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  1. You could have wrote that 12 years ago when we selected the last GB squad in 2007..
  2. Genuine question,as I may have missed it in the flood of info we've had about the tour...but does the tour have broadcast partners yet ???
  3. 70k+ And sorry to be a pedant but it's lower tier 34,303, middle tier 16,532 and top tier 39,165.
  4. So England has a 10% lead in both polls..pretty conclusive if you ask me..
  5. Should have merged with the Manchester rangers to form the Manchester lions then..
  6. Nonsense.... 99.9% of those players didn't come to RL because of GB...they came because they got PAID!
  7. I half jokingly said Meghan markle....but thinking about it I think it's a excellent idea...
  8. HRH Meghan markle....it's about time her fella attended a RL final..
  9. The point on crowds is it'll make no difference if we play as GB or England at home the crowds will be exactly the same...same goes for which side,GB or England, tours down under...the crowds will be exactly the same,they don't know the difference anyway...ray Warren and the like always referred to GB as the English lol
  10. It's face paint from when England football played in a tournament years ago..
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