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  1. Highlighted copied and pasted........right across fevs changing room wall
  2. Dewsbury Rams v Featherstone Rovers 3pm Ref G Hewer TJ J Greenwood TJ S Daniel RR D McNeice TJ Coach S Williams MC D Asquith
  3. dont see what the problem is..if there's a gate of lets say 8,000 then thats what we would get a share of....i'm assuming workington had a share of the 1200 or so on sun..........regardless of this, its the cup...luck of the draw...bring 'em on
  4. a good team performance again.....agree with matt j
  5. I would love to have gone....I like legends gigs......thing is r'lass reckons I already watch too much rugger and its taking over my life....I disagree of course.....but she's threaten to kick me out if I see anymore. That would hurt me cos weve been happily married for 15 seasons now
  6. I think jamie is a tackling machine, his defence his v/good but I feel he makes little ground with ball in hand and is a poor passer of the ball and from what i've seen upto now he's not looking to pass much.....like i said there's time and I'm not sure what the options are anyway.
  7. good performance from the backs and forwards today.....wingers actually had plenty of ball time too which is nice to see.....thought saxton/grayshon/welham/hardman/morrison/lee in particular stood out with Finn definately standing out and some cracking touch liners from briggs....I'm not convinced field is our answer at loose but theres time yet.....can anyone remember who went loose went field went off?........as for batley, I thought they would give us a better game...on the whole it was a good effort and the first league points in the bag
  8. r'lass dus a lovely pie n peas on a thurs night......
  9. Sheffield 3 2 1 0 71 34 37 8 Halifax 3 2 0 1 98 13 85 7 Leigh 3 2 0 1 72 31 41 7 Hunslet 2 2 0 0 88 26 62 6 Dewsbury 3 2 0 1 98 40 58 6 York 3 2 0 1 59 64 -5 6 Featherstone 3 1 1 1 80 64 16 5 Oldham 3 1 0 2 48 66 -18 4 Rochdale 4 0 0 4 48 162 -114 1 London Skolars 3 0 0 3 16 178 -162 0
  10. agree with what alreadys been said.....testing conditions to say the least(on and off the field!)......just a couple of moans tho......no piehut open......and why do the lights in the backyards look brighter than our floodlights?
  11. Featherstone Rovers v Rochdale Hornets 3pm Ref D Merrick TJ R Stokes TJ D McNeice RR P Huck MC D Milburn
  12. if i'd have spotted ya from the upper east i would have waved.........well a sort of wave
  13. he's on a hiding to nowt then if it only takes one match from being 'one of, if not thee best referees' to drop dramatically in your rating....we all have bad days at the office but we have too many who have consistant bad days or are too petty/pedantic
  14. I personally think he's one of the better ones.....but that might change after sunday
  15. Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers 3pm Ref G Hewer TJ C Neilson TJ S Daniel RR C Swanson MC D Campbell
  16. we actually heard the golden gamble without having to guess whats been said for the first time in many a season......its just a shame I was 7000 off..........or was it 70?.....oh well, I thought I heard it right...after all 4 an a half grand isnt bad for a crowd of over 12000...theres nowt wrong with my hearing I tell ya
  17. I've come away from the game feeling like a defeat......i'm not gonna get bogged down with dear old ronny...we know what to expect....but i'm afraid a lack of killer instinct 'lost' us the game for me.....more than enough opportunities to put them away....dont forget regardless of the penalties ronny actually give one of the eagles 10 mins........I thought Tonka played with a passion when given the opportunity......also a question has to be asked about the whereabouts of the PNG lads?
  18. I have been informed by the club that there will be an announcement at the game but no minutes silence.
  19. go on then...i'll av a dabble
  20. Sad to announce the loss of Mr John Flynn.....a dear 'knottla' friend of mine who in recent years worked the one of the main turnstiles. Fev through an through. I would expect the club rightly will be having a minutes silence in johns memory on sunday. RIP John
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