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  1. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/rlhe...lumn.6367064.jp Interesting....but just one blokes opinion
  2. personally i dont think that should be done phil, fair enough if any first team squad coming back from injury may need a run but I wouldn't risk any of the lads in what could be our most important season for years, there must be some young lads further down the pecking order that could be given a run. just me opinion like
  3. Featherstone Rovers v Dewsbury Rams 3pm Ref G Hewer TJ I Curzon TJ J Downham RR M Leach MC S Cross
  4. have ya tried actually ringing the club/shop? maybe they can enlighten ya
  5. a cracking loose, 110% etc etc......but out of retirement?.......surely theres a young un who could be given a chance? cant remember where he went after us
  6. cracking news...can only be bettered by signing full stop
  7. http://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=2...152&start=0 Honest leyther_geezer is now taking bets....
  8. Been on skysportsnews......we dont need him...simples
  9. Oh what a joy it is to be following rovers at the mo.....bloody marvellous.....
  10. Frank......Its Andy Stennett Spanish Apartment for Holiday Rental in Spain Visit www. andyandjaneinspain.com Mobile 07738 528178 PS : It's between Alicante & Murcia !!
  11. I confident we can put up a good show, leigh arent up there for nothing, it all makes for a cracking game....bring it on!
  12. For me we were 2nd best in the forward line(and we havent come 2nd too often if at all this season).....when we did throw the ball out like with zacs trys and the last play of the game, we looked threatening, which begs the question why we didnt do it more? like frank says better handling right on our line would have given them a few more pts.....I dont need to see the tv version to see our discipline could be better in saying that, the last couple of games have shown an 'unwillingness' by the refs to let the game flow and whistle at every opportunity. We came out 2nd best last night, we now need to show that the previous 8 wins was no fluke and give us another 8 from 9. Grayshon has been missed these last few games in my opinion. A crowd of 2200(all fev) show that a winning team(that plays good stuff also) can bring 'em back.....long may it continue.
  13. Featherstone Rovers v Toulouse Olympique XIII 7.30pm (SKY) Ref W Turley TJ S Barrie TJ C Waywell RR S Johnson VR TBC MC S Presley
  14. Have these tickets only just gone on sale?....I've been to the ground 4 times in the last ten days and now I'll not get near the place before fri...sods law innit
  15. Bill Harrogan I think..............Russ Smith was as fair as I've seen in the modern game........Robin Whitfield was ok too.......Karl Kirkpatrick came over very well as a speaker at the ex-players do last night
  16. that was certainly one of the best team performances I've seen for years
  17. stuck in ya own holiday home in spain.......jammy ###### andy....
  18. http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=17401
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