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    How can we stop this endless cycle of Twp discussion and look towards the future? We have already seen that Twp can attract viewing figures such as last week so the whole argument that sky don't want Twp is laughable. Broadcasters only care about viewing numbers, not where they come from. As for the constant Perez name dropping, he has moved on from twp, so anything he has said regarding Toronto is now redundant and irrelevant. For the record though, he never promised anything. He said these are things we believe will happen or want to do, but was never put down in contractual terms as we have now seen with Super League welcoming them into the top flight. Twp have satisfied whatever criteria Super League needed, and clearly Canadian players and a tv deal were not part of this criteria because if they were, they would not have been promoted. For the last point, I believe this forum is a fair reflection on the public perception of twp. On this forum, we all come from different backgrounds, demographics and nations, just like the real world. If you look at the percentages regarding pro wolfpack as opposed to against, it's roughly 10 to 1 in favour of what they are doing. This number would be even greater outside of the Uk as I have not heard anything negative regarding twp in Australia for example. You can keep your two polls to yourself as one of them didn't even involve the club, it was the coach. How about you actually debates some points or end this daily endless cycle?
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    I originally put this on the GF match thread but I thought it deserved it's own thread as it's bloody brilliant...
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    New club starting up, the first amateur team called Newcastle in almost 30 years: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/new-rugby-league-club-to-launch-in-newcastle/ I thought this worth mentioning given the recent announcement that Magic is returning to the city.
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    Thanks Great Dane for you optimism. Last time I looked we had received more money from Legend Sportswear than we had for the PacificAusSports program. So you might want to email me and get your facts.
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    Stadium finished by December. Three test events in January. Open by February (I hope!)
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    Check out our video from the launch of the Newcastle Magpies new pitch The Magpies become our 14th community club as we look to continue the growth of the game across the region #HowayTheMags IMG_1838.mp4
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    Newcastle Thunder really are doing a smashing job. RL needs more clubs like this.
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    You won't be surprised to hear me say this, but this is an example of ''best practice'' which should be modeled and replicated, (by the RFL) in every development area. Someone, please record the systems, and the mechanisms for establishing the conditions which allow such growth to sprout and blossom in the North East. So much of what we do, as a game is disjointed with hardly any sharing of best practice. The pro' clubs seem so envious of each other they jealously guard any successful initiative from the other clubs rather than exchanging information about what works.
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    Last time we linked up with Cas like this we had Ben Reynolds for the year and he went on to win the Young Player of the Year award for the division. If we find another young gun like that I'll be happy!
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    It doesnt matter how 'enthusiastic' the owners are, Fevs owners can be the most enthusiastic people possible, but if they dont have millions they cant spend millions Leeds wouldnt be in fevs circumstances because leeds is a big city with money and sponsors. Its not luck that leeds have never been relegated. Even if leeds were excluded at the beginning they wouldnt have spent a quarter of a century in the lower tiers because the money and fans they have would got them back up. Fev arent small because they are in the lower leagues, they are in the lower leagues because they are small. They have no entitlement to compete at the top, and no reason to assume they can.
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    Why don't those teams join the womes league then......... The women getting on TV are the elite athletes in their sport, just because big Dave playing for West Wales is technically a better player should not come in to the argument.
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    Wouldn’t be missed by me
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    Who never get a return on their investments because the code never grows out of its small town parochialism?
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    Let us all be honest here, Schofield is an utter and total w@n3r. He makes money from being an absolute t0$$er, don't give him oxygen* *yes I know I just did,
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    The whole GB reintroduction has been a farce from start to finish.
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    They are only expected to be in the Ron Massey Cup for 1 season, at the most 2. It is conditional on the Government funding and in the NRL Strategic plan that they need to be in the Canterbury Cup (NRL requires 2021, Government gives them until 2022). The Canterbury Cup is actually televised on both Fox Sports and Channel 9, so they get 2 live games a week, plus FBC has already expressed interest in covering the Silktails, so it's not like they won't have coverage moving forward.
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    That is harsh. You could argue that he likes drawing attention to himself on a regular basis but the way he left Salford deserves a lot of credit. Salford's path to the Grand Final was of course at least partially built on actions from Koukash.
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    Lets not get too dramatic - I like Bibby but he isn't one of the three best players. He's been replaced well by Sarge as well. Jones, as good as he is, has also been replaced but in a different way - we've not had an impact forward for a few years (since BMM) and I'm keen to see how Pauli goes. Hastings is irreplaceable - no argument there. I also think we've done well with injuries but we'll have a slightly deeper squad next year. Lolohea showed in the Grand Final that he's got the potential to step up next year but he'll need Brown or Atkin to defy the doubters. I agree with your last point - mid-table, with a sniff of the playoffs and an average crowd close to 5,000 and I'll be happy. If we'd have waited and signed someone like Richardson at 7 then I'd be saying we'd have a chance at the playoffs again but we are lacking a bit of flair. Looking forward to it anyway and with Watson in charge it feels like we have a chance.
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    Because it isn't !! What is illegal is for a player to jump into the tackler with raised knees, which Grace didn't, he was attempting to jump over & around the tackle and not into the tackler (don't listen to the idiots in the Sky commentary box, they're seemingly just as clueless as some on here). We see similar instance all the time where players will raise their legs, jump, or goose step to avoid a tackler aiming to tackle their legs. It was the correct call from the referee to not penalize him. Similar with the scrum try. The player feeding the scrum must retreat behind his forwards until the scrum has broken up. Fages feeds the scrum and continually runs in a sideways & backwards motion away from the ball so was constantly retreating while Roby & Taia were running forwards. At no point did he take part in the play after the ball was out of the scrum or place himself between another Saints player and a defender to cause an obstruction. And despite the hissy fit from Welham the replays clearly showed he hadn't been held in the scrum, it was just him being too slow to break and too slow to cover across. So again it was the correct call from the officials to award the try. There's plenty of comments about the Ashworth tackle on Inu and its one of those 50:50 calls we see in every match, sometimes they get penalized sometimes they don't. There were other instances of head contact in the game that similarly didn't get penalized, notably when Grace made the break down the middle in the lead up to alleged tackle jump he was hit straight around the head by Walker but there was no penalty. As for the head rub, that happens dozens of times in a game, players usually just laugh it off. The only calls I thought was clearly wrong was the Dudson knock on and the Walker knock on. Yes Dudson moved forward off the mark and lost the ball but Smith never fully released him and in almost every other type of instance like this its the defender who gets penalized. Walker was trying to offload and a saints hand played at the ball as he was trying to get his arms free, but it was on the blind side of the ref so almost impossible for him to actually see. It should have been a penalty for a ball steal but in most instance like this where the ref can't see exactly how the ball comes out he usually gives a knock on. I can't believe some people on here are whinging about the Lolohea disallowed try, it was just about as blatant an obstruction as you can get as a Salford player runs straight into Knowles and blocks him and Lolohea then runs straight through that gap that was created. Overall it was a good, fast clean game with both teams showing total commitment. Credit to Salford as they never buckled, despite Saints being dominant for the majority of the game.
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    Had to have a bit of a think about this as I'm not a fan of DR at all. If you look at last season, we needed a few loans and ended up borrowing players like Cain Southernwood, Danny King, Lewis Heckford, Harry Aldous - all players from lower down the ladder than us. Hopefully this DR with Cas will now mean we now get access to players on the fringe of SL when we need them due to injuries etc rather than borrowing players who aren't getting a game at League 1 clubs. As long as it's used like that then fair dos.
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    Lost count of how many times I have seen people on this forum who have assumed the return of reserves will mean the end of DR. Remember, the academy set-up has changed from U19s to U18s next year. It's fairly straightforward to work out that there is going to be a large chunk left over of what would normally be the seniors in the U19s and those guys are likely to form the nucleus of the reserves teams. What it means is that SL teams will be able to hold on to some of those 19 and 20-year-old guys who were just too old for the academy but not ready for a 1st team squad number yet. You've only to look at the progress the likes of McLelland and Alex Sutcliffe made playing high-level Championship rugby this season to realise that SL teams are going to prefer their fringe players to be playing in competitive, meaningful games against hardened pro/semi-pro teams in front of 2-3k crowds rather than in reserves games in front of 200 people.
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    If the A league soccer champions joined the Premier League they'd get stuffed most weeks.....this is the same. NRL is miles in front of us
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    My 1st Summer bash this year , loved every minute , looking forward to meeting fan's like yourself again , roll on Blackpool 2020
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    Me personally I like the bash, plenty of rugger and hitting the pleasure Beach. Gives me time to watch different sides and to meet fans from far and wide. I suppose while the figures stack up they'll keep doing it. If people didn't like it they wouldn't go.
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    There are probably a few different reasons why the game has floundered in Oldham. At the end of the day there's no money or a fanbase big enough for a ground of our own so we'd better get used to it. The game went when Sheddings went. Let's enjoy what's left of the club while we still have it.
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    Do you only accept blue sponsors? Best of luck - great to see this. Four years is a decent length of time to build some momentum.
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    Featherstone took part as well.
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    Why does everybody look at the negatives, surely it is up to both Clubs to work it out to suit both parties. There will probably be a couple of players who are close to getting into Cas's first team and will benefit playing for York rather than the Reserve side, which standard wise wouldn't be as good as the Championship.
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    I'm taking the bairn along there on Thursday night. He's got a season ticket at Thunder but he's never played RL before, just football, so he's pretty excited about it.
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    Not seen the entire thread so apologies if this has been already posted : Hats off to the good folk behind Manchester's traffic alerts...
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    Interest is growing the winds are favourable and the horizon is uncluttered...hoist the sails and open 'er up! Long Live the Pack!
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    Great stuff, though I think they'll meet resistance if they don't bring a TV deal with them!
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    I found this which shows the all-time Super League table up to the end of 2017 ... (I am sure you can find the tables of 2018 / 2019 and add them on) Pos. Club Seasons Playoffs P W D L PF PA PD Pts Champions Relegated Challenge Cups 1 Wigan 22 18 599 422 24 184 18,102 11,363 6,739 862 22 19 2 St. Helens 22 20 599 416 15 168 18,214 11,940 6,274 845 13 12 3 Leeds 22 19 592 383 15 194 17,025 12,579 4,446 781 11 13 4 Warrington 22 10 592 311 12 269 15,483 14,178 1,305 634 3 8 5 Bradford 19 11 509 308 17 184 14620 11253 3367 617 6 1 5 6 Hull F.C. 20 12 555 276 21 258 12,991 12,531 460 571 6 5 7 Castleford 21 6 544 237 19 281 12,577 14,054 −1,477 493 2 4 8 Huddersfield 19 8 520 224 13 283 12,049 12,669 620 461 7 1 6 9 London 19 2 509 185 20 304 10793 14229 −3436 390 1 10 Wakefield 19 3 524 189 6 329 10,842 14,059 −3,217 346 2 5 11 Salford 19 1 508 166 8 334 9,371 13,890 −4,519 332 6 1 1 12 Catalans 12 6 327 148 10 169 7,671 8,294 −623 306 1 13 Hull KR 10 4 262 114 9 138 5,579 6,040 −461 237 5 1 14 Widnes 10 1 269 94 8 166 5068 7,224 −2,156 196 3 1 7 15 Halifax 8 1 209 76 4 129 4646 5908 −1262 154 4 1 5 16 Sheffield 4 0 97 37 3 57 2027 2663 −636 77 1 1 17 Gateshead 1 0 30 19 1 10 775 576 199 39 18 Crusaders 3 1 81 21 0 60 1431 2463 −1032 38 19 Oldham 2 0 44 13 2 29 934 1312 −378 28 4 1 3 20 Paris 2 0 44 9 1 34 760 1367 −607 19 1 21 Leigh 2 0 45 8 1 42 954 1144 −190 17 2 2 2 22 Workington 1 0 22 2 1 19 325 1021 −696 5 1 1 1
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    if saints played the roosters in the middle of a regular season for both teams and they both fielded full strength teams then it would be a cricket score to the roosters
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    I think they’ll do alright despite this
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    Welcome back after a while away! Missed the rays of sunshine you bring.
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    Tell us, how many home games in 2019 did you attend. Those played in Oldham.
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    The Great Dane - not sure where you get your info from but we have a bunch of sponsors and investors other than DFAT through the PacificAusSports program. We also have a Centre of Excellence being built at Nadi International Airport, a leagues Club in Nadi town, two NRL clubs as direct feeder clubs and nearly 60 NSWRL contracted players.
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    Already got my ticket for this. First live RL match for two years. Can't wait.
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    The Knights are to D.R. with Cas next season.
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    Our 2020 shirt revealed.
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    I think it is. Here's a quote from the Hull FC hall of fame regarding the legendary Billy Batten who perected the art of jumping over an opponent. "He played Test football on the wing but was best known for his powerful centre play and rather than going around an opponent, he preferred to go over the top of them. He perfected a famous leap (that was later banned) making him one of the most difficult players to bring to ground." His son Eric carried on the trend...
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    Which women's teams play a better standard? Men's and Women's sport is different, why keep comparing them? There can be only one conclusion drawn from this, and it ends up with you being sexist, even though you keep saying it isn't that. What motive do you have for bringing up that some other men's teams are better than these women whenever it is brought up. And you are vocal every time on it. They are the best women players.
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    That tactic is made vastly easier when the gap between the defenders and attackers is allowed to narrow significantly than the laws state, at one point I thought the Saints D were going to take the first pass from the dummy half of Salford, it was so blatantly obvious and that on top of the other poor decision making by the man in the middle compounded matters further.
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    last year we approached a coach who couldn't come he recommended ryan if I were cambell i would give him a ring and if he can't come ask for more recommendations
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    Who would trust the Bulls? Here people are owed thousands again who got dudded by the likes of Hood, Green etc. People wont do business with a Club that consistantly has money problems and doesnt pay its bills on numerous occassions. Why would a consortium take over a Club with well over 500K debts? I get the feeling the new consortium will pull out. If that happens, Bradford Bulls should be closed down. Things cant go on as they are. Starting a new club with no debts, ties to the past etc, makes far more sense.
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    London was going to be relegated regardless of who went up.
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    I suspect there will be more fans of Fiji in the crowd than fans of the local team.
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    We've been doing that for 100 years and look where we are...a sport without a pot to p*** in.
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    Very rare nowadays to see all out fighting in amateur RL. That said, there does seem to be a divide - NCL barely ever see any incidents of this kind but the regional leagues seem to have far more (in relative terms) of this kind of thing. The Pennine League up until probably 2 seasons was still full of a lot of intimidating, spoiling for a fight 'village' teams. Thankfully, the worst of them seems to have folded and/or been kicked out of the league system.
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