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  1. After a bit of digging it would appear that lad on Twitter is about of a prat..
  2. Anyone heard this rumour, that the latics owner wants to buy gigg lane move latics there and the roughyeds as tennents
  3. I did do when the Aussie's pulled out if the ashes....but I've Got bigger things to worry about at the minute...which is why I'm hardly around lately..
  4. Remember when nostalgic old farts said that by having GB around again it will help Wales,Scotland & Ireland retain players. And I said that's nonsense... Well....I told ya
  5. Bring back the regional cups for a quickfire comp in late Sept into Oct..have a groups then knockout format Lancashire cup. 12 teams,3 groups of 4,winner of each group advances to the semis and the 4th team is the best runner up.. Teams and groups Leigh Oldham swinton Rochdale ------------------ Barrow Whitehaven Workington Newcastle ------------------- London Coventry North Wales Widnes Have a Yorkshire cup based on the same groups then knockout format.. You could have it all done in 6-
  6. I've not been on here for a few week and I'm not reading through 22 pages so what I'm about to say has probably already been said.. Scrap the first half of the season and the cups and the loop games and restart the league season at the halfway point,play each other once then into the play offs. By my reckoning that means we don't start super league again till June 26,play 11 rounds and then start the play offs as normal from the 18th September.
  7. I welcome Israel to super league I also welcome all the fans to abuse the **** out of him and all opposing players to smash the **** out of him everytime he hits it up...
  8. I've been saying that for years.. Split it into 2 packages.. Package 1 - Thursday,Friday,Saturday ,1 live game per day plus Easter & magic (aimed at subscription TV) Package 2 - a live Sunday game plus whole round highlights show (aimed at FTA) Sky could,in theory,own both packages with package 1 on sky sports and package 2 on pick TV..the sky own FTA channel
  9. Still not got a USA hawks Jersey for coming up with the hawks nickname..
  10. I'm wondering just how many social media/forum IDs does mascord have??
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