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  1. I prefer to go for the golden point when we're 18 pts in front
  2. I doubt very much Liam needed any airfare or digs sorting out........a hint of loyalty/confidentiality would suffice...and although we played well with him, we've played just as good, if not better, without him........players come and go. Contrary to what the beeb say, he's now history, good luck to him..........old news indeed.......now BRING ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I actually bought the west stand initially but since the club were allocated the south terracing the rfl let me swap. :-)
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/307...0&region=uk
  5. http://www.aaflags.co.uk/default.asp these did my ponte whites/st george......good quality.....recommend....a week might not be enough though
  6. west stand it is then.....already booked on rfl site
  7. I'll be bricking it in the rogerthorpe alongside clarke, reaney an lorimer......oh I do hope theres skysports over there
  8. One thing we can be proud of is that we still turn up at the final in numbers, i've not missed many even since SL started and i can honestly say that we outnumber a few SL fans. I get a buzz from seeing fellow fev fans in and around the stadium and indeed around piccadilly etc on an fri/sat night.
  9. fa cup final.....3pm sat afternoon.....think about it mart
  10. I agree mate, should be enough tickets to go round, infact I agree with all ya said....so no vouchers needed then
  11. Thanks for that suggestion.....from someone who's not a season ticket holder, hardly missed a game home or away but wont be able to go to the fax game because of a previous engagement......if we're gonna do vouchers lets issue them throughout the season eh and not just for the bandwagoners
  12. after arriving at the pub opposite just after 12, it went a bit blurred
  13. Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Raiders 3pm Ref C Halloran TJ K Povah TJ L Todd RR R Dolan MC J Holdsworth
  14. look north.........cas.......'Have you got the money'?.......'we have got a very good business plan'.......a politicians answer look north........wakey.......'its funded, 'FULLY', errm a number of ways that 'COULD' happen depending on what grants are available......but we have got the money to start building 'IF' we need to'..........what do they mean 'IF' ?
  15. hardly convincing but hey........the players reactions at the end said it all......hopefully now with the weight off their shoulders of getting over the finishing line, we can resume normal service.......oh and a big welcome back to tommy saxton........a fortnight to barra.....but how do we approach this game re- selection/resting players?
  16. What criteria would the RFL use to kick a team out if for instance all current SL teams ticked all the boxes?
  17. Maybe we dont need to expose yet bob, but an update of some kind or a simple 'very much on course' like statement from the club.......its been a couple of years since the initial plans were unveiled at the clubhouse which I went to and very impressed with....neither a brick or a bulldozer in sight since and until I see them they will remain 'just plans' to me......this is the best season weve had in years, there should be more people through the gate.....the uncertainty of whats going off with the neighbours means we should be seizing the moment and giving the area a breath of fresh air by letting people know the 'forgotten' club is still very much there and with a bright future.
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_league/8865403.stm Cant remember, but is this the first time outside SL?
  19. http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/cumbrian...ferrerPath=home
  20. http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/haven/w...ath=sport/haven
  21. a look from the 'other' side http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/haven/m...ath=sport/haven
  22. Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles 3pm Ref R Hicks TJ G Evans TJ L Fellows RR R Dolan MC J Smith
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