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  1. last year we approached a coach who couldn't come he recommended ryan if I were cambell i would give him a ring and if he can't come ask for more recommendations
  2. don't you think he talked it through with his family before accepting the post or did he just say hey up r lass no if's or but's pack your bags were off to FEV don't think so the family must have been up for it because he signed a two year contract unfortunately for what ever reason it hasn't worked out and his family want him back home and as you don't know the facts maybe it;s something that's happened in oz and not FEV that warrant's his decision
  3. and after signing parata FEV linked with another forward
  4. POR

    2020 kit

    only if you wear the special glasses supplied by hetherington
  5. FEV coach ryan carr off back home The decision to leave Featherstone is down to family reasons, not a Rugby League decision
  6. don you just love this forum i put thank you ryan once a flat capper always a flat capper and it came up with that rubbish when i posted
  7. thank you ryan once a fervent traditionalist always a fervent traditionalist
  8. your wrong this area is not controlled by leeds council it is a joint enterprise which happens to be called leeds city region it is controlled by LEP the Leeds City Region Partnership Leeds City Region Partnership The Leeds City Region refers to the local authority districts of Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Craven, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds, Selby, Wakefield and York. It is the UK’s largest economy and population centre outside London, generating 4% of national economic output and employing 1.3 million people. Leeds City Region Partnership bring together local authorities, business and a range of other partners, working to a common goal of creating economic prosperity for the people who live and work in the City Region. Its work focuses on economic intelligence, business innovation and growth, skills, the green economy, transport, housing and regeneration. so that's 10 different councils coming together for the common goal so i suggest next time you spout off do some proper research instead of just finding pretty pictures
  9. former fans favorite jason signs one year deal with dewbury
  10. some of that is due to the camera position and where teams have their tickets allocated eg FEV v halifax grand final FEV fans filled stand behind camera so ground looked emty year after agianst sheffield FEV filled satnd behind sticks and half stand opposite camers so ground looked fuller than the year before even though sheffield brought a lot less fans than halifax and at one bash bradford took about 5000 but they were behind camera so lots of empty spaces on view no more than 2000 interesting well every year FEV sell over 3000 tickets and in 2017 sold nearly 5000 but for the bash you've got to look at the total attendances not just single matches so see if it's a success plus it put's championship games on the box Attendances[edit] Year City Stadium Attendance 2015 Blackpool Bloomfield Road 15,671 2016 15,912 2017 16,444 2018 11,805 2019 15,070 so looks like there was plenty of happy customers
  11. Best things about this season every game played in all divisions every team that played in all divisions every player that played in all divisions every fan that went to matches in all divisions
  12. if people think it's funny gb/ england picking an aussie you should see what's happening in the other world cup in japan last week a samoan lad played for japan against samoa he was marked by his cousin his brother plays for australiia and another cousin plays for new zealand
  13. POR

    2020 kit

    sorry to disappoint but like last year r this years shirt is dark blue
  14. this is how it used to work clubs sent the rfl what they are paying players on the cap then pay players extra money by employing wives as cleaners and now it's brown envelopes in the back pockets
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