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  1. Approaching the 60 minute mark, we are 24-10 up and on attack. Penalty under sticks. Rather than take the 2, we waste the six. From the 20m rap, hornets went on the attack. Got penalty and scored in next set. Rather than being 16 points up with the ball back and running down the slope, the lead gets reduced to 8. Hornets heads go up ours down. Appalling game management !
  2. Back to the game - I quite enjoyed it today. It was a refreshing change after all the niggle of the Swinton match. I thought Butterworth gave us plenty of options and released Ridyard to be far more creative than recent games. O'Donnell also had great match. Restall was excellent as always. We also nilled the opposition. Hurricanes gave a good account of themselves.
  3. For any one who has our book Watersheddings Memories, we included two photos of the previous womewns team early 80's. I will dig them out later and try and upload them. Some familiar faces on there!
  4. The RFL don't own, simply hold the land in trust.
  5. The land which Joseph Platt owned was to the side of the huge Feranti Transformer factory. He gave the land to the RFL on the condition to was used for Rugby League in perpetuity. The Feranti closed and the MEN moved in, the council were also keen to get Morrisons onto the adjacent site. However to do this the Feranti RL team (now Hollinwood) had to be moved and needed the same size of facility. So the council agreed the land swop with the RFL and the team moved acrosss the road to Melrose Playing Fields. The in perpetuity clause still remains.
  6. Capacity is set at 920 including press and hospitality so really at less than 800. Sounds like no ambition at hornets
  7. Thats excellent news for my old club that they are going to play again. However a lot are being lost.
  8. I understand why these players choose to retire. Working full time and then getting to training three times a week for relatively small reward (no criticism of the club meant by the way) is difficult, particularly when lads are not local. Plus if they can’t get to training for day work reasons then they are generally out of consideration for the match. Likewise they probably choose not to return to the community game for the same reason as many coaches apply the same criteria
  9. I am sure he said we had 23 signed but only 17 announced?
  10. I emailed John yesterday, got the survey by return and all submitted
  11. The Heritage Trust has arranged, at the request of ‘Gallery Oldham’, to present an on-line zoom talk regarding the content of the ORLHT collection and subsequent donation to the Gallery. Details below: Join Karen Heatley from the ‘Gallery Oldham’ collections team and Michael Turner from the Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust as we take a look at the fascinating objects in this recently donated rugby collection. Brought together by the Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust over many years, it is recognised as being one of the most important rugby club memorabilia collections in the world. Objects include an array of caps, shirts and medals some of which date way back to the Victorian era along with a variety of documents and photographs. There is something for everyone with a passion for Rugby. Book your ticket via eventbrite and login details for the talk will be emailed to you a few days before the session. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/curator-talk-oldham-rugby-league-tickets-170309156271
  12. This is the best suggestion on this thread. At the end of the day it is England v Jamaica. If marketed as that it would be much better. It should be a full international. If this had been done in the other code it would have been greated with great positivity and another good day for England . Again there are many blow out scores in the other code but no one cares. Many times some of the players are unknown bit it is marketed as England. Lets get the marketing sorted out in RL once and for all!
  13. But the first issue is we need a coach. Only he can choose players he wants. The chairman shouldn’t be doing that although in our case I guess that is what will be happening.
  14. As always it’s the stone wall of silence that gets to people.
  15. Well Mike Ford said he wanted to take a club from the basement and build it up - here is his chance.
  16. Well, I hope this just another rumour, as whilst getting to Stalybridge is a pain I think Bury will be a no no for me.
  17. I think there are 10 international players there!
  18. If I follow this correctly we are still likely to be relegated and basically consigned to the bottom tier for at least two years
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