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    Sky Sports Arena are having a full day of RL programmes this Sunday, including the previously broadcast documentaries about Eddie Hemmings, Stevo and Jamie Peacock as well as Warriors Down Under and We Play League. The highlight is 'Super league Rewind' on Sunday night at 7pm, which is showing the first game of Super League from March 1996 between Paris St Germain and Sheffield Eagles. It's a 2 and a half hour show, so I'm assuming its a re-broadcast of Sky's full coverage as was shown on the night. Hopefully Sky can dig out a few more classic games while there's no live action on. The full day of programmes is on Sky Sports Arena from 6am Sunday morning, and from 10.30am everything is also showing on SS Mix. However, the Warriors Down Under and We Play League re runs after 10.30pm are only on SS Arena. The PSG v Sheffield match is also being shown on SS Main Event.
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    In case anyone has forgotten. Remember to wash your hands.
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    Had a phone call yesterday from Danny Washbrook asking how I was and had a little chat, proud to be part of a fantastic club, thank you it makes a difference when you live alone in these uncertain times, thank you.
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    None of them. No team deserves being culled, moved or expunged.
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    Fair enough if you don't want to buy it. Each to their own. But just to clarify, this week's League Express has 24 pages, not 7. Best not to spread misconceptions y'know, it's hard enough for us to keep going as it is without folk spreading incorrect info about how many pages we're publishing. People's jobs are on the line here, guys. It's serious.
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    As of today, following the government lockdown announcement on Monday evening, League Publications Ltd staff are all now safely working from home. We have put a plan in place that will enable us to continue publishing League Express every Monday in both print and digital formats. It will be on sale in the usual outlets (those that remain open) and we will continue to fulfill subscriptions as normal via Royal Mail delivery. If you would like to take out a new print subscription or renew and existing one, please use our online shop to order as we are unable to answer telephone calls or process mail sent to our office for the time being. If you would like to try the digital edition instead, you can download the League Express app for your smartphone or tablet from your app store, or go to the Pocketmags website. If you have any subscription enquiries, you can send me a PM via the forum, post it below, or you can use the contact form on our website. Thanks for your support!
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    You need doctors and an ambulance at games, so that rules it out straight away. Wait till we get past the peak then see what happens
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    Been putting some data together this afternoon that I thought I'd share
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    I was in Lidl doing shopping earlier, and there was a young woman in the freezer aisle looking distraught, I asked her if she was ok, and she almost cried at me, "There's no frozen carrots", i looked at her, and said there are plenty of fresh carrots over there, buy them, chop them, and freeze them. I absolutely saw a light bulb pop over her head.
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    Rather than data here's a few photos of me celebrating my birthday yesterday.
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    I have mentioned to Mrs Shadow that one of her most attractive features is her NHS pension. On an unrelated point our sofa's surprisingly comfortable.
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    Still leaves you sad,bitter,twisted and with a severe priority malfunction.
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    Hi all, I recently put together a list of some of the great documentaries and old matches that have been uploaded online. The full list is here. Please share widely with Rugby League people who may be feeling isolated at the moment. Hundreds of hours of RL history https://tidesofhistory.wordpress.com/2020/03/21/the-peoples-game-the-rugby-league-tv-archive/ Will add some of the ones mentioned on this forum Cheers Anthony
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    I stood my lads down yesterday and have given notice that due to the coronavirus I will not be starting three new contracts next week, I will be making my lads up to their full basic wage for up to six months, I'll then revise this and depending on money owned to me getting paid I will carry on as long as I can.
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    Highlights of the 1978, 1985, 1996, 2003 and 2016 finals this Saturday https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000h4gv Also on red button in case you miss it https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0071xf7/broadcasts/upcoming On Sunday there’s a repeat of Rugby League’s Legendary Watersplash Final (poor lad) on BBC2, also at 1.15pm https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b3g9q1
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    There's 1000,s dieing, most people being told to stop in, everyone told to keep two metres apart etc and he's more bothered about sport, it is what it is and sport isn't ensential enough to think about yet.
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    All NHS workers whose visas were going to expire before 1 October will have a year automatically added.
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    Mick Hogan in hospital due to breathing difficulties, get well soon
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    What a ridiculous and ill thought comment...
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    While I'm having a time-out with a cup of tea, here's an insight into the positive work we're doing that won't see, to help you understand the impacts. Two weeks ago, the NHS was very much local work for local areas and there was vast resistance to actually learning from elsewhere as "they don't understand OUR needs". This morning, I was working with people from the The Wirral, Darlington, Barnet, Surrey and other areas getting clinical pathways right (essentially the flow-charts that help doctors with difficult choices). Those of us who truly believe in the N part of NHS have been let off our leash and told to just "get it done". The freedom... We've done more change in two weeks than in the last six years I've been in the NHS. Two weeks ago, moving to a largely tele/video conference model of general practice was treated as heresy "the patients won't stand for it!" "don't like it, need to see patients in person!" and "electrickery! I haven't even got the hang of antibiotics yet". Well, maybe not so much of the last one. We're not going back to mainly face-to-face appointments when this is done as even the most stubborn of stalwarts has accepted that this is the future. The blockers are having a tough time of it. Those who will not make decisions are being ignored and wondering why no-one's calling them or emailing them. Those who just refuse to move as quickly as needed are likely to find themselves on the "manage out" path after this is over. It is exposing some deep divides, but they've effectively been parcelled up, stuck in a box with an "open when COVID-19 goes away" label on them. That parking of egos is so welcome it's unbelievable. People responding with "yep, my error, here's the right one" rather than doubling down to defend the indefensible when two weeks ago they'd be arguing today was Friday if they made that mistake So, this COVID-19 thing is a disaster for the country, but it will result in a far leaner and better NHS that's just sucked up all its problems and got on with it. It will likely lead to a brutal NHS civil war once it's over with the blockers doing their damnedest to keep their jobs while the agile lot will be determined to get shot of them immediately.
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    They’re busy working from home
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    100% No. That’s not why they’re doing it. There are reasons for both of them, which are fair enough but I can assure you you’re wrong to suggest either of them would share your view (why on earth do you follow the club if you dislike it so much?) A passing understanding of the clubs history would show you that neither of their investments have been based on thinking Skolars would be a top table club. There have been many seasons when we’ve struggled over the last 25 year. In fact the last 5-6 seasons have been the highlights. Off the pitch as many on here say Skolars are doing a good job in very tough circumstances- we have a healthy number of sponsors including for players, events like Capital Challenge and a strong community presence.
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    In terms of understanding, there has been an invisible plus side. As it has been imported from ski-ing holidays to the Alps and international business people, it is something of a rich man's flu. This does seem to mean there is no stigma attached. Had it been imported by poor immigrants, I imagine there would be nastier BS going around.
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    Self-isolation can turn some folk crazy earlier than others.
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    Rochdale Hornets Website reporting ex player and coach Frank Myler has passed away at age 81. He achieved almost everything in the game as player and coach including leading the last GB team to win the Ashes. Although most people will remember him for his times at Widnes and St Helens and with england and Great Britain, he transformed Rochdale Hornets from a club struggling to to keep their head above water to a team competing with the best in the top half of the first division playing attractive rugby. He will never be forgotten in Rochdale
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    Sometimes trying to look at the wider situation helps. I've had what to me is a fairly crappy day. I've been on annual leave all week. I'd planned working on my classic bike, plus getting out on my modern one. Due to current circumstances I've done neither. I've wanted to start going for a run on the moors but can't, as my daily exercise is walking the dog. I've wanted to get out and do some landscape photography, but can't leave home. I've got through this week fine, but then today, my mood fell. I then saw a few comments on twitter about how much my employer, an NHS subsidiary supporting the front line, had helped this week. Suddenly my personal circumstances, and my own mood began to pale into insignificance. I'm now looking forward to getting back to work next week, and contributing in my own way.
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    Thought I'd update this thread - I've not had a drink for nearly 3 months, and do you know what, I feel absolutely amazing! I've done Dry January before but never really felt any different, but I think maybe because I'm a bit older and I was feeling rough for days after drinking this time it's really made a difference. On the face of it I didn't need to lose any weight as I wasn't over weight but I have lost around a stone and it's made a big difference, it's also strange that I've not actually wanted a drink, in fact I'm almost 'scared' to have one or two because I know how it will make me feel the day after (or the few days after) I went to a social gathering a couple of weeks ago (remember them??) and what was really nice was everyone mentioned how well I looked (without knowing I had stopped drinking) and it was really nice rather than ending the night slumped in a Taxi and not being able to remember what had happened I was able to actually talk to people properly, well, until the end of the night when most of them were smashed that is. I thought with the current situation it would be testing me a bit more, especially with endless facebook and instagram post of people having a 'cheeky' beer or wine in the afternoon but it hasn't bothered me, I hope that continues! Oh and to be fair KayakMan the CBD tablets have been working an absolute treat as well, well, at least I think they are, it could all be down to not drinking but all my aches and pains which I just thought were because I was getting a bit older have all but disappeared and I am sleeping amazingly. One thing that has really helped me and this sounds quite sad typing it out, is replacing the customary Wine or Brandy at night with a customary cup of Yorkshire Tea and a biscuit, that's my routine now
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    They will go bankrupt this afternoon. So I’m quite grateful I got any money right now.
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    Easy...Danny Houghton on Currie in the CCF.
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    I recognise that there are a lot of bored young men sat on sofas without much to do at the moment, but there is probably a wider public interest. So no, not a good idea.
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    I'm getting confused by you lot messing around with numbers. Definitely had enough of experts. But, to take it back to the personal, some vaguely good news in the Ginger household as, after far, far, far too many phonecalls and dead ends, Mrs Ginger was finally added to the priority list by Sainsbury's and now we have a mahoosive delivery coming on Thursday. We could even have got one for tomorrow.
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    Didn't Lufc choose all white to emulate Real Madrid?
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    Update from my mate in Kuala Lumpur: #stayathome update Day 12. 1) I can now turn off every sink tap in the house using my elbow or forearm. Some are trickier than others. File under "skills you never thought you would ever acquire never mind would assume importance". 2) I have realised that if I watch YouTube on the desktop machine in my man cave rather than on the living room TV I have to walk further to the bathroom. Every little helps. 3) If my kids move any less we are going to have to start dusting them.
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    Yes, numbers are still growing at an alarming rate (linear graphs look frightening) but the fact that the lines, particularly Italy's, appear to be curving over is a positive in that it indicates a reduction of the exponential rate factor - something that is often more difficult to see in linear graphs particularly around the time of the tipping point. It's still very grim and probably some distance from the peak, but there's the merest glimmer of hope that the tide is turning in Italy. Let's hope it continues.
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    Always had a soft spot for Workington after spending a fair bit of time working up there. good sportsmen and good people. Best of luck to Workington and my team Bradford in the difficult times to come.
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    We have been taking a daily walk around our local area, we admire the kids rainbows and messages in windows, notice good gardens that people keep that we would never really notice. It is also quite peaceful without all the traffic. It is a bit surreal, it isn't where you would take a stroll for a walk normally, but has a strange charm when it is a completely isolated from hustle and bustle of what would be the normal daily life.
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    In Cumbria all our local clubs will struggle finically, rugby and football alike, but what I can definitely tell you is, as Cumbrians we have without doubt the best supporters of all in our amateur and semi pro sports, once all this is over the supporters and the community's will pull together in what any way it takes to keep all our clubs going. Cumbrian and proud, Stay safe people
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    Christ, think how bad you'd look if you hadn't been.
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    My wife is a Nurse, she said, quite matter of fact “It’s nonsense, Im just doing my job, if people want to show their appreciation then they should make sure they follow government guidelines and don’t be dicks” A bit harsh but I do sort of get what she means!
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    Went to Tesco in North Tyneside today and they’ve introduced an Ikea style one way system round the store. A follow the arrows kind of thing so nobody can bump into anyone in the aisles as everyone is going in the same direction. Seemed to be working quite well.
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    As it appears that no Super League clubs have any interesting facts to talk about then let me do so for Oldham. 1: As with Hull KR's story in the previous link, Oldham too trialed two American Football players. In 1971 Chris Macedo and Sam Moore signed as trialists for Oldham and played a few games in the "A" team (For the younger folk on here, that's not the one with Mr.T but what reserve teams were called at the time). Sam Moore was then selected for a first team game at home to Blackpool and twice tried an American Football type throw, high and far across the field to the winger. However, both were intercepted and resulted in tries for Blackpool who eventually won the game. Moore and Macedo then never appeared for training the following week and were never seen again. 2: Signing of Olympic shot-putter Arthur Rowe. Arthur Rowe had represented Great Britain in the shot put at the 1960 Olympics in Rome but then gave up his amateur status by signing for Oldham at Rugby League. His first appearances for the "A" team drew thousands of spectators and at 26 years of age, 6' 2" tall and weighing over 18 stones he played on the wing where he scattered opponents when in possession and taking several players to tackle him (Those who saw him make a comparison to Jonah Lomu). However, after a handful of games Arthur decided the game was too tough for him and left the club. With no longer being an amateur he could then not go back to athletics and became a regular on the professional Scottish Highland Games circuit and where he was eventually crowned World caber-tossing champion. 3: Oldham have won every match they have ever played on a certain date of the year. Since RL began in 1895 Oldham have played 6 matches on 29 February - and won them all ! They have played on that date in 1908, 1936, 1964, 1968, 1976 and 2008 and have a 100% record. In fact the points they have conceded in each of those games are 2,5,7,2,5,8 .... which equals 29 !!! 4: The most-prolific try-scoring debut in RL history. On 31 October 1908 winger James Miller made his debut for Oldham in an away game at Barry, South Wales but only due to their usual International winger George Tyson having been selected to play for Lancashire the same day. Oldham defeated Barry 54-0 with debutant Miller scoring 7 tries - still an Oldham club record for most individual tries in one game. However the next week Tyson was back in his usual position and Miller again in the reserves. In fact Miller was unfortunate with injuries and made only four more appearances for Oldham, scoring just two more tries - ironically both in the return fixture at home to Barry on New Year's Day 1909. 5: Oldham RL and Oldham Athletic - a shared but unwanted record. Since the RL Challenge Cup Final was moved to Wembley in 1929, Oldham RL club have appeared in seven semi-finals and have lost each one of them - the most semi-finals any club has appeared in without ever playing at Wembley. Similarly Oldham Athletic have appeared in three FA Cup semi-finals and never won through to the final - and although sharing that record with Norwich and former club Swifts, it is also the most any club has played in without reaching the decider.
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    Has the Queen put armed guards on him? It may be his best chance of getting the crown if he can infect mummy. Poor taste?
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    There isn't much left of ISIS after they were told to start working from home...
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    I still genuinely believe that we have the odd point in our favour that the amount we get paid is modest, and that we still have a lot more to offer (more live games, more content, and a higher level of flexibility than most sports). Sky are a brilliant partner for our game, I hope we extend the deal for more money and more content. But get rid of Terry and Baz!!!!!
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    Both Hector and David Hughes should get an MBE for services to Rugby League in London I have only ever been to the LS once around 3 years ago when they played Toronto Wolfpack. Nice club Nice people Hope it all works out Paul

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