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  1. Sam Eseh who has been crowned Championship Young Player of the Year
  2. Don't think he's injury prone F realy misses a match when fit played every game until he did his ACL at york and when he came back played every game till he ruptured his achilles. against bradford so in reality for brad its If It wasn’t for bad luck he'd have no at all
  3. To be fair F with the leigh side even if we had got to the GF we were always going to be a championship side next year so the retained list reflects that but I am confident we will as we'ave done before bring in new faces who will be better than those leaving us or as vickers says we should have plenty of good news to share with you all in the next few weeks, I think there will be a few surprises in there!
  4. He's been here before B
  5. Possibly S according to Fédération Française de Rugby XIII regardinf France B We have three objectives: to prepare for the future and plan for the 2025 World Cup, to play high-level matches to make them progress and finally to open the door to the World Cup squad for high-performance players in the event of injury.
  6. He's in France B to play Knights Oct 1st
  7. Agree P he gives 100% every game but the problm with luke is he doesn't have the WOW factor by that I mean fans are happy to see him play when needs must but aren't sad if he's sat in the stand I'd like to pick him up saw him at odslum and he was one of the best on show think if he plays with better players it will bring the best out of him
  8. Accoring to the raiders A distinctive kit with use of the traditional colours of black and white that are associated with representative Cumbrian RL as well as the use of the Cumberland flag colours.
  9. Thats easy to answer M it will be what it's been for donkeys years our coach next year
  10. So he's off to play in NSW cup then cos panthers have got Cleary and Luai who are current origin halfbacks Cant see cleary leaving his dad at panthers any time soon
  11. True PH and after we'ave had a raft of the normal cycle of resignings lets not forget what vickers said I think there will be a few surprises in there!
  12. I would think 3 of the 17 on the list aren't proper FEV players M Eseh and Lineham at wakey till 24 and Jack B breportedy signed for carpet carriers 23
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