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    Not sure which bit of that post disagrees with you so much. It was quite clearly a good win and Cas were indeed a top five team. Your stalking of those interested in and positive about TWP on here is becoming tedious and pathetically childish. At least Parky put a bit of effort into it
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    As Eddie pointed out TWP have gone from nothing to SL in 3 years; they have generated more column inches/social media and discussion amongst RL and non-RL followers than all of the other SL clubs combined; the owner has pumped in $21m and they signed arguably the most recognised rugby player on the planet. So I assume all that hasn’t impressed you? Unlike Cas who have given out bull excrement for many years about moving to a new ground. I know as I am a Cas supporter. It comes down to a simple question ‘What is the best for RL in the long term’. Is it seeing TWP as a possible catalyst that may open greater opportunities for the game at a national and NH level, or, do we flatly deny TWP any wriggle-room and see how it goes. I can understand the jealousy that TWP have caused because their owner has more money than any other owner, especially Cas, but I do not want to see decisions taken at a strategic level to be based on jealousy.
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    I agree with Elstone here. No way should the RFL accept such a paltry offer. It devalues the future rights. If someone wants them, they need to pay what they're worth. If no one wants them, we'll just have to wait the long term. Rugby league has a history of devaluing itself. The current beIN offer is an insult. The fact Catalans have seen a rise in season ticket sales, and are enquiring whether it's too do with lack of TV presence is forcing them to come and watch, shows that they don't think it's too much of a deal (especially enough to have to pay themselves to get broadcast). Stick to your guns. Play hardball here for sure.
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    Do things, like set up a RL team in a new country and take them to SL in three years? I’m fairly indifferent about TWP but to say Argyle just talks about stuff and doesn’t do it is a bit silly.
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    How very Rugby league of you, to run someone down for having some positive ideas.
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    The game will be lucky to keep the one Argyle the way it acts towards him and his dream.
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    I love a world cup because you get to see the smaller nations. The big nations will march on as they normally do, and as they have always done. But i like watching the likes of Samoa v France with something really big hanging on it.. I dont want to watch england play australia over and over.. i will of course but I would prefer this sort of structure where it builds to a climax. For me the last one where there were different rules for different groups did make it feel a bit like "the big boys" are having a bit of a warm up comp, while the little ones play to have the right to play against them which for me is not really what a world cup should be about IMHO
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    Well your 2 PNG have to live local as they won't commute will they? Are you counting them as local now by saying that? You have got your "local" team so get down early to get in at a reasonable price and get smashed so it won't matter what the score is as the only time you'll be in some games is at the start! (joking!) Seriously though you have to realise you are on a Town forum when you are reading these comments, but surely yesterday will highlight that you will struggle next season in the championship. You will give some teams a good game and win a few, but to survive you will have to be very lucky on the injury front and hope rival teams aren't. Good luck though and stick with the players. Hope you stay up and we join you. UTT
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    Just back from watching Saints v London for Louis McCarthy Scarisbrook's testimonial 4000+ braved the cold and pretty bad fog to watch the game which included a good handful of London fans one in particular with a fog horn voice Whatever you think of London, fans travelling up for a testimonial/friendly is true commitment. Well done and have a good season. Well done to LMS as well. A great servant to Saints and always enthusuastic on the pitch.
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    28 posts so far 26 being negative on Toronto
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    Can we cut out the 'flat capper, jealous, hater' etc tagss every time somebody says anything that doesn't celebrate TWP? People are actually allowed to have a negative view of this, particularly if they are presenting it rationally. Sure there are a couple of people who are going over the top, but I'd say we are literally talking maybe 2. The attacks on any critics is becoming completely over the top and is suppressing discussion and debate. I went back to an old TWP thread recently and the tone was very different and more enjoyable sensible discussion. The biggest change hasn't come from those classed as critics.
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    If you keep giving it free though, nobody will ever pay. If we are paying for broadcasts, I'd want it to be on free to air or something rather than doing the job for Bein.
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    Brilliant Neutrality there Callum, well done young man.
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    I know the Cas ground is a dump but they can play there any day they want, any time of the year. I'm just a bit tired of the nonsense emanating from the Toronto camp. We've been here before with Paris, Celtic Crusaders, Gateshead. I hope Toronto do well but I am a bit cynical. I'd rather see a Canadian league established with the money being spent. I'd love to see a couple of Canadians in the squad. But already McDermott wants different rules for Toronto. The season hasn't even started yet. And reading this thread (not you Adelaide T) but I'm reminded why I don't post here much. Why can't someone express an opinion opposing someone else without being labelled an idiot and anti-Toronto straight away? This used to be the more gentlemanly forum...
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    To TIWIT, Kayakman, Adelaide Tiger, and all others who think of TWP in a positive light. I'd strongly suggest you stay totally clear of this thread and leave it 100% to the negative towards TWP idiots. They can party-hearty with it until it fizzles out. If you stick with it....the thread that is......you won't win and stress yourselves out. My advice FWIW. I ain't opening this one again.
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    This is no place for tea towel philosophy.
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    Do you also endlessly slate Melbourne for being a NSW side in a Victorian City? Or the Tongan national team, they are full of Australians and played their games in Australia.
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    Oh what Robert Elstone wrought from thinking that the tarted-up version of the old RFL Championship which has masqueraded as a Super League since 1996 was worth more from a French broadcaster than the 70,000 € which BeIN was reportedly paying before.
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    I was doing some research on the Oldham RL Heritage Trust website and found something which may interest many people in Barrow as it is about Frank Foster who died just a few weeks ago. As has been said previously, Frank is not only a legend in Barrow but also in Oldham where he totally transformed the club's fortunes after signing from Barrow in early 1972. At that time Oldham were attempting to be "progressive" and instead of a match day programme they produced a newspaper which supporters could have delivered to their house a couple of days prior to the game. One of these newspapers included a full page article on Frank Foster, even including a photo of his wife and children. To view the article click onto the following link which will take you to the "Documents Archive" section of the Oldham RL Heritage Trust website ... https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/document-archive/ Once there type "Widnes" into the search box in the top right hand corner of that page. Once the list of Oldham's games versus Widnes appear then scroll down to the game on 22 October 1972 and click onto "View" in the blue box on the right. The match day newspaper will then appear. Scroll down to page 4 for the article about Frank Foster.
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    As in 'money talks, bulls... walks.' I think David Argyle's money has amply spoken for him.
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    "Raise The Cap!" "My God...a light..expansion in NA...the door is open much more than a crack now...reach out and touch it...right there ! What people have dreamed about for so long..its finally within our grasp!" "What?" "Who just turned off the lights?" -foolish boys, just raise the cap...or give Toronto a bit of special dispensation...its nothing in the grand scheme of things.
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    Given the current state of Saracens should this be a surprise? The others I see as just public musings.
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    Hearing Caine has not broken anything just bad bruising.
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    The deal bein offered was for the catalans to pay bein to film and show the game. If somebody does it for free it's an improvement on the last bein offer!
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    The cap at the very least needs to be pegged to inflation. It's ridiculous that we've allowed clubs to impose real-terms pay cuts on the players for the best part of two decades. The 1999 cap should be over £3m today, not the £2.2m-ish that it was only very recently increased to. I've said before that personally, I'd replace the cap with an FFP-style system that is linked to a club's financial performance. We used to have the 50% of turnover rule and in truth, I'd have something similar in place: Introduce a 'soft' cap that is linked to the club's own turnover. Limit the way in which directors loans / injections are counted towards that figure, encouraging clubs to develop their business and income streams, rather than rely on owner benevolence. If a club wants to compete with their neighbours for playing talent, they need to grow the business to be able to pay for it. Either remove or introduce a much higher upper celing. In truth, that sort of system probably wouldn't benefit Toronto, but it would be a cap system that encourages clubs to develop themselves off the field, rather than just on it, and it should allow the players to reap the benefits of any growth.
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    Shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd .
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    We need to do, what Newcastle are doing. A fully integrated approach to embedding the game in the local community from bottom to top. Mick Hogan began the process 30 odd years ago and to their credit, they've kept the grass roots development effort going ever since. Not in an ad-hoc (do nothing and hope they turn up) way but systematically introducing new young children to the sport (in increasing numbers) every year. They monitor participation and set goals for increasing numbers of participants year on year. Open and honest and real. That's why they are worth backing with high profile events like Magic and World Cup matches. Most of the spectators (from the Newcastle area) will be people introduced to the game at school and the more of them there are the more likely it is we'll get a good turnout at these major events. That's when the investment effort (in schools and junior club development) begins to pay back hard cash.
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    I'm ok with some form of dispensation as per my previous post, the cap rules have been designed for the clubs in the UK and France and may not necessarily suit for expansion clubs like TWP, certainly in the short term. However, you are right that on the face of it the management deserve criticism for the squad they have put together (so far). Looking at last year, the 12 SL clubs used: An average of 32 players each. Lowest was saints with 28. Highest was Hull KR with 37. If you adjusted these numbers to remove any players who had played fewer than 5 games (fringe players being given experience - not perfect but probably removes a number of players who didn't 'need' to be used last year): Average of 27 players per club used. Lowest was Saints/Wire with 24, highest was Hull KR with 31. This suggests that the bare minimum you could possibly use throughout the year is around 24, but likely to be the adjusted average of 27. Bearing in mind the salary cap is for your first 25 players, for TWP to not even get a 25 man squad together is poor. If they did that, surely a couple more loans would have been possible, or even signing a couple of young lads and playing them in the UK via DR would have been possible. It seems odd that they haven't done this. It will be interesting to watch what comes of this, but it doesn't look overly smart by them right now.
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    Sounds very ' French '
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    This thread has caused the biggest party in Leigh since they opened a Greggs there.
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    What has Leigh & Beaumont got to do with this thread.
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    I have nothing against Toronto or expansion but this seems to be a fairly simple issue to me - they have mismanaged their player contracts and the salary cap (not Superleague, the RFL or anybody else) and they are now seeking a way around this. We could argue all day about the difficulties Toronto face over other clubs but what seems clear is that they knew what they were getting into and they shouldn't be stamping their feet about it a few weeks from the start of the season. Just my opinion.
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    Toronto have done the same as Melbourne
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    This and a combination of redundancy and a career change left me up sh it creek. It got ridiculous the amounts i was paying in interest alone. It couldn't continue.... and it didn't. The worry, stress and distress and feelings of helplessness that i recognised in my pal, I've felt first hand. A plan. Managed and adhered to every month meant i got a break. Someone else was doing the arguing with debtors. I was managing the debt.... not debt controlling me. Its been sorted a few years now and the sense of relief overwhelming. It really can be sorted. Just speak to an independent and get the ball rolling. Some of the behaviour by the banks making debt freely available is not much more ethical that dealers offering a free bag to try....
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    I do have some sympathy for TWP's position I must admit. At first I dismissed the thought of dispensation, however I suppose we need to ask is it reasonable to expect a new club on the other side of the world to have an Academy team that they can supplement the 1st team squad with like other clubs do? I'm not sure it can be done so easily just yet. I think there maybe needs to be some concessions around DR and Loan players, to cater for the unique circumstances they face. On the flip side, maybe had they invested in London Skolars like they said they would they would have had a youth partnership by now, and Salford also don't have an Academy IIRC so not sure whether they would be happy with concessions for TWP. I'd be happy with something like an allowance of £100k for DR or Loan players on top of their cap
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    Bang on. I don't think RFL/SL really knows where to go next. Sad.
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    The quality in the squad is fine. They lost once last year in a very competitive championship and have a lot more quality than London who went well last year. The main concern is depth and how they cover injuries. I see people questioning the likes of Gaz O'Brien and Andrew Dixon. I think some SL fans will be surprised how much they have come along. Dixon in particular is very impressive and showed that form in the super 8s in 2018 which I assume people have forgotten about. SBW and Singleton will improve the pack too. If they get near to the best 17 on the field every week I think they will be comfortably in mid-table and might trouble the 5. I am surprised they haven't binned McCrone and upgraded to a top half though. Not sure what they will do with injuries and whether this dispensation claim will be successful. As others have pointed out, the lack of a reserves or academy is a major downside for them and they need to look at a way around this. If they can plug the squad with a couple of players then they should be fine barring a major injury crisis. People shouldn't underestimate the advantage they have at home. Travelling 8 hours, the time difference, climate, pitch and general unfamiliarity of the experience for SL teams will make it a very tough trip.
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    The thing is that, having consorted with a brown, foreign person, even being involved with RL will be seen as a lesser crime by the tabloid/online hate-mongers. So, what's to lose? Making weirdo sociopaths like the Mail, the Express, Piers "phone hacker" Moron and Katie "bankrupt again" Hopkins pretend to be angry should be a badge of honour.
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    Sometimes, there is a fine line between ideas and bull excrement. Anyone can come out with flights of fancy to try and impress people. I tend to be impressed when they do things, not just talk about them.
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    Shame. I'll now not bother going to Dewsbury this season (just as I sidestepped Batley last). I see Dewsbury claim their programme is unsustainable yet amateur NCL neighbours Dewsbury Celtic, Dewsbury Moor and Thornhill Trojans all manage to produce one, on much lower crowds and with far fewer resources. Funny, that.
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    I was at this game. Absolutely full of some of my favourite players of all time... Lewis, Ward, Myler, Miles, Sterling, Kenny and so many more. I will say again, I loved the game in the 1980's and if I am perfectly honest overall more than I do now but I am sure a fair part of that is nostalgic. I go a few months between watching this video and in that time I remember the great players and the great tries and I forget the unbelievable number of handling errors from both sides... if we saw that many knock on's in a Super League game we would be lambasting how poor the modern game is!
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    With the players we had out particularly 2 big hookers and a change around with Caine, Elliott I though we did great. Really good to watch in attack. Good scrambling defence for the most part. Promising
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    You need a Roger T in your fan base.... get one of your semi literate pensioners to put one up on the forum
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    To be fair, McDermott won't be managing the cap himself and it does say they are engaged with the RFL so this may have been going on for a while. We do also know that the likes of McDermott and Noble enjoy a good story, less so about the detail or whether things are exactly true.
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    Good transition away from contact too.
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    I think Darts player Mervyn King might enjoy the experience of being hated by fewer people if he became a RL referee...

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