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  1. I welcome Israel to super league I also welcome all the fans to abuse the **** out of him and all opposing players to smash the **** out of him everytime he hits it up...
  2. I've been saying that for years.. Split it into 2 packages.. Package 1 - Thursday,Friday,Saturday ,1 live game per day plus Easter & magic (aimed at subscription TV) Package 2 - a live Sunday game plus whole round highlights show (aimed at FTA) Sky could,in theory,own both packages with package 1 on sky sports and package 2 on pick TV..the sky own FTA channel
  3. Still not got a USA hawks Jersey for coming up with the hawks nickname..
  4. I'm wondering just how many social media/forum IDs does mascord have??
  5. This thread proves what I've always said...GB damages the England brand 2017 England lose a world cup final "by a ankle tap" 2018 England move up to 2nd in the IRL rankings...and we actually start gaining the respect of the Aussie's..finally.. 2019 a weak GB team loses all 4 games and now England is a laughing stock again..all the old wounds have reopened,a decade of hard work ###### away.. Nice one...
  6. Because England haven't announced who they are playing mid season or in the 2 weeks between the grand final and the first ashes test yet.. England could be playing another 3 internationals on top of the 3 ashes tests
  7. 1 mid season test and 4-6 post season tests is about right imo
  8. It's tired ,regressive,nostalgic old fart "ideas" that's caused the shambles of the last 6 weeks...
  9. I spat my drink out when I read what mascord wrote...I've resisted the urge,so far,not to blast him...
  10. England moved to 2nd after last season 2-1 victory over NZ.. So this pathetic GB nonsense has cost England the chance of becoming #1 in the world... Nice one
  11. Simple review.. 1. England is all that matters! 2. Create a pathway...England academy-England knights-England test team.. 3.create a "junior 4nations " for the England academy and junior French,aussies & kiwis to be played every year.. 4. Send the England knights away every year...tours to png,aus & nz. 5. England to host & tour Australia & nz inbetween world cups. 6. Scrap the loop fixtures in SL so we can fit in a couple of dedicated international weekends during the summer.. as well as having a slightly shorter season.. 7. We need a full time England coach that also acts as "director of rugby" to oversee "the pathway" 8. Don't employ ex Leeds players from the last decade..
  12. See my previous post!!!!!!!! and you know I can barely hold my tongue at the best of time....a few pints in how do you think it's gonna go? Lol
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