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  1. Too true the players were visibly emotionally tired in previos matches against Fax we physically out ran their forwards but Sundays interuptions helped the Fax forwards to stay fresh; I was disappointed but certainly had no grumbles with the result; It just sort of left you with an empty feeling because of the stupid golden point finish;
  2. Whatever happened to the old fashioned rule called a replay; However we knew the rules at the beginning of this game so no complaints won by the side that had the upper hand at the end of a match that must have been a delight to the neutrals; To me Rovers are a champion side moulded by a champion coaching staff; Yes by all means lets do away with this crazy method; Revert to a replay to be played at a venue nearer the competing sides;
  3. Im with you on this Mick..But its also a case of agents seeing pound signs well before the player does;
  4. Bob I think I might just stand at the BUST STOP!!!!!
  5. Idiotic nonsense that could only be made up by the RFL; When soccer fans ask me whats going on in our game I just can't justify anything and the conversation becomes embarrassing; They find it unbelievable that FEV havent been promoted. Nuff said;
  6. Can you possibly see FEV losing the final?...I CAN'T... I CAN....I CAN'T....I CAN; I don't know though; :
  7. Then divide by four and release it as the official attendance. I think four clubs might be sharing most of the gate; -_- -_- -_-
  8. 2381 v Sheffield with 10 visiting fans 2553 v Halifax with 800+ visiting fans -_-
  9. If they are attributing our success to the post office road slope..How come we are unbeaten away from home?. Well done Fev. Lets not forget though that some of the bitter Halifax fans may be children so don't read to much into their forum. There are many who recognise that we were the better side
  10. Thanks we're still whooping it up. Good luck to Barrow
  11. I wasn't as nervous when I got married.......I don't know though lol
  12. We get 2000+ for league games for Fax. So 2856 seems realistic.
  13. You must be joking. Had it not been for Chris Hamilton and a few volunteers there surely would be no Oldham anymore. A great traditional club like that come way below the likes of Fulham /London /Harlequins what ever they are called;
  14. If its to stop debt whats happened to Harlequins and one or two others that are in the mire in super league?
  15. I don't think you need to tell your Dad (Ken) what the outcome of the season is or might be Matthew because I think it may be him who is responsible for it. Now that he's got friends in high places. It's just a shame to me anyway that he isn't stood along side me enjoying every minute of it like we all are; Good post Matthew.
  16. FINN...awesome how he moves team around the field TONKS...priceless how much he is improving SPEARS...revels in what he does But how can you miss out anybody else... The team spirit is top notch
  17. They spent five minutes showing cricket covers coming off then going straight back on at Scarborough exhilarating viewing. But blame the RL Marketing people as well as the BBC. Are they both run by the same two guys Mmmm I wonder
  18. That style of play was like the style that Leeds Rhinos play and whilst I'm not pretending were anywhere near as good is it coincidence where our chief coach plied his trade.
  19. Hold on Steven to your wish. Fev almost made the grand final from sixth last season.They are one off games and anyone can still beat anyone on their day. I witnessed you shaking hands with our coach and thought how admirable for you to stay back and applaud our team after such a large defeat when my first thought would have been to find the exit. You and many Barrow supporters are a credit to your club.
  20. Was it due to the large score but did anyone notice the ref? Or don't we find fault when we win by a big score?
  21. There will be two governing bodies soon as it is with darts for example. We are excluded now so we do we need to worry.How long would super league last without the championship making up the numbers in the challenge cup for example. The boot would just be as bad on the other foot for the sport known as super league. If the RL don't wake up soon and realise we belong to the same sport an impending split will well and truly kill the game off.
  22. Two sports under one umbrella... Super league and Rugby league;
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