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  1. hemsworth was the main maternity for years before ponte opened in the late seventies but lets not forget before ponte there was a small maternity hospital which was used some times for normal births it was mainly for emergencies and premature births It was on pontefract road C%S it's mow the RAFA Castleford The Flarepath Club
  2. The floodlit trophy happy days started by sir david attenborough ran from 1965 to 1979 the first season -8 teams took part Castleford, , Leigh, Oldham, St.Helens, Swinton, Warrington and Widnes with floodlights leeds without The tournament was played during the early part of the season. Each week one match would be played under floodlights on a Tuesday evening; the second half of this match that would be broadcast live on BBC2 played under floodlights NOT really Non-televised matches were played at various times, .and many matches did not take place under floodlights; and remember 1973 the three day week with regular power cuts bramley with no floodlights beat widnes in final but lets no forget Independent Television Floodlit Trophy which ran in 1955 on ITV ITV was launched on 24 September 1955 and the new channel, , were quick to add sport to the programmes. eight teams four from lancashitre and four from yorkshire took part in oct and nov 55 all teams played once and top two on points difference played the final where warrington beat leigh The second half of all matches was shown live on a wednesday night on Cavalcade of Sport" programme, which was on 8:30 and 9:30 PM. all games were played in london at loftus road and the best thing games were live in the London Area only because us up north didn't get ITV till 56 but when we did ITV pulled the plug and the Independent Television Floodlit Trophy only ran for one season
  3. agreed FEV's 1st try 83 semi final STEVE in the centre goes round stand of draws in centre and feeds winger marsden to score true hanley ran well but FEVs 3rd and match winning try was head and shoulders better a proper team try true but Iestyn missed a couple so Cyril's 8 out of 8 as well as record goals in a final is also the record number of consecutive goals in a final
  4. HKR after season long loan deal
  5. when we signed him club said he featured for and against Rovers during pre-season,he played in our opening 2020 friendly against York City Knights and he also scored twice against Featherstone in our final pre-season tie against Leeds Rhinos.
  6. Full Back Hall Whitton Half Back Chisolm Brown Sweeting and Spence Hooker Parata Jones
  7. I've just phoned mark and james and told them your available WATCH this space!
  8. compare that to our near neighbours Wakefield Trinity have reported an annual loss of £433,000 for the year ending November 2019
  9. Don't know about canada OB but in yorkshire the 91 miles to get to newcastle is hardly local in fact york is closer to lancaster 89 miles and that would still be War of the Roses
  10. les tonks FEV's number 8 misplaced a pass and as the ball hit the ground put his boot through it and was awarded a drop goal y
  11. would have thought it's the way the ball moves tipping it up in the air ok batting it down to the ground deliberate
  12. That's right If the referee decides a player has intentionally knocked on or thrown the ball forward, a penalty is awarded to the other team. And if the referee decides the other team would have scored a try if the intentional knock-on had not taken place, a penalty try is awarded.
  13. SAY NO interesting it makes me laugh at it's concept teams like batley who SAID YES rarely used it and FEV who SAID NO ran a successful DR with leeds only in rugby league no problems for FEV FEV's coaching staff still work at leeds through the week so had pick of DR players instead of leeds saying X , Y and Z need to play AND it works both ways last week three FEV players played for leeds against catalans
  14. Deliberate 1. A player shall be penalised if he deliberately knocks on or passes forward. Accidental 2. If, after knocking-on accidentally, the player knocking-on regains or kicks the ball before it touches the ground, a goal post, cross bar or an opponent, then play shall be allowed to proceed. Otherwise play shall stop and a scrum shall be formed except after the fifth play-the-ball. Charge-down 3. To charge-down a kick is permissible and is not a knock-on. Heading the ball 4. It is illegal to head the ball in a forward direction.
  15. POR

    Am I Right?

    you tell me Super League chief Elstone warned: “They have to meet minimum standards. We are seeking a number of assurances - if we get those and Toronto win they are in. “We are still in dialogue with the RFL and it is important that we get those assurances well before promotion is determined on the pitch. “The dialogue started in July. What we cannot afford to do is make that decision once promotion is decided.” Elstone confirmed the Wolfpack won’t take up their £2million Super League allowance from the TV contract if they get promoted.but that their rivals will have to pay for their trips to North America. Super League want guarantees that they have enough finances to compete in the top flight without the handout. The extra £2million will be split between the other 11 teams. Super League also want certain promises on other issues, including visa and accommodation problems for visiting teams.
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