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  1. Still not got a USA hawks Jersey for coming up with the hawks nickname..
  2. I'm wondering just how many social media/forum IDs does mascord have??
  3. This thread proves what I've always said...GB damages the England brand 2017 England lose a world cup final "by a ankle tap" 2018 England move up to 2nd in the IRL rankings...and we actually start gaining the respect of the Aussie's..finally.. 2019 a weak GB team loses all 4 games and now England is a laughing stock again..all the old wounds have reopened,a decade of hard work ###### away.. Nice one...
  4. Because England haven't announced who they are playing mid season or in the 2 weeks between the grand final and the first ashes test yet.. England could be playing another 3 internationals on top of the 3 ashes tests
  5. 1 mid season test and 4-6 post season tests is about right imo
  6. It's tired ,regressive,nostalgic old fart "ideas" that's caused the shambles of the last 6 weeks...
  7. I spat my drink out when I read what mascord wrote...I've resisted the urge,so far,not to blast him...
  8. England moved to 2nd after last season 2-1 victory over NZ.. So this pathetic GB nonsense has cost England the chance of becoming #1 in the world... Nice one
  9. Simple review.. 1. England is all that matters! 2. Create a pathway...England academy-England knights-England test team.. 3.create a "junior 4nations " for the England academy and junior French,aussies & kiwis to be played every year.. 4. Send the England knights away every year...tours to png,aus & nz. 5. England to host & tour Australia & nz inbetween world cups. 6. Scrap the loop fixtures in SL so we can fit in a couple of dedicated international weekends during the summer.. as well as having a slightly shorter season.. 7. We need a full time England coach that also acts as "director of rugby" to oversee "the pathway" 8. Don't employ ex Leeds players from the last decade..
  10. I see what you've done there......lol
  11. See my previous post!!!!!!!! and you know I can barely hold my tongue at the best of time....a few pints in how do you think it's gonna go? Lol
  12. I work nights....it's my evening you judgemental xxxx This tour, with no meaningful series,was always gonna result in a halfarsed performance .....and that's exactly what we got!
  13. I'm in the pub and had a few beers (my local opens at 8 lol )
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