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    It's not 2012 or 2015. Your quote has completely expired on terms of its relevance. In fact, it's so far out of date that we've had TWO changes of system in the time that quote came about. It's a quote about Toulouse getting a license when Lenegan thought the system in 2015 would stay the same. I'm not saying his support has changed, but in 7 years a lot has happened. A LOT. It is ridiculous to think that club chairman y are working on bringing in a club based on a comment made TWO league systems ago 7 years ago when the landscape of the game has changed completely. In fact it's so ridiculous it's laughable. I mean really? An article from 7 years ago is your evidence that it's happening today?
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    I don't believe that there really is that much supressed demand due to ticket prices. You cite Huddersfield - a club that has for some years now offered season tickets at around £100 - less than half what most clubs charge. They've even let fans in for free on a number of occasions and not achieved anything close to a full house. We are one of the cheapest professional sports you can watch in the UK. I genuinely don't believe that ticket prices are the issue - the issue is the product and how the clubs are selling it.
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    So, where are we? Well I’ve posted a couple of times on this thread already – haven’t read all of it and have been away from the forum for a while as I’m really not interested in having the same old arguments with the same old people about the same old subjects. However….this absolutely needs discussion, or more accurately I need to vent about this situation. Firstly, this is by no means the end of the matter. From the cryptic RFL “we are just commenting to say we have no comment regarding a stadium we have a vested interest tweet”, to the promise – apparently – of yet another newly developed stadium in West Yorkshire, and specifically Bradford where undeveloped holes in the ground owned by the Council are something of a speciality. I should also point out, that with a heavy heart, we do need to move away from Odsal, so this isn’t a “we should be staying at all costs” post – from what I’ve seen very few people are suggesting this. My biggest bugbare – Andrew Chalmers. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I remember posting on here in 2016/17 that what the club needed bare minimum was an open and honest owner because all we’ve had is a barrage of lies – the Pope could have taken over and we wouldn’t have trusted him because we were at the lowest ebb following let down after let down. If you had any sort of sense of the situation, you could see that these fans were hurting. Yet what do we get? Personally I am struggling to think of a less self-aware person in all my time following RL. Slinging mud to Super League owners whilst we are struggling to get out of the lowest tier the club has ever played in. Stones being lobbed by a bloke in a glass house, not only because we are in League 1, but because his previous attempts at running a club in NZ are hardly covered with glory. His declaration we will be back in the city in 2-4 years – tone deaf to the history of failed developments within the city. Which brings us to the ultimate question – why on earth is this bloke in charge of our club? He has no money, he’s come from the other side of the world, and he isn’t particularly interested in engaging with fans. And most interestingly of all, he has said the RFL approach HIM in 2016…(!) So, the first whiff that we might be moving came out a couple of weeks ago? Maybe it’s RL-can’t-plan-ahead-itis, but it simply can’t have occurred to Mr C one day in late July that these costs are prohibitive. So why now – this has probably been in the pipeline for a while – dare I say it since 2016? A few people on here, and elsewhere have noted 2019 was always going to be an interesting year as this is the year that the Rugby-playing covenant expires within the Odsal lease. It’s also the year that our current rental agreement comes to an end – Chalmers apparently refusing to be tied down for longer than the remaining three year stint when taking over the club which had already been agreed before he got there. Isn’t that a coincidence? It’s also the final year we can be bound by our terms of re-entry into the RFL, such as being obliged to run a reserve team etc. And to me, it all comes back to the question, why Chalmers? Why did the RFL ask him to apply? Why was he the RFLs preferred bidder? Questions that have never been answered. Perhaps has the case of the former Bulls staff vs the RFL gone to court, the circumstances of what was – to many – a very suspect changing of hands would have come out. For now, it seems there is neither the time, interest or even solid enough evidence for anyone to do any proper investigating which is a crying shame as my gut feeling is there is a huge scandal waiting to be uncovered. To the RFL – I’ll keep this to their ownership of Odsal only. When they took on ownership, I’m pretty sure they were conned and I do feel for them in this regard. However, it must be said that they have had a huge conflict of interest with regards to the worsening fortunes of the Bulls since that day. I’m not interested in opening up a whole RFL vs Bulls debate again – that said I think their ties to Odsal did have an influence on who took over in 2016, given that i) the club were close to extinction and the RFL could neither afford nor want to pick up the costs usually picked up by the club and ii) They are three years away from unlocking the Odsal site. A cynic might say, they invite a patsy over to keep the club going until that time, at which point they can flog it off to the highest bidder, pay the patsy to go back to NZ and happy days. In fact to partially answer a question why you might move halfway across the world is in 2016, just about the only asset the club had going for it was…Odsal. Now of course, I may be totally barking up the wrong tree – some stuff I’ve posted fits this narrative (Chalmers general disintrest, flying over from NZ for no apparent reason) and some doesn’t (The RFL’s We’ll decide where you move to actually Tweet). At this moment in time, there is far too much not in the public domain – understandably – to get a clear enough picture. If we take last night’s statement as gospel, then the RFL must be bricking it – somehow I don’t think they are. Even if it’s a powerplay to get the RFL to take on some of the costs within the lease. Then what? It ain’t getting any cheaper, and Chalmers ain’t getting any richer. We’ll be having these conversations again in five years time. Some may agree here, some may totally disagree that’s fine. I’m not blaming the RFL for all the Bulls woes here, in fact if you looked purely on the surface we are the most stable we’ve been for a while. However if this has all been built on some big play to get the stadium money then that’s something else entirely. This could still go one of a few ways – but ultimately I suspect we won’t be playing at Odsal next year (or ever again), there won’t be any new stadium in 2-4 years, and Chalmers won’t be at the helm of the club within that time either. Where that leaves us – aside from in Dewsbury – who knows? Apologies for the rant.
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    Good grief man, your much touted claim from Lenegan is from over seven years ago! Ancient history as far as the game is concerned! A lot has changed since then, not the least of it being the existence of the Wolfpack and their successful expansion of the game into North America. Toulouse has had lots of chances to earn their way into Super League but their on-field performance hasn't earned them promotion and now SL suddenly desperately wants them? If I didn't know better I'd think SL is afraid of David Argyle lest he drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!
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    Setting up a new account just to bag a referee? I think Kevin might be the problem here rather than Mr Kendall Thought he had a good game personally, in fact he's had a pretty decent season from what I've seen
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    Let's get something positive out of this. https://www.rugby-league.com/get_involved/match_officials/become_a_match_official Assuming your from Leeds, the contact details for the local refereeing society is on that link. You can now easily get involved and lead the improvement that you believe is needed!
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    Come on Fatboy you have been called out, what decisions did he get wrong. What I did enjoy last night was how the Rhinos players interacted with their fans by passing the ball to them a number of times
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    Odsal needs millions of pounds spent on it to make it long term viable. The suggestion from Chalmers isn't to come back to Odsal, it's to come back to a brand new stadium elsewhere in Bradford (not sure where yet, heard it'll be in the garden where the Cottingley Fairies were found). To go part time and put the money into Odsal is basically treading water, or - in reality - probably worse.
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    Right! The "experts" have spoken and solved Salford RLFC's problems. All we have to do is abandon our 'home' and move in with a football club. Brilliant! Show me one, ONE! example where that has proved successful for a rugby league club. Rochdale - No! London in any incarnation - No! Even Wigan have problems with reseeding the pitch. Don't get any of our friends from Hull FC started - they'll regale you for hours about trouble with Hull City's owners. It doesn't work. The rugby league club invariably gets the sh!t end of the stick. NO! Just no!
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    That's a bit strong from someone who has so vociferously remarked on the Brexit issue because it didn't suit you.
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    Aye , you forgot to mention that we conceded 5 tries against a lousy Rochdale side who have won a mere single game all season . Up to the game with us they had scored and average of just under 14 points per game and then suddenly , they score 26 ! Maybe , just maybe , not having a sound defensive Full Back on the field may have had something to do with Rochdale's increase productivity !! Just saying .
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    Here we are 7 weeks on since the disgraceful decision and still no convincing evidence the new Stadium wasn't viable. There only reason given is no firm commitment from Sellafield & NHS. I would like to see a statement from both these tenants & not Jenkinson & co.
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    Everyone: Bradford should cut their cloth Bradford: Moves out of prohibitively costly stadium Everyone: No, we meant get rid of your players Problem is, stadiums like Odsal don't get any cheaper to maintain so the solution can't always be "get rid of your players", because by that logic, we'll be in the Pennine League in 2030 but paying millions a year to maintain the stadium. Not sure where the balance is really. Well I am, and it's somewhere in the past year or two and it's now tipping point.
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    I think this is the thing that irks people. They knew the costs of Odsal so should have adjusted the playing staff budget accordingly just like every other team has to do but Bradford been Bradford have simply spent more than they should have once again. Its hard to feel sympathy for the club but I do feel for their fans once again.
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    A! Traditional as in outside urinals, a single and blocked WC, leaking roof, crumbling terraces, wooden seats.......
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    So much depends upon this game. We can't give these 20 points start and hope to claw it back - we have to be up for it from the start and then keep it up as we finished last week, in total command. Langers must be all over Chase from the start as he did last week on Thunder's stand off. Once he was nullified they were clueless. Looking forward to it and I hope for a 24-12 win. I
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    With the management we have in place that is one thing that wont happen , Jon Flatman is a very savvy operator and wouldnt do anythin to put the club in any financial jeopardy , but the higher we finish the more goes into the pot for next season
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    Do you have a lot of spare time?
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    Just as well, as I have dropped back to being a lardy tub-bucket. Albeit one who has (genuinely) managed to lose the scales whilst we had some building work going on so can't tell you by exactly how much. However, The Pain (TM) does now finally, after several false dawns, seem to have gone. I 'ran' the Lydd 10k in 61 minutes, slower than I'd have liked but then I, like everyone else, wasn't expecting such a humid and draining morning. Lydd is normally windy and fresh. This week, I've been out for a circuit of Alexandra Park and a run from the Azur to Galley Hill and back (I'll assume that everyone knows where these are and how far that is). Tomorrow is parkrun, my 42nd overall. Since The Pain (TM), I haven't gone under 27 minutes, so I'm trying for that assuming there's no ridiculous headwind or bottleneck.
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    This is all a bit of a mess isn’t it. For a start Bradford could save £250k by going part time. Rumoured budget of both Bradford and York is £400k and £150k respectively, shows a team can perform on a lower budget. As with my post before, can they not just use the main stand and corporate stand, leave the rest of the ground as it is while they sort out a long term plan? I wouldn’t like to think how much a ‘subsidised’ bus to Dewsbury will cost bearing in mind AC’s pricing structure at Odsal lately. And what the hell’s a ‘boutique’ stadium??!
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    You said last Monday in the post I replied to. Unless we've all gone back in a time machine, last Monday wasn't when the 2012 article you've now changed to was published. Nice try though
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    I thought this was going to be a post about praising a referee as I genuinely thought he controlled the game well. A great spectacle played at blistering pace at times. Saints had a better 2nd half than Rhinos and scored due to their inability to control Kevin Naiqama but his performance was something else the steps and pace he injected was simply incredible and swung the game for the Saints.
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    Let's do a quick calc... 3,000 ST at an average of say £200 each = £600k. The maintenance is £500k+ pa and growing and the rent is £72k pa on the lease just expired. You've then got both the wages, operational costs and match day costs. If the club had a player wage bill of zero then the costs of the stadium are still too much. Not sure why people don't get that. The reason why this is being raised now is because the existing lease is up. So has to be renegotiated. Given the above it's no surprise that AC won't sign it. I can't speak for everyone but what I would say is that I'm not coming across any of these BB fans that are 'wanting instant success and a rapid return to the glory days'. If anything there is a sombre resignation that things will be bad for a long time, but that we're glad to have had those days when so many others haven't, and we live in hope. Our recent history has been shaped by our owners. All our owners have been appointed and approved by the RFL. That appointment process has been shrouded in secrecy, and the one opportunity that we had that it might come out was at the court case from the last admin. However, that was shut down by being settled out of court in yet another strange episode. This is the same RFL that compounded our problems by over-seeing the removal of our central funding and dividing it up among the other SL clubs, then awarding swingeing points deductions to successive new owners, and of course cutting the number of SL clubs from 14 to 12 in 2014 meaning relegation. Which brings us to today... The club looks like it will leave the city. If it does then I can't ever see it returning in any meaningful sense. It'll be the end. If Bradford Northern is ressurrected as a rival club to play out of Horsfall then that will very divisive and likely to prove to be a poison. And then there's the chancers, the charlatans, the opportunists. If Odsal gets sold then there will be an awful lot of money flying around and it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility that some of the characters already known to us fall into this category, and indeed may have contrived it. If only there were some journalists around to investigate.... but where to find them?
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    I agree that this is a perfectly valid concern and I understand the challenges facing the amateur game, but I'll try and answer it from two perspectives. I don't profess that these are the "right" answers, but I think they're valid perspectives. Firstly, whilst we are competing against much more for the attention of young people there are still, in my view, kids who do want to particpate in sport (participation in Rugby Union, for example, grew 26% at the same time participation in RL fell 10%). One of the issues is that both sport and society is making it hard to do this through things such as the erosion of playing spaces, by making good spaces prohibitively expensive, the impact of austerity and so-on - these factors are more acute in the RL heartlands than elsewhere. The term "barren places" is a bit of a loaded term in my view. Yes, they might be new to RL, but that doesn't mean that they are new to sport or new to a code of rugby / football. One of the biggest criticisms I see on social media about what Toronto are doing in their community work is that they are partnering with established rugby union structures. I think this criticism in unfair. Rugby in Canada and North America doesn't have the class-system baggage that it does in the UK. It could and arguably should be easier for Toronto or any other NA team to offer an opportunity for RU juniors to pursue a career in RL if they want to. These places aren't "barren", they're untapped. If you put a Steeden ball in the hands of a kid in Toronto, that kid will have just as much fun as one in Thatto Heath. Yes, a lot of this is very much a long-game approach and there is a lot of theory that may not reflect practice. It's possible that the first Canadian stand-off for Toronto isn't even born yet, but it takes a long time for any field (barren or not) to produce a harvest. The longer we leave it, the longer it will take. Secondly, we've never had a fully professional RL presence in Oldham, Swinton or Rochdale (to cite another poster's examples). We probably never will. To pin the success of the amateur clubs in these areas on the professional game is misguided. The reason why amateur clubs in these areas will fail, if they ever do, is because of a long and varied list of reasons related to demographic changes, population changes and leisure habit changes. But let's say that in 20 years time we have professional clubs in Toronto, New York and Boston. Do you not believe that could be a huge selling point for young people playing this game? The opportunity for young people to earn a living playing the sport they love in some of the world's most vibrant, exciting cities? I know I'd be inspired by that opportunity, and I'm sure many others would as well. If kids from Oldham, Swinton and Rochdale go on to become stars of this sport in Boston or New York, that's a fantastic thing in my view.
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    I think you're spot on with this, by the way. Not sure about the rest but I'll assign it to incompetence rather than malice unless and until something else comes out. But, by and large, clubs leaving their towns, in any sport, without a home already being built for them to return to, doesn't end well.
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    I dont recall seeing any issues with his performance last night... Seemed to correctly call forward passes. I did enjoy around the 20-30 minute mark when Cutherburtson stripped the ball (After Saints first try?) and he gave the penalty, with the Leeds fans booing in the background, the replay comes up on the screen, clearly showing Cutherbutson stripping it, and they boo louder.
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    So Wigan V Leeds sold out ? , Would Wigan V Salford similarly sell out ? Price is a consideration for the amount of people attending , also is the quality of the home team , the quality and relevance of the opposition , wether the game is televised and the day and time of the game It really isn't jus as simple as price , however if I was a club owner I would budget for one game per year to be free entry as a marketing tool to try to increase my support base
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    Is that such a bad thing? It's very hard for somebody to buy into RL if they don't live in a tiny geographic area. Expanding our appeal across the media helps us with that. Going to every game home or away doesn't make you a better fan than the supporter who watches on TV because he can't or doesn't want to go to the ground. They're both fans of the sport. Let's get out of this idea that we are in the business of selling tickets - we aren't. We're in the business of selling content, and selling entertainment. The ticket is just one way of charging to access that content, but why can't TV or online be another one - and one that we embrace and enhance? The world is increasingly moving to an 'on demand' culture where people want to access content on their terms - why insist that they can only watch a game in a rickety ground with ###### food and beer at 3pm on Sunday?
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    Don’t people say this nonsense year in, year out? If it were even remotely true, we’d be watching cavemen stomp around and beat each other with rocks by now. No, just one of them. Having seen us win one trophy in eleven years, I want to win everything this year and next year and the year after that. While we’ve not had it as bad as some, the rugby we’ve had under the likes of Potter, Brown, Simmons and Cunningham was dour and dull and to see us wiping the floor with everyone is selfishly great and long may it continue.
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    It was cleared in my bank at 1545.
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    How come Tom can't have an opinion on Jack but you can have one after watching 3 games in a Fev shirt where you played him out of position on the wing? The Leeds coaches say Broadbent and Newman on a fairly even path. It says a lot about how highly they rate Jack that he was one of the 19s captains before he came to us. It all depends on how they develop (look at ainscough, unbelievable at first in SL then came to nothing against a Chris Hill who didn't play SL until his mid 20s). For both it's far too early to start having arguments about what they'll be doing in 6 years time!
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    It's not my error, it's yours. At least bloody admit you meant to say something else. You can't edit what you said and expect people not to remember it. It's quoted in my text. It's there. On your edit, how noble of you to welcome them to part of the system and not welcome them to the elite part.
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    boys, girls, 1st team, reserves and ladies. all robbed of a top class facility by this council.
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    Can't agree with this enough; mental health, physical health, weight, attitude all part of one circle. I don't think with me anything has got any easier, but I have figured out ways to withstand or drive through more though. No short cuts, no hacks, just hard graft. Still beats me from time to time, but even those times I still try to get out and at least go through the motions; less distance, slower etc. The frustrations get to me less frequently these days, but I've found them more intense when they do.
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    Fans are happy with clubs constantly being within a cat's c**k hair of the administrators coming in? There are fans that are perfectly happy with clubs being reliant on a small handful of benefactors that could get bored at any minute? Fans that are happy with a declining, ageing fan base? Fans that are happy with empty seats at our prestige events? Fans that are happy that clubs are playing in decaying stadia? Fans happy that their are clubs that seem to have to play brinkmanship with their local council every year about their playing venue? Fans that are happy with declining youth participation? Fans that are happy with our playing talent taking a £1m real-terms pay-cut over the last 20 years? Fans happy that our best talent needs to go abroad to earn a fair living for their efforts? Yeah, sounds positive to me.
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    I was often fond of seeing that logo on the jerseys of clubs, in programs, and memorabilia. It It's classy and identifies a strong rugby league brand.
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    I think that poster has also now been banned.
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    I doubt there are many on here who want to see the demise of any club (apart from TWP! for some). Going to be a tough time and hopefully the club can come through it.
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    A few comparable prices. Cheapest Adult Prices: Lancs T20 - £12 Lancs County Championship - £10 Man City Prem League - £24 Man Utd Prem League - £36 Sheff Utd Prem League - £29 Prem League Darts - £23 Athletics Grand Prix - £25 For Football cup games ticket prices are generally much cheaper. We have a lot of competition, people can get top class sport for prices not dis-similar to what we pay. Now that is fine generally, as personally I'd rather watch a standard SL game for £24 than a Man City game - but I am in the minority. I'm not saying we need to reduce our prices, but I think we need to be aware of how the world around us is changing. I would be looking at a wider spread of ticket prices, starting cheaper and with more premium experiences available.
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    Don't forget that admission prices are inclusive of VAT. So if a club charges £20 for a ticket they only actually get £16.67 of it.
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    Nigel Wood has alot to answer for in my opinion. But much like his time as CEO at Fax his answer will be to not answer questions and blame others. That he has a box he has at the Bulls is just typical of him. Its somebody I would not trust and he has alot to answer for regarding the Bulls/Odsal deals that should be investigated in my opinion.
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    If MS makes a few bob out of the deal. I doubt it will anywhere near recoup the money he has already put into the club.
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    You seem to be either a very confused or a dreadfully uninformed person. First the title question doesn't suggest that Toronto and Toulouse are already in Super League. In fact if you actually read the original post it stated clearly that there was a lot of support for both of them to enter Super League (hence logically entailing that they aren't there yet). The original post then asks if there should be further expansion after they enter Super League, and if so, with which clubs. Second, it is patently false to assert that " after those 2 clubs there aren't any more that actually exist." For your information Newcastle, Sheffield, Avignon and London Skolars are clubs that actually exist. It boggles the mind that a reader of rugby league forums would not know that. Moreover two other proposed clubs, Ottawa and New York, are in the advanced planning stage. Third, under the current promotion and relegation for Toronto or Toulouse to enter Super League could mean displacing a current heartland club, but not if London Broncos are relegated. In any case,in the future the size of Super League could conceivably be expanded so as not to displace existing clubs. So the question is hardly loaded to antagonise fans of existing "real" clubs, as you assert. Again, as I have pointed out, four of the clubs proposed are already existing 'real' clubs. So there is nothing silly about the question. There is however a lot of silliness and shameful ignorance in the minds of the people who seek to ridicule the question, and who seek to ridicule the whole idea of global expansion of the game. That is the real reason why there have so many silly answers on this thread from an agitated few.
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    I was born when Sale was in Cheshire and Manchester was in Lancashire. My Dad was born in Carrington, Cheshire. I was born in Salford, Lancashire. I am a traditionalist. I refuse to recognise new boundaries that are created just to suit somebody sat a desk in a town hall. Therefore, Sale is in Cheshire ans Manchester is in Lancashire, as is Liverpool. Yes, I know that most people born before 1974 in Sale identify as being in Manchester. That makes no difference to me.
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    We've moved all the political discussions out of AOB and into a sub-forum which is only accessible to forum members who have accumulated 100+ posts elsewhere on the forum, due to the increase in the amount of trolling, fake multiple user registrations and the number of reported posts being generated in those threads, which far outstrip anything in other parts of the forum. The aim is not to restrict political discussions, but to keep it all in one place, and leave AOB for lighter topics and for those members who simply don't want to get dragged into the fray. Any politically themed threads started in AOB from now on will be moved into the sub-forum as soon as we see them, so it's best all round to just to start them in the sub-forum to begin with. If you are a new member or have fewer than 100 posts to your name at present, you will not be able to engage in political debates on our forum until you have built up a reputation as a genuine Rugby League fan in other sections by achieving over 100 posts without any moderation warnings, as a remindeer that this is first and foremost a forum for Rugby League fans to discuss Rugby League issues, and not a place for trolls to indulge in politically motivated wind-ups or disruption. If you are an existing member with 100+ posts you will automatically have full access to the political sub-forum, however we reserve the right to remove access without warning to anyone who persistently breaks the general forum rules, engages in personal abuse or who simply cannot respect the right of other forum members to hold different political opinions. Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy the debates, political or otherwise!
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    The question is After Toronto and Toulouse, which expansion clubs would you like to see in Super League? My answer is .... none ! I want to be able to afford to support my team by going to watch them .... and how can I do that if they are regularly playing away in places like Toronto, Toulouse, Catalan, New York, Ottawa ? Those teams might sound good to those sat in their armchair every week watching the game on Sky TV but what about that traditional fan base of the game that was mentioned earlier ? It would appear that the support of Rugby League by many people for 60+ years - during which times we continued to give it our backing and were the ones putting our own money into the game before it became more fashionable and for others to then jump on the bandwagon - actually counts for nothing. But, of course, they are just old-timers and know nothing about the game.
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    Flew out from Manchester Thursday dinnertime, didnt seem to be too many Yorkies on board.Anyway i was lucky enough to have 3 seats to myself, stretch out. Got to Toronto about 7hrs later then minus the 5hrs difference and its 1430 we get there. The transfer was a drag as the traffic congestion is mental, this happened every time we got on a bus. Sheraton hotel was great, right near the famous TORONTO sign. Quick wash and out on the lash. First pub Duke of Richmond not bad. People talking to us straight away, this happened all the time on this trip by the way. Canadians are a friendly people. Ended up in Quinns bar which we learnt after 2 days was attached to our hotel Doh! First meal a hot dog. Didnt find a kebab shop until Sunday night. Friday set off for Niagra Falls. More Yorkies about, Peter G. and Mrs G on the bus before us. Niagra was brill, worth every penny. Got drenched, looked like pratts , but what a great laugh. Coach back was as i said a drag so we were late back into Toronto so we missed the first 2 hrs of the meetup in The Northern Maverick. Anyway got there to see more York fans and the flag draped above where everyone could see it. The event was nowt flash but good to see more people, including the legend that is Geoff Pryce. Saturday morning up at 8. Brekky then photo shoot with the flags in front of the TORONTO sign then taxis to The 3 Brewers. Got there early. It was shut....so got all the flags hung up..then it was open.Plenty of choice of beers..no Johns. 3 ex York lads come in, Midgley, Tansley and Gary Pryce,all players from the 84 semi v Wigan. Onto Lamport, crowd building nicely. Red hot.Counted 62 York fans. The teams come out led by Geoff Pryce along with the 3 afore said ex players. A great touch. York were off it today, make your own reasons,whereas Wolfpack were on fire. Glad we got on the scoreboard. Some new songs were sung, and sung to the end. ..Just cant get enough...Matty Marsh's Mam n Dad...Hey Braddy...etc etc etc. Stayed at the ground for 2 hrs after the game. Players mixing with us all. Loved it. Just had a great laugh for the rest of the night. Sunday up not so early but had a good walk around the Waterfront ending up in a bar that did pints of Guinness for 3 and half dollars for 3 hours! Get in!! Finished Sunday with a kebab at last. Monday not flying till late so had a look around BlueJays Baseball Stadium and then the Aquarium which was great. Did not touch a drop today..dont like drinking before flying. Got back to Manchester Tuesday a.m totally knackered but so glad we did the trip. Highly reccomend it. Now onto Fev!!!!
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