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  1. On the contrary I'm objecting to the "If they bring money to the table then they should be in" mentality. I never said that the sponsorship deal is exclusive, I said that having an existing sponsorship deal complicates things, you can't just assume we can have two sponsors. The clubs should be consulted about the arrangements. If, as I suspect, a fair number of players are going to have problems then they'll voice their objections and that should be the end of it. I'm not assuming that the players won't stand for it, I'm saying that you can't assume that there will be no problems. It speaks volumes that no other sport has a similar arrangement. If the clubs are all for it then so be it. I still think that it would be a bad mistake but it is their right to make that mistake.
  2. I'm aware of that but if the deal was negotiated as exclusive then it should be honoured. You can't sell another sponsorship even if it doesn't come with naming rights.
  3. No, but that's not to say that the existing title sponsor would be okay about it even if it was. They sponsored a tournament outright, if we are now saying that this is to be shared then I'm sure they'll be unhappy about that.
  4. There should be one sponsor in the UK, what the Canadians do is their business.
  5. This is also a radical and progressive era. Pretty much all the achievements above also go on today plus many others that the Victorians / Edwardians would never have thought of. But none of that makes this a good idea. I don't think anyone thinks that cutting Canada off is a good idea but "not cutting off Canada" doesn't mean any suggestion is a good one.
  6. If that is the case then fine but the players via their clubs should be consulted.
  7. Nah. Remind me when the Victorians held a World Cup. Remind me of when the champions of Europe played the Australasian champions. Remind of who won the Victorian schools championship. Were Oxford University better than Cambridge in the 1890s? We've made so much progress since then.
  8. Do you imagine that everyone in the squad would feel the same way? How many are going to say "No thanks, can't do it"? The squad that went to Toronto would probably look rather different to the one that played games in England and yet competition points would be at stake.
  9. I'm struggling to see how they would get sponsorship money for a league that they aren't in.
  10. It has one now (Kingston Press), it had one the year before (the Co-op) as well.
  11. So effectively we are not going to get any sponsorship money and there is no benefit to the existing KPC1 clubs in this plan. Worse since the competition will have a sponsor, they can't get any other sponsorship. Do you want to be the one to tell them?
  12. The thing is that we are cutting back on development officers everywhere. Whilst it would be nice to flood Canada with development officers, first and foremost I'd rather we flooded the Midlands, the South West, London, Wales and the North East with the same. Unfortunately we aren't.
  13. I'm suggesting that they should be asked. Others seem to think that their opinion doesn't matter as long as the Canadians have the finance.
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