do that? People ##### about teams playing in empty stadiums, isn't playing in Lamport vs BMO or Rogers Centre a way to not do that? The season starts in the dead of winter bud. Whether there's a dome on the field until April or not, it's stupid to play outside in Canada until then. Well, the lower mainland in BC, but then you'd be bitching about flights wouldn't you? You're a condescending #####. So? Most sports teams are owned by rich people. Lots of sports teams lose money. It can be for pride, pleasure, taxes, who knows. Their business, not yours. What' wrong with playing only 2/3s of the season at home? Why does any sports owner lose money? - see above. Their business, not yours. How hard is it to spell Ottawa? I have never seen it spelled wrong until multiple times on this website in the last week. You're a condescending #####. You're a condescending #####. The end of your second sentence rather cancels out the first. If the very heartland of the game can't grown how can anyone have an expectation of growth anywhere else? By your own statement you can tell that it's not a problem with "expansion" it's with the overall game. You're a condescending #####. Why does it need to? Why can't you be happy with thousands more enjoying the game that you like? Why can't you be happy that tens more players can make a full time living playing the game you like? Why do you think that these new clubs sustained existence won't inspire some grass roots? Do you have so little faith in the game? What's wrong with waiting for people to say "we want to play this game we like watching" instead of begging people to "please play this game, we like it so you should too"? Exactly. Never mind. Let people try their best and enjoy any benefits that may come.
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    Its been some time since I have commented on the forum. I have lurked occasionally but my professional life has had me very busy of late. However, I felt this news exciting enough to log in and comment. Somewhere in 2017 in one of the many exasperating endless threads debating Toronto/expansion I discussed at length for the potential of a viable franchise in Ottawa. In my professional opinion as a businessman it is a slam dunk, and great news for RL. Here are some of my thoughts as to why: 1) Ottawa is a large city with an even larger catchment area - beyond the local CMA which exceeds 1 million people it is in fact within easy driving distance of both Montreal and Kingston, and many Torontonians who are Wolfpack fans will think nothing of the 500km trip to go see a game in Ottawa whether the Wolfpack or new Ottawa team. 2) I grew up in Ottawa and can attest to the fact it is a very sports oriented city. And Ottawans like rugged sports so I see rugby being an easy sell to the population. Ottawa is also generally familiar with Rugby - I played while in high school and I think it will actually have an easier intro into Ottawa then it did into Toronto. BTW Ottawa has a fair sized UK expat population. 3) Ottawa is well known to peer sporting cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York and Philadelphia and having a team in Ottawa will allow for an easy sporting rivalry with any of these should they ever get involved in RL. A Toronto/Ottawa/NY basis for RL to gain a presence in NA is such a natural step. Should it come to fruition adding Boston and Philly would be an easy fit and result in very manageable travel times for both the local and visiting teams. 4) Ottawa is a very pleasant place to visit as a tourist. The venue is easy to get to. Its right beside the Rideau Canal which itself is a tourist attraction. Ottawa has many attractions which can easily keep any tourist busy for several days. And if coming from the UK it cuts about an hour off the flight time. Plus Montreal is an alternative for flights. 5) Landsdowne is a modern stadium in great shape. It beats the pants off almost all the other RL grounds. Its easy to get to as its just off the highway. Its served by public transit. One potential matter might be some scheduling conflicts with the CFL team that the backers also own, but I think that is very easily resolved. 6) the Ottawa partner is very successful. They have the deep pockets such that this venture is not even remotely a stretch for them. Other then the NHL hockey team they own every other major sporting entity in the city already, and have promotion & marketing down to a science. They know their market and how to work it. The entire cost associated with the RF team including travel etc is likely not even a secondary expense figure on their annual statements. If only we had more ownership groups in RL that were as capable and financially sound as this one. 7) There will be no lack of external sponsors - there are a lot large companies with a major presence in Ottawa. Ottawa is one of the high tech hubs in North America as well as a major legal hub due to government. I expect corporate boxes will sell out quickly. I can see Ottawa getting to 8-10k attendance very quickly and Lansdowne park lends itself much more to the type of atmosphere the WolfPack has created as its a much larger space that is traditionally set up for family type events. 7) I do believe having a 2nd Canadian team will imprint upon the psyche of young Canadians the potential of pursuing RL rugby as a sport. It will improve the potential for government funding. Even Ottawa weather is not what it used to be. In the 60's and 70's it was common for the winter temp to be below -20C from end of Nov to end of March continuously. This is a pipedream now. I suspect by mid april games could be played outdoors. I also think they could actually cover Lansdowne but I don't think they have enough reasons yet to justify the cost. And a few early season games in the RL is not enough on their own to justify that expense. With all due respect to Man of Kent and his observation of having visited some family and thinking Ottawa is dull, I beg to disagree. Ottawa would not get a million people attending its winter carnival, all freezing their asses off in Feb, were it a dull place. But I suppose in the end each place we visit is what we make of it. Some do better then others in this regards. I think away visitors will not have any difficulties finding many attractions to enjoy. Thus about Perez and the ownership group and the capability to make Ottawa a viable RL entity I have no qualms. On the usual matters debated ad nauseam on the forum such as the amount of talent available, developing Canadian junior talent, etc I am happy to let someone else discuss - I think they are non-issues. Edit: I think Rowley will be a contender to be coach.
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    I think the biggest thing RL can learn from RU’s Six Nations is that there’s an advantage to sticking with a tried and tested format and calendar event. Even non rugby fans know that it is on, on a yearly basis and this surely helps it grow. Imagine being a non hardcore RL casual and trying to follow our international scene.
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    Thankfully no TRL member has attempted to share that video on here. And if they had we'd have removed it. Also worth pointing out that if that Senator from Queensland had posted the comments he makes in that letter on here, he would have been banned under our Terms & Conditions. It is possible to set certain standards and adhere to them, standards that don't amount to censorship, just a basic demonstration of human decency.
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    Expansion will never work, all these clubs are doing is holding back traditional clubs like Oldham and Hunslet.
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    £15,000 had been reportedly raised so far and the Widnes Twitter page is very much on a fundraising push. Players seem to be manning the phones. I'm concerned about this. We've seen it before. £500,000 was raised in 2012 to "save Bradford". Former players sold medals in the process. Yet no-one knows where that money went. I worry that the same may happen here. I worry that the commitment of fans, who pour hundreds, maybe thousands into following their team anyway per year , is being taken advantage of. And for what? To cover financial mismanagement of others, who emerge unscathed. Many of these individuals still remain in the game. Some even get better jobs. Some even become leaders in the sport. I hope I'm wrong. I really do. But I've seen it before. Widnes fans were told 10 months ago by James Rule that they were debt free. Now they're staring into the abyss and are being asked to dig into their pockets. And the average rugby league fan doesn't have deep pockets. Yet the love of their club and the sport means they do it anyway. Nobody knows where this money is going. Widnes certainly aren't telling the fans. The fans get nothing in return either. No influence. No assurance or way of holding any new board to account. Money given in good faith to people who have no right to it. It's disgraceful and emotionally manipulative. This is why we need supporters associations to organise themselves again. To exert influence, to hold secretive shysters to account. The Widnes fans now have the chance to reset, coordinate and privately fundraise rather than pour it unconditionally into a failing business. I hope they take it.
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    Why does Rimmer keep asking people to give him 500 000 pounds all the time?....how does he even come up with that actual figure. RL needs to be more welcoming to new investment...just look at all the hassles Toronto has has to put up with. My bill for that advice is 500 000 pounds please.
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    Before you castigate me too much let me add some context. I myself suffered from domestic violence by my ex partner. She suffered from a Bipolar disorder and was prone to violent outburst's, almost always in private. She once went as far as to pour boiling water over me while I was asleep. I never told anyone about the way she acted until years after we split mostly due to pride. I never laid a finger on her despite the provocation, however people I have told since often reply with "why didnt I punch her?" The main reason I didnt is because i never thought people would believe that a 6 foot 19 stone doorman could be abused by a 5 foot 2 beauty therapist and therefore assumed my feet wouldnt touch. I also have witnessed blokes outside pubs being repeatedly punched and kicked and abused, by there partners and then when they finally lash out in temper they are the ones taken away. Now I am not suggesting that is what has happened here, however my point was we dont know what happened beyond some alledged news reports in the Australian press. That being the case before we talk about banning the lad for life, lets wait to see what the Police do. That is usually a pretty good indicator of how serious something was.
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    Great news for Menzie and his family. http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/52611/update-menzie-yere
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    I know a lot of water has passed under the bridge, people should not be held responsible for the actions of previous generations, time heals old wounds and as a sport these events offer the chance to show we are a mature, confident and open sport. But I would still have told them to #@%$ off.
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    I hate seeing the losing team on the field laughing and joking with the opposition. Do that in the sheds afterwards, not on the field when you have just let all of your fans down big time.
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    I have been a member of this site for over 10/15 years (I reckon) but to be honest I find it now so negetive to all aspects of the game I wonder why I bother anymore. We have the same group of people who know whats wrong with the game and put forward all their stats numbers and figures and they are never wrong.THEY have all the answers. We have the same group of people who just do not want to listen to any other opinions and if you dont agree with them you are bullied of the thread. This site has become "home to a few" who think they know best and if you disagree with their opinion then you are hounded off the topic. Discussion and opinions are no longer relevent,the crack is no longer fun,its all to serious and controlled by a minority who no matter what YOU think ...THEY are always right. A lot of good characters no longer post, a lot fun characters who had great knowledge of the game no longer post and I wonder why that is ? Guess the new young breed have taken over ?
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    The 6000+ crowd is all the more impressive when you consider that Catalans are at home on the same day. Around 15,000 people watched live Superleague and Championship RL in France today. Must be some kind of record. Hope the TOTO derby is a Superleague fixture sooner rather than later.
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    So, a quick recap of what we already know... We have a badge that says' Great Britain Rugby League', so no mention of Ireland whatsoever The kit is being manufactured by Hummel, so likely wrapped up in the RFL deal for England kits and therefore little or no extra income or outreach generated by this 'iconic brand' The tour sponsors are Dacia and Ronseal, both of whom are already RFL sponsors, so no new companies are being brought into the sport by this 'iconic brand' Lots of social media surrounding the tour this morning, although all of it also includes the Oceania Cup, so the return of an 'iconic brand' for a 'historic tour' is sharing the limelight with a brand new tournament that will be running alongside and perhaps overshadowing it All the above social media referred to GBRL, no mention of Ireland All of the above social media included the @England_RL handle because there isn't one for GBRL In it's announcement yesterday, the RFL started talking about the importance of the England team halfway through! The RFL (note it's them and not a combination of the four NGBs) continually repeat the 'iconic jersey' refrain in every statement but are unable to show us this jersey even in a mock up form Ireland and Scotland will be playing RLWC Qualifiers at the same time as this tour takes place, so either none of their players will be available for this tour or they will be in New Zealand while their teammates are playing games that actually count for something Wales don't have any games planned, but realistically only have two players capable of making the squad (Knowles and Grace) neither of whom are likely to make the 17 - and there's a good chance the Dragons will be going into hibernation for the year Ditto England - after 13 years building the brand, we've put them into a cupboard for 24 months so that some old timers can reminisce about the good old days (which weren't that good) when we beat Australia (not that often, and who we're not playing on this tour anyway) in a nice-looking jersey (yes, it is very nice looking - at least some of the old ones were, some certainly weren't, and we don't know what this one looks like), most of whom had a seizure when Withers and Fa'asavalu were selected in the past and will do likewise if they see some Scottish-Australians playing on this tour We still don't know what flag will be flown or if GSTQ will be played - anyone else remember cringing with embarrassment watching Brian Carney being placed in such an awkward position? In fact, we still don't really know the name of this touring team, and who they are supposed to represent. Not that that's a big deal or anything, for an international sporting event We've left the whole thing so late that almost nobody - even those who've long supported the return of this 'iconic brand/badge/jersey' - will be able to go on this tour. That's despite knowing that it's been on the agenda for several years now. And this 'iconic brand/badge/jersey' is so highly revered, by the way, that the team wearing it is being used as a warm up act in at least 1 of the 4 games it's playing! And to cap it all, some genius has decided to host the main event - the triple header - on the same day as the RUWC final! In the only country in the whole world where RU is the national sport, and where that nation is almost certainly going to be playing in said final? And that lot's just off the top of my head! As things stand, it's not off to a great start is it?
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    Yes. It will be hard for any woman to match the quality input of the current Sky team. All of whom are there are on merit and show that each week.
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    Sounds like a decent performance from the worst team ever seen in the top flight. And London have done ok as well.
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    Maybe not a major one yet, and a little bit tenuous, but will be telling my grand children this one when I'm old and grey (I hope), and it is a FACT. My claim to fame. Technically I was the first Rugby League player to score a try at the London Stadium (Olympic stadium, Stratford). ?
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