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  1. sorry but AB knight does he was obviously clutching at straws with your first teams performance against fax comparing it to FEV's reserves against hunslet
  2. sorry to burst your bubble FEV team v hunslet Featherstone Rovers: Hartley, Taylor, Fagan, French, Wright, Richardson, Maden, Darley, Punchard, Hawkins, Hardcastle, Davies, Beckett. Subs: Cranswick, Cooke, Walters, Balkestone, Worrincy, Ottewell, Wright. FEV grand final Featherstone Rovers: Golding; Render, Hardcastle, Sutcliffe, Johnson; Chisholm, McLelland; Davies, Jones, Ormondroyd, Bussey, Harrison, Lockwood. Subs: Albert, Cooper, Makatoa, King.
  3. true they did not play in the capital valencia but played in the valencia community ( county) although called valencia huracanes if successful they will not be representing the city of valencia but the whole valencia community population 4.9 million
  4. because it's a team trying to start the greatest game in virgin terretory and I know if any one in france asked FEV to play a pre-season friendly we would be up for it
  5. but that's all they are like it or not FEV treat them as glorified training sessions and try to play as many players as they can remember last pre season hunslet parkside beat a FEV team and our season didn't fall off the rails and for the drummer he's a young lad who bangs it every time FEV score or other teams mess up even if FEV are losing and him and his young mates in family stand unlike us wrinkleys who've seen it and done it all before celebate everything with youthful exuberance
  6. to be shown on Our League so Sunday February 9 – Featherstone Rovers v Halifax (615pm)
  7. colin been commentary on rovers tv said next week game on too final score 12 12
  8. i would always start with fergy and albert two big men then bring on the more mobile cooper and susino
  9. Rovers squad from: Hall, Carey, Hardcastle, Blackmore, Harrison, Jouffret, Chisholm, Ferguson, Bussey, Ferres, Albert, Worthington, Beckett, Cooper, Lockwood, Susino, Sweeting, French, Ottewell, B.Wright, N.Wright, Richardson, Gale.
  10. Close-season signing Dean Parata had some positive news on his ankle injury, when the surgeon decided to carry out a clear-out rather than full operation. Webster said: “We’re still waiting for the surgeon’s notes, but after speaking to them before Dean went in, he said it would be four to six weeks recovery if he didn’t need the big op. “That will take him somewhere near to the start of the season for coming back.
  11. been told asked salford if connor not in first team squad at start of year can we have him on a months loan
  12. the club have new scanners which scan black square on front which contains all your details if lost with the push of a button it can be deleted from database and new one issued with new details
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