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  1. Because the french government confirmed that France would stay in the amber category – meaning travel to France is not recommended, and must be followed by a 10-day period of self-isolation Government confirmed that France would stay in the amber category – meaning travel to France is not recommended, and must be followed by a 10-day period of self-isolation so they postponed newcastle game and are are playing swinton in uk still on the 22nd remember they did the same for widnes playing at swinton day after origional date but chose not to do the same for FEV on the 1st and all I can say is th
  2. If you like Piggy but instead of trying to belittle FEV's DR extravaganza you would be better off asking your chairman who voted for it and rarely used it while FEV who voted against it milked it to it's full potential WHY That' made all the moaning from you and your mates taste so much sweeter as we went about our weekly DR business
  3. They had to spend the money to get the Moor Lane up to football league standards or no promotion from the conference and they will have to spend more on the ground if they move up the football pyramid bottom line is what plans have the class of 92 got for the club and would a move to the AjBell turn out be cheaper in the long run
  4. Exactly AT but it's been mentioned on here and the main forum after sunday's game was postponed
  5. That's true BSJ but you've got to remember we haven't always been this high
  6. Coolie FEV often said no to DR FEV would say we need a forward / back and leeds would give FEV a list FEV would go down it and say NO NO NO YES Another example leeds had a forward who has played over 400 first team games he had been out for over a month leeds said they wanted him to get some game time FEV didn't need him as they had a lad on loan from huddersfield in that position so said NO Funny thing couple of weeks later he was at FEV in reserves and guess what he got injured Then there was luke briscoe who leeds took on loan from FEV in 2018 year later came back t
  7. BUT don't forget FI sometimes he's just a manfred
  8. I think it's all to do with the time the players stays with championship club now two week loan so they stay for two weeks in DR is was week by week e.g FEV had Harry Newman for a few weeks but one week leeds wanted him to play in academy grand final so was unavailable and FEV couldn't do owt about it so FEV got broadbent instead week later Harry came back If it had been his 1st week on one of these two weeks loans FEV could have said NO
  9. FEATHERSTONE ROVERS V OLDHAM RLFC Monday 17th May Millennium Stadium, Featherstone | KO : 20:00 Referee J. Vella Touch Judge 1 D. Ward Touch Judge 2 D. Martin Reserve Referee A. Marsh Time Keeper S. Williams
  10. I know all about that but in the current covid situation though I thought they could have come to some sort of agreement to just allow clubs to show their own games that would not impinge on their monopoly of TV rights If they did it would give sky a Blue Peter Badge
  11. I know that's the case LTS but my point is why didn't RFL say if you don't want them we have the right to offer them to the clubs who do i.e Rovers TV
  12. with his extra pace dean's better coming off the bench and get tired players chasing him remember what he did to us in the 2019 semi two tries and don't forget he didn't start many games for toulouse he was used more as their super sub I think we are in the envious position of having more than one best seventeen and I don't see a significant drop off in ability whoever webbo picks
  13. I'm at a loss please tell me what has sheffield not wanting to swap to monday got to do with a game on sunday being postponed due to covid
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